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Paper Straw Production Line

Paper straw production line is also we Jota’s main business.

It is a good choice for making environmentally friendly straw.

Please contact us at any time, let’s cooperate to protect the global environment.

Paper drinking straws and related machines are more and more popular in the world

Jota Machinery: Original Paper Straw Production Line Manufacturer In China

Paper straw production line manufacturer Jota has own factory and CNC center,

Many important components and machine walls could be produced by ourselves.

Your ordered paper straw making machine’s quality could be effectively guaranteed.


Jota Dedicated Staff

Machine Mouthpiece Around The World

Machining Material

  • Visible high-quality components.
  • Famous brands such as Siemens, Yaskawa, Delta, Schneider, Mitsubishi.
  • Self-supporting CNC processed sheet metal, precision parts.
  • Assembly raw materials provided by long-term cooperation suppliers.
Installation and Operation

Installation and operation user manual, wire connection diagram, tension controller guide.

Installation and operation video tutorial.

One-on-one remote video call assistance.

On-site installation and operation guidance.

What's the delivery time?

Around 30-45 days, mainly depends on machine type.

Could you help us to buy other goods?

Sure, it is our honor to work for you.

If the machine's spare parts are broken, where could I get?

We will offer you some parts as backup, in case any part is broken within one year, we will sent you for free.

Could you tell us your client’s contact for us to checking machine on site?

Sure, if we have client in your country, we will offer.

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Jota Paper Straw Production Line

Paper straw production line is globally applied for making biodegradable paper straws now, because many regions of the world are banning the plastic straw circulation.

Begin from 2021, plastic straws circulation will be banned in the whole European Union. Such a ban has already been implemented in many cities in the United States, such as Seattle and Washington.

Many world-famous brands are also taking actions, such as food and beverage giant Nestle, they began to get rid of all plastic straws from their products since February 2019, replace plastic straw with paper straw to reduce environmental pollution.


Time to say goodbye to plastic straw

India plans to ban plastic straw by 2022, England has been carrying out plastic straw ban usage in 2020.

The Vancouver government has already implemented a ban on disposable straws control.

The Korean Environment Ministry said they plan to gradually ban disposable items in daily life by 2027…

The plastic straw ban is spreading all over the world.

In July 2020, Jota sold 6 paper straw production lines to a South Korea client. This order made us feel that the machine to make paper straws demand is likely to explode again.

South Korean customer Mr. Jung came to China for the first time in 2018, when paper straws were particularly popular, and drinking straw making machine was very popular.

Mr. Jung visited our Jota company and more than 10 other suppliers. And later, he chose to purchase a paper drinking straw making machine from one of the other suppliers.


We are sorry that we don’t have the chance to serve Mr. Jung for the first time.

The paper straw machine bought in 2018 has been used very well in Mr. Jung’s factory, and production has gone smoothly. Mr. Jung’s business gets better and better.

By 2020, Mr. Jung wanted to expand the production scale and contacted us again.

This time, the customer wants to buy 6 paper straw production lines, 2 are 6mm-7mm paper straw automatic production lines, and 4 are 4mm U-shaped paper drinking straw automatic production lines.

What the customer needs is fully automated equipment, from winding, drying, bending to packaging, the entire line is automated.

In response to the requirements of the client, we organized the technical department to start research and give the customer a project book.


Mr. Jung was very interested in the 27 pages project book and shared their own views and customized requirements.

Finally, we optimized the design of the automatic paper straw production line to meet the requirements of Mr. Jung.

Mr. Jung was overwhelmed by our professionalism and rapid response. They believed that Jota was the supplier he was looking for, and placed an order for 6 automatic paper straw production lines.

The customer put forward strict requirements on the delivery time, requiring us to deliver 6 automatic paper straw production lines within 35 days.


After scratching head and coordinating many suppliers, we shipped 4 x 40” container’s machinery and equipment to Busan, South Korea within the delivery period requested by the customer.



3 piles straw paper feeder with automatic splicing for continuous production


Precision gluing unit


Paper Straw Maker


Winder head


Straw collector



Paper straw bending machine





Paper straw packing machine

After reading Korea client Mr. Jung’s story, maybe you are also interested in the 27 pages paper straw production line project book? Please send us an inquiry on this website, we can share it with you, then you can understand more about paper straw production.

As a professional drinking paper straw machine manufacturer, Jota Machinery always comes with professional staff, communicating with such staff is definitely beneficial and comfortable for you, saves both your time and energy.


Jota Factory

Through direct video call with Jota sales, you could have the chance to see Jota factory through the camera, watching Jota machine real-time demo.


Jota QC

Cooperating with Jota Machinery, you could get constructive advice, with regard to paper drinking straws machines’ each important aspect, even circuit design.


Jota CNC Center


Customize Your Own Dreamy Paper Drinking Straws Machine

As we Chinese always remember our ancestors’ saying, one more friend is one more way.

We are willing to share more info about paper drinking straws machine with you, please feel free to send us a message, then expect our quick reply.


Jota Service


Jota Iconic Projects

Paper Straw Production Line Ultimate FAQ Guide

Paper Straw

What Is A Paper Straw?

The paper straw is cylindrical, hollow kitchenware. Its key function is to eat the drinks in the cup, such as coffee, cola, juice, milk tea, etc.

The diameter of the paper straw is generally about 0.5 cm, but when it is used to inhale yogurt, Hong Kong-style milk tea, and other healthy drinks, the diameter of the paper straw will be relatively thicker, up to 1.5 cm.

Today’s paper straws, whether in terms of versatility and beauty, are definitely much better than the past.

How Do You Make Paper Straws?

If you are just DIY to make one or two paper straws for entertainment, you can simply roll up a piece of A4 size paper, apply glue on the edges of the A4 size paper’s two sides, and use scissors to cut off the excess length on both sides. Simple paper straw is ready.

If you want to produce paper straws on a large scale, you must use a special industrial paper straw machine. This kind of paper straw machine has a high degree of automation, and one operator can operate 3 advanced paper straw machines at the same time.

Are Paper Straws Environmentally Friendly?

There is no doubt that paper straws are definitely more environmentally friendly than plastic straws. If we can use more paper straws, a living utensil that is friendly to marine life, the news that marine life will die because of plastic products will be greatly reduced.

Studies have pointed out that even if paper straws are randomly discarded in an outdoor environment, they will be completely degraded within 6 months and will not cause any pollution to the environment.

Do Paper Straws Get Soggy?

For the use of paper straws, there is an unavoidable problem, that is, the problem of getting soggy after being in the drink for a long time. If this happens, it may cause the smell of wet paper in the drink or accidentally eat small pieces of paper.

Therefore, if you use a paper straw to drink a beverage, drink it as soon as possible to avoid soaking the paper straw.

Now, some companies are researching and developing dried stems to produce straws. The stem straws perform well in both cold and hot drinks. They will not soak or add extra flavor. Perhaps straws of this material are the future trend.

How Long Does It Take For Paper Straw To Decompose?

This mainly depends on the type of paper straw. Generally speaking, there are two different types of paper straws, one is a glue paper straw, and the other is a PLA paper straw.

The two are slightly different in the composition and production process.

Glue paper straws are composed of biodegradable paper and water-based glue. The biodegradable paper is divided into narrow strips. After water-based glue is applied to the narrow strips, the tube is rolled and cut.

PLA paper straws are composed of biodegradable paper and PLA. Firstly, a layer of PLA is coated on the biodegradable paper, and then divided into narrow strips, heated and rolled and then laser cutting, finally into straws.

Glue paper straws can be degraded in 2-6 weeks; PLA paper straws can only be effectively decomposed after special treatment by some large factories, so please do not throw away PLA paper straws in the outdoor environment.

What Are Paper Straws Coated With?

As mentioned above, there are 2 types of paper straw, one is glue paper straw, the other is PLA paper straw.

Glue paper straw is just coated with water-based glue;

PLA paper straw is of course coated with 1 layer of PLA.

Do Paper Straws Have Chemicals?

Generally speaking, paper straws are free of harmful chemicals.

Because paper straws are produced from three raw materials: biodegradable paper, water-based adhesive, or PLA.

These three raw materials do not contain harmful chemicals, so paper straws do not contain harmful chemicals.

Do Paper Straws Contain Gluten?

Because the main components of paper straws are biodegradable paper, water-based adhesives, or PLA, these raw materials do not contain gluten, so as long as you choose paper straw made by biodegradable paper, water-based adhesives or PLA, you can avoid the use of gluten pollution.

How Much Are Paper Straws In Bulk?

Online shopping platforms such as Amazon and Aliexpress have a large number of paper straw sellers, they sell paper straws in bulk. As long as you browse these websites and enter the paper straw keywords, you can see the bulk price of paper straws.


Do Paper Straws Have Glue?

Yes, most paper straws are made of biodegradable paper and water-based adhesives, so glue is essential for paper straws making.

Who Manufactures Paper Straws?

You can input intitle:paper straws manufacturer in Google search bar, then you can find many paper straws manufacturer’s websites come into your eyes.

If you are located in UK, you can add site:uk behind intitle:paper straws manufacturer, then most UK paper straws manufacturer’s contacts are displayed in front of your eyes.

What Kind Of Paper Is Used To Make Paper Straws?

The paper used to make paper straws is biodegradable, so it is quite environmentally friendly.

How Long Do Paper Straws Last?

If the paper straws are placed in a drink at a regular temperature, the paper straws can be used continuously for 2-3 hours without getting soggy.

But, if you put paper straws in extremely hot or cold drink, then the paper straws will last much shorter time compared to regular temperature. In this case, you’d better use a straw finish drinking as soon as possible.

Are Paper Straws More Expensive?

From the perspective of price alone, paper straws are definitely more expensive than plastic straws, and much more expensive.

What Is The Coating On Paper Straws?

As I know, paper straws are mainly coated by water-based adhesives, ensures that paper straws can be wound firmly and strongly.

Why Are Paper Straws Better?

Just because it is better for environmental protection, it will break down itself after 6 months. It is not like plastic straws, if flows to oceans, will threaten ocean Marine organisms‘ living.

Are Paper Straws Reusable?

It is still single-use, but someone will use them to DIY some handicrafts.

Do Paper Straws Save Turtles?

Yeah, with paper straws’ usage is getting more and more popular, plastic straws will be less, then the plastic products flowing into the ocean will also be greatly reduced, and the probability of sea turtles eating plastic products will also be greatly reduced.

Paper Straw Making Machine

Used Paper Straw Making Machine For Sale

In China, there are several used machine trading platform, many second-hand paper drinking straws machine are listed for sale in those platforms.

If you want to purchase used paper straw making machine, please send an inquiry to our website and we will assist you in purchasing such machines.

Paper Straw Making Machine USA

It’s hard to find paper straw making machine suppliers in the USA on Google search, there are suppliers from France, Germany, China, etc.

There is a paper drinking straw making machine supplier located in Miami, FL, Sius American, Inc. Its a Hongkong industrial firm’s branch office.

But the USA has a long history paper straw manufacturer, its name is Aardvark Straws.

Paper Straw Making Business

A piece of news attracted everyone’s attention a few days ago. McDonald China announced that starting from June 30, nearly a thousand restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen will be the first to stop using plastic straws.

McDonald China said that this will reduce the amount of plastic used by 400 tons/year. Now, when you go to the McDonald’s store, you will never see the straw anymore. Instead of the straw, the lid of the mouth is directly used.

Many people are curious as to why McDonald’s has such a big move, which comes from the new version plastic restriction ban in 2020 across China.

In January 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued a document, the document is about “Opinions on Further Strengthening the Treatment of Plastic Pollution”.

In this document, it stipulates that by the end of 2020, non-degradable disposable plastic straws will be prohibited in the catering industry nationwide.

Starting from September 1, 2020, restaurants that violate opinions will be fined ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 yuan.

In fact, as early as 2018, Starbucks, which has always been on the front line of environmental protection, announced that it would stop using plastic straws worldwide.

According to Zhu Lei, vice president of Starbucks China, at the end of last year, all of its more than 4,000 stores in China had banned plastic straws.

Many people have smelled this huge paper straw making business opportunity before.

Post-90s, Tao Zexin, in partnership with a friend in the county industrial zone, rented an 800-square-meter factory in March 2020 and spent 200,000 yuan to purchase three paper straw-making machines in Dongguan.

Due to the simple production process of paper straws, and the pollution of plastic straws in Changsha, Tao Zexin’s e-commerce stores began to receive orders from many restaurants, especially milk tea shops since April.


A corner of Tao Zexin’s factory

In order to expand production, Tao Zexin was able to recruit 15 workers in three shifts to make paper straws day and night.

In July, Tao Zexin’s store business doubled. Many restaurants, milk tea shops, and burger shop owners are looking for him, to customize paper straws.

From July 1st to July 10th, Tao Zexin earned 1 million RMB in 10 days. These orders were shipped a week later. In order to increase production capacity, Tao Zexin bought three more machines.


From April to June, Tao Zexin, a small factory, made a profit of 1 million yuan, earning back all the cost of 300,000 previously invested.

He believes that by October, there will be three times more people looking for customized paper straws from him. Every restaurant cannot use plastic straws, otherwise, they will face fines. No one milk tea shop will take this risk.

Facing tens of billions of business opportunities, what will you do?

Small Paper Straw Making Machine

If you want to achieve industrial production of paper straws, the small paper straw making machine will certainly not meet your requirements.

Because the paper straw making machine includes the unwinding part, the gluing part, the winding part, and the tube cutting part, the machine is by no means a small machine.

Paper Straw Making Machine Price In China

Paper straw making machine price in China differs greatly according to the paper splicing automation grade and machine quality.

So if you want to understand more about paper straw making machine price in China, you’d better sort out your specific requirements for the paper straw machine.

Paper Straw Manufacturing Cost

It is understood that the average cost of a plastic straw is about RMB 0.03, and the cost of a paper straw is about RMB 0.1, a difference of more than three times. Paper straws are definitely more expensive, and their user experience needs to be optimized.

However, some industry insiders and experts also said that with the breakthrough and innovation of new materials and new technologies, the environmentally friendly replacement of plastic straws is not difficult.

Professor Liu Jianguo, School of Environment, Tsinghua University: It can be replaced by biodegradable bioplastics, paper or bamboo, including wheat, some plant stalks, or glass, metal and other recyclable products to replace it.

Paper Drinking Straws Machine

Paper Straws Machine

Paper straws machine is we Jota’s main product, it has several different types, such as paper straw bending machine, paper straw making machine, paper straw packing machine, paper straw bevel cutting machine, etc.

No matter what’s your requirements for paper straws machine, we Jota could offer a suitable solution for you.

Paper Drinking Straw Making Machine

In fact, paper drinking straw making machine is a type of paper tube winding machine. As you can see in the following photo:


A paper drinking straw is wound by 3 layers of paper.

How Are Paper Straws Made

Please watch the following video to understand how are paper straws made.

Paper Straw Production Line

Paper straw production line also has several types for your choice, such as 6mm-7mm automatic production line, U-shape 4mm paper straw production line.

Please send an inquiry to us, tell us what kind of paper straw production line you need, then wait for us sending suitable solution to your Email address.

Paper Straw Raw Material

The raw materials used to make paper straws are quite simple.

There are two main types: biodegradable straw paper and water-based glue.

Paper Straw Production Line

Paper Straw Manufacturing Process

In order to guide you to know more about the paper straw manufacturing process, you could check the following photos for reference.




Paper Straw Making Raw Materials

Paper straw making raw materials mainly include biodegradable paper, water-based glue.

If you need to pack paper straw, you may also need paper straw packing paper.

Paper Straw Manufacturing Project Report

We Jota have just exported 6 paper straw production lines to a South Korea client.

In order to win this customer’s order, we have issued a 27 pages paper straw manufacturing project report/book to him. As such a big file is not suitable to share on the website, please send us an inquiry to share your Email address, we will send 27 pages project book to you.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

We Jota could also supply following related machines, if you are also interested in any type of them, please feel free to send us an inquiry:

  1. Hot Melt Thermoplastic CFRP CFRTP Prepreg Manufacturing Machine
  2. Fully Automatic Toilet Paper Maker
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