Double Layers Sandwich Paper Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine

2 Times Output With 2 Jumbo Roll Unwind Stands
  • Upper and lower double unwind stands
  • 2 times sheet output in unit time
  • Photoelectric sensor avoids web material deviation
  • Servo motor controls material feeding
ItemJT-SHT-800D double layers sandwich paper roll to sheet cutting machine
Max. Unwinding width700mm
Max. Unwinding Diameter600mm
Sheeting Length0-999mm
Sheeting Width50-700mm
Max. Speed100 cuts/min
Rated Frequency50Hz or 60Hz
Rated VoltageThree-phase, four-wire, 380V/220V
Unwinding/Rewinding Shaft3” (76mm) air expanding shaft (size customizable)
Dimension5500mm x 1100mm x 2000mm


JT-SHT-800D double layers sandwich paper roll to sheet cutting machine is suitable for making cut-size paper sheets, such as hamburger patty paper sheets, A4 paper, glass paper, plastic film (PVC, OPP, PET, CPP), aluminum foil sheets.
1. Weinview touch screen, all the working parameters can be displayed on it. Just set up the material thickness and initial tension, the machine works automatically.
2. Frequency inverter motor controls the sheeting blade movement, solidly stable.
3. Frequency Inverter drives sheeting blade motor.
4. Servo motor drives material feeding, the tolerance can be controlled within 0.2mm.
5. Electromagnetic brake controls the unwinding tension.
6. Specially treated alloy sheeting blade, long service life.
7. The integrated tension control system in PLC.
8. The photoelectric sensor avoids web material deviation.
9. CE certificated.
10. Emergency button to stop the machine in time at any point.
11. Air blower to blow waste material off.

Double Layers Sandwich Paper Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine

JT-SHT-800D double layers paper roll to sheet cutting machine is a two-layer cross-cutting machine recently launched last year. It can be used to cut A3, A4, A5 sheets, burgers, hot dogs, sandwich wrap paper sheets, and aluminum foil sheets.



Because the JT-SHT-800D double-layer paper sheet cutter is equipped with upper and lower two-layer unwinding racks, two mother rolls can be unloaded and fed at the same time, and the output of finished sheets is doubled compared to single-layer machines.

Many customers just saw the unique selling point and advantages of JT-SHT-800D A4 paper cutting machine, and chose to place an order for this machine, such as overseas Chinese Mr. He in Myanmar and Ghana customer Awua.

Mr. He opened a factory in Suzhou, and he is optimistic about the business opportunities in the Myanmar market.

He planned to move the Suzhou factory to Myanmar, and go there to open a factory for producing flexible packaging materials, such as aluminum foil. So they contacted us to discuss the purchasing of aluminum foil roll to sheet cutting machine.

Because Suzhou is close to our factory location Kunshan, Mr. He brought aluminum foil paper roll samples to our factory to discuss in details, and request us to demonstrate the actual effect of the double-layer paper roll to A4 sheet cutting machine on site.

Aluminum foil is a very thin and light material, and the wind will be generated after each cross-cutting. In order to solve this problem, the engineers of our company specially designed the NIP plate, as shown below:


With the NIP plate, you can avoid the wind being generated during every time’s cross-cutting process, the aluminum foil sheet will not float up, and each aluminum foil sheet can be neatly stacked into a chop.

The following video is the testing video of the double-layer paper reel to sheet cutting machine. Please watch this video to see the actual effect of the machine.

Mr. He was very satisfied with the test results of the machine, so they finally paid for the JT-SHT-800D double-layer roll to sheet cutter.

With this successful case of Mr. He as an example, we bagged order from another Ghanaian customer Mr. Awua for another JT-SHT-800D paper reel cutting machine.

Ghanaian customer Mr. Awua was originally engaged in the apparel business in Guangzhou. He purchased second-hand apparel from China and sold it to the local market in Ghana.

But one day, he suddenly found us and said he wanted to buy a hamburger paper sheeting machine.

After contacting for a period of time, the customer took a plane directly from Guangzhou to our factory location Kunshan for an interview.


Dear Ghana Client Mr. Awua

Our boss Bruce recommended him the JT-SHT-800D double-layer roll to sheet paper cutting machine and proposed to take him to Mr. He’s factory in Suzhou. Mr. Awua could check the JT-SHT-800D double-layer A4 paper roll cutting machine’s actual working effect in Mr. He’s factory.

When Mr. Awua heard that he can view the actual use of the JT-SHT-800D double-layer cross-cutting machine, he is very happy and excited.

After watching JT-SHT-800D automatic roll to sheet cutter in the field, Mr. Awua warmly took a joint photo with Mr. He and thanked Mr. He for opening the factory and showing the machine to him.


After returning to the Jota factory in Kunshan, Mr. Awua proposed to place an order for the double-layer hamburger paper sheeting machine JT-SHT-800D, and paid USD 3,000 cash deposit.

When the production of the double-layer hamburger paper roll sheeter machine was completed, the Ghanaian customer Mr. Awua came to Kunshan to inspect the machine and clear balance. Finally, he returned to Ghana with satisfaction, waiting for our shipment.

If you also want to get involved in A4 paper, hamburger paper, sandwich wrap paper, hot dog wrap paper, etc., please call us to consult Jota double-layer paper reel to sheet cutting machine, or send an inquiry on our website, we will give you a timely response.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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