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ATM Paper Roll Making Machine

Thermal Cash Register Paper  Slitter Rewinder is always Jota’s core product from the very beginning.

Jota thermal paper slitting machine’s iconic clients include Navigator, SS Labels, K.M.S Group, etc.

When you are shopping in the supermarket or having dinner at a restaurant and swiping your credit card, there is a small cash roll of paper,

which is very popular nowadays. It is thermal reception paper or thermal cash register receipt paper.

There is a great demand for this kind of paper in the current market, and it penetrates all aspects of your life.

Therefore, the thermal paper slitting conversion should be a good business for you, it is with a small investment and quick return.

As a professional thermal paper slitter rewinder machine supplier, after 20 years of industry precipitation, we could now provide a full set of

thermal paper cashier receipt solutions chain from A to Z, from base thermal paper mother roll, paper core (plastic core), thermal paper

slitter rewinder Machine, thermal paper printing machine, cash roll finishing wrapping line, and packaging film, we could provide a full set

of professional solutions.

Submit your requirements now, we will recommend a suitable thermal roll-slitting machine to you.

jt-slt-1400fa thermal paper slitting machine

Jota Machinery: Your Trustworthy Thermal Paper Slitting Rewinding Supplier in China

Jota is a dependable supplier of slitter rewinders for thermal paper; we have our own factory and CNC center.

We can provide a comprehensive solution for your thermal paper roll business.

To obtain a quote for your desired thermal paper roll machine, please submit your request.

JT-SLT-900C in Factory


Machining Material

  • Visible high-quality components
  • Famous brands such as Siemens, Yaskawa, Delta, Schneider, Mitsubishi
  • Self-supporting CNC processed sheet metal, precision parts
  • Assembly raw materials provided by long-term cooperation suppliers
Installation and Operation

Installation and operation user manual, wire connection diagram, tension controller guide.

Installation and operation video tutorial.

One-on-one remote video call assistance.

On-site installation and operation guidance.

Max. Unwinding Width1400mm
Max. Unwinding Diameter1000mm
Max. Rewinding Diameter300mm
Min. Slitting Width25mm
Max. Machine Speed300m/min
What's the delivery time?

Around 30-45 days, mainly depends on machine type.

Could you help us to buy other goods?

Sure, it is our honor to work for you.

If the machine's spare parts are broken, where could I get?

We will offer you some parts as backup, in case any part is broken within one year, we will sent you for free.

Could you tell us your client’s contact for us to checking machine on site?

Sure, if we have client in your country, we will offer.

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ATM Paper Roll Making Machine

When withdrawing funds from an ATM machine, customers receive a concise receipt that holds an intriguing secret.

By delicately scratching the surface of the receipt with a fingernail, a black or blue trace is revealed.

fully automatic thermal paper roll slitting machine

This captivating phenomenon is a result of the specialized thermal paper used for receipts in various settings such as supermarkets, home deliveries, and even medical chart recorders in hospitals.

Thermal paper possesses a unique characteristic, changing color when exposed to heat.

This leads us to question the manufacturing process behind these rolls of paper.


Thermal paper is meticulously crafted using high-quality pure pulp, ensuring its superior composition.

This specialized paper incorporates a delicate and precise mechanism involving a thin film that acts as a barrier between two colorless reagents responsible for the color reaction.

When the thermal print head passes over a designated area, the intense heat scalds the film, resulting in a remarkable chemical transformation between the two substances.

Through this intricate process, legible writing appears on the paper.

However, it is important to note that external factors, such as physical and chemical conditions, can influence the outcome of this reaction, and must be carefully considered.

After the coating process is complete, the paper undergoes a meticulous rewinding procedure, integrating chemicals to produce high-quality thermal paper.

Generally, the width of this paper variant measures around 1530-2800mm.

To meet the demand for small-sized thermal paper, paper mills employ highly efficient one-set slitter rewinders, capable of achieving an impressive rewinding speed of 1000m/min.

Considering the substantial weight of the jumbo roll, the hydraulic shaftless unwinder stand has emerged as a favored solution within the industry.

This stand boasts a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 1000.00 kgs, enabling smooth and hassle-free operations.

In the realm of high-speed center surface slitter rewinders, the presence of pneumatic slitter blades is of paramount importance.

These blades offer exceptional performance and endurance, effortlessly accommodating continuous 24-hour high-speed converting processes.

For paper mill, we take immense pride in the superior capabilities of our center surface slitter rewinders and frame type slitting machines.

These paper converting machines possess outstanding output capacity, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity for our valued customers.

We specialize in catering to the needs of small-scale thermal paper jumbo roll businesses, offering a range of high-quality ATM paper roll making machines with unwinding widths ranging from 900mm to 1400mm.

Additionally, we provide customized services to ensure that our customers’ specific requirements are met with precision and efficiency.

For aspiring entrepreneurs venturing into the paper converting business, we offer the JT-SLT-900C semi-automatic thermal paper slitting machine.

As a comprehensive solution provider, Jota Machinery goes beyond machine supply by offering a one-stop service that encompasses all raw materials except for thermal paper jumbo rolls.

This ensures a seamless experience for our clients, eliminating the hassle of sourcing materials from multiple suppliers.

For experienced users seeking advanced solutions, we proudly present our fully automatic thermal paper roll slitting machine.

In 2022, we upgraded fully automatic type to incorporate  servo motor control technology.

As a result, the entire slitting process is now optimized, saving our clients 30% of the time previously wasted with the previous model.

We are delighted to announce that our three state-of-the-art slitter rewinders are currently in operation at Asia Pulp and Paper, running non-stop 24 hours a day.

This showcases our commitment to reliability and productivity in meeting the demands of high-volume production environments.

If you encounter any issues or require support with our ATM paper roll making machines, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our dedicated and professional team is readily available to provide expert assistance, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted production process for your business.

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