JT-41000 CI Flexo Printing Press

More Precise Printing Much Faster Speed
  • Big Central Impression Cylinder
  • Printing Precision Tolerance 0.005mm
  • Max. Printing Speed 250m/min
  • Max. Printing Width 960mm

JT-41000 CI flexo printing press



Web Width


Max. Printing Width


Printing Length


Max. Printing Speed


Anilox Roller



±0.005mm (horizontal); ±0.005mm (longitudinal)

Total Weight


Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)

12100mm x 4300mm x 5500mm

JT-41000 JT-41000 CI Flexo Press

Eric Bernard is from Quebec, Canada, and has been engaged in the small thermal paper rolls business for almost 20 years. Since the start of cooperation in 2012, Eric Bernard has purchased four machines from our Jota:

A CI flexo printing press, a JT-JTH-4100 4 colors thermal paper flexo printing machine, a JT-SLT-900A thermal paper slitting rewinding machine, and a JT-SLT-900 thermal roll slitting machine.


The first thermal roll making machine used by Eric Bernard was a thermal paper slitting machine made in the United States.

Over the past 20 years, Eric Bernard’s thermal paper business has continued to grow, and Eric Bernard’s customers have increasingly demanded thermal paper printing.

So in 2012, after repeated inspections, Eric purchased a 1400mm wide JTH-4100 four-color flexographic printing press from us.


JT-JTH-4100 Thermal Paper Flexo Printing Machin

Because in North America, the max. thermal paper jumbo roll width is 54″ (1371.6mm), and the minimum unwinding width of the printing press is 1400mm.


On the basis of the original machine, we made a series of improvements for Eric, including the unwinding width, the master motor power, the unwinding and rewinding motor power, and the enhancement of some corresponding mechanical parts.

Thermal paper printing has higher requirements for temperature control than conventional film printing, because the thermal paper is very sensitive to temperature changes. If the temperature is too high, the thermal paper will turn black and waste materials.

Therefore, our technical team made special improvements to the drying tunnel of the printing press, and equipped the machine with a more precise temperature controller.

With the further development of Eric Bernard’s business, the previous JTH-4100 flexo printing machine can no longer meet the demand for production.

In 2019, Eric decided to buy another printing press. This time, it happened that our CI flexo printing machine was released.

JT-41000-CI-Flexo- Press-3

We recommended our 4-color 1400mm central impression flexographic printing machine, with hydraulic loading jumbo roll unwind stand, surface winding, automatic tension control, and online printing quality monitoring system.

JT-41000-CI-Flexo- Press-4

Hydraulic Jumbo Roll Loading Unwind Stand

JT-41000-CI-Flexo- Press-13

Surface Winding


Online Printing Quality Monitoring System

CI flexographic printing presses introduce a big drum central impression roller in the middle as an impression cylinder.


Big Drum Central Impression Cylinder

Different printing decks share this big drum central impression cylinder, the printing accuracy will be higher, and the machine running speed will be more stable.

The machine adopts ceramic anilox roller 300-1000LPI, with an enclosed chamber doctor blade, the highest precision is 0.005mm, and the highest working speed can reach 250m/min.

With the automatic registration device, the operation is much easier.

So far, we can provide 4, 6, and 8 color CI flexographic printing presses. Following materials include be supported:

PaperKraft paper: 40-350gsm; Single side coated paper: 30-350gsm; Office copy paper: 15-350gsm; Fireworks paper: 40-350gsm; Silicone paper: 50-350gsm; Dust-free paper: 25-350gsm; Release paper: 40-350gsm; Composite paper: 30-350gsm.
FabricWoven: 15-120gsm; Weave fabric: 15-500gsm; Non woven: 15-150gsm.
FilmPVC: 10-120gsm; OPP: 10-120gsm; PE: 10-120gsm; PET: 10-120gsm; CPP: 10-120gsm.


In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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