900-1400mm Width Fully Automatic Thermal Paper Slitting Machine

One-Stop Thermal Paper Production Line
  • Driven by 7 servo motors, whole process is high precision operation
  • Easy operation and automatic EPC
  • 6.35mm & 12.7mm slitting width can be easily realized
  • Online peeling device for thermoplastic composite material
  • Two sets of waste edge rewinding wheels
  • The transmission station for cutting developed by Jota Machinery

JT-SLT-320X Carbon Fiber UD Tape Slitter Rewinder

 Max. Unwinding Width


 Max Unwinding Diameter


 Max Rewinding Diameter


 Min Slitting Width


 Rewinding Shaft

2 PCS Water Cooling Differential Friction Shaft

 Unwinding Shaft

3″ (76mm) air expanding shaft



 Servo Motor

7 Sets

 Tension Control

PLC Control The Tension

 Rated Power







3000 KG


JT-SLT-320X Carbon fiber UD tape slitter rewinder is especially design for slitting CFRTP, CFRP, FRP Prepreg, Thermosetting Tapes, Etc.


Unwinding Section

Two sets unwinding . Upper is for jumbo roll unwinding and lower is the stripped waste collection shaft
Both shaft is Φ 3” (76mm), 6″ is optional
10kg/m2 electromagnetic brake from Taiwan.
Photoelectric sensor web guiding.

EPC Unit

High frequency ultrasonic EPC
The EPC motor is a high-speed servo motor, which is efficient and sensitive.

Slitting Section

The machine equips disc blade for slitting and min slit width can reach to 5mm
The shaft equipped safety cover


Tranmission unit

The transfer roller adopts a special wear-resistant and anti-adhesive Teflon roller, and the end of each roller is marked with a sign of the direction of rotation
The transmission roller has undergone dynamic and static balance processing, quantity: 5
Two set waste edge wheels


Rewinding Unit

3-inch water cooling differential shaft
One for each of the upper and lower
Two set pressure arm for rewinding
Waste RemovalTwo sets wheel for rewinding waste edge




Saftey Cover

Aiming at the conductivity of carbon fiber, the machine is equipped with electrostatic isolation protection
The whole machine adopts a closed design, covering an area of about 6*3.5 *2.2m
The electrical appliances are fully enclosed design, and the sealing strip realizes the finishing and sealing of the control cabinet
The ventilation fan is equipped with a sponge filter
The whole machine is connected ground wire, and the dangerous parts have safety signs

900-1400mm Width Fully Automatic Thermal Paper Slitting Machine


After Jota Machinery launched the semi-automatic thermal paper production line, we successively launched the fully automatic thermal paper slitting machine. As of 2022, our automatic thermal paper slitting machine has joined the customer’s production queue, and its reputation is also very good


Here we have to talk about our Turkish customers who purchased a fully automatic thermal paper slitting machine. Before delivery, we taught customers how to wire (including aviation plugs, conduit machines, conveyor lines, and thermal paper packaging machines), and through online video communication, customers have successfully operated this fully automatic thermal paper with a printing unit.


Fully automatic thermal paper slitting machine as a best-selling slitting machine is it because of a fully automatic function? Then you are wrong. Let me give you a detailed introduction to our fully automatic thermal paper slitting machine from the structure of our machine.

  • Unwinding section
  • Tension Section
  • Slitting Section
  • Rewinding Section
  • Control Section
  • Conveyor section
  • Packing Line


Unwinding section

The fully automatic thermal paper slitting machine adopts a unique shaftless unwinding structure, which is very suitable for the slitting machine of large thermal paper master rolls.

In addition, the feeding method adopts the hydraulic Loading method. The combination of shaftless unwinding and hydraulic feeding makes feeding easier

Max Unwinding Width1400mm
Max Unwinding Diameter1200mm
Unwinding TypeShaftless Design
Chuck Size3-inch


Tension Section

Compared with our traditional 900mm thermal paper slitting machine, this equipment uses an automatic tension controller, which is easier to operate and more accurate.


Slitting Section

A fully automatic thermal paper slitting machine uses an around/disc blade for cutting paper. Frequently used 79mm and 56mm width can easily get from slitting machine.

Slitting BladeRound Blade
Min Slitting Width15mm

The upper blade shaft consists of slitting blades, holder, and spring and the lower blade shaft consists of aluminum spacers and a lower blade. You can change the slitting width by adding or removing the spacer.

Below is the video of how to change the slitting width for your reference

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