Fully Automatic Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Making Machine

One-stop Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Production Line
  • 1 toilet paper rewinding machine
  • 1 band saw cutting machine
  • 1 single roll heat shrink film packer
  • 1 multi-roll packing machine
  • From jumbo roll unwinding to finished roll packing
  • Optional embossing unit

Fully Automatic Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Making Machine

 Max. Unwinding Width


 Max. Unwinding Diameter


 Paper Core Inner Diameter


 Layers Optional

Max. 4

 Winding Diameter


 Winding Length

Touch screen set

 Paper Grammage


 Machine Speed


 Winding Speed Adjustment

Speed control knob

 Winding Diameter Control

Lay-on roller cylinder’s stroke sensing

 Min. Air Pressure


 Air Consumption


 Web Threading


 Total Power

Winding motor 4Kw; perforating and embossing motor 5.5Kw; edge cutting servo motor 0.75Kw; waste-collecting motor 0.12Kw


AC 380V/220V, 60Hz/50Hz

Why Jota Fully Automatic Toilet Tissue Paper Maker

Mr. Faisal, a Saudi Arabian customer, ordered a fully automatic toilet paper maker, a paper cup production line, a facial tissue paper production line from we Jota last month.

We built a connection with Mr. Faisal when our Jota sales did visitor marketing. At that time, Faisal focused on the paper roll to sheet cutting machine.


Faisal and our Jota sales talked a lot about the paper sheet cutter machine, we established initial trust, and we also have a basic understanding of Mr. Faisal.

We know that he has been in Guangzhou for many years, he likes China and travels, he has been to Suzhou and thinks Suzhou is beautiful.


Beautiful Suzhou Graden

Mr. Faisal is now a project manager, and he has many production line projects that need to be implemented.

He asks us, what production lines Jota can provide?

Our Jota sales tell Mr. Faisal that we can provide paper cup machines and fully automatic toilet paper makers.

So Mr. Faisal discussed with our Jota sales about the paper cup making machine and toilet paper production line.

Mr. Faisal felt that the paper cup machine price was high, so he avoided talking about the paper glass machine project and turned to the toilet paper machine.

In order to show Mr. Faisal our Jota’s professionalism through the toilet paper making machine, our Jota sales spent several hours working toilet paper production flow charts, specs sheet, project book, demo videos, etc. for Faisal.


Plus the price also meets Mr. Faisal’s requirements, Mr. Faisal decided to purchase Jota’s machine for tissue paper.

Based on the trust established in the tissue paper making machine’s discussion, Mr. Faisal directly gave his target price for the paper glass making machine and the facial tissue making machine.

After calculating, Mr. Faisal’s target price was within an acceptable range, and his orders for the automatic paper cup machine and the facial tissue machine were finalized.

In this way, the Saudi client Mr. Faisal decided to order 3 paper product manufacturing lines from our Jota.

He told us he will come to China for machine inspection, and he is happy that Jota is located in Kunshan, a city only 50 kilometers away from Suzhou.

Then we can guide him to visit beautiful Suzhou again and enjoy delicious Huaiyang cuisine.


Huaiyang Cuisine

Thanks to Mr. Faisal for trusting us, we will do our best to ensure 3 production lines’ quality and deliver them to him timely.

Regarding Jota’s fully automatic toilet roll production line, as shown in the above flow chart, it consists of toilet paper rewinding machine, band saw cutting machine, finished roll packing machine, etc.

In order to better understand our Jota automatic toilet paper production line, let’s refer to the following video to introduce toilet paper rewinding machine, band saw cutter machine, and paper roll packaging machine in detail.

The main task of our Jota toilet paper rewinding machine is to produce semi-finished toilet paper rolls.


Semi-finished Toilet Paper Rolls

The working process of toilet paper rewinder is:

  • Unwinding
  • Web feeding
  • Perforating
  • Edge embossing
  • Semi-finished roll pushing out
  • New paper core feeding
  • Tail cutting and sealing
  • Lay-on roller pressing new core
  • Semi-finished roll ejecting

Many customers also require embossing toilet paper.

We Jota specially designed optional embossing unit for such customers, embossing unit can be integrated into Jota’s fully automatic toilet paper maker.


Independent Embossing Unit

The side plate of the embossing unit is made of 41mm thickness steel, the plate is precisely processed by the CNC machining center;

The embossing unit is equipped with a 240mm diameter steel pattern roller and Nitrile rubber roller.

The steel roller embosses the rubber roller for embossing patterns on toilet paper.



Steel pattern roller and Nitrile rubber roller

The steel pattern roller’s pressure control is pneumatic, effective width is up to 2200mm.

The embossing unit adopts is driven by an independent motor, speed ratio adjustment is finished on the HMI interface, ensures that embossed toilet paper is synchronized with the master motor.

Our Jota independent embossing unit can also provide a variety of patterns for your choice.


Embossing patterns for choice (customizable)


Embossing effect

The semi-finished toilet paper roll first passes through the semi-finished roll storage rack, and then is cut by the band saw paper roll cutter, finished toilet paper rolls are produced after cutting.

The Jota band saw cutting machine can simultaneously cut toilet paper rolls in the diameter range of 80mm-260mm.

The standard fixture is 180mm-260mm, and additional fixtures of 120mm-180mm and 80mm-140mm can be provided.

The maximum cutting speed is 60 cuts/min.

In terms of functions, the Jota band saw cutter has unique functions such as:

  • Automatic half-finished roll feeding + storage trough
  • Fully automatic electric/air knife sharpener + vacuum cleaning
  • Quick specifications change and sand wheel angle adjustment
  • Quick pneumatic and hydraulic blades exchange

All the above functions can finally lead to a better band saw cutting effect and high cutting efficiency.

Finished toilet paper rolls are transported by conveyor belts to the packaging machine.

Speaking of toilet paper roll packaging machines, some large-width, large-diameter finished toilet paper rolls are individually packaged and sold.


Jumbo Toilet Roll

This kind of finished toilet paper roll is called jumbo toilet roll and is commonly found in public toilets.

The packaging of jumbo toilet roll is completed by the heat shrink film packaging machine in the picture below;


There are also some small-width, small-diameter finished toilet paper rolls that are sold in multi-roll packaging.


Toilet Paper Rolls Pack

This kind of toilet paper roll pack is completed by the multi-roll wrapper shown in the following video.

Through the above text, you have a general understanding of the toilet paper roll’s manufacturing process, many other details about the toilet paper making machine are still waiting for you to discover.

You are welcome to send us an inquiry on this website, we will explain to you in more detail, understand your real needs, and develop the most suitable solution for you.

Automatic Toilet Paper Maker Ultimate FAQ Guide

With the high performance of tissue paper making machine and its ability to utilize waste paper, JOTA is regarded as the fastest developing manufacturer with a global reach.

JOTA designs machines that are worldwide desired due to the advanced technology and multi-functioning.

It is establishing a successful future for your wide range of clients maximizing the industrial competence and technological adeptness of its leaders and team members.

Toilet tissue paper roll making machine is wide in business, as the world demands the toilet paper in bulk.

Let me unravel the important features, working, and details of the toilet tissue paper roll making machine.


Toilet Paper Maker

Toilet paper manufacturing process

The toilet paper manufacturing process includes 4 stages.

  • Pulping stage

Raw material selection, cooking and separating fiber, washing, bleaching, washing, and screening, concentration or copying into pulp flakes, storage for later use;

  • Papermaking stage

Bulk pulp, impurity removal, refined pulp, beating, preparation of various additives, paper mixing, paper material flow, headbox, screening section, press section, drying section, surface sizing, drying, pressing polishing, coiling into the paper;

  • Coating stage

Coated base paper, coating, drying, winding, rewinding, super polishing;

  • Processing stage

Rewinding, cutting flat plate (or roll), sorting and packing, warehousing.

What is the raw material of tissue paper?

Speaking of raw materials for tissue paper production, there are common non-polluting raw materials such as:

  • Cotton pulp
  • Wood pulp
  • Bamboo pulp
  • Straw pulp

A better toilet paper is made from wood pulp, like ordinary high-grade facial tissues;

Ordinary toilet paper is generally produced from straw pulp.

How to make toilet paper?

The production of toilet paper mainly includes 4 stages, pulp making, papermaking, coating, and processing.

On youtube, you can search for “How Toilet Paper is Made”, and you can intuitively watch the entire toilet paper making process through the video.

What machines are used to make toilet paper?

4 machines are used to make toilet paper roll:

  • Toilet paper rewinding machine
  • Band saw cutting machine
  • Single roll hear shrink film wrapping machine
  • Multi-roll packing machine


Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine


Manual tissue paper making machine

Manual tissue paper making machines are rare.

Just search for “manual tissue paper making machine” on Youtube, you can see an African man operating a manual toilet paper making machine in 1 video.


It is now 2021, and China’s toilet paper equipment has been upgraded to fully automatic.

Small toilet paper machine

Small toilet paper plants usually only have an 1880mm small toilet paper machine, a band saw cutter, and a manual packing machine.

Such small toilet paper machine can handle about 2 tons of tissue paper jumbo roll in 8 hours.

It requires 3 to 4 operators and requires a 100 square meters plant.

This set of equipment has moderate prices and low investment, so it is very suitable for small and medium factories.

Fully automatic toilet paper making machine

If you have stable sales channels and sufficient funds, you can consider the fully automatic toilet paper making machine, 2 channels log saw cutter, single-roll packaging machine, and multi-roll packaging machine.

The 2 channels log saw cutter has a strong structure, beautiful design, accurate paper cutting action, smooth cut surface, and a speed of 50-70 cuts per minute.

It can be used for multiple purposes, it can cut toilet paper rolls, flat rolls, and facial tissue paper.

In this way, 2 laborers can be saved, and about 2.5-3 tons of toilet paper mother rolls can be processed in 8h.

As the necessities of our lives, the market demand for toilet paper rolls has been increasing timely. Because of the eco-environment, no pollution, and low noise, you may think of opening a toilet paper roll manufacturing factory locally.

But entering a brand new industry you will encounter a lot of risk and traffic, You need to clarify many items: toilet paper mother roll sourcing, which is toilet paper making machines source etc.

As a professional toilet paper roll making solution supplier, Now I would like to share some information with you.

Toilet Paper Roll Processing Machine is the collective name for a complete set of toilet paper roll making machines. It is composed of a toilet paper roll rewinding machine, log saw cutter, and auto bag sealing machine. Each machine has different functions, but they are all indispensable.

The toilet paper roll rewinding machine is used to rewind a small roll from the big mother rolls. The toilet paper will be passed after unwinding stand, embossing roller (optional), perforation roller, and finally rewinded the toilet paper rolls on the paper tubes or paper coreless.

The machine is equipped with a meter counter, you can easily preset the working length. The running length decides the paper roll diameter.

The log saw cutter is called the toilet paper cutting machine, it uses an eccentric wheel and a revolving saw cutter to directly cut the rewinded toilet paper roll into small segment rolls. Due to its special softness, toilet paper is not suitable for slitting and rewinding, so it is cut into the required length with a saw cutter.

Automatic Toilet Paper Packaging Machine. It is only a semi automatic packaging machine, there is a transmission belt and some finishing device for the small rolls stomping and managing device to manage the paper rolls at 2-row x 6 rolls automatically. and directly to be bagged. We also call it Toilet Paper Bagging Machine.

The kitchen toilet paper roll manufacturing production line is connected by different conveyor belts to improve efficiency. Under the connection of the transmission belt, all the machines set up a closet kitchen paper roll working circuit. The whole line operation is not complicated. Only  2-3 people are inquired.

If you have any questions about the kitchen paper roll making line operation, our professional team can serve you and teach you how to operate.

The majority of toilet paper roll rewinding machine’s available width is 1880mm and 3000mm. The wider the machine, the higher productivity is. In China, 3000mm is more welcomed by the customer, but for exporting overseas, an 1880mm width rewinder machine is more favorable. Anyhow, which machine width you are preferable, you need to think about your kitchen paper mother roll width. The machine width mainly meets with the width of the mother roll.

The price of the most basic fully automatic toilet paper making machine line is USD50000. Basically, 1-2 people are required to operate the machine, and the output in 8 hours is 3ton-5 tons. So as long as your budget is sufficient, you can consider trying to start the toilet paper roll business.

If you are interested, please contact us, we will dispatch a complete cost analysis and toilet paper roll making production line project book.

The toilet paper making business seems relatively simple, and also involves some auxiliary issues, such as toilet paper mother roll source, plastic PE packaging bags, paper tubes, air compressors, and kraft cartons packaging box.

You need to think about these flexible packaging materials. Some items could be purchased directly from the local market, some need to be customized from your supplier, or some label logos need to be produced by a printing press. If you cannot find a supplier for your special requirements, please contact us. Our professional purchasing department will help you solve your urgent needs.

As a professional toilet paper making machine solution supplier, Jota machinery not only provides equipment, we provide a complete set of kitchen paper roll solutions from A to Z.

An overall toilet paper roll business plan is completed set up by us, all details information like cost analysis, toilet paper roll equipment, raw materials spruce and price, and layout of the factory. All are available.

Once you closed the order, and then everything will be mixed in several containers and sent to you directly, so that you can easily start this project. It is a door-to-door business.

Choosing Jota Machinery, Choosing a profession and good service!

Toilet paper production line

The toilet paper processing industry belongs to the manufacturing industry.

With the development of industrialization, in order to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, a fully automatic toilet paper production line has emerged.

The processing flow of automatic toilet paper making is:

  • Toilet paper jumbo roll
  • Toilet paper rewinding
  • Toilet paper roll with a constant length and smaller diameter
  • Band/log saw cutting
  • Standard small toilet roll
  • Single roll packaging and sealing
  • Multi-roll bagging and sealing

1 automatic production line includes 1 automatic toilet paper rewinder, 1 automatic band saw or log saw cutter, and 1 automatic packaging machine.

The entire production process requires only 2 people to operate.

The automatic toilet paper production line can greatly improve processing efficiency and increase production output.

Compared with ordinary toilet tissue paper production line. it greatly saves labor, thereby saving cost input and maximizing benefits.

Toilet Tissue paper’s main thickness is around 12-17gsm. You can multiply 2 rolls or 3 rolls together to reform your toilet tissue paper roll.

The unwinder method of toilet tissue paper making machines is different from the standard slitting rewinding machine.

In the standard slitting rewinding machine, There is an electric magnetic brake or pneumatic brake installed on the unwinder stand of  slitting rewinding machine. It is like a brake to make friction for the unwinding mother rolls of kitchen tissue rolls.

At the other side of the tissue roll, there is a pulling force caused by the NIP roller, the brake keeps a force in the opposite direction keeps the material at a certain tension position, smooth and straight, without wrinkles.

For paper or plastic film unwinding, 200nm or 400nm magnetic brakes are popular. Ii is an electric magnetic brake device, controlled by an ampere meter. When the electric current increases, the excitation coil is energized to form a magnetic field.

               Magnetic  Brake on MG Paper Roll Slitting Machine                        

The cohesive force and friction force of the magnetic powder realize braking to lock up the heavy rolls. When the excitation current is reduced, the friction force of the magnetic powder is also reduced correspondingly, and the magnitude of the braking friction force is controlled by the electric current. This kind of electric magnetic brake has the advantages of small size, lightweight, small excitation power, and then the braking friction torque has no relation with the running rotary speed. Therefore, magnetic brakes are currently widely used on various packaging machines, such as slitter rewinder, sheeter, printer, and die cutter machine, and so on.

After 2-3 years long time working, the magnetic force of the magnetic powder will decrease, and the magnetic brake effect will also be weakened, so it is necessary to fill 200-300g of new magnetic powder into the magnetic brake, and the machine will be updated again.

If the weather in your place is relatively humid, the magnetic powder is also prone to damp and agglomeration, which affects the use of the machine. At this time, you need to idle run your paper roll slitting machine for 2-3 hours, let the magnetic powder in the brake undergo friction heating, and finally dry to restore the previous effect.

In addition, magnetic powder is a kind of metal power with magnetism. Generally, magnetic objects are forbidden to be transported by air, so they are not suitable for international courier express, such as TNT, DHL, Aramex.

If you have to ship it by air, you need to contact the related authorized department to do a magnetic test analysis certification firstly. Then it will be allowed to be shipped. It is better you order an additional 500g of magnetic powder as your spare parts with your machine order of your toilet paper roll manufacturing machine.

However, the thinness of the tissue paper roll is not suitable for the electromagnetic brake unwinding method. The toilet tissue paper manufacturing machine uses another belt friction unwinding method.

The width of the toilet kitchen tissue paper making machine is 1880mm or 3000mm, and the thickness of the toilet tissue paper is 12-17gsm. It is light and fragile, if the pulling force is too large, it will break up the toilet paper, so we use belts to friction the surface of toilet mother roll.

An Active friction unwinding method is very practical for thinner materials, such as toilet paper, kitchen paper, and film unwinding.

The active belt is driven by a motor, and then the belt touches the surface of toilet paper mother roll in a large area to generate enough friction to drive the rotation of the toilet paper mother roll, which is synchronized with the speed of the NIP roller on the toilet making machine so that the toilet paper can be unfolded and safe.

The driving motor of the belt is synchronized with the NIP roller of the main machine, and the speed is synchronized controlled by PLC. It ensures that the tension of the toilet tissue paper is consistent and easy to be rewinded.

Unwinder of Kietch Paper Roll Machine

As the unwinding decreases, the tissue paper mother roll will become smaller and smaller. In order to fully fit the tissue mother roll, the belt unwinding device will automatically lift to touch the mother to the end.

If you have an optional embossing roller device, the motor driving the embossing roller is also synchronized with the unwinding motor and NIP roller. This ensures that the entire kitchen tissue paper roll has a good synchronization tension.

In the fully automatic toilet tissue paper rewinding machine, you can pick 2 or 3 sets of unwinding stands for 2 ply or 3 ply tissue rolls.

Because the belt friction unwinding device used has good control of tension, no additional tension controller is needed to adjust the whole machine.

The maximum unwinding diameter of the machine is 1800mm, 3000mm wide, and 1800mm paper rolls, and the weight is also about 2500kg. In order to facilitate your operation, we also installed a pneumatic lifting device to uploading the heavy mother roll onto the unwinding stand.

What is the cost of a tissue paper making machine?

Many countries have toilet paper making machine suppliers, and the toilet paper making machines’ prices from suppliers in different countries vary greatly.

The toilet paper making machine’s price in India is generally around 5 Lakh, which is about 8,000 US dollars.




These $8,000.00 toilet paper making machines are just economical types of machines.

Small toilet paper making machine prices

Regarding small toilet paper making machine prices, if purchase from China or India, the price can be $8,000.00.

The output of this equipment is relatively low because the unwinding width is not so large.

Tissue paper making machine price in China

Tissue paper making machine prices in China vary greatly.

Ordinary small toilet paper machine’s price is about USD$6,000.00-USD$8000.00;

For some suppliers, they can provide fully automatic toilet paper roll production line, the price can reach USD$100,000.00.

Toilet roll making machine for sale in UK

Searching for toilet roll making machine for sale in UK on Google, it is hard to find any UK supplier that can provide it.

With such convenient transportation in modern society, many British guests purchase toilet roll making machines from China, Germany, and other countries.

China’s toilet roll making machine has now been able to meet British customers’ requirements on quality.

British customers are welcome to contact us for consultation.

Toilet paper making machine for sale in USA

Like the United Kingdom, few suppliers in the United States produce toilet paper equipment.

Therefore, many American customers purchase toilet paper making machine from Europe or China to produce toilet paper rolls.

Today, China has begun to transform from Made in China to Create in China, and toilet paper making machine has been perfected through continuous innovation.

The quality of high-end toilet paper making machine made in China has been favored by many European and American customers.

Toilet Tissue Paper Business

Is toilet paper business profitable?

There are currently two types of toilet paper business.

One is making toilet roll on behalf of others, which is to help others to process and earn processing fees.

This kind of processing is more suitable for rural workshops, and the other is to do your own market and brand.

The market for toilet paper processing is still very large because its target client is all people, families, and various consumer places.

It can be said that all walks of life need toilet paper.

No one in the world does not need to use toilet paper.

As long as you can find a suitable market, that is to say, it depends on how you develop the market.

Generally speaking, the profit of toilet paper making accounts for about 10%-20% of the raw material price.

As long as there is a good market, the profit is considerable.

Tissue paper making business profit

Take the Chinese tissue paper making business as an example.

The daily cost of tissue paper making business include:

  • Tissue paper jumbo roll (2 tons)
  • Paper core (0.2 ton)
  • Labor cost (5 person)
  • Daily workshop rent (ignore this if you have your own factory)
  • Electricity
  • Packaging plastic bags (1316)

The total output is 1316 bags, each bag has 10 finished toilet rolls, total finished toilet roll amount is 13,160.

You can set a target price X for 1 bag, then you can calculate daily profit.

Please check the following photo for reference:


How do you start a tissue paper factory?

If you want to start a tissue paper factory yourself, you must first investigate your local toilet paper market.

  • What kind of toilet paper do people in your area prefer to buy?
  • What is the specific price?
  • What brand is it?
  • Where is its manufacturer?
  • Is there any tissue paper factory in your area?

After knowing this, you can combine your own resources to plan the production and the toilet roll sales, so that you can be more confident to do it well.

To start a toilet paper factory, you need to know what you need to prepare.

It can be roughly divided into the following categories: plants, toilet paper making equipment, raw materials, packaging bags, and others.

  • Plant

A small tissue paper factory requires a small plant, about 70 or 80 square meters.


However, if you want to place finished products and raw materials, you need at least 100 square meters.

  • Toilet paper equipment

The machine needed to process toilet paper is a toilet paper rewinder, and the supporting equipment also needs a band saw cutter and a sealing machine.


These 3 machines are necessary equipment for toilet paper processing.

If you have sufficient funds, you can also consider choosing a fully automatic log saw cutter and a fully automatic packaging machine.

Toilet paper rewinders are divided into different models.

The larger the model, the larger the jumbo roll width that can be processed, and the larger the output.

Generally, the 1880 model toilet paper rewinder is commonly used.

The specific configuration can be customized according to your local market needs.

  • Raw material

The raw material needed for toilet paper processing is toilet paper jumbo roll.


The raw materials are divided into many types according to their materials, such as hanging pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp, and so on.

The price of different jumbo roll materials is also different.

Generally, when buying equipment, equipment manufacturers can help provide raw materials.



Connect the 380V three-phase power, prepare an air compressor, recruit three to four operators, and you can start producing toilet paper.

How to start toilet paper company?

To start a toilet paper company, please follow up the below simple steps:

  • Industry and market research
  • Plant confirmation
  • Business license application
  • Equipment and raw material procurement
  • Workers recruitment
  • Toilet roll production
  • Marketing and selling

What Is a Fully Automatic Toilet Paper Maker?

A complete set of toilet paper roll making machinery is known as a Toilet Paper Roll Processing Machine.

It consists of a rewinding machine for toilet paper rolls, a log saw cutter, and an auto bag sealing machine.

Each machine has a different purpose, but they are all necessary.

The rewinding machine for toilet paper rolls is used to rewind a tiny roll from a large mother roll.

After passing through the unwinding stand, embossing roller (optional), perforation roller, and lastly rewinding the toilet paper rolls on paper tubes or paper coreless, and passes next.

The machine has a meter counter that allows you to simply set the working length. The diameter of the paper roll is determined by the running length.

The toilet paper cutting machine is a log saw cutter that employs an eccentric wheel and a revolving saw cutter to cut rewound toilet paper rolls into short segment rolls.

Toilet paper is not suited for slitting and rewinding due to its unique softness, so it is cut into the desired length with a saw cutter.

Toilet Paper Rolls


Toilet paper packaging machine is a semi-automated packaging machine.

It has a transmission belt and some finishing devices for stomping tiny rolls and a managing device for automatically managing paper rolls in 2-row x 6-roll configuration.

Toilet Paper Bagging Machine is another name for it.

To boost efficiency, the kitchen toilet paper roll manufacturing line is connected by several conveyor belts.

All of the machines form a closet kitchen paper roll working circuit under the transmission belt connection.

The operation of the entire line is simple.

Jota Machinery, as a competent fully automatic toilet paper maker solution provider, not only supplies equipment, but also a full range of kitchen paper roll solutions from A to Z.

Toilet Tissue Paper Rolls

Can I Get a High-Speed Toilet Paper Making Machine?

JOTA’s machines are all built to operate at a high rate.

The company engineers are specifically trained to create a design for your machine that requires less labor, takes less time, and performs efficiently.

It also offers a high-speed thermal paper roll slitting machine that can be modified.

Jota fully automatic toilet paper maker can rewind 250m/min. It is a high speed rate with the help of which you can fulfil several orders in no time.

Moreover, Jota provides you with the flexibility of quantity. You can slit the jumbo tissue paper roll in, 10 or more, smaller rolls.

Small Tissue Paper Rolls

How Does the Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Making Machine Work?

Our Jota toilet paper rewinding machine’s primary function is to make semi-finished toilet paper rolls.

The following is how a toilet paper machine works

  • Unwinding
  • Feeding from the internet
  • embossing on the perforating edge
  • Pushing out a half-finished roll
  • Feeding a new paper core
  • Tail trimming and securing
  • Using a lay-on roller, a new core is pressed into place.
  • Ejecting semi-finished rolls

For such customers, Jota has designed an optional embossing unit that can be added into Jota’s completely automatic toilet roll production.

Embossed Toilet Tissue Paper Rolls

The embossing unit’s side plate is composed of steel with a thickness of 41mm and is accurately machined by a CNC machining center.

A 240mm diameter steel pattern roller and a Nitrile rubber roller are included in the embossing device.

For embossing patterns on toilet paper, the steel roller embosses the rubber roller.

After passing through the semi-finished roll storage rack, the semi-finished toilet paper roll is cut by the band saw paper roll cutter, and finished toilet paper rolls are created.

The Jota band saw cutting machine can cut toilet paper rolls with diameters ranging from 80mm to 260mm at the same time.

The usual fixture is 180mm-260mm, although 120mm-180mm and 80mm-140mm fittings are also available.

60 cuts per minute is the maximum cutting speed.

Band Saw Paper Cutting Machine


The Jota band saw cutter includes a number of distinctive features, including:

Feeding of half-finished rolls by machine + storage trough

Knife sharpener with vacuum cleaning + fully automatic electric/air sharpening

Changes in specs and sand wheel angle can be made quickly.

Blades are quickly exchanged between pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

All of the aforementioned features can eventually result in a superior band saw cutting effect and increased cutting efficiency.

Conveyor belts transfer finished toilet paper rolls to the packaging machine.

When it comes to toilet paper roll packaging equipment, some finished toilet paper rolls with huge widths and diameters are individually wrapped and marketed.



What Does the Production Line of Toilet Paper Making Machine Include?

Production line for toilet tissue machine in one place includes:

  • 1 rewinding machine for toilet paper
  • 1 cutting machine for band saws
  • 1 heat shrink film packer (single roll)
  • 1 packing machine with multiple rolls
  • From the unwinding of giant rolls to the packing of completed rolls
  • Embossing unit (optional)

The manufacturing industry includes the toilet paper processing industry.

A fully automatic toilet paper maker has emerged as a result of the development of industrialization, in order to improve production efficiency and lower production costs.

The manufacturing procedure for automatic toilet paper is as follows:

  • Jumbo roll of toilet paper
  • Changing the roll of toilet paper
  • Rolls of toilet paper having a consistent length and a smaller diameter
  • Cutting using a bandsaw or a log saw
  • Typical little toilet paper
  • Packaging and sealing on a single roll
  • Bagging and sealing in many rolls
Jumbo Toilet Tissue Paper Roll

One automatic production line consists of a rewinder for toilet paper, a band saw or log saw cutter, and a packing machine.

Only two individuals are needed to complete the entire production process.

The autonomous toilet paper production line has the potential to dramatically improve processing efficiency and output.

In comparison to a standard toilet tissue paper manufacturing line. It saves a lot of time and money by reducing labor costs and increasing benefits.

The most common thickness of toilet paper is 12-17gsm. To reform your toilet tissue paper roll, multiply two or three rolls together.

The unwinder method of manufacturing toilet tissue paper differs from the traditional approach.

In the standard slitting rewinding machine, there is either an electronic magnetic brake or a pneumatic brake fitted.

The brake keeps a force in the opposite direction, keeping the material at a predetermined tension position, smooth and straight, without wrinkles, on the other side of the tissue roll, created by the NIP roller.

Magnetic brakes with a wavelength of 200nm or 400nm are commonly used to unwind paper or plastic film. The excitation coil is energized to generate a magnetic field when the electric current increases.

The magnetic powder’s cohesive force and friction force cause the heavy rolls to lock up.

The friction force of the magnetic powder decreases as the excitation current decreases, and the size of the braking friction force is regulated by the electric current.

This type of electric magnetic brake has the benefits of small size, light weight, and low excitation power, and the braking friction torque is unrelated to the rotating speed of operation.

As a result, magnetic brakes are now commonly utilized on a variety of packaging machines, including slitter rewinders, sheeters, printers, and die cutters, among others.

Magnetic Brakes

If the weather in your area is particularly humid, the magnetic powder is susceptible to moisture and aggregation, reducing the machine’s usability.

To restore the previous effect, idle run your paper roll slitting machine for 2-3 hours, allow the magnetic powder in the brake to suffer friction heating, and finally dry.


If you ship it by air, you must first obtain a magnetic test analysis certification from the appropriate authorized department.

After that, it will be permitted to be shipped. It is recommended that you order an extra 500g of magnetic powder as spare parts with your toilet paper roll manufacturing machine order.


The tissue paper roll’s thinness makes the electromagnetic brake unwinding method ineffective. Another type of belt friction unwinding is used in the toilet tissue paper production machine.


The toilet kitchen tissue paper production machine has a width of 1880mm or 3000mm, and the toilet tissue paper thickness is 12-17gsm.

JOTA uses belts to friction the surface of the toilet mother roll since it is light and fragile, and if the pulling power is too great, it will tear up the toilet paper.


For thinner materials like toilet paper, kitchen paper, and film unwinding, an active friction unwinding approach is ideal.

 Kitchen Tissue Rolls

Active Belt

The active belt is driven by a motor, and it then contacts the surface of the toilet paper mother roll in a large area to generate enough friction to drive the rotation of the toilet paper mother roll.

It is synchronized with the speed of the NIP roller on the toilet making machine, allowing the toilet paper to be unfolded and safely.

The belt’s driving motor is synchronized with the main machine’s NIP roller, and the speed is synchronized and controlled by a PLC.

It guarantees that the toilet tissue paper has uniform tension and is easy to rewind.

The tissue paper mother roll will become smaller and smaller as the unwinding reduces. The belt unwinding device will automatically elevate to contact the end of the tissue mother roll in order to thoroughly fit it.

The motor operating the embossing roller is also coordinated with the unwinding motor and NIP roller if you have an optional embossing roller equipment.

This maintains a nice synchronization tension throughout the entire kitchen tissue paper roll.

You can choose from two or three sets of unwinding supports for 2 ply or 3 ply tissue rolls in the fully automatic toilet tissue paper rewinding machine.

The machine’s maximum unwinding diameter is 1800mm, with 3000mm broad and 1800mm paper rolls, and a weight of around 2500kg.

JOTA also uses a pneumatic lifting equipment to upload the hefty mother roll onto the unwinding station to make your work easier.

High Quality Toilet Paper Rolls

What Are the Specifications of Fully Automatic Toilet Paper Maker?

Let me tell you about the specifications of JOTA toilet tissue machine.

  • It is a fully automatic toilet roll production machine
  • Unwinding Width is 2900mm
  • Maximum Unwinding Diameter is 1600mm
  • Paper Core Inner Diameter is 35mm-84mm
  • It has Maximum 4 optional layers
  • Winding Diameter is 70mm-250mm
  • For Winding Length, it has touch screen set
  • Paper Grammage is 13gsm-22gsm
  • Machine Speed is 250m/min
  • For Winding Speed adjustment, it has Speed control knob
  • Winding Diameter Control: Lay-on roller cylinder’s stroke sensing
  • Minimum Air Pressure is 0.6Mpa
  • Air Consumption is 1000l/h
  • Web Threading is Manual
  • Total Power includes Winding motor 4Kw; perforating and embossing motor 5.5Kw; edge cutting servo motor 0.75Kw; waste-collecting motor 0.12Kw
  • Voltage is AC 380V/220V, 60Hz/50Hz
 Fully Automatic Toilet Paper Maker

Can I Make Different Patterns with Toilet Paper Making Machine?

Yes, you can make different patterns on your toilet tissue papers.

The pressure control on the steel pattern roller is pneumatic, and the effective width is up to 2200mm.

The embossing unit is powered by a separate motor, and the speed ratio is adjusted via the HMI interface, ensuring that embossed toilet paper is in sync with the master motor.

Our Jota self-contained embossing equipment can also supply you with a number of patterns to choose from.

Patterns on Toilet Tissue Rolls

What Are Small Toilet Paper Machines?

A small toilet roll production plant typically consists of an 1880mm toilet paper machine, a band saw cutter, and a manual packing machine.

In 8 hours, this compact toilet paper machine can handle approximately 2 tons of tissue paper jumbo roll.

It requires three to four employees and a 100-square-meter plant.

This collection of equipment has reasonable prices and requires little investment, making it ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

Toilet Tissue Rolls

Can I Get a Customized Toilet Tissue Machine?

Yes, you can get a customized toiled paper making machine.

You can tell your requirements to JOTA or you can visit the website.

JOTA can make advanced and high technology machines as per your requirement.

Whether the customization is related to the components of the machine or functioning, Jota’s engineers are experienced and trained to provide you with innovative solutions to your demands.

Jota’s happy customers worldwide are creating toilet tissue paper rolls in their customized toilet paper making machines.

So, get your quote right away and talk to Jota experts regarding your machine design.

Customized Toilet Tissue Rolls

How Can I Maintain the Toilet Tissue Machine?

You should follow the steps given below in order to maintain your fully automatic toilet paper maker.

Inspect each part of the toilet tissue making machine. Look for any loose or broken components. Examine the lubricant levels in moving equipment like rollers and round disc cutters.

Complete the checklist in the Jota Machinery fully automatic toilet tissue machine maintenance handbook.

Dust any items that can be dusted, including the rollers. Only use the cleaning chemicals that have been recommended, and avoid bleach.

All of the bright surfaces should be cleaned.

Apply rustproof oil to the surface to make it more durable. If the thermal slitting machine has been idle for a long, use anti-rust oil.

Make sure you grease all of the moving parts. Make sure you’re using the recommended oil and that it’s of decent quality. Wear and tear on the moving parts will occur if substandard oil is used.

Inspect all electrical components’ wiring. Check for insecure cables or those that have fallen loose from their terminals.

Replace any damaged cables. Every now and then, use a blower to clean dust particles from the wire. Never use a damp towel on the electrical wires of a paper roll slitting machine.

Look for spherical discs in the cutters as well. Examine them for signs of wear and replace them as necessary.

Proper Lubrication of Toilet Tissue Machine

Make sure you’re wearing protective shoes to avoid cuts from the circular disc cutters. Some round disc cutters need to be sharpened on a regular basis. Make sure you sharpen them according to the JOTA maintenance manual’s guidelines.

Maintain a record of the maintenance schedule. It’s not a good idea to maintain your paper slitting machine without permission.

Any component that needs to be adjusted, you should replace or detect it as soon as feasible. If you’re not sure how to proceed with the replacement, you can contact JOTA.

Keep track of all key maintenance activities, such as part replacements and concerns about electrical components. Future slitter machine maintenance procedures will be possible as a result of this.


How to Find an Authentic Toilet Tissue Machine Manufacturing Company in China?

Tissue paper machine manufacturers are established worldwide. If you are searching for an authentic and reliable manufacturer you must research well.

A thorough research can prevent you from scammers and fraudsters.

For this reason, you can pick up the best suited procedure from the following suggestions:

  • Search online
  • Visit the factory premises
  • Search through exhibitions and wholesale markets

Search Online

In the online research you can use browsing websites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. For example, by writing the keyword like, jumbo wrapping paper roll slitter machine, you can find hundreds of related results.

Go through the top rated results. By comparing various manufacturers and their working abilities it becomes easier for you to choose an appropriate supplier for your business.

Moreover, you can search the authentic toilet paper machine manufacturing companies in social media websites as well.

Or, the trending trading websites are an ideal platform for manufacturers globally. Hundreds of suppliers sell their products through the trading websites.

Online Research

Visit the Factory Premises

Once you decide to purchase form a certain company or country, it is recommended that you must visit their factory.

In fact, you must visit multiple toilet paper machine manufacturers and suppliers. It will make your decision easier.

Visiting the factory premises allows you to see their manufacturing process, the raw material they use, and their treatment with the workers.

Trade Fairs and Wholesale Markets

International trade fairs and exhibitions are also an ideal way to choose the best toilet paper machine manufacturer for your business.

These fairs are conducted worldwide. You can choose a nearby country, in case it does not take place in your country.

Toilet roll production companies from all over the world come here and participate to showcase their machines.

In this way, you can have a better idea of what to select for your business requirements.

International Trade Shows

How Can I Contact Toilet Paper Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers?

Contacting the toilet paper making machine manufacturers is not a difficult task. There are certain ways mentioned below to get connected with your ideal toilet tissue machine making company.

  • Landline calling
  • Email
  • Official websites
  • Social media websites
  • One-to-one meetings

In the company’s official website you can find the contact details. You can contact through email or also talk on phone with the customer services team.

An authentic toilet roll production company like Jota replies to your queries within 8 – 12 hours.

On your request, Jota’s administrating team can also arrange an online meeting, for you, with the engineering team.

Or, if possible, you must arrange a one-to-one meeting with your toilet paper machine manufacturer.

Personal interaction and meetings have many benefits. They strengthen the bond and relationship between you and the company – Jota.

If for some reason you cannot visit China, you can ask your friend or a trusted party to visit on your behalf.

Jota is a trusted manufacturer for more than 20 years. Whether it is you or your partner visiting the factory, Jota will provide you with similar information and products.

One-to-One Business Meetings

Where in China Can I Find the Best Toilet Roll Production Company?

In the Jiangsu province, a country-level city named Kunshan is located. The southeastern coastal area of China is the industrial hub.

You can find hundreds of bona fide companies working effortlessly to serve the world. Jota an exemplary toilet paper making machine manufacturer and supplier is also situated in Kunshan, China.

Here you can find numerous solutions for your paper slitting business. Like:

Kunshan, China

Is Jota Toilet Paper Making Machine CE Certified?

At Jota, we ensure to follow the safety standards that are necessary in the manufacturing process of a toilet paper making machine.

Your safety is Jota’s ultimate priority. For this reason the quality control and quality assurance team word side by side with the engineers.

At every step, the QA/QC team inspects the raw material, assembly, and packaging.

Jota machines are certified with numerous national and international certificates.

  • CE certificate
  • Certified by QA Technic
  • Patent certificates

So, you investments are safe with Jota. Feel free to book your toilet paper making machine right now and boost your business.


Does Jota Provide After-Sales Services for Toilet Tissue Machine?

Jota wants you to establish, run, and marvel in toilet paper making business. For this reason, Jota supports you whenever you need.

Your relationship with Jota is not just till the purchase. Jota is always at your back even after the machine is installed at your workshop.


With the amazing after-sales services Jota facilitates you and supports your business. Like:

  • Warranty
  • Installation and operation guidance
  • Maintenance
  • Spare parts facility


Each toilet roll production machine at Jota enjoys 3 years warranty time. The warranty makes your decision easier.

Your investments are secured and you can claim for any damage or malfunctioned component.

Once your machine is delivered at your door step, unpacked, and installed. If you find a damaged machine component or find malfunctioning of a component you must report to Jota immediately.

Jota will provide you with a similar component straight away.


Installation and Operation Guidance

Another amazing service that Jota provides you is the training and guidance. If you want to send your operator to Jota, we welcome you.

Here the trained technicians and qualified engineers provide hands on training to your operator.

Or, else, if you want, Jota’s trained staff can visit your facility to install and train your operator to run the machine.


Jota provides you the facility of lifelong maintenance. Jota can send an engineer or technician to provide maintenance services for your toilet paper machine (on demand).

Spare Parts Facility

Moreover, you can get spare parts for your toilet paper making machine whenever you need. Jota recommends you to use spare parts by the same brand and company to avoid inconvenience.

Whenever you find a component malfunctioning, contact Jota, and ask for a similar spare part.


How Does Jota Manufacture 5 Ply Toilet Paper Making Machine?

Jota welcomes you to visit Jota workshop and see the manufacturing process of your fully automatic toilet paper maker machine.

Jota follows the following important steps to manufacture your toilet tissue machine. These are:

  • Designing
  • Raw material gathering
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Assemblage
  • Electrical connections
  • Testing


The very first step is the true picture of Jota and your relationship. This step includes the designing of your 5 ply toilet paper making machine.

Jota’s engineers design your toilet paper machine according to your desire. You can reveal the machine of your dreams, tell the engineers about the requirements and they will design an appropriate solution for you.

Whether you need a change in the components, or want to add additional sensors or units, Jota can design a customized toilet tissue machine for you.

Moreover, you can get the machine design in auto CAD or PDF format. The production process doesn’t proceed until you approve the design.

Machine Designing on AutoCAD

Raw Material Gathering

After the approval Jota gathers the raw material for the production of your toilet paper making machine.

Jota’s long term partners provide high grade raw material to manufacture top quality toilet roll production machines.

From the world’s best brands Jota collects high grade components to fix in your toilet paper machine.

Jota’s ultimate target is to provide you with a fully automatic toilet paper maker that can work effortlessly round the clock and give you error-free results.

Quality Control and Assurance

Once the raw material is gathered the production doesn’t start until the QA/QC team inspects and approves the quality of the components.

It does not end up here. The quality control team inspects the whole manufacturing process till your machine is transported for delivery.


After the approval the components are handed over to a trained technician. He assembles each component according to the engineering schematics provided to him.

Meanwhile, if he finds a need for an innovation, the engineers support him and make your machine better by adding up to date innovative designs and components.

Assemblage of Toilet Tissue Machine

Electrical Connections

With the mechanical team the electrical engineers also work effortlessly to make an up-to-date high speed fully automatic toilet paper maker.

The EPC system, HMI, PLC control panel, traction control system, web tension controller, and many more are installed to ensure error-free and speedy working of your toilet paper making machine.

You can get customized voltage settings of your toilet paper machine according to your local electricity requirements.


After the assembly and electrical connections are made successfully, Jota’s engineers conduct a test run on your machine.

In the factory workshop the machine is run and examined for errors or updates.

After a thorough testing the engineers approve your toilet paper making machine.

Packaging and Dispatching

After complete lubrication your machine is packed carefully. Jota’s team ensure that your machine stay safe during the sea-journey.

The toilet tissue machine is covered with nylon composite films so that oxidation doesn’t take place and each component of the machine stay safe from rust.

Fumigated wooden boxes are used to pack the machine. After thorough packaging, your machine is ready to dispatch.

Get ready to receive your toilet roll production machine at your door step.

Packed Toilet Tissue Machine

Who Is the Ideal Toilet Paper Machine Manufacturing Company in China?

In China, and across the world, Jota machinery is well known for providing high quality toilet paper making machines.

It has been more than 20 years since Jota machinery is serving the world. Jota is facilitating your with a wide range of paper slitting machines in competitive prices.

Jota’s highly qualified engineers and trained staff work round the clock to meet the standards. The specified R&D team brings innovative designs and new ideas to facilitate you with up to date toilet paper machine.

The production quality is checked by the trained QA/QC team. They ensure that Jota manufactures you toilet tissue machine up to international safety standards.

China’s Leading Toilet Roll Production Company

You can contact Jota’s customer services team for all your questions. Within 8 – 12 hours Jota’s team responds to your queries.

Moreover, Jota has got stable happy customers worldwide. They trust Jota and contact Jota’s engineers for consultancy.

Jota provides you with a wide range of machines. You can also get a machine of your dreams. Jota brings innovative designs and accepts the customizations you need.

High grade CNC machines and powerful infrastructure help to manufacture numerous toilet paper machines per month.

To top it all, the after-sales services, that Jota provides you with, ensures that Jota stands by your side and wants to see you grow!

Co-operative Staff at Jota Machinery

co-operative staff at Jota Machinery

How Much Time Does Jota Take to Deliver the Toilet Tissue Machine?

Jota factory has a well established assembly department where technicians work efficiently to assemble the components of toilet paper machines.

A well equipped CNC center at Jota factory helps the Jota staff to finish the manufacturing process quickly.

Due to such facilities, Jota is able to manufacture 20 – 30 sets of toilet paper making machines per month.

Trusted Raw Material Suppliers

The trusted and long term raw material suppliers treat Jota as priority. The fast raw material supply chains supply enough amount of raw material at Jota so that the production doesn’t get delayed.

Trusted Shipping Partners

Jota has got long term trusted shipping partners. Jota ensure to deliver your toilet paper machines within 30 – 90 days.

It is the estimated delivery time. However, there are certain factors that determine the actual shipment time. These are:

  • The design of your toilet tissue machine. Customized designs take a little more time to get ready as compared to standard ones.
  • Your order number. Despite of the fact that Jota manufactures 20 – 30 toilet roll production machines per month, sometimes there are many orders prior to yours. Is such cases, the estimated lead time may get a little longer.
  • National or international holidays also affect on the actual lead time.
  • One other factor that effects the estimated lead time is the area where you live. Nearby countries tend to receive their machinery quicker than faraway lands.
Jota’s Fast Shipping

What Are the Different Ways I Can Choose to Import Toilet Paper Making Machine?

Finding an appropriate toilet paper machine manufacturer is not an easy task. Once you find the best suited supplier, it is recommended to talk about the terms and conditions before finalizing the order.

By terms and conditions we mean the mode of payment, details about the machine, and shipment methods.

In the trading language the mode of payments are called the Incoterm.

There are many incoterms that are used worldwide. Jota provides you the flexibility of payment options. So always choose the method that best suits you.

There are three different ways you can choose to import your toilet roll production machine to your facility.

These are:

  • Import the machine by yourself
  • Hire a freight forwarder
  • Ask Jota

Import your toilet tissue machine by yourself only if you are aware of the complexities and details about the trading sector.

Otherwise it is recommended to hire the services of the manufacturer or a freight delivery company.

There are hundreds of freight forwarding companies working in China to facilitate you with fast and reliable deliveries.

Or, if you don’t want to hire some other company, Jota can do the job for you. All you need to do is decide the incoterms and leave the heavy job on Jota.

There are further three routes that are used to transport consignments.

  • By air
  • By train
  • By ship

For heavy machinery, travelling by sea is the safest of all. It is a cost-effective way to deliver the toilet tissue machine overseas.

Travelling by air consumes less time, but it costs you more. Moreover, it is not recommended to transfer heavy machinery by air.

So, whichever mode of delivery you choose, make sure it suits your budget and business. Jota machinery is always standing by your side to support you.

Ways of Shipment

Why Should I Invest in Toilet Roll Production?

There are plenty of reasons that why should you invest in the toilet paper machines.

The reasons are:

  • As more individuals become health-conscious, toilet paper has become an essential part of our daily lives.
  • The tissue paper industry has a lot of room for growth. Making tissue paper is a technically possible and commercially viable project that may provide a lot of money for a small investment.
  • In every country in the world, favorable government policies encourage firms to invest in this industry.
  • The completely automatic production line is simple to operate and saves money on labor.
  • The manufacturing techniques are simple and straightforward.
  • There are only a few product options or variants.
  • Organizational complexities are minimal.
  • The product has a high profit margin.
  • It’s simple to sell.
  • In today’s world, a product is a basic requirement.
Daily-Use Tissue Paper Rolls

What Are the Applications of Toilet Paper Making Machines?

Producing toilet paper is identified as one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Toilet paper is utilized in many areas, including our homes, offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, shops, maternity homes, hospitals, churches, and clubs.

It can also be used for other purposes, such as cleaning up spills and decorating.

Domestic and Commercial Uses

Toilet tissue machine serves every industry you can think of. Whether it is commercial or domestic a great amount of toilet tissue rolls are needed in places with heavy foot traffic.

Beautifully printed, soft, and scented tissue paper rolls not only look good but serve you in many ways.

Toilet Paper Rolls in Commercial Uses

What Is a Toilet Paper?

Tissue paper, often known as toilet paper, is a sort of paper that is commonly used in people’s daily lives and is one of the most important paper types for humans.

Mechanical methods are commonly used to make toilet paper soft by causing the paper to wrinkle. This increases the toilet paper softness.

Toilet paper can be used in a variety of ways because it is a common home item.

It can be used to blow your nose or wipe your eyes, much like a facial tissue

It can be used to absorb or wipe away sweat. Toilet paper, like a less abrasive paper towel, can be used to clean.

Toilet Paper

In the industrialized world, most modern toilet paper is meant to disintegrate in septic tanks, but some other bathroom and facial tissues are not.

In the environment, wet toilet paper decomposes quickly.

Toilet paper is available in a variety of plies (thickness layers) ranging from one to six, with more back-to-back plies offering more strength and absorbency

Why Should I Use a Toilet Tissue Machine?

Tissue products are diverse and widely used.

They assist to enhance people’s lives all around the world on a daily basis. Tissue goods have aided in the creation of modern living by offering great value.

You should consider using toilet tissue paper making machine because it may produce tissue rolls that are:


Bathroom and facial tissue, napkins, paper towels and wipes, and specific sanitary papers used in sterile medical operations are all examples of tissue goods.

Disposable tissue products are helpful in the prevention of the spread of bacteria and infectious diseases.

Easy to Use

Tissue products are used for cleaning and hygiene in and out of the home.

They are strong, ultra-light, and soft.

They’re trustworthy, and they’re portable!

Portable Toilet Tissue Rolls


Tissue paper efficiency has improved, as has the design of goods and the way they are dispensed.

Thanks to advances in manufacturing technology.

Tissue makers can now keep up with rising consumer demand, improve existing goods, and develop new ones thanks to these advancements.


Tissue products are by their very nature environmentally friendly.

Demand for tissue products ensures that the resources used to manufacture them will be plentiful for centuries to come, whether they are made from sustainably obtained wood fiber trees or recycled paper.

The studies show that

  • About two-thirds of the energy used by pulp and paper mills originates from renewable sources, such as byproducts such as carbon-neutral biomass that would not otherwise be used in the tissue paper manufacturing process.
  • Tissue producers are continuing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their operations by lowering the usage of fossil fuels and purchased energy as well as reducing truck traffic.
  • Tissue companies attempt to combat illegal logging by forcing loggers to follow sustainable forest management methods and ensuring that the wood they buy isn’t from questionable sources.

Tissue manufacturers are always looking for methods to enhance their safety record in terms of fewer injuries and lost work time. The industry’s goal is to have no worker injuries.

Ideal Tissue Paper Rolls

What Raw Material Is Used in Toilet Paper Machines?

Toilet tissue paper can be made from a variety of raw materials.

The following are some of the most commonly utilized materials.

  • Cotton pulp is made from cotton fibers.
  • Pulp made from wood
  • Pulp from bamboo
  • Pulp made from straw
  • Other non-polluting natural materials
  • Some toilet tissue is made out of recycled pulp.
  • Wood pulp is used to make a better toilet paper like typical high-grade facial tissues.
  • The majority of toilet paper is made from straw pulp.
Wheat Straw Pulp for Tissue Paper Rolls


The four steps of toilet roll production are

  • Pulping
  • Papermaking
  • Coating, and processing


To create toilet paper rolls, four machines are used

  • Toilet paper rewinding machine
  • Band saw cutting machine
  • Single roll hear shrink film wrapping machine
  • Multi-roll packing machine


What Are the Types of Tissue Paper Rolls a Toilet Paper Machine Can Produce?

The quality of toilet paper can be classified as good or bad, depending on the raw materials utilized.

Toilet paper is classified into two groups based on the raw ingredients used:

  • Paper made from raw pulp
  • Paper that has been recycled

Raw Pulp Paper

This paper is the best since it uses the first pulp and has no exterior printing pollution.

Recycled Paper

Several procedures in this study use recycled paper to filter and renew pulp.

Toilet paper can also be classified according to its intended use, which includes:

  • Tissue should be rolled.
  • Tissues of the face (box draw and soft draw)
  • Paper made from a handkerchief
Recycled Toilet Tissue Paper

Can My Toilet Paper Making Machine Manufacture Multi-Layered Tissue Rolls?

The number of wound layers on toilet paper is commonly used to measure its quality.

1 ply toilet paper

1 ply toilet paper is the same thickness as 1 piece toilet paper, that’s why it is exceedingly thin and of poor quality.

2 ply toilet paper

Two giant rolls of toilet paper are used to make 2 ply toilet paper in a tissue paper production equipment.

Two tiny toilet paper sheets are included in each portion of the 2 ply toilet paper.

3 ply toilet paper

In everyday life, three-ply toilet paper is prevalent.

It’s manufactured from three jumbo toilet paper rolls rewound using a toilet paper rewinding machine.

Each segment of three-ply toilet paper is stacked with three little toilet paper sheets.

4 ply toilet paper

4 ply toilet paper is often used in everyday life and can be found in some high-end hotels.

A toilet paper production machine, a band saw cutting machine, and other machines are used to make 4 ply toilet paper from 4 toilet paper mother rolls.

4 tiny size toilet paper sheets are included in each section of the 4 ply toilet paper.

5 ply toilet paper

In everyday life, 5 ply toilet paper is uncommon.

Only the most affluent or those with exceptionally sensitive skin will buy this toilet paper.

5 Ply Toilet Paper

10 ply toilet paper

The term “10 ply” refers to the number of layers in each section of toilet paper.

When compared to 5 ply toilet paper, a 10 ply toilet paper can provide you with significantly greater comfort.


Is JOTA Toilet Tissue Paper Recyclable?

Yes, JOTA Toilet tissue paper is completely recyclable.

Waste books, white paper edges, and other materials are used as raw materials in the production of recycled toilet paper.

The process of making recycled tissue papers comprises beating, washing, deinking, disinfecting, papermaking, winding, and other steps.

Eco-Friendly Toilet Tissue Paper Roll

Is My Toilet Paper Useful or Harmful?

Good toilet paper is extremely safe to use and is not harmful at all.

However, you must learn to discern between the good and bad toilet papers.

Human skin can be damaged by using low-quality toilet paper.

Because low-quality toilet paper could contain potentially dangerous compounds like:

  • Fluorescent substances
  • Bleaching substances
  • talcum powder is a type of talcum powder

Long-term usage of low-quality toilet paper can result in skin redness, irritation, and even rashes.

As a result, we must learn to discriminate between different types of toilet paper.

If the toilet paper’s burnt ashes are off-white, it signifies the toilet paper is good and free of dangerous elements.

This type of toilet paper is bad if the burned ashes are completely black.

Fluorescent Toilet Paper

Can I use Tissue Paper as a Toilet Paper?

Yes, you can use tissue paper as a toilet paper.

Tissue paper can certainly be used as toilet paper, although the level of skin contact comfort varies when used in the toilet.


Can I Print with My Toilet Tissue Machine?

Yes, you can print your toilet tissue paper with the help of toilet paper roll making machine.
JOTA installs its machines with inline flexo printers so it reduces the double cost for you.

The single-color printed tissue paper that consumers see in the market comes primarily from McDonald’s and KFC stores, and the patterns are quite simple.

However, the price is significantly higher than pure white tissue paper.

Tissue products with printing obviously have a higher added value.

This also signifies a new profit development point for printing, which requires everyone’s attention.

Printed Tissue Paper Rolls

What Is the Cost of Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Making Machine?

There are toilet paper manufacturing machine vendors in many nations, and the pricing of toilet paper producing machines from different countries vary substantially.

The cost of a toilet paper production machine is typically around 5 lakh rupees, or roughly 8,000 dollars.

The cost of a small toilet paper producing machine might be as high as $8,000.00.

Because the unwinding width is not very big, the equipment’s output is rather modest.


Can Tissue Papers Be Used for Packaging?

You can lightly wrap precious gifts, archives, and handicrafts with 1 to 3 pcs tissue paper when packaging them. This will not only give them a noble feel but will also preserve them from dust.


What Are the Working Phases of a Fully Automatic Toilet Paper Maker?

There are four phases to the toilet paper production process.


Selection of raw materials, cooking and separating fibers, washing, bleaching, and screening, concentration or copying into pulp flakes, and storage for later use falls under the process of pulping.


Papermaking process includes Bulk pulp, impurity removal, refined pulp, beating, preparation of various additives, paper mixing, paper material flow, headbox, screening section, press section, drying section, surface sizing, drying, pressing polishing, coiling into the paper.


It includes coating, drying, winding, rewinding, and super polishing of coated base paper.

Coated Toilet Tissue Paper


Rewinding, cutting flat plate (or roll), sorting and packing, and warehousing are all examples of rewinding.


Is Toilet Roll Production Business Profitable?

There are two sorts of toilet roll production businesses now operating.

One is producing toilet paper for others in order to assist others in processing and earning processing fees.

This type of processing is more suited to rural workplaces, while the other option is to create your own market and brand.

Because its target client is all people, families, and diverse consumer places, the toilet paper processing business is still quite large.

Toilet paper is required in all aspects of life, it might be said.

There is no one on the planet who does not require the use of toilet paper.

It depends on how you build the market as long as you can discover one that is suitable.

The profit is substantial as long as there is a solid market.

The following are the costs of running a tissue paper manufacturing firm on a daily basis:

  • Jumbo roll of tissue paper (2 tons)
  • core made of paper (0.2 ton)
  • The cost of labour (5 person)
  • Rental of a workshop on a daily basis (ignore this if you have your own factory)
  • Electricity
  • Plastic bags for packaging (1316)

The overall output is 1316 bags, each bag containing 10 finished toilet rolls, for a total of 13,160 finished toilet rolls which is quiet profitable.

Profitable Business

How Can I Start My Own Toilet Paper Making Company?

If you want to start your own tissue paper mill, you should first look into the toilet paper market in your area.

  • What type of toilet paper does your community prefer to buy?
  • What is the exact cost?
  • What is the name of the brand?
  • Where did it come from?
  • Is there a tissue paper manufacturer in your neighborhood?

Knowing this, you can pool your resources to plan the manufacture and sales of toilet paper, giving you more confidence in your ability to complete the task successfully.

To start a toilet paper mill, you must first figure out what you would need.

Plants, toilet paper producing equipment, raw materials, packaging bags, and other items can be loosely grouped into the following groups.


A small tissue paper manufacturing necessitates a modest facility of approximately 70 to 80 square meters.

However, you’ll need at least 100 square meters if you wish to store finished goods and raw components.

Toilet paper dispensers

A toilet paper rewinder is required for processing toilet paper, as well as a band saw cutter and a sealing machine as supporting equipment.

These three machines are required for the processing of toilet paper.

If you have enough money, a completely automatic log saw cutter and a fully automatic packaging equipment are also options.

There are several types of toilet paper rewinders.

The greater the model, the wider the jumbo roll width that can be processed and the more output.

The 1880 model toilet paper rewinder is the most frequent.

The precise configuration can be tailored to meet the needs of your local market.

Jumbo Toilet Tissue Paper Rolls

Raw Material

Toilet paper jumbo rolls are the raw material required for toilet paper production.

Raw materials are classified into a variety of categories based on their composition, such as hanging pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp, and so on.

The cost of various jumbo roll materials varies as well.

In general, while purchasing equipment, equipment makers can assist in the procurement of raw materials.

Connect the 380V three-phase power, have an air compressor ready, and hire three to four people to get started making toilet paper.

You can also follow the simple procedures below to start a toilet paper business:

  • Market and industry research
  • confirmation of the plant
  • Application for a business license
  • Purchasing raw materials and equipment
  • Recruiting workers
  • Production of toilet paper
  • Selling and marketing

You take a look at the following video for additional information about the Jota company.



What Is Acid Free Toilet Tissue Paper?

Toilet paper that has a pH of 7 or higher after being tested with a pH tester and does not include lignin or Sulphur is referred to as acid free tissue paper.

The acid-free toilet paper eliminates impurities throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring that the toilet paper will last for centuries.

During storage, this neutral PH acid-free toilet paper should be kept away from moisture, sunlight, and dust.

The following are some of the most common uses for acid-free toilet paper:

  • Photographs and artwork should be saved.
  • Fragile items packaging
  • Clothing that is valuable should be packed.
  • Dust and moisture are successfully kept out of the storage box thanks to the lining.
  • embossing unit (optional)


What Is Biodegradable Toilet Tissue Paper?

Biodegradable toilet paper is mostly formed of cellulose, a natural material that is commonly harvested from wood and is quickly degraded.

In the bathroom, toilet paper dissolves quickly and can even be partially dissolved in water right away.

Biodegradable Toilet Tissue Paper Rolls

What Is Jumbo Toilet Tissue Machine?

Jumbo toilet paper is a cost-effective solution that is ideal for high-traffic areas.

Because jumbo toilet paper is equivalent to 12-16 small rolls of toilet paper, it can lessen the need for frequent paper change.

The 800-meter length decreases the need for replacement, saves work, and prevents complaints caused by a lack of paper, as well as eliminating the risk of clogging the toilet.

The total sheet amount on a regular 1 ply toilet paper roll is 1,000, while the sheet amount on a 2 ply toilet paper roll is 500.

A jumbo toilet paper roll is an extra-large toilet paper roll with 2000 sheets that is used in some public restrooms.


What Is Individually Wrapped Toilet Tissue Paper?

A toilet paper roll produced using a single-roll packaging machine is referred to as individually wrapped toilet paper.

Because this toilet paper is individually wrapped and protected by a carton box or plastic film, it may effectively prevent the toilet paper roll from becoming wet, resulting in safe storage.

Single Toilet Tissue Roll Packaging

What Are the Advantages of a Toilet Paper Machine?

Toilet paper rolls are a necessity for both commercial and domestic purposes. Some of the benefits that you can get from a toilet tissue machine are:

  • High speed production
  • Reliable processing
  • Variable sized toilet rolls
  • Mass production
  • Fully automatic processing
  • Operator friendly
  • Compact design
  • Cost effective
  • Printing and multiple roll packaging
  • Multi-layered tissue rolls
  • Embossing unit (optional)


What Are the Features of a Fully Automatic Toilet Paper Maker?

Jota fully automatic toilet paper makers possess the following salient features:

  • HMI PLC control
  • Hydraulic shafts
  • Web feeding unit
  • Tension control system
  • Powder brake
  • High speed unwinding and rewinding units
  • Band saw cutting unit
  • Heat shrink film packer
  • Roll packing machine
  • Embossing unit


What Is the History of Toilet Roll Production?

Almost more than 2000 years ago China invented paper and Chinese were the first one to invent tissue papers in the 6th century.

Chinese used tissue papers for their personal cleaning. However, the form of toilet paper which we recognize nowadays is much different than the one used in earlier days.

That was more like a simple sheet of paper. In 1857 the use of toilet paper rolls was introduced as a commercial product.

History of Toilet Tissue Papers


Kimberly Clark an American paper manufacturer used cellulose instead of cotton for sanitary purposes. He introduced the creping process.

In this process the paper was folded in to micro folds. The purpose of this process was to make the paper voluminous and softer than regular paper.

Therefore in 1920, Kimberly Clark commercially introduced the soft and absorbent tissue papers.

Disposable Handkerchief

After the success of toilet paper rolls, Kimberly introduced disposable handkerchief.

The facial tissues that we use today originated from these disposable handkerchiefs.

Creping Process

With the invention of creping process the production of tissue paper rolls boosted. From America it reached to Europe, and from there, to the whole world.

Manufacturers and suppliers started their toilet roll production businesses.

With the increasing demand the manufacturers kept evolving and added innovations in the tissue roll production process.

For example, in the 1960s, pastel colored toilet paper rolls were introduced to match with the interior of the bathrooms.

However, with time the consumers demanded softer yet stronger tissue papers. Their demand was to get soft tissue papers that would last longer with more absorbing properties.

Valmet – A Breakthrough

Valmet introduced the toilet tissue machine. It was a breakthrough. Since then the production of tissue paper rolls is based on Valmet’s footprints.

The system he introduced facilitated the tissue roll production companies with efficient working and high quality production.

Need of the Time

With the rapidly increasing demand for tissue paper rolls, worldwide, the manufacturers are working on innovative solutions.

More flexible machines are available in the market to provide you with speedy mass production. Manufacturers are constantly bringing new ideas to create softer yet durable tissue rolls.

Jota is an exemplary toilet paper machine manufacturing company that facilitates you with high grade, fully automatic, and high speed toilet tissue machines.

With these machines you can manufacture hundreds of tissue rolls in a minute. Jota is contributing to fulfil the market demand efficiently.

Recent Toilet Tissue Rolls

What Is a Coreless Toilet Paper Making Machine?

There are two types of tissue paper rolls you can manufacture with Jota toilet tissue machine.

  • Tissue roll with core
  • Coreless tissue paper roll

Tissue Roll with Core

You might have noticed a cardboard cylindrical tube inside the toilet tissue paper rolls. It supports the paper roll and prevents it from de-shaping.

Moreover, you can conveniently hang your toilet paper roll on a stand with the help of this cardboard tube.

Coreless Tissue Paper Roll

The second type is the coreless tissue paper roll. In this roll the cardboard cylindrical cube is missing.

Although this paper roll cannot maintain its firm shape but in this paper roll you will get more amount of tissue per roll.

Coreless Toilet Tissue Rolls

Varieties in the Core Sizes

Standard tissue rolls are manufactured with cardboard tubes. For your convenience, variable-sized cores are available for your toilet paper rolls.

On a mega tissue paper roll the core diameter is almost 1 5/8”. The PVC pipes are also available to be used as the core.

PVC tubes possess comparatively shorter diameter than cardboard cores.

The length of the card board may also vary depending on the size of the paper roll. However, a standard toilet paper roll has a 4” long cardboard core.


Can I Make Variable Sized Toilet Paper Rolls with My Fully Automatic Toilet Paper Maker?

Yes, why not?

Jota fully automatic toilet paper maker facilitates you with the flexibility in sizes. You can change the size of the toilet paper roll and also change the number of sheets in each roll.

For example:

The sizes of a toilet paper ranges from 3.8” x 4” – 4.5” x 4.5”.

The number of sheets per roll varies from 160 – 500sheets per roll.

Besides standard tissue paper rolls, you can also manufacture jumbo, mega, and giant tissue paper rolls with 267, 235, and 206 sheets per roll, respectively.

These paper rolls are 4 times in length than a standard toilet tissue paper roll.

For example, a mega tissue paper roll dimension might be 20.1” x 9.6” x 12.4”.

Variable Sized Toilet Tissue Papers

So, contact the customer services team of Jota right now and book your fully automatic toilet paper maker.

Let the world wipe their difficulties with the ultimate tissue rolls from your tissue roll making machine.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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