Thermal Cash Register Paper Roll Slitting Machine JT-SLT-900C

900mm Width High-end Model
  • 10000 rolls/8h, 300m/min
  • CNC processed 37mm thickness frame
  • Siemens PLC and Yaskawa AC drive
  • Max. rewinding diameter 300mm
  • High capacity, easy operation, simple maintenance
ItemJT-SLT-900C thermal cash register paper roll slitting machine
Max. Unwinding Width900mm
Max. Unwinding Diameter1000mm
Max. Rewinding Diameter300mm
Min. Slit Width25mm
Max. Speed300m/min
Thermal Paper Thickness35gsm-120gsm
Voltage/Power380V/50Hz, 7.5Kw (Voltage is customizable)
Dimension2000mm x 2000mm x 1500mm


JT-SLT-900C thermal cash register paper roll slitting machine is able to make fax roll, cash register roll, ATM roll, ECG roll, till roll, POS roll, etc.

Unwinding Section

Shaftless hydraulic jumbo roll loading unit.
Fully automatic tension controller.
20kg/m2 electromagnetic brake from Taiwan.
Web guiding photoelectric senor.
Direction adjustable balancing roller, it ensures the roller itself always keep in tight touch with the web surface.

Slitting Section

The upper circular knives are fixed by screws, and the lower circular knives are fixed by the aluminum spacer, cutting precision can be guaranteed.
The rotary encoder automatically metering slit length.

Rewinding Section

Automatic tucker tucks the tail, convenient for quickly trigger rewinding.
90° vertical lay-on roller, capable of moving up and down, ensures more balanced left and right pressure, wider rewinding diameter could be realized.
The overlapping problem could be avoided with a banana roller.

Controlling Section

Siemens PLC module, touch control screen, and graphic user interface (HMI).
Yaskawa AC drives for Siemens master motor.
Schneider low voltage electrical appliances.

Waste Removing

Edge waste blower through expulsion tube.

Optional Parts

Safety guard.
4 corners emergency switches.
Automatic core loader.
Blower and shredder.
Automatic tail cutting and gluing unit.

900mm Width Thermal Cash Register Paper Roll Slitting Machine JT-SLT-900C

The thermal cash register paper roll slitting machine is Jota Machinery’s main push product, if you are searching for such a machine, let me tell you more details about it based on our knowledge and rich experience in this field.

USA Client’s Thermal Cash Register Paper Roll Slitting Machine

Thermal cash register paper roll slitting machine is also called thermal paper slitter rewinder, it is capable of cutting a jumbo roll thermal receipt paper into several narrower till rolls, paper ATM rolls, roll POS, fax paper rolls, etc.

The narrower till rolls could be furtherly installed in POS, automatic cash register, ATM, thermal printer, swipe machine, adding machine for printing.

Thermal Cash Register Paper Roll Scenario

In order to introduce our thermal cash register roll making machine more clearly to you, I would like to present it according to different sections.

For this type of cash register roll making machine, it consists of the unwinding section, web-feeding section, slitting section, rewinding section, controlling section, waste removing section, etc.

The tension control is the most important part of Jota’s thermal cash register roll production.

With the existence of the automatic tension control, the whole running process tension is constant, the winding effect can be guaranteed.


Automatic Tension Controller

Generally, the tension control section consists of load cell sensor, tension controller, electromagnetic brake.

The tension sensor feeds back real-time tension to the tension controller, the tension controller calculates it, then feeds the result back to PLC, PLC sends the command to the electromagnetic brake.

electromagneticThe brake uses magnetic powder as a medium to form a magnetic powder chain, when the magnetic powder chain is stimulated by the excitation current, it will transmit torque, and the unwinding can be controlled by different torques.


Electromagnetic Brake

As for the slitting section, Jota thermal cash register paper roll slitting machine usually equips with a dual knives system, proactive lower circular knives, and slave upper circular knives, accurate slit widths could be guaranteed with such shear cutting.

After slitting, the thermal paper goes to the rewinding shaft and was wound to several pcs terminal roll.


Compared with 900mm width economical model JT-SLT-900 cash register roll making machine, this high-end JT-SLT-900C thermal paper roll slitting machine has many advanced features.

These advanced features are highly appreciated by many clients.

Finished Cash Register Paper Rolls

When Jota boss Bruce went to visit 2 Saudi Arabia clients’ sites, they all stood in front of our thermal cash register paper roll slitting machine, gave a thumbs up to our camera lens.



Maybe you are interested in these 2 Saudi Arabia clients’ success stories after reading here, learn more things and gain more experiences about the thermal paper roll business, please feel free to send us an inquiry on the website, we are willing to share more with you.

For customers sending an inquiry through Jota’s website, we Jota could offer more upper blades and lower blades for you as a backup once you order Jota’s thermal paper slitting machine.

As Jota Machinery is the leading thermal cash register paper roll slitting machine manufacturer in China, there are over 1200 installations over the world, our rich experience in this industry could assist you greatly save time and energy.

Jota Professional Team

The roots create the fruits, quality is the cornerstone of Jota Machinery gaining trust from customers around the world.

Many clients suddenly contact us for small component replacement after 4-5 years of silence.

Each time we receive such mail, we could feel the client’s satisfaction overflowing from each word.

Thermal Cash Register Paper Roll Slitting Machine Purchasing Guide

Thermal Paper Rolls

Thermal Paper Rolls

Thermal paper rolls are mainly applied in the:

  • Point of sales (POS)
  • Automated teller machine (ATM)
  • Cash register
  • Credit card machine
  • Visa card machine
  • Mobile printer
  • Thermal printer
  • Adding machine
  • Swiping machine

Thermal paper rolls’ mainstream width includes 3 1/8″ (80mm) and 2 1/4″ (57mm) widths.

Thermal Paper Rolls Price

There are many ways to check the current thermal paper rolls price, such as Amazon, Aliexpress, etc.

Please check the following photo, it displays thermal paper rolls price for your reference.


Thermal Paper Rolls Price For Reference

Thermal Paper Rolls HS Code

Thermal paper rolls HS code is 4816901000.

Thermal Paper Rolls 80mm

Thermal paper rolls 80mm is widely used in automated teller machine (ATM)


The European and American countries usually use inches to indicate thermal paper rolls width, 80mm width thermal paper rolls are 3 1/8″ POS paper rolls in Europe and America.

Thermal Paper Rolls Wholesale

You could import thermal paper rolls from China, then wholesale them in your local market;

Or you could purchase a thermal paper roll slitting machine, making thermal paper rolls yourself, then wholesale it to your own country’s dealer.

If you own a thermal paper slitting machine yourself, you could control thermal paper rolls’ quality and delivery time, this is the biggest advantage.

Thermal Paper Rolls Manufacturers

There are many thermal paper roll manufacturers here in China, if you are willing to spend much of your priceless time and energy to filter out the most suitable one, you could get a good result in the end.

As a professional thermal paper roll slitting machine manufacturer, we Jota certainly hope you could purchase our thermal paper roll slitting machine.


If you really insist on importing thermal paper rolls directly from China manufacturer, we could also recommend a suitable one for you.

1 more friend is 1 more way.

Thermal Paper Rolls For Credit Card Machine

The credit card machine is also called POS terminal, POS machine, credit card terminal.


Such terminal could be loaded with thermal paper rolls, print out the billing record of each credit card payment.

Thermal Paper Rolls 2 1/4

2 1/4 is Anglo-American length unit, 2 1/4 inches is about 57mm, thermal paper rolls 2 1/4 stands for 57mm width thermal POS till rolls.


3 Inch Thermal Paper Rolls

3 inch thermal paper rolls actually refer to 76mm width thermal paper rolls, its popular applications include Axiohm A756 Series, Ingenico Scribe 612, Star TSP200 Series (serial no. below 930), TSP200-120, TSP200-24 (width adjustable) thermal receipt printers.

Thermal Paper Rolls Sizes

1 7/16″ (37mm) x 18′ (5.5m)Blood pressure monitor machines, stopwatch printers, tv and radio eas systems
1 1/2″ (38mm) x 165′ (50m)Epson TM-L90, Royal Alpha 9180SC
1 3/4″ (44mm) x 220′ (67m)ERA410, ERA450T
2 1/4″ (57mm) x 50′ (15m)VX520, Nurit 8000, FD400, ICT200, etc
2 1/4″ (57mm) x 70′ (21m)Verifone VX520, Blue Bamboo H50
2 1/4″ (57mm) x 85′ (26m)Verifone Omni 470, EBW Auto Stik 950
2 1/4″ (57mm) x 165′ (50m)Nurit 2080, Citizen CBM262
2 1/4″ (57mm) x 230′ (70m)AZT P281-PD
2 5/16″ (58mm) x 209′ (64m)Gilbarco pay, Gilbarco crind pay at pump
2 5/16″ (58mm) x 400′ (122m)Dresser wayne pay at the pump
2 5/16″ (58mm) x 170′ (52m)Tokheim Premier Insight printer 729-0245
2 5/16″ (58mm) x 338′ (103m)Tokheim Premier C
2 7/16″ (62mm) x 285′ (87m)Dymo 400 printer, QPay Dymo 400 printer
3″ (76mm) x 225′ (69m)Ingenico Scribe 612, Star TSP200 series
3 1/8″ (80mm) x 90′ (27m)ZT8090
3 1/8″ (80mm) x 119′ (36m)First Data credit card machine
3 1/8″ (80mm) x 220′ (67m)AZT 381PD, Beiyang BTP-2002-NP
3 1/8″ (80mm) x 230′ (70m)Citizen CT-S300
3 1/8″ (80mm) x 273′ (83m)IBM 4610T1 Suremark
4″ (102mm) x 80′ (24m)Zebra RW 420
4 9/32″ (108mm) x 119′ (36m)Samsung SRP 300, SRP 350
4 3/8″ (112mm) x 80′ (24m)Red Jacket RLM 10000, Star Micronics TSP800
4 3/8″ (112mm) x 328′ (100m)Seiko DPU414, DPU5442, Star Micronics TSP800


Thermal Paper Roll Business Plan

Regarding the thermal paper roll business plan, you need to know thermal paper roll business outlook in 10 years first.

E-receipts are becoming more and more popular and widely introduced in many aspects, fields, industries.


E-receipt replacing paper receipt’s trend is obvious, you should try your best to figure out the shrinking market, find an entry point into the business.

You must be familiar with this industry enough, you are able to integrate all aspects of resources, and are good at the production, sales, and marketing of thermal paper rolls, so that you have a greater chance of achieving success.

Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine Manufacturer

When you integrate all the resources of thermal paper roll industry, you definitely want to establish contact with as many thermal paper jumbo rolls, thermal paper slitting machines, and paper core or plastic core manufacturers as possible.


Through your communication with so many original manufacturers, you could get more useful information, more competitive prices, and more timely after-sale technical support.

We Jota is original thermal paper slitting machine manufacturer with a professional team, please watch the following video for reference.

Fully Automatic Thermal Paper Roll Slitting And Rewinding Machine Price

Recently, we Jota has just released fully automatic thermal paper roll slitting and rewinding machine JT-SLT-1400FA, from core feeding to finished roll packing, no need dedicated operator, inline printing function can also be integrated, please send us an inquiry on this website to get more details.


To know this JT-SLT-1400FA’s price, please send us an inquiry on this website, we will reply you timely.

Thermal Paper Slitting Machine For Sale In Germany

Selling Jota thermal paper slitting machine to Germany is always Jota’s relentless pursuit.

If Jota’s thermal paper slitting machine finally enters the German market, that means Jota’s technology accumulation in cashier paper slitting machine rising to a new level.


Jota thermal paper slitting machine is always for sale in Germany, the whole Jota professional team is willing to challenge customizing requirements.

As we know, most of Germany’s local slitter manufacturers and suppliers just supply standard configuration machines, they don’t accept any customization requests.


Customization is available with Jota, contact us to customize your dreamy or desired thermal paper slitting machine.

Do You Supply Thermal Paper Coating Machine Too?

The thermal paper coating machine is not covered in Jota’s business scope, but we could recommend a suitable source supplier for you.

Because Jota boss Bruce has been involving in this industry for nearly 20 years, and know many friends in this industry.


Jota Boss Bruce

Bruce’s friends could definitely recommend a suitable supplier of thermal paper coating machines.


Bruce’s Boss Friends

We Jota could also manufacture the following related machines, if you are also interested in any type, please feel free to send us an inquiry:

  1. Hot Melt Thermoplastic CFRP CFRTP Prepreg Manufacturing Machine
  2. Fully Automatic Toilet Paper Maker
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  4. Plastic Film, Fabric, Aluminum Foil Slitting Rewinding Machine
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