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  • Paper, foil, fabrics, film, prepreg UD Tape slitting rewinding Machine
  • Unwinding width ranges from 320mm to 3800mm
  • Slitting Width ranges from 3mm to 3800mm
  • Max. unwinding diameter is up to 1800mm
  • Razor cutting and rotary shear slitting switch
  • Transverse Spooling Technology
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Jota Slitting Rewinding Machine

If you are looking for a  suitable jumbo roll slitting rewinding machine whether you are in the field of printing, packaging, new energy, aerospace, or new carbon fiber technology materials, our professional team could meet your requirement to providing a suitable solution on slitting rewinding machine.

As a professional jumbo roll slitting rewinding machine manufacturer, we have not only 20 years of experience, but also a highly educated R&D team, advanced mechanical design team, and electrical software design team. These can ensure that our slitting rewinding machine can meet customer needs and conform to the market requirement.


At the same time, our company is also completing its own upgrading and transformation. From the most basic paper and film roll slitting rewinding machine to the latest new energy carbon fiber and the slitting of aerospace materials, this is also a testimony of our own strength.

Currently, we can provide slitting machines for various materials. The width of parent mother rolls can reach from 50mm to 3500mm, and the slitting width can range from 3mm to 3500mm. There are various winding methods such as reverse winding, disc winding, and rewinding. The maximum diameter can be up to 1800mm. There are also various slitting models for you to choose from.

Many people have a misunderstanding about the slitting rewinding machine. You think that it is to find a simple machine to cut large rolls into small rolls or rewind them into small rolls. In fact, different material characteristics, hardness, tension requirements, and subsequent processes are different. The requirements vary greatly. For each different material, the material threading flowing route on the machine, the angle between the roller and the diameter of the roller, and the selection of the slitting knife are all professional technical issues.

If you are looking for a professional jumbo roll slitting rewinding machine supplier, Jota Machinery should be your best choice.

Jota slitting rewinding machine could be applied for many different materials,

such as adhesive labels, kinds of paper, film, foil, non-woven fabric, CFRP, CFRTP, FRP prepreg, etc.

For a deep discussion about Jota slitting rewinding machine, please just send us an inquiry.

CFRP, CFRTP, FRP Prepreg UD Tape Slitting Rewinding Core Technology

Jota Machinery: Original Slitting Rewinding Machine Manufacturer in China

Jota is capable of manufacturing 30 sets of slitting rewinding machines in 1 month.

We also accept free material converting test, you just need to send some of your material to us.

we will use our Jota slitting rewinding machine test it, then show you the testing video.


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  • Famous brands such as Siemens, Yaskawa, Delta, Schneider, Mitsubishi.
  • Self-supporting CNC processed sheet metal, precision parts.
  • Assembly raw materials provided by long-term cooperation suppliers.
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Installation and operation user manual, wire connection diagram, tension controller guide.

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On-site installation and operation guidance.

What's the delivery time?

Around 30-45 days, mainly depends on machine type.

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If the machine's spare parts are broken, where could I get?

We will offer you some parts as backup, in case any part is broken within one year, we will sent you for free.

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Sure, if we have client in your country, we will offer.

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Why Jota Slitting Rewinding Machine

As an original roll slitting machine manufacturer, Jota Machinery could supply you with different types of slitting rewinding machines.

The slitter rewinder machine is common machinery used in the material converting industry, it is used for converting many kinds of roll materials.

The roll materials could be processed by slitting machines mainly include:

With a slitting rewinding machine, you could get small finished rolls from a material jumbo roll, it is widely used in many industries. And our automatic knife positioning system can help you reduce your time, and all the slitting widths can be freely preset.

Automatic Knife Positioning System Working Video


CFRP CFRTP FRP Prepreg Slitter

Kraft Paper Slitter Rewinder Machine

Generally, slitting machinery includes unwinding, web-feeding, slitting, rewinding, controlling, waste collecting sections.

It consists of PLC module, AC drive, several motors, digital camera sensor, and automatic tension controller, etc.

In order to meet your different requirements, our slitter rewinder machine could integrate automatic loading and unloading function, equip with the differential friction shaft, rotary encoder meter counter, realize automatic stop, and automatic waste edge trimming.

Differential Friction Shaft

Normally, we use circular knives for paper cutting and slitting we call it paper rewinding machines, and we use razor blades for film slitting rewinding we call it plastic film rewinding machines.

Razor Blades

According to your jumbo roll width and material type, Jota Machinery will help you choose the right slitting and rewinding machine.

If your material is thermal paper, you can consider our Jota’s latest fully automatic thermal paper roll slitting packing machine JT-SLT-1400FA, from core feeding to finished roll packing, no need dedicated operator, optional online printing function can also be integrated.




If your material is film or regular paper, you could choose our JT-SLT-1300C slitting and rewinding machine;

For cigarette paper or aluminum foil, we would like to recommend you check JT-SUR-1600 surface rewinding slitting machine in detail;

If your jumbo roll width ≥ 2500mm, then JT-SLT-2500C slitting and rewinding machine may match your needs.

We also supply a heavy duty shaftless Unwinding stand for easy loading a heavy mother rolls:

Jota Whole Professional Team

A Saudi Arabian customer recently gave us feedback that his 17-year-old slitter rewinder is still in normal use and he is reluctant to throw it away.

Please watch the following video to understand this 17-year-old slitter rewinder’s working effect in 2021.

In order to choose a suitable roll to roll slitting machine, please send us an inquiry on this website to get assistance, we are reliable manufacturer worthy of your trust.

Slitting Rewinding Machine Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is a slitting machine?

A slitting machine is a common machine in the machinery industry. One type of slitting rewinding machine is used to slit hard materials such as steel and metal; another type of cutting and slitting rewinding machine is used to slit soft materials such as paper, film, aluminum foil, and fabric.

Whether it is slitting hard or soft materials, the cutting and slitting machine’s function is to convert large material rolls into narrow width finished rolls.

slitting machine is an important flexible packaging machine, which plays an important role in flexible packaging processing.

The slitting machine is used to slit big mother rolls into small narrow ribbons.

The slitting machine is mainly used to unwind a large mother roll, cut and slit it with a knife (round disc knife or razor blade knife), and then rewind the narrow finished rolls or small diameter rolls. Then the finished rolls will enter for the next process printing, die-cutting or lamination.

Slitting machines and cross-cutting sheeting machines are important auxiliary equipment for the printing press. The slitting machine cuts the material from large rolls into small rolls, and the cross-cutting sheeting machine cuts the material from large rolls into sheets. sheet to sheet is for an offset printing machine, and roll to roll is for a flexographic printing machine and a rotogravure printing machine, etc.

If you are in the printing business, you definitely need one or both of the above equipment.

The traditional slitting machine has an unwinding stand, which equipped a magnetic powder brake for the unwinding tension control. After the web guide, the paper enters the slitting station for disc cutting slitting, and then it will be rewinded onto the rewinding shaft to complete the slitting processing.

The evolution of the unwinding stand is also very interesting. From the initial rudimentary structure, an iron shaft is placed on a simple stand frame, and a pneumatic air shaft is not available. and the mother roll is locked by a set of cam at each side on the steel axis. At the other end of the shaft, there is a simple friction rubber plate to realize the tension control of the unwinding.

The size of the tension is adjusted by the tightness of the friction rubber plate, which is very simple. About 20 years ago, the unwinding stand was like this.

With the development of technology, modern unwinding stand are advanced, and they are generally equipped with an automatic loading device to load heavy mother roll to the unwinding stand, reducing manual work intensity and improving safety.

According to the weight of the mother paper rolls, the automatic loading device can be optional for a chain loading system, a pneumatic loading system, and a hydraulic loading system. If your material weights more than 3000kg, we recommend that you use a hydraulic loading system. The hydraulic device is more powerful for heavy material.

The web guide method has also evolved a lot. The original web guide was composed of a photocell, a correction board and a deviation motor left and right. Now, this technology is still available on many machines because of its maturity and stability.

The ball screw and leading way in the deviation motor will wear out after a long time of work. Or if the paper roll is too heavy to damage it.

Basically, after 2 years of continuous working, the ball screw may be replaced.

The photoelectric eye is used to track the printing color mark, but it is a bit inadequate for some more sensitive materials.

Now our web guide adopts an ultrasonic sensor, which cooperates with a servo motor for deviation, with high sensitivity and high precision. With it, you can have good performances.

Generally speaking, the color code or material edge tracking is a continuous linear color code. But when there are some inconsistent dotted lines that need to be tracked, our engineers have designed the LCD color code tracking device, which can also complete your requirement.

So if you have some special materials, such as grid cloth, or dotted printing, please contact us and we will provide you with a good solution.

Another very important part of the slitting machine is tension control. Each slitting machine will have a NIP roller. This pair of NIP rollers is mainly used to control the speed of the running. At the same time, it also divides the tension control into two parts, one is the tension from the unwinding stand to the NIP roller, the other section is the tension control from the NIP roller to the rewinding stand.

Generally speaking, the general slitting machine is equipped with 3 sets of auto tension control systems, one set of unwinding tension control systems, and two sets of rewinding tension control systems.

The earliest tension control system is composed of a controller and two sensors, the data of the tension is very intuitive, and then the controller is used to control the tension.

Later, with the use of PLC on the slitting machine, all the tension systems were written into the software program of the PLC. You only need to preset the thickness of the paper, the initial tension, and the PLC will control the material by controlling the taper tension in the motor.

Tension is very important for the work of the slitting machine. Only with a stable tension, the cutting slitting edge of the cut material will be very neat, and the rewinding effect will be correspondingly neat.

Generally speaking, in order to convert large rolls into small rolls, the cutting and slitting machine’s working process mainly includes:

  • Unwinding
  • Web-feeding
  • Slitting
  • Rewinding
  • Waste collecting


In addition to classification according to material type, slitter machines arel also be classified by the winding form, winding form is mainly divided into:

  • Center winding
  • Surface winding
  • Center-surface winding


To choose the most suitable slitter machine, you must know some important parameters about the slitting-machine, such as:

  • Unwind roll width
  • Unwind roll diameter
  • Unwind roll weight
  • Max. rewind diameter
  • Machine speed

As a professional cutting slitting rewinding equipment manufacturer, we Jota can help you find the most suitable slitting and rewinding machines, then adapt to your production scenario, so that you can buy the right machine at an ideal price.

Roll slitting machine working principle

The slitter rewinder unwinds the jumbo roll material, cuts it through the blades, and then motor drives the winding shaft rotating to roll the material up.

During the entire high-speed slitting machine’s operation, it is very important to keep the tension constant.

As one of the most basic cutting and slitting equipment, the slitting and rewinding machine has been widely used in slitting process in flexible packaging

, the most common ones are:

  • Printing
  • Packaging
  • Electronics
  • New materials (fiberglass)
  • Solar energy

Roll slitting machine has wide usage in all varies of converting field.

roll slitting machine working principle is simple, the mother paper roll unwinding – web guide for edge tracking – slitting cutting – rewinding on a pneumatic air shaft.

In the main principle is unwinding – slitting – rewinding.

The unwinding means put the big mother roll onto the unwinding stand. This unwinding stands mainly with a double layer floor. The second floor is movable under the help of the leading way and ball linear.

The movable unwinding stand supplies a movable journey for web guide tracking.

When the web guide is working, there is an ultrasonic sensor to track the paper rolls, which are solid. The mother rolls on the unwinding stand will move left and right to align all the paper edges to the sensor. It could ensure all the paper edges are smooth.

If your mother rolls are not neat, the web guide will 100% resolve this problem.

There is a magnetic brake or motor will be installed on the unwinding stand. It is used for the tension control of the mother paper rolls.


Mainly the magnetic brake is the technician’s option. Due to the easy control system and stable functions. There is an Ampere meter is used to control the magnetic brake. When the A meter electric current is rising, the tension force in the magnetic brake will increase. If the electric current is decreasing, the tension of the magnetic brake will decrease.

It is sensitive and easy to control.

sometimes servo motor will be installed on the unwinding stand. if your material is sensitive. our engineers will install servo motors on the unwinding stand. The unwinding servo motor synchronizes with the NIP roller motor and rewinding motors. So it comes with a closed loop for tension control.

After the unwinding stand, the paper rolls will come to the slitting devices.

For different material rolls, we have different cutting methods for options. mainly the round disc cutters are installed for different materials like paper rolls, plastic sheet rolls, electric films, and some new energy films.

The round disc cutters are motorized, the lower cutter shaft is active for running. And the upper knife shaft will be occlusal by the means of gear.


We have accumulated rich experiences on different material rolls. For your material rolls, the round disc cutter size and edge angles are full of pieces of knowledge. And our professional technician will choose your best choices.

Many roll slitting machine suppliers just focus on the machine speed, they seldom focus on the disc cutting knives.  Actually different paper jumbo roll, which must have a suitable knife edge.

There is a razor blade for some plastic film slitting. It is more simple than the round disc cutters. It is a passive working way.  Just cut off the plastic film with its sharpening edge. The razor blade slitting is one of the acceptable slitting ways.

In order to keep the slitting width precision, our technician makes a high precision spacer for limiting your width. It is a lower cutter shaft by assembling different widths of spacers like 5mm, 6mm, 7mm to make your different required width.

The spacers are made of aluminum, and it is well treated by chromium coating.

After the disc slitting cutters, the jumbo rolls will be rewinded by the rewinding shaft.

The recommended rewinding method is the central surface rewinding type. The rewinding air shaft is motorized. But there is a swing type rubber roller to touch the rewinding jumbo rolls to ensure the rewinding edge neatly.

With this type of rewinding method, all jumbo rolls achieve good performances.

Therefore, the roll slitting machine working principle is unwinding – slitting – rewinding. It is simple but not easy. It is full of experiences and knowledge.

If you are interested in the roll slitting machines, it is better you understand which kind of cutting knife methods are preferable and how about your jumbo rolls tension control.

If it is not decided by you. please contact our professional sales to send some jumbo roll samples, we could have a test for you and get to know more material characteristics for slitting machine recommendations.

For the material testing, we may need only small rolls of materials. Like the width around 200 – 300mm, and length is around 100m -200m at least.

As a professional jumbo roll slitting machine supplier, we always have a machine in stock, you just send us the materials, after test running by our technician, our marketing team will set up a testing report and recommend proper working methods. It is easy.

Also, we warmly welcome different material suppliers or jumbo roll converting suppliers to come to visit us, we could have deep communications and mutual benefit.

What is a rewinding machine?

Speaking of rewinding machine, according to whether the rewinder machine has to slit part, the slitting process in flexible packaging can be divided into rewind machine and rewind slitting machine

The rewind machine’s actual function is to divide the large-diameter jumbo roll into multiple small-diameter finished rolls of a certain length, and the jumbo roll width equals to the finished roll width.


This rewinding machinery’s working principle is like this, the jumbo roll is unwound from unwind stand and driven by the motor to move forward, and finally, it is wound onto the rewinding shaft’s paper core.

After winding to a certain length, the material is cut manually or automatically and then enters the next winding cycle.

This kind of winding equipment can be used to rewind many kinds of paper, aluminum foil, and stretch film.

Paper roll slitting rewinding machine has two functions, one is slitting functions which is used to slit the mother roll into narrow sizes. The other one is rewinding function which is used to rewind the big mother rolls into small diameter paper rolls.

The rewinding machine has a wide usage. Mainly it converts the mother rolls into certain length for next processing, or rewind the big mother rolls into small paper core for next using.

The rewinding machine has two types: One is the centre rewinding device. There is a motorized air shaft to rewind the material from big roll into the preset length.

The electric tapes or adhesive tapes is coated with the pressure sensitive acrylic, the centre rewinding method has an advantage to protect the material electric tapes.

Our intelligent engineering has designed some simple device for the turret rewinding devices. When one rolls are in working, the other one is as alternative for core loading and roll change. It improves the productive.

The other one is the surface rewinding type. There are two bottom roller, either of them are motorized, there is a pressure lay up roller on the top. Two drum rollers in the bottom, one pressure roller on the top. It create a close loop for the paper rewinding.

For the two bottom drum roller, our technician uses different material roller, one is steel drum roller, the other one is rubber friction roller. Two rollers are in different frictions coefficient for a better performances.

Under the help of the friction force, the paper rolls is rewinded from small to big format.

If your paper rolls are thick, it is easy to bear a big tension strength. The friction rewinding method is adequate.

Three rollers could clamp the rewinding rolls tightly. so it gets a stable functions, and tension could be controlled well. So it can easily get a high speed rewinding. The Max. speed sometimes gets to 500m/min.

For the rewinding machine, if your materials are toilet tissue paper, mainly the machine width is 1880 or 3000mm. And the inner rewinding shaft is without a core, we call it a coreless rewinding machine.

After the toilet tissue core less rewinding, the rewinding shaft could be took out for next recycles. And the rewinded toilet tissue rolls will go to the saw cutter into small pieces.

Sometimes, if you need some small size rewinding machine, the rewinding diameter only 0.5” or 1”. The surface type rewinding method is adequate.

The shaft is too small to connect with a motor, which can’t bear such big torque. So the surface frictions luckily protect the rewinding shaft, under the help of pressure, it can get a good friction for rewinding.

Like our thermal paper slitter rewinder machines adopts this type of rewinding processing. All the rewinding mandrel diameters are small from 0.5” to 1”.

On the basis of the friction rewinding method, you also can expand its usage for some special material converting. Like the wall paper rewinding, plotter paper rewinding.

What’s more, with the rewinding machines, two sets of round disc cutters will be installed for the waste edge trimming.

The waste trim edge will be rewinded or air suctions to collect it.

It is a standard devices for the rewinding.

Sometimes, you could meet some sensitive paper or films. During the transmission, the film is easy to be wrinkles. One piece of banana roller will be installed to avoid this problems.

The banana roller will spread the paper rolls or film rolls at a certain angle. There is no winkles occur.


Take the aluminum foil rewind machine as an example, it is an automatic machine that automatically adheres, rewinds, and cuts aluminum foil, and is suitable for the production of household foil rolls.



The main parameters involved in the aluminum foil winding machines include:

  • Max. unwinding width
  • Max. unwinding diameter
  • Winding length
  • Rewinding shaft core diameter

Generally speaking, the maximum unwinding width of such a rewinding machine is 500-600mm, the maximum unwinding diameter is 600mm, and the winding length ranges from 3m-300m.

The following video is the aluminum foil rewind machine’s working video.

For the slitting rewinding machine, after unwinding the jumbo roll, the web must pass through the slitting unit first.

The slitting unit is equipped with multiple circular slitting knives, which will cut the jumbo roll into multiple strips, these narrow strips are then wound onto the paper cores of the rewinding shaft.

Rewind slitting machines are widely used in packaging, printing, labeling, and other industries, such machines can handle many materials such as:

  • Paper
  • Film
  • Aluminum foil
  • Labels
  • Fabrics
  • Glass fiber
  • Carbon fiber

JT-SLT-1600D-Fiber Glass-Slitting-Rewinding-Machine-22

Compared with the rewind machines, the rewind slitting machine has 1 more important parameter involved, which is slit width.

Based on different slit widths, the assembled slitting knives’ amount for the rewind slitting machine is also different.

JT-SLT-1600D-Fiber Glass-Slitting-Rewinding-Machine-Circular-Knife

For rewind machines and rewind slitting machines, tension control is the most important factor, it ensures the machine’s smooth operation.

If you need to purchase a rewind machine or rewind slitting machine, you must focus on investigating and testing the machine’s tension control system.

The tension control system quality directly affects the rewinding machine and the rewind slitting machine’s winding effect.

What is the difference between roll to roll slitting machines and a log slitting machines?

The roll to roll slitting machine has unwinding, slitting, and rewinding stations, and the log slitter  has only a large cutter that directly cuts the material into bobbins.

It is generally used in the viscose product industry, such as BOPP tapes, electric tapes, mask tapes.


The log slitter cuts with a large knife at a time, which is not suitable for large rolls with a diameter of more than 350mm, and the cutting table’s large rolls cutting quality is difficult to meet the requirements.

Our rotary slitting machine is more widely used in the non-sticky flexible packaging materials industry.

Roll to roll slitting machine mainly used for the paper and film, all the materials are without the glue acrylic coated.

It has definitely 3 steps: unwinder, slitting and rewinding. The paper roll format should be from roll- to- roll. The paper roll should be opened to slit then rewind it.

From roll to roll,  in the converting processing, you could decide the roll width by adjusting the round disc cutters, and the roll length by preset on the PLC touch screen.

The advantage of roll to roll slitting machine is dust free, and no burrs. And the roll diameters could reach to a big diameter like 1000mm or 1500mm.

The disadvantage of roll to roll slitting machine is time waste and trim edge wasting.

The log slitting machines mainly for the material coated with adhesive acrylic. The surface of materials are adhesive and bonding. So one roll of adhesive tapes you could treat it as a solid cylinder.

The log slitter is suitable for cutting such big adhesive cylinders. It is a high precision machines, all the parameters could be controlled by the PLC and HMI, at least 3 sets of servo motors could be installed on the machine for knife control and cut material rotaries.

You can preset the cutting width on the touch screen, then the cutter will automatically working. It is fast and neat.

Sometimes, if your cut rolls are not so tight, our smart operators will stretch it by multiply stretch film binding a tight objectives.

Log slitter adopts big cutter for cutting. The cutters can’t be too much touched the objectives, So there is an entering angle to keep the balance. The cutter can cut off the adhesive rolls, but not too much, otherwise the adhesive will come to the edge surface for adhesion.

Both of roll to roll slitting machine and log slitting machine are available for the flexible material converting.

You should clear up your material characteristics and make a high choice. If the objectives are not adhesive, roll to roll slitter is preferable. Otherise it is log slitting machine.

If you can’t decide which way is suitable for you, please contact our professional sales team, we will give you a recommendations.

Slitting and rewinding machine application in adhesive label industry

The self-adhesive paper sticker industry has a strong demand for slitting cutter machine.


After the self-adhesive compounding, a 1300mm or 1600mm cutting and slitting machine is needed to cut the jumbo roll into 300mm or 400mm width.

And then the pattern is printed with water-based ink by a flexo printing machine, passes through the die cutter or mini slitter rewinder machine being cut into narrow strips.

The self-adhesive industry needs 2 types of roll slitter, 1300mm or 1600mm roll to roll cutting and slitting machine, 320mm slitting and winding machine, and possibly an inspection rewinder.


The self adhesive sticky label has a wide range of applications, including food packaging, daily chemicals, electronics, daily necessities and medicine etc. In addition to the most basic function of displaying information, the label function also has other functions, such as reposting and repeated use, anti-counterfeiting functions, etc.

In the field of printing, there is a special category for self adhesive labels. General adhesive stickers will have different facestock papers, adhesive glues and releasing papers due to different areas of use.

Facial Paper facestock material is generally prepared to improve the printing quality, generally we will use high-gloss coated paper, or three-proof thermal paper

Adhesive: Generally, water base pressure sensitive acrylic or hot melt adhsive is used. Water-based adhesive labels are used in environmental protection fields, such as medicine, food, etc.

Releasing Coating: It is the application of self-adhesive backing paper. Generally, the surface is coated with a layer of anti-sticking material, usually silicone oil or PE coating.

Because of its smooth face stock material, and the overall thickness of 150-250gsm. The production process of self-adhesive is inseparable from coating and lamination machine, self adhesive label slitting rewinding machine and self adhesive label flexo printing machine, die cutting machine.

The width of the general water base coating lamination machine is 1300mm, the width of the hot melt coating lamination machine is 1100mm, and the self adhesive sticky paper width is 1050 or 1250mm.

But the width of the self-adhesive flexo printer is about 320mm. So here we need a 1300mm wide self adhesive sticky paper slitting rewinding machine.

The cutting and slitting machine mainly used for converting the wide mother sticker rolls into the narrow rolls at 250mm or 300mm. to meet with the flex graphic printing machine size.

Many customers didn’t pay attention to the sticker slitter rewinder machine precision at the beginning, they only adopt one simple slitting rewinding machine. The machine is with a single motor. One motor simultaneously controls the NIP roller, magnetic clutches. And Max. speed is around 150m/min. In the past 20 years, we’ve sold many pieces of these machines. You can find it in most countries.

But now we can supply the New Innovated High Speed ​​slitting rewinding machine for self adhesive sticky papers.

All the machine wall frame is in precise machining and painting, and all the parts have been high precision processed and surface treating. All the bearings and electric appliances are from famous brands.

The round disc cutters are used for the self adhesive sticky paper slitting.

Because there are some adhesive acrylic in the middle of the sticker paper. when running in high speed, the adhesive acrylic will get warm to be more adhesion to the round disc knife. It will effect the slitting qualifications and accuracy.

How to resolve the problem of the adhesive acrylic sticks on the knife? Our smart engineer made changes from the following three aspects:

1. the material of round disc cutters is die steel, or high-speed steel. Because the overall density of these steels will be tighter, the surface will be smoother and more anti-sticky.

2. round disc cutter edge angle. We optimized the edge angle to make it more conducive to cutting stickers.

3. The upper knife bites to the depth. The occlusal depth of different materials is different, and we have the specific value of the occlusal depth of the adhesive. If you have any questions about the depth of the upper and lower knife occlusion, please contact us.

With the development of science and technology, the precision requirements of paper stickers are getting higher and higher, and the requirements of related converting equipment are getting higher and higher. Our professional team, for your slitting efficiency, is also equipped with some auxiliary functions that relatively reduce labor on the slitting rewinding machine.

the Shaftless Unwinding Stand uses two cams to clamp the self adhesive sticky paper mother rolls and uploading to the unwinding stand.

During the transportation, sometimes the core of the sticky paper mother roll was deformed. The air shaft is hard to be inserted. And the mechanical expandable cam could clamp the heavy rolls.

Auto Knife Positioning Device: It is a new innovated technology product. You only need to preset the slitting width, the knife will be automatically positioned under the help of the servo motor. Then the expandable shaft will lock up the knife position. Easy operations.

Laser Core Positioning Device: There is a laser launcher will launch a red line to facilitate the positioning of the paper tube. This is to ensure that all paper tube edges and slit material edges are on the same plane.

Differential Friction Shaft: During the coating process, due to the inconsistent thickness of the adhesive surface, the self adhesive sticky paper will be thick in some places and thin in some places. The differential friction shaft adopts an independent slip ring to solve the problem of uneven thickness. We recommend using this slip ring device on your sticker paper slitting rewinder. He is very helpful to improve the quality of products.

If you are interested in adhesive sticky paper slitter rewinder, please feel free to contact us.

Slitter rewinder application in film industry

After various films are produced from the film blowing machine or plastic film sheet extrusion machine, the width is very great, reaching more than 3000mm.

The function of the wide roll cutter slitter is to slit the film into narrow width strips, and then enter the gravure printing or packaging process.


After printing the composite material, the composite material needs to be cut again to an appropriate width, and then placed on a three edge sealing pouch bag machine to make a bag with appropriate width;

Or directly online packaging, such as pillow type packaging machine.

Roll slitting machine application in emerging industries and new energy fields

In the new energy field, such as lithium battery separator film, optical film, or glass fiber industry, the roll rewinder slitter has also been more widely used.


Because of the new material characteristics, the optical film has higher requirements on the tension.

This requires us to upgrade the mechanical components, transmission system, and control system of the cutting and slitting machine.

In these fields, Jota Machinery has a certain experience, welcome to consult.

Slitting machine customization

Due to the different requirements of various materials, many composite materials and new materials need to use customized slitting and rewinding machines.

Jota Machinery has a professional team and rich industry experience, we can design according to your production scenario, or optimize existing equipment to meet your requirements.



You can bring sample material to visit and negotiate with us, our professional engineers will provide you with a perfect solution.

Slitting machine blades

Slitting machines generally use two kinds of knives, one is circular knives, mainly used to cut some thick and tough materials, such as plastic sheets, paper boards, paper cardboard, or composite materials.

This kind of blade is generally driven by a motor, which can easily cut the material;

JT-SLT-1600D-Fiber Glass-Slitting-Rewinding-Machine-Circular-Knife

Circular Knives

The other is razor blade, which is generally used to cut thin films and other thin materials.

In practical applications, the shear-type is active, and the slitting effect is relatively better, so the application range is wider.

Jota Machinery, as a professional slitting and winding machine supplier, we will design different diameter circular knives to meet the requirements of different materials.

For example, for a blade that cuts adhesive, our design is to make the blade anti-adhesive, and the blade can handle the edge well;


When cutting 500gsm paper board, we considered how to make the blade cut with less dust and no burrs.

Professional people do professional things.

What’s more, for slitting and winding machines with higher requirements, we will use Taiwan-made pneumatic knife.


This kind of knife itself has high requirements, when machine speed is up to 500m/min, beating range is within 5mm.

Slitter machine tension control

Tension is an important factor in the slitter machine.

The more stable the tension of a slitter and the faster the speed, the better the effect of the slitter.

The traditional cutting and slitting machine contains 3 automatic tension units.

1 unit is used for unwinding and 2 units are used for rewinding, each unit contains 1 controller and 2 sensors (load cell).


With PLC and touch screen’s widespread use in slitter rewinding machines, taper tension control of the motor is introduced.

This intelligent design brings simpler operation, we can set the tension curve directly according to your material, so as to control the tension more simply.

Slitting machine motors

The initial slitting rewinder was equipped with a motor, working with a magnetic powder clutch or brake, speed is 100m/min.

With technology development, the motor amount is increasing and reaches 3 or 4 now.

The ordinary slitter adopts 1 motor to control the web-feeding and 2 motors to control the rewinding.


These motors are imported variable frequency drive motors, and then coupled with Yaskawa AC drive to work together, the performance is very stable.

Now we also use 3 asynchronous servo motors.


Compared with traditional inverter motors, this new servo motor has a more refined appearance and greater torque, occupies a smaller installation space, and is increasingly welcomed by customers.

How to choose a satisfying slitting machine?

The diversity of the world gives us more choices.

Maybe you are looking for a slitting rewinder to meet your needs, then you need to know the material thickness, web width, diameter of your jumbo roll material, min. slit width, winding diameter of your finished roll.


The above factors can determine the type of cutting and slitting machines you need.

  • The jumbo roll width determines the unwinding width of your cutting and slitting machine;
  • The jumbo roll diameter determines the unwind stand type, shafted unwind stand or floor pickup shaftless unwind stand;
  • The jumbo roll material thickness determines the slitting knife types, circular knives or razor blades;
  • The finished roll diameter determines the winding frame height, as well as the height of your slitting rewinder machine and the power of the winding motor.

The clearer the above questions, the more accurate the slitting rewinder you purchased will be.

Slitting rewinding machine

What is a slitter?

A slitter is a pre-press and post-press equipment, it cuts paper, film, non-woven fabric, aluminum foil, and other thin materials big rolls into small rolls, or sheets of different widths.

It is commonly used in the packaging and printing industry.


In the past, the speed of a cutting and slitting machine could not be designed too high.

Because when the machine is running at high speed, the magnetic powder in the electromagnetic clutch will rub at high speed, resulting in high temperature.

Constant high temperature shortens the electromagnetic clutch’s service life.


When the situation is serious, the machine operation will be hindered, bring serious consequences to production, and seriously affect production efficiency.

Nowadays, the slitting rewinder machine is generally driven by double inverter motor.

When the winding diameter becomes larger, the inverter motor control is adopted to realize certain magnetic powder friction, with no high temperature.

The traditional drive of slitting rewinder is a large motor, it drives the rewinding and unwinding shafts.

An electromagnetic clutch and brake are added to the rewinding shaft and unwinding shaft respectively.

The torque of the rewinding and unwinding shafts is controlled by adjusting the electromagnetic clutch and brake’s current, and then control the web tension.

Electromagnetic clutches and brakes are special automatic actuators, they transmit torque through the magnetic powder filled in the actuators’ internal gap.



Changing the excitation current can change the magnetic state of the magnetic powder, thereby adjusting the torque transmitted.

The cutting and slitting machine is constantly developing from single-motor control to 2-motor and 3-motor control, when the machine speed is faster, the operation is more stable and efficient.

How a rewinder works?

Usually, the jumbo roll from the paper making machine is placed on the unwind stand, and the braking device on the unwind stand keeps the paper web at a certain tension.

The paper web is cut into the required width by the circular slitting knives after passing through idler rollers and then rewound into small paper rolls according to the required width, tightness, and diameter.

A rewinder’s main parameters are web width, max. speed, max. unwinding diameter, winding diameter, cutting method, etc.

How to make a roll slitter?

  • Mechanical design
  • CNC wallboard processing
  • Baking varnish
  • Frame assembly
  • Electrical assembly
  • PLC module and tension control system assembly
  • Machine test


Slitting machine process

  • Razor slitting

The single-sided blade or double-sided blade is placed on a fixed blade holder, during the slitting rewinder machine’s running process, the blade is dropped so that the blade cuts the web material longitudinally to achieve slitting purpose.


There are two ways of razor slitting, one is razor-in-grooved-roll, the other is razor-in-air.

Razor-in-grooved-roll slitting means that when the material runs on the grooved roller, the cutting knife is dropped in the roller’s groove to cut the material longitudinally.

At this time, the material has a certain wrap angle in the grooved roll, which is not easy to drift.

When slitting cast PP film, this slitting method is commonly used to improve slitting efficiency.


However, compared to the razor-in-air slitting, it is more inconvenient to set the knife.

Razor-in-air slitting means that when the material passes between nip rollers, the razor falls to cut the material longitudinally.

At this time, the material is in a relatively unstable state.

Therefore, the slitting accuracy is slightly worse than that of razor-in-grooved-roll slitting, but this slitting method is convenient for knife setting and easy to operate.

Razor slitting is mainly suitable for slitting thin plastic films and composite films.

  • Shear slitting

Shear slitting usually introduces a male and a female circular blade, the rotating male and female circular blades are formed like a “scissor” to longitudinally cut the incoming web.


The female blades are usually mounted on a roller, and the male blade is either placed on an independent holder or installed on a shaft like the female blades.

Its slitting quality is fantastic even machine runs at high speeds, dust generation can be effectively reduced, both blades’ service life can also be extended.

Shear slitting is widely applicable to many kinds of materials, such as paper, laminates, films, foils, tapes, textiles, and more.

  • Score Slitting

Score slitting is also referred to as crush cutting, it has always been the most popular slitting form, especially for the older slitting machine.


This technique adopts a rotating blade cutting material against an idler roller with a hardened surface, the idler roller is also called an anvil roll or crush roll.

Compared to razor slitting, changing from one slit width to the other is very simple.

Tapes, non-wovens, textiles, foams, rubber, and other more types of material can be processed by score slitting.

Slitting machine manufacturer

There are slitting machine manufacturers all over the world, such as Kampf and GOEBEL IMS GERMANY in Germany, Catbridge, and Rosenthal in the United States, Soma in the Czech Republic, Elite Cameron, Parkinson Technologies in the United Kingdom, and so on.


The cutting and slitting machines produced by these European and American manufacturers are of good quality, but the price is relatively high.

If your budget is sufficient, you can consider purchasing your favorite slitting rewinder machine from the above-mentioned suppliers.

If your budget is limited, you can consider the slitting rewinder machine made by our Chinese manufacturer.


Now many suppliers in China are also changing to the high-quality development road, they begin to care about the machine quality.

Coupled with the advantages of China’s entire industry chain, high-quality and competitive prices can be organically integrated.

We, Jota Machinery, are such a supplier.

You are welcome to call or mail us for consultation or send us an inquiry on this website.

Slitting machine parts

The slitting machine is mainly composed of the following parts.

  • Unwinding part

It is mainly composed of unwind stand, unwinding shaft, magnetic powder brake or air brake, etc.

It is used to carry various material jumbo rolls, materials feeding starts from unwinding part.

  • Web-feeding part

It is mainly composed of various idler rollers and drive motors, this part is mainly responsible for the material feeding.

  • Slitting part

It is mainly composed of the upper knife roller, lower knife roller, upper blades, lower blades, spacers, and other main components, this part realizes slitting the wide jumbo roll into many narrow strips.


  • Winding part

It is mainly composed of winding shafts and winding motor, the narrow strip cut after slitting is attached to the winding shaft and is wound into a small roll of a certain diameter, following the rotation winding.

  • Control part

It is mainly composed of core components such as PLC, tension controller, frequency converter, etc., which is equivalent to the entire slitting rewinder machine’s brain, sending instructions to other machine components, controlling the orderly operation.

  • Waste discharging part

It is mainly used to collect waste, common methods include blowing off trimmed waste by blower, and independent waste edge rewinding device, etc.

Slitting machine price

The slitting machinery price varies greatly depending on the material type, jumbo roll width, unwinding and winding diameter.

The 320mm width label slitting machine costs only a few thousand dollars; some slitting machines customized for glass fiber and carbon fiber prepreg cost more than 100,000 US dollars.

In order to better confirm your desired slitting machinery’s price, you can tell us your material type, your jumbo roll width, your jumbo roll diameter, required slit width, and winding diameter, we will recommend the right model to you.

Slitting machine HS code

In China, when we export the slitting machinery, the HS Code for customs declaration is 844110000.

For HS Code, the top 6 digits are internationally unified.

Slitting machine tension control

The slitter rewinding machine’s tension control is basically divided into:

  • Manual tension control
  • Automatic tension control

Manual tension control means that when the roll diameter changes to a certain stage during the winding or unwinding process, the operator needs to adjust tension manually.

Fully automatic tension control is to directly measure actual web tension by sensor, and then convert the tension data into a tension signal and feed it back to the tension controller.


By comparing this signal with the tension value preset, the control signal is calculated to automatically command the execution unit, and finally, the actual tension value is equal to the preset tension value, tension stabilizing is realized.

Tension control must remain effective at any running speed of different status, including acceleration, deceleration, and uniform speed.

Even when emergently shutdown, it should ensure that the material being cut is not scratched or damaged.

The tension control stability directly affects slitting quality.


If the tension is insufficient, the raw materials will loosen or drift, small finished rolls will wrinkle after slitting and rewinding;

If the tension is too large, the raw material is easily broken, which will increase material waste and downtime.

For this reason, the slitter rewinding machine is required to realize constant tension control, that is, during the winding process, the raw material web is subjected to the best tension.

As the selected tension detection element and torque adjustment element are different, various tension control solutions are optional.

Prepreg slitting machine

Prepreg manufacturing process

Take the carbon fiber prepreg manufacturing process as an example.

  • Use plastic fiber bundles as raw materials.
  • The plastic fiber passes through an oxidation furnace (for a few minutes, at a temperature of about 480F) to extract oxygen particles from the air.

This process rearranges the fiber atomic structure so that the fiber bundle obtains high-temperature resistance.

  • When oxidized, the fiber bundle color will eventually become black.
  • The next step is the carbonization process, the fiber bundle enters the anaerobic heating furnace.

During the heating process, most of the non-carbon elements are removed, and the remaining carbon atoms are transformed into tightly connected crystals, which are arranged in parallel with the fibers to enhance the fiber bundle strength.

  • The fiber bundle passes through ionized water so that it can better absorb the resin.
  • Apply a small amount of primary resin layer to the fiber bundle.
  • The fiber bundle is wound into a roll following shaft rotating, and the buyer can either weave it into a carbon fiber product or add resin to make a prepreg.

Pre-impregnation is an important process for composite material molding.

It is a series of processes such as resin impregnation, drying, winding, cutting, etc., which are heat treatment or surface chemical treatment of fabrics.

It is mainly used for lamination, rolling, tape winding, and paste forming.

Carbon fiber dipping material is a composite of carbon fiber yarn and epoxy resin, the manufacturing process will be introduced below.

  • Make impregnating resin.
  • Pour the resin into the coating machine.
  • The paper is coated with a thin wet resin film (the paper has been pre-treated with a release agent).
  • Another machine makes 200-300 bundles of carbon fiber into unidirectional carbon fiber cloth.
  • Put the two-axis resin-coated paper into the resin impregnating machine.
  • When the carbon fiber unidirectional cloth is fed in, the heating element heats it to accelerate the resin absorption in the later stage.
  • The carbon fiber unidirectional cloth passes between the two layers of resin paper, and the high-pressure hot roller makes the resin fully penetrate between the carbon fiber filaments.
  • The cooling plate turns the liquid resin into a gel.
  • After the resin becomes gelatinous, the paper pretreated with the release agent can be easily removed.
  • Use polyester film to cover the prepreg surface (as a protective film).
  • The prepreg is rolled into a roll and collected.

Because of the complex production and processing of carbon fiber, carbon fiber products shine in various fields.

What do you use prepreg carbon fiber for?

Prepreg carbon fiber has a wide range of uses.

Carbon fiber is light in weight and is a good ablation resistant material that can be used in high temperature and high heat fields;

It has a strong transmittance to X-rays and can be used in medical equipment;

Corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, can be used in aerospace, such as aircraft fuselage, aircraft, aircraft seats;


Military field, such as radome, command cabin, body armor;

Water and land transportation, such as car shell, train shell;


Carbon Fiber Train Bodyshell

New energy sources, such as wind turbine blades, offshore oil production platforms, offshore drilling platforms, etc.;


Carbon Fiber Wind Turbine Blades

Construction projects, such as bridge structure reinforcement, carbon fiber tube frame, etc.;

Sports field, such as fitness equipment, clubs;

The medical field, such as CT board, traction table, athlete prosthesis, etc.;

Daily life areas, such as floors, bicycle racks, fishing rods, gift boxes, wallets, suitcases, briefcases, etc.;


Carbon Fiber Bicycle Rack

Fashion and entertainment fields, such as mobile phone cases, iPad protective covers, bathtubs, seats, etc.

Prepreg slitting slitter machine

The slitting width of prepreg slitter machine is usually very narrow, common slitting widths include 0.5 inches (12.7mm), 0.25 inches (6.35mm), and 0.125 inches (3.175mm).

Traditional narrow web slitter rewinder machines use rigid blades, rigid blades are not flexible enough.

Although the width tolerance of rigid blades is very high, when multiple blades are installed side by side, cumulative errors will occur.

When slitting many strips of prepreg tape, this error will increase exponentially.


For example, when more than 40 slitting blades are installed on the prepreg slitter machine, the width deviation of the blades in some positions may reach 0.25 mm after slitting.

This type of rigid slitting knife is usually overloaded to maintain efficiency, which in turn influences the slitting effect.

We at Jota are developing the use of spring-bound knives, spring-bound knives produce less cutting force, such cutting can effectively reduce blade wear and enhance the cutting effect.

Composite machinery

Speaking of composite machinery and equipment, the common ones are listed in the following table:

Prepreg Making Machine
Prepreg Slitting Slitter Machine
Filament Winding (FW) Machine
Automatic Fiber and Tape Placement Machine (AFP/ATL)
Automatic Edge Welding Machine
Profile Moulding Machine
Drape Forming System

Carbon fiber machinery

Carbon fiber machinery mainly includes:

Carbon Fiber Prepreg Making Machine
Carbon Fiber Prepreg Slitter
Carbon Fiber Filament Winding (FW) Machine
Automatic Carbon Fiber and Tape Placement Machine (AFP/ATL)
Automatic Carbon Fiber Edge Welding Machine
Carbon Fiber Profile Moulding Machine
Carbon Fiber Weaving Machine

Paper slitting rewinding machine

How does a slitting machine work?

The working principle of slitter rewinding machine is that the jumbo roll material releases from the unwind stand, enter the cutting part after passing through kinds of rollers, and EPC, finally the rewinding part is responsible for finished roll forming.

The slitting length can be set continuously.

If the actual slitting length has an error, it can be calibrated by setting parameters.

What is slitting process?

Speaking of slitting, it generally refers to a processing procedure on the slitting rewinder, slitting rewinder is the post-press processing equipment.

After the jumbo roll material is cut by the slitting knives, a series of clearly visible cracks appear on the jumbo roll, and the jumbo roll is divided into strips of narrow web.

There are 3 main cutting technologies.

  • Free cutting
  • Shear cutting
  • Crush cutting

What is a rewinder machine?

The function of a rewinder machine is to unwind the already rolled material to a certain length again, and rewind it into a small roll of a certain length, the length needs to meet the end customer’s request.

Nowadays, simple rewinders are relatively rare in the market, and the slitter rewinder machine that integrates the slitting and rewinding functions is common in the market.

What does slitter mean?

Computerized slitter machine refers to a type of slitting machine that adopts single-chip or PLC control and other functional integrated components to control the operation.

This machine is suitable for slitting BOPP, BOPA, BOPET, CPP, CPP/AL, PET/AL, PP, PE and other plastic films and various composite films, metalized films, paper, aluminum foil, fabrics, etc.

It is easy and fast to operate, high operational efficiency can be realized easily.

What does slitting mean?

Slitting refers to cutting large widths rolls or roll-shaped products into rolls with the required width according to actual needs.

What kinds of paper can be handled by paper slitting machine?

Many kinds of paper materials can be slit, including:

  • Kraft paper
  • Water-activated tape
  • Plotter paper
  • Parchment paper
  • Sticker paper
  • Paperboard/cardboard paper
  • Thermal receipt paper
  • Sublimation paper

Kraft paper slitting machine

In order to recommend a suitable kraft paper slitting machine to you, you need to know your kraft paper jumbo roll width and diameter, kraft paper thickness range, and winding diameter.

Because many types of slitting machines can slit kraft paper, such as:

  • Center slitter rewinder
  • Surface slitter rewinder
  • Center-surface slitter rewinder

As for the slitter rewinding machine that best meets your requirements, it needs to be evaluated according to your budget and requirements for winding quality.

After you tell us above mentioned important parameters and your budget, we can recommend the most suitable kraft paper slitter rewinding machine to you.

Water activated tape slitting machine

Recently, a Serbian customer ordered a 1400mm width water activated tape slitting machine with 3-color online printing function from us.

A Korean customer is also very interested in ordering our Jota kraft paper tape slitting machine.


Because kraft paper tape is a new type of tape that is environmentally friendly, pollution-free, and recyclable, more and more customers come to us to consult our Jota water-activated tape slitting machine.

If you are also interested in purchasing such machines, please call or mail us for consultation, we can provide detailed product information (pictures, demo videos) for your reference.

Plotter paper slitting machine

Jota plotter paper slitting machine JT-SLT-900A has bagged the order from the well-known Portuguese company Navigator.

Navigator has used this machine for nearly 5 years and it is still running normally.


Winning the order from Navigator is enough to show that our Jota plotter paper slitter rewinding machine quality can stand the test of time, meet big client’s strict requirements.


If you also want to purchase a plotter paper slitter rewinding machine in the near future, please contact us.

Our professional sales team at Jota will provide you with one-on-one intimate service.

Parchment paper slitting machine

So far, no customer has asked our Jota to customize a parchment paper cutting and slitting machine.

If you need to customize the parchment paper slitting machine, we are very happy to communicate with you for your parchment paper cutting and slitting machine’s specific requirements.


We Jota have different models such as center slitting machine, surface slitting machine, center surface slitting machine, etc. for processing different types of materials.

If possible, please send us some of your jumbo roll parchment materials.

We will try to cut your materials with different slitting machines until you are satisfied with the cutting effect.

Sticker paper slitting machine

The demand for sticker paper slitting machine is relatively large, and many customers have purchased sticker paper slitter rewinder machines from our Jota.

The sticker paper slitter rewinder machine is relatively simple in structure.

As the sticker paper jumbo roll width is usually 320mm or 420mm, so the sticker paper slitter rewinder machine is generally a mini machine, small footprint, flexible.


Many customers will also request custom-made sticker paper slitter rewinder machines with die-cutting function.

Customized machines are what we Jota is good at, welcome to contact us to inquire about customized sticker paper slitter rewinder machines.

Paperboard/cardboard paper slitting machine

The cardboard paper slitting machine is a heavy-duty cardboard disc cutting machine.

It is a special machine especially suitable for cutting heavy-duty book cover paper, cardboard, hardcover bookcases, color box cases.

The machine is easy to operate, the cut is flat, and the accuracy and efficiency are high.

Thermal receipt paper slitting machine

The thermal paper slitting machine is our Jota’s best-selling product, well-known customers such as K.M.S Group in Egypt, Navigator in Portugal, Monospool in Bangladesh, and SS Labels in Sri Lanka have all purchased Jota’s thermal paper slitter rewinder machine.

If you are looking for a professional thermal paper slitter rewinder machine procurement guide, our professional sales at Jota are always ready to serve you, you only need to send your questions to us by phone, email, or website inquiry.

We will contact you in time to solve your doubts.

Sublimation paper slitting machine

An Iranian customer has been talking to Jota about the sublimation paper slitting machine customization.

He originally planned to come to China to inspect our factory and check our Jota thermal transfer paper slitter rewinder machine on the spot.


However, because of the COVID-19 epidemic, he was delayed in coming to China.

We asked him to mail some sublimation paper jumbo rolls to us, we can test the cutting effect of sublimation paper in the factory, and then share the test video for him to view, but Iranian customer still prefers to come to China for their own eyes view.

If you also want to customize a sublimation paper slitting machine for your own factory, it is recommended that you send us a sublimation paper jumbo roll.

We are very happy to test out a suitable sublimation paper slitting machine that meets your requirements.

Label slitting rewinding machine

The self-adhesive label slitting rewinding machine is a relatively mini and simple machine.

The mainstream unwinding width is 320mm and 420mm, which is very small and easy to operate.


There are too many suppliers of this kind of machine, so the quality of each brand machine varies.

If you don’t want to spend money to buy a machine that often has problems, and no one responds every time you need after-sales, I suggest you just turn to a professional manufacturer like our Jota.

Fabric slitting rewinding machine

Non woven fabric slitting machine

Swedish client Mr. Johan ordered Jota PP spunbond non woven fabric slitting machine JT-SLT-2100D together with a precision paper core cutting machine JT-2400D in July 2020.



Mr. Johan purchased these 2 machines quickly because our Jota sales always answer his questions in a timely and professional manner, and customers are impressed by easy slitting knives replacement;

Besides, our Jota sales provided some other client’s feedback photos to Mr. Johan from time to time, these photos can clearly reflect our Jota non woven slitting machine’s excellent slitting and winding effect.

Mr. Johan customized a 2100mm width non woven fabric roll cutter slitting machine, if your non-woven fabric jumbo roll width is also close to 2100mm, you are welcome to discuss it with us.

We can customize a more suitable non woven fabric slitter machine based on Mr. Johan’s machine, the non woven fabric roll cutting machine you are dreaming of.

Melt blown fabric slitting machine

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic rages around the world, and the demand for masks has skyrocketed.

As one of the core materials for the production of masks, we Jota have received many inquiries about melt blown cloth slitting machines.


Because the melt-blown cloth is not a material that is too sensitive to nipping and compressing, both surface slitter machine and center slitter machine are suitable for slitting and winding melt-blown cloth.

If you require a large winding diameter, it is recommended that you consider purchasing a surface slitting machine;

If you require a relatively small winding diameter, it is recommended that you choose a center slitting machine, which is relatively simpler.

Aluminium foil slitting rewinding machine

Aluminum foil slitting machine manufacturers

There are many aluminum foil slitting machines suppliers across the world.


You only need to enter intitle:aluminum foil slitter supplier or intitle:aluminum foil slitting machine manufacturer, etc. in the Google search box, the websites of many aluminum foil slitting machine suppliers will appear in front of you.

You can judge these suppliers’ professionalism by their website titles and website descriptions.

Looking around the world, many people in the industry agree that Kampf is the best in roll slitter rewinder machines.

Aluminum foil slitting machine price

Speaking of aluminum foil slitting machine price, it depends on many factors:

  • Unwinding width
  • Unwinding diameter
  • Rewinding diameter
  • Winding technique

Only when you are clear about the above-mentioned factors, then we Jota can assist you to purchase a tailor-made aluminum slitting machine, the tailor-made slitting machine can match your production scenario perfectly.

Aluminum foil slitting machine video

If you want to purchase an aluminum foil slitting machine recently, I suggest you send us one of your aluminum foil jumbo rolls.

We will arrange different roll slitter rewinder machines to test your jumbo roll, and then share the aluminum foil slitting machine video with you, you can feel which machine’s cutting effect is most satisfying.

Film slitter rewinder

Film slitting machine

Considering the characteristics of high tensile strength, elasticity, thinness, and softness of the film, it is usually suitable for slitting and rewinding such materials with a center slitter.

However, because the central slitting machine provides web tension through the spindle torque at the center of the reel, the maximum winding diameter is limited.

If you require a larger winding diameter, it is recommended that you still consider a center surface slitting machine.

The center surface slitter’s tension is controlled by a surface drive connected to a web roll or pressure roll, which leads to slitting and web spreading optimization.

You are welcome to get in touch with us about the film slitting machine’s related questions, we are very happy to answer your questions.

Film slitting machine blade

The film is suitable for razor slitting because the razor slitting has relatively low friction and does not generate too much heat to melt the film edge.


The razor blade for slitting the film is usually installed on the blade holder and fixed by screws, which is convenient for adjusting the position and the angle of inclination.

Film slitting machine manufacturers

Jota is a professional film slitting machine manufacturer, we can provide various slitting machines such as center slitting machine, surface slitting machine, center surface slitting machine, etc. for your choice.

We will recommend a suitable type of slitting machine according to your material type, jumbo roll width, jumbo roll diameter, and winding diameter, and we can also customize it according to your special requirements.

Film slitting machine operation process

The following operating procedures are for reference only, because different film slitting machines have very different operating procedures.

  • Boot up machine
  • Setting control
  • Loading, web threading, and joining the film
  • Start and run
  • Slitting control
  • Finished roll collecting
  • Stopping machine
  • Precautions

(1) Make sure the voltage, current, and hydraulic pressure are correct and stable before starting up.

(2) Before the equipment is ready for operation, all personnel must be notified to leave the equipment, ensure personal safety before it can be started and operated.

(3) When the high-speed film slitting machine is running, do not touch the film roll or roller core with your hands to avoid personal injury caused by entanglement.

(4) During the operation, avoid scratching or cutting each roller core with a knife or hard object.

How to adjust film slitting machine’s tension?

For film slitting and rewinding machines, tension control is the most important.

The tension control of the film slitting equipment includes unwinding tension control, winding tension control, and so on.

Unwinding tension control is mainly realized through the coordinated work of tension controller, tension sensor, magnetic powder brake, air brake, and other components;


The winding tension control function is integrated into the cutting and slitting machine’s PLC, the winding motor has a built-in encoder.

The PLC can appropriately increase or decrease the torque according to the change of the winding shaft speed and the winding diameter, so as to achieve reasonable control of the winding tension.

Surface slitter rewinder

Speaking of surface slitter rewinder, the rewinding shaft just rotates against one or more motor-driven drums, motor-driven drums are proactive, rewinding shaft rotation is driven by these drums.


Most of the time, the surface slitter rewinder can only wind the material in one direction and relies on the nip roller to achieve rewinding.

Surface slitter rewinder is mainly introduced to wind elastic or inelastic materials rolls of large diameter, but these materials should not be too sensitive to nipping or compressing, such as textiles, kind of paper, nonwoven fabrics.

Surface slitter rewinder is not suitable for winding sensitive materials afraid of being nipped.

Center slitter rewinder

With regard to center slitter winder, the motor-driven rewinding shaft rotates itself, generates torque and tension.

Pressure rollers are often introduced to control air volume between the nipping pressure roller and rewinding shaft.

It is suitable for winding sensitive, soft, uneven thickness webs, such as a nipping-sensitive plastic film or composite webs, nonwoven fabrics and kinds of paper, and materials that are suitable for winding at low tension or materials that are sensitive of being compressed in the winding process.

Center surface slitter rewinder

The center surface slitter rewinder introduces all the 3 TNT principles for winding, tension, nipping, torque.

A motor-driven lay-on roller is used to control the web tension, good web tension control leads to slitting and web spreading optimization.

What’s more, lay-on roller loading can also play a role as a nip roller.


The motor-driven rewinding shaft’s rotation generates the torque and the needed in-wound tension, the in-wound tension is important for the finished roll hardness profile.

The center surface slitter rewinder’s advantage is that more precise winding tension control can be realized, better winding tension control means the better winding effect of finished roll.

The disadvantage of surface slitter rewinder is that such a machine’s price is high, the operation process is a little complicated.

Duplex slitter rewinder

Duplex slitter rewinder means that the slitting machine has two winding stations in total, and each winding station can be used to wind a certain number of small rolls.

After the parent roll is slit, the two neighboring strips can be wound with two different winding shafts respectively, which can effectively avoid the possible overlapping problem when one winding shaft is wound.

Turret slitter is also a kind of duplex slitter rewinder.

Such turret slitter usually only uses one winding shaft for winding, and two winding shafts take turns in charge of winding.

After one winding shaft completes its work, the other winding shaft automatically rotates to the winding position to take over the previous one to continue working, without the need for manual core loading and tape tail pasting.

Slitter rewinder machine manufacturer

Roll slitting machine

Roll slitting machine is a kind of machine suitable for cutting a jumbo roll material to several strips of a certain width, then these strips are wound to narrower finished rolls.

Paper, nonwoven fabric, adhesive label, plastic film, prepreg terminal rolls are both produced by roll slitting machines.

Slitter rewinder manufacturer

Slitting rewinder manufacturers are all over the world.

Searching the keyword slitter rewinder on Google, a lot of slitter rewinder suppliers’ websites and slitter rewinder sales B2B platform websites will instantly come into your eyes;


Or you can search slitter rewinder directly on Youtube, and you can also see the slitter rewinder presentation videos uploaded by manufacturers from all over the world.

It will be more intuitive to identify the manufacturing level of each supplier through the machine demonstration video.

Slitting rewinding machine China

The slitting rewinding machine quality in China market varies greatly.

High-quality slitting rewinding machines in China are mainly distributed in Eastern China and Southern China.

These two regions are located in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta of China.

The economy and manufacturing industry is very developed, and the talent supply and reserve in the machinery industry are sufficient.

Slitting rewinding machine price/cost

The slitting rewinding machine price has a wide range.

Some 320mm width label slitting machines only cost a few thousand dollars, and some large width slitting machines in Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy may reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions of dollars.


The slitting rewinding machine price is mainly determined by the unwinding width, unwinding diameter, winding diameter, machine quality, and customization of various special functions, such as:

  • Automatic knife positioning
  • Automatic web threading
  • Automatic unloading
  • Automatic web guiding

If you want to purchase a slitting machine, it is best to understand your production scene clearly and understand your requirements for the machine, so that you can have a clear understanding of the price and the machine’s approximate budget.

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