Glass Fiber Slitter Rewinder Operation On-site Guidance for Domestic Client


A Zhenjiang giant customer has purchased glass fiber slitter rewinder from our company recently.

In order to assist them install and operate the machine, make sure the machine will be put into production as scheduled, We Jota Machinery appoints chief engineer Pan leading the technical support team to Zhenjiang in a hurry, and he immediately engages in on-site teaching without taking a break.


Glass fiber slitter rewinder real photo

So as to help customers comprehensively understand this customized glass fiber slitter rewinder, Pan briefly introduced the working principle and workflow of this machine to customers firstly.

Next, Pan explained the glass fiber slitter rewinder from unwinding to feeding to slitting to winding. Customer side’s engineers listened carefully to Pan’s detailed explanation and took notes. As can be seen from the back, these engineers’ smile were visible, a kind of smile generated by gaining professional knowledge.


Listen carefully


Take notes carefully


Visible smile on client face from back view

When explaining the important slitting, rewinding and touch control sections of glass fiber slitter rewinder, Pan called for engineers to come around, makes sure these engineers can hear clearly, no important knowledge points and precautions will be missed.

After all, the customer side’s engineers are practical operators, with more knowledge of this glass fiber slitter rewinder, they can safely and efficiently operate it in actual production.


Gather around learning


Customized Rotary Knives


Min. Slitting Width 10mm

Due to such kind of attentive service, as well as a number of core technologies and patents of glass fiber slitter rewinder, our Jota solution for glass fiber material converting is top in China market.

Many glass fiber, carbon fiber industry giant brands in China choose Jota as their long-term partner.

Glass fiber is a new type of compliant material, it is popular in recent years, it is a material that can replace metal. With the development of the market economy, glass fiber has become an indispensable new material in the construction, transportation, electronics, electrical appliances, chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, national defense and other industries.


Glass Fiber

Due to its wide application in many fields, glass fiber is gaining increasing attention. The global production and consumption of glass fiber are mainly located in the United States, Europe and Japan.

After years of development, the domestic glass fiber companies’ product quality have reached the upstream level, and the proportion of deep processing has increased year by year.

However, compared with the international market, our glass fiber products have fewer types and narrower applications. Therefore, from another perspective, China’s glass fiber industry still has a lot of market space that has not been covered. Especially in some market segments, it is not even developed at all.

In the later stage of the glass fiber market, huge potential will burst out.

We Jota Machinery is outstanding enterprise, specializes in R & D and production of slitters, history is over 20 years. Jota has now developed a safe and efficient glass fiber, CFRP, FRP, CFRTP converting solution. Welcome to call or mail us for consultation.

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