CAD Inkjet Glossy Plotter Paper Roll Slitting Machine

  • The max unwinding width is 2100mm
  • Latest paper roll shaftless rewinding design
  • Automatic cutting knife positioning system
  • Equip with high speed pneumatic slitting blade
  • Hydaulic shaftless unwinding stand for heavy jumbo roll
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Plotter Paper Roll Slitting Machine

If you are looking for a piece of  jumbo CAD plotter roll slitting rewinding machine whether you are in the field of printing, packaging, new energy, aerospace, or new carbon fiber technology materials.

Our professional team could meet your requirement to provide a suitable slitting rewinding machine solution.

As a professional jumbo roll slitting rewinding machine manufacturer, we have not only 20 years of experience, but also a highly educated R&D team, advanced mechanical design team, and electrical software design team.

These can ensure that our slitting rewinding machine can meet customer needs and conform to the market requirement.


At the same time, our company is also completing its own upgrading and transformation.

From the most basic paper and film roll slitting rewinding machine to the latest new energy carbon fiber and the slitting of aerospace materials, this is also a testimony of our own strength.

Currently, we can provide slitting machines for various materials.

The width of parent mother rolls can reach from 50mm to 3500mm, and the slitting width can range from 3mm to 3500mm.

There are various winding methods such as reverse winding, disc winding, and rewinding. The maximum diameter can be up to 1800mm. There are also various slitting models for you to choose from.

Many people have a misunderstanding about the slitting rewinding machine.

You think that it is to find a simple machine to cut large rolls into small rolls or rewind them into small rolls.

In fact, different material characteristics, hardness, tension requirements, and subsequent processes are different.

The requirements vary greatly.

For each different material, the material threading flowing route on the machine, the angle between the roller and the diameter of the roller, and the selection of the slitting knife are all professional technical issues.

If you are looking for a professional jumbo roll slitting rewinding machine supplier, Jota Machinery should be your best choice.

Jota slitting rewinding machine could be applied for many different materials,

such as adhesive labels, kinds of paper, film, foil, non-woven fabric, CFRP, CFRTP, FRP prepreg, etc.

For a deep discussion about Jota slitting rewinding machine, please just send us an inquiry.

CFRP, CFRTP, FRP Prepreg UD Tape Slitting Rewinding Core Technology

Jota Machinery: Original Slitting Rewinding Machine Manufacturer in China

Jota is capable of manufacturing 30 sets of slitting rewinding machines in 1 month.

We also accept free material converting test, you just need to send some of your material to us.

we will use our Jota slitting rewinding machine test it, then show you the testing video.


Machining Material

  • Visible high-quality components.
  • Famous brands such as Siemens, Yaskawa, Delta, Schneider, Mitsubishi.
  • Self-supporting CNC processed sheet metal, precision parts.
  • Assembly raw materials provided by long-term cooperation suppliers.
Offline debugging service

Installation and operation user manual, wire connection diagram, tension controller guide.

Installation and operation video tutorial.

One-on-one remote video call assistance.

On-site installation and operation guidance.

What's the delivery time?

Around 30-45 days, mainly depends on machine type.

Could you help us to buy other goods?

Sure, it is our honor to work for you.

If the machine's spare parts are broken, where could I get?

We will offer you some parts as backup, in case any part is broken within one year, we will sent you for free.

Could you tell us your client’s contact for us to checking machine on site?

Could you tell us your client’s contact for us to checking machine on site?

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The 3rd Generation Large Format Adhesive Bond CAD Inkjet Glossy Plotter Paper Roll Slitting Machine

Large format adhesive bond CAD inkjet glossy plotter paper roll slitting machine is an advanced cutting machine in the flexible packaging industry for CAD plotter paper, Inkjet glossy paper, and other bond papers etc. Which is suitable for slitting large jumbo plotter rolls of paper into small rolls of A1-A4 (620mm, 610mm, 594mm, 440mm, 310mm, 297mm) and even widths up to 1000mm etc.

plotter paper roll slitting machine
Plotter Paper Jumbo Roll

Each plotter paper roll has a length of 50m, 100m, or 150m.

The thickness and size of plotter paper vary depending on the application and can be selected according to specific printing needs.

For example, plotter paper used in engineering and construction industries may have a larger size range to accommodate the output requirements of large architectural plans or designs.

plotter paper packaging
Plotter Paper Roll

Jota Machinery’s latest developed 2024 frame type plotter paper roll slitting machine has an unwinding width of up to 2100mm, making it the widest plotter paper cutting machine domestically.

Plotter paper(or large format CAD inkjet plotter paper roll) is specially designed for drawing and printing, typically used in large-format printers and plotters.

2024 plotter paper slitter rewinder

It has specific design features that make it suitable for handling complex graphics and technical drawings.

Plotter paper usually has a high-quality smooth surface, which helps ensure clarity and precision in the output. Additionally, it often has high paper strength and water resistance, enabling it to withstand long-term use and environmental challenges.

Our plotter paper roll slitting rewinding machine (also called plotter paper slitter rewinder machine) has gone through 3 generations of changes.  The 1st generation slitter rewinder is developed from a thermal paper slitter rewinder.

The 1st generation introduced our JT-SLT-900A slitting model, which uses pneumatic unwinding stands.

Pneumatic unwinding stand is a device that uses pneumatic pressure from a cylinder to drive the unwinding of the CAD plotter printer paper jumbo roll.

Its principle of operation is based on the cylinder’s movement controlled by air pressure to raise and lower the jumbo roll.

The design of this device considers the cylinder’s load-bearing capacity, with a maximum load capacity of 800.00 kg.

plotter paper pneumatic unwinding stand

The workflow of the pneumatic unwinding stand is as follows: when the cylinder receives air supply, the air pressure inside the cylinder moves the piston, which in turn drives the unwinding device to raise or lower the master roll.

During the unwinding process, operators can precisely control the position and movement trajectory of the master roll by controlling the switch of the air source, ensuring safe and efficient unwinding operation.

Because the JT-SLT-900A uses center rewinding for thermal cash register paper, the slitting machine also uses shaft rewinding.

This means that the slitter rewinder operator needs to manually place the wound paper tube onto 2-inch and 3-inch rewinding air expanding shafts.

900A plotter paper slitting rewinidng machine
The 1st Generation Plotter Paper Roll Slitting Machine

The slitter rewinder machine is currently being used by their terminal customer in Croatia, the paper factory in Portugal called Navigator.

Customers have high requirements for cutting and rewinding.

The paper tube of the winding cannot be higher than the edge of the paper, and the slitting edge cannot have burrs.

After all, the whole requirement is a test for the accuracy of the slitting rewinding machine and also has many challenges for the experience and operation skills of the operator.

plotter paper rewinding effect

Over time, the customer’s business has become larger and more profitable, and even has a demand for large cutting sizes.

The maximum cutting width requirement has been exceeded to 1118mm, 1270mm, 1370mm, and 1524mm these large sizes.

The old model 900A paper roll slitting machine cannot be achieved, so in 2023 they ordered a 2100mm width plotter paper slitting machine.

The JT-SLT-2100C inkjet plotter paper roll cutting machine uses a hydraulic shaftless unwinding stand, and the maximum jumbo roll load range can reach 1000.00 kgs to 1200.00 kgs.

Hydraulic shaftless unwinding stand is a device specifically designed to handle heavy mother rolls wider than 1000mm.

plotter paper shaftless unwinding stand

Compared to traditional pneumatic unwinding stands, the shaftless unwinding stand uses a hydraulic system to control the lifting and lowering of the jumbo roll, ensuring more stable and precise operation.

The loading method of the shaftless unwinder stand is innovative.

The stand adopts two 3-inch chucks that are inserted into the paper tube of the jumbo roll.

These chucks support and control the position of the mother roll effectively through clamping and fixing.

3-inch chunck

After the material in the master roll is used up, the raw material’s paper tube can be recycled, which not only saves resources but also improves the economy and environmental friendliness of the equipment.

The main features of the hydraulic shaftless unwinding stand include:

  1. Hydraulic control system: It uses a hydraulic system to control the lifting and lowering of the master roll, providing a more precise and stable operation process.
  2. Applicability: Especially suitable for handling heavy master rolls wider than 1000mm, capable of meeting the production needs of large-scale production lines.
  3. Chuck design: It uses two 3-inch chucks to firmly grip the paper tube of the master roll, ensuring stability and safety during the winding process.
  4. Recycling of paper tubes: The equipment design considers the reuse of raw material paper tubes, reducing waste generation and meeting environmental requirements.
  5. Easy operation: Operators can easily control the operation of the equipment and the winding process through the control panel or remote-control buttons, improving production efficiency and operational convenience.

The plotter paper roll slitting rewinding machine is also equipped with shaftless rewinding.

As mentioned above, the paper tube of plotter paper is a maximum of 3 inches. If the manual handling of the 2100mm wide air-expanding shaft is too time-consuming, not only the labor cost is high, but the output efficiency is also low.

Shaftless rewinding is an efficient and labor-saving equipment, especially suitable for the rewinding process of thin and wide materials such as thermal paper and CAD bond plotter paper.

shaftless rewinding

The shaftless rewinding technology is also used in our fully automatic thermal paper roll slitting machine.

Compared with traditional rewinding methods, shaftless rewinding greatly simplifies the operation steps, improves work efficiency, and production speed.

The steps to operate shaftless winding are simple and clear: first, the operator aligns the rewinding paper tube with the cutting width.

The two-end chucks will support the paper tube during winding by clamping and fixing, ensuring the stability and safety of the paper tube during winding.

Then, the operator starts the equipment to begin the winding process.

During rewinding, the equipment will automatically rewind the paper or plotter bond paper evenly onto the winding paper tube.

Once rewinding is complete, the operator can directly remove the finished product for subsequent packaging or processing steps.

The design of directly removing the finished product greatly simplifies the post-winding operation process, reducing additional time and labor costs.

For glossy plotter paper, we only installed the automatic tail cutting function.

plotter paper tail cutter

Customers need to manually apply double-sided tape or manually apply label sealing.

Plotter paper is made of high-quality fiber materials, which undergo physical and chemical changes when exposed to water.

Water penetration causes fiber expansion, affecting the smoothness and surface smoothness of the paper, thereby affecting the accuracy and overall effect of the drawing.

Plotter paper is designed to absorb various types of ink, making lines clear and non-diffuse.

However, once the paper encounters water, the ink will spread, causing the lines to blur, seriously affecting the readability and professional quality of the drawing.

Plotter paper is specially treated during the production process to ensure the stability and durability of its structure.

Moisture weakens these treatment effects, causing the paper to deform, wrinkle, and even tear, unable to meet the requirements of precision drawing.

To avoid waste, we do not provide automatic water spraying or glue spraying sealing devices.

In 2024, our plotter paper roll slitter rewinder was upgraded to the 3rd generation frame type slitting machine which adopts pneumatic slitting blade. The maximum speed can reach 500m/min.

In modern industrial production, accurate and efficient material cutting is a key link to ensure product quality and production efficiency.

As a highly specialized cutting tool, pneumatic cutting knife has become the preferred choice for many industries due to its excellent performance and wide applicability.

The pneumatic slitting knife uses compressed air as the power source to drive the cylinder to move the blade at high speed for cutting.


Its core components include cylinders, blades, guides, and electronic control units.

By precisely adjusting the air pressure and the running speed of the blade, the pneumatic cutting knife can achieve efficient and precise cutting of various materials. This cutting method is not only fast but also producing neat edges without burrs, greatly enhancing cutting quality.

The high-speed performance of the pneumatic cutting knife is a notable feature, thanks to its unique design and operational principles.

Below are the reasons why the pneumatic cutting knife can achieve such high cutting speeds.

Compressed air drive:

The pneumatic cutting knife uses compressed air as the power source.

Compressed air can rapidly release energy, driving the cylinder to push the blade for cutting.

This drive responds quickly, completing the acceleration and cutting process of the blade in a very short time, thereby achieving high-speed cutting.

Efficient pneumatic system:

The pneumatic system of the pneumatic cutting knife optimizes energy transfer efficiency and reduces energy loss.

Modern pneumatic cutting knives are equipped with advanced pneumatic components and control systems, allowing compressed air to be efficiently converted into mechanical energy to drive the blade at high speed.

This efficient energy conversion is the basis for achieving high-speed cutting.

Lightweight design:

Pneumatic cutting knives are usually made of lightweight materials for manufacturing blades and knife frames, reducing the inertia of moving parts.

The lightweight design allows the blade to accelerate and decelerate more quickly during the cutting process, achieving high-speed cutting.

The application of lightweight materials not only improves cutting speed but also enhances equipment operation flexibility.

Precision control:

The pneumatic cutting knife is equipped with a precision control system that can accurately adjust the air pressure and blade running speed.

Through the electronic control unit, operators can optimize the motion parameters of the blade according to different materials and cutting requirements, ensuring the stability and accuracy of high-speed cutting.

The application of precision control systems enables the pneumatic cutting knife to maintain high-speed and efficient cutting under various working conditions.

Continuous cutting capability:

The pneumatic cutting knife is designed for continuous production line operation, capable of maintaining stable cutting speed under long-term and high intensity working conditions.

Its high degree of automation allows for continuous high-speed cutting during uninterrupted production, thereby improving overall production efficiency.

This continuous cutting capability is a key factor in enhancing operational efficiency and reducing production costs.

Fast Response

The cylinders and control systems of the pneumatic slitting knife respond rapidly, completing action switches within milliseconds.

This rapid response capability enables the blade to swiftly enter and exit cutting states, reducing the cutting cycle time.

The fast response feature significantly enhances cutting speed and operational efficiency on the production line.

Low Friction Design

The moving components of the pneumatic slitting knife are optimized to reduce friction and resistance.

A low-friction motion system allows the blade to achieve high speeds effortlessly and maintain stability during high-speed operation.

This design not only increases cutting speed but also reduces equipment wear, extending its service life.

High-Strength Materials

The blades and main components of the pneumatic slitting knife are made from high-strength, wear-resistant materials capable of withstanding stress and wear during high-speed cutting processes.

These materials not only prolong equipment life but also ensure stability and safety during high-speed operation.

The application of high-strength materials is crucial for achieving high-speed cutting with pneumatic slitting knives.

Automatic knife positioning system on 2024 plotter paper roll slitting machine

To facilitate timesaving in blade adjustment, our slitting machines feature an automatic knife adjustment device controlled by servo motors.

Slitter rewinder operators simply adjust the slitting width on the dedicated HMI display, and the cylinder tightens the slitting knife accordingly and move by the ball screw.

knife positioning system

The slitting knife shaft is designed as a whole, with fixed cutting sizes at different positions. The entire width adjustment process is precisely controlled by PLC.

Integration with Packaging Lines

The production line can be integrated with packaging lines to achieve streamlined production.

For inquiries regarding the plotter paper roll slitting machine specifications or increasing production output, please contact our sales team. We will provide you with more professional solutions.

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