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  • Die-cutting, rewinding and waste collecting are finished in one process
  • PLC and touch control screen, all the parameters could be preset
  • Auxiliary equipment for printing press or workshop
  • Punching, laminating or hot stamping unit are optional
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Label Die Cutting Machine

Jota label die cutting machine could produce plain labels, stickers for small to medium production.

Many optional parts are optional, such as punching unit, laminating unit, hot stamping unit.

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Flatbed Label Die Cutting Machine

Jota Machinery: Flatbed Label Die Cutting Machine Factory in China

As we Jota is original label die cutting machine manufacturing factory,

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Machining Material

  • Visible high-quality components.
  • Famous brands such as Siemens, Yaskawa, Delta, Schneider, Mitsubishi.
  • Self-supporting CNC processed sheet metal, precision parts.
  • Assembly raw materials provided by long-term cooperation suppliers.
Installation and Operation

Installation and operation user manual, wire connection diagram, tension controller guide.

Installation and operation video tutorial.

One-on-one remote video call assistance.

On-site installation and operation guidance.

What's the delivery time?

Around 30-45 days, mainly depends on machine type.

Could you help us to buy other goods?

Sure, it is our honor to work for you.

If the machine's spare parts are broken, where could I get?

We will offer you some parts as backup, in case any part is broken within one year, we will sent you for free.

Could you tell us your client’s contact for us to checking machine on site?

Sure, if we have client in your country, we will offer.

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Label Die Cutting Machine Purchasing Guides

Label die cutting machine is applied for mass production of sheet labels, logos, stickers, etc. Generally speaking, this machine’s working process is from web unwinding, to material moving, to web guiding, to die cutting completion, and finally waste removal.


Jota Label Die-cutting Machine

Of course, If you have deeper requirements for the function of label die cutting machine, many other functions could be customized or added to meet your needs, such as slitting and rewinding, laminating, hot stamping, etc.


There are 2 main types of label die cutting machine for your choice, one type is flatbed, the other is rotary. There 2 types machine have their own features, and they are suitable for different client’s requirements.

These two types machine’s main difference is that they equip with different die. Of course, each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Cutting Die

Advantages of rotary die cutting machine:

Fast speed, high efficiency and labor-saving;

Automatic waste removal when engaged in complex processes;

Large output;

Small footprint, save space.

Disadvantages of rotary die cutting machine:

  1. Relatively speaking, the price of rotary die cutting machine is more expensive than flatbed label die cutting machine, and the investment is higher;
  2. The cost of cutting die is higher;
  3. When die cutting tolerance requirement is high, it is incompetent.

Advantages of flatbed label die cutting machine:

  1. Relatively lower prices than rotary type;
  2. The cutting die price is relatively lower;
  3. Die-cutting accuracy is higher than the rotary type.


In the production of complex processes, waste removal is manual, leads to higher labor costs.

Now, you have a basic understanding of label die cutting machine, and it is helpful for you to decide which type of die cutting machine you need.

Please feel free to contact us for deep discussion about such machine, we will assist you customizing your dreamy machine, as our expertise has been fueled by rich experience.


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