JT-ADC-320 Die Cut Sticker Machine

Fltabed Type
  • Cutting Speed 20-170 pcs/min
  • Max. Unwinding Diameter 500mm
  • Max. Web Width 320mm
  • Max. Die Cutting Width 300mm

JT-ADC-320 die cut sticker machine

Cutting Speed

20-170 pcs/min

Max. Unwinding Diameter


Max. Web Width


Max. Die Cutting Width


Max. Die Cutting Length


Die Cutting Precision Tolerance


Total Power


Power Voltage



About 2000Kg

Overall Dimensions (L*W*H)

2.9m x 1.4m x 1.4m


JT-ADC-320 die cut sticker machine adopts an accurate flatten die-cutting system, computerized material feeding, two lateral registration sensors, and one longitudinal registration sensor, which ensures high die-cutting accuracy. It is suitable for the die-cutting of the adhesive label, sticky label and laser hologram mark.
Die-cutting, waste rewinding and finished-material rewinding are finished in one process.
Mitsubishi PLC and touch screen control, all the parameters can be preset on the touch screen, such as die-cutting speed, die-cutting length, servo motor speed, etc. Once preset, the record stored.
This is the ideal auxiliary equipment for flexo printing machine, silk screen printing machine, rotogravure printing machine, and hologram mark printing machine.
The machine uses automatically cycling the oil-supply system to ensure the stable pressure and service life of the machine.
High precision, web path controlled by servo motor.
Punching, laminating, or hot stamping unit can be customized as optional part.

JT-ADC-320 Die Cut Sticker Machine

JT-ADC-320 die cut sticker machine has been exported to Zimbabwe, thanks to Mr. Nico Dlamini’s interest and order.


Mr. Nico Dlamini Stands By JT-ADC-320 Die Cut Sticker Machine

Mr. Nico Dlamini is from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He has a small printing plant of his own, and a second-hand Heidelberg 2 colors offset press, which is used for printing some common advertisements.

He has been in this field for more than 20 years and has very deep experience in printing.

In 2008, Mr. Nico predicted that the self-adhesive label would have a big market in Africa.


Self-adhesive Labels

So, he decisively separated a piece of space from the original printing plant, pooled a sum of money, and started label printing.

After communicating with us by email back and forth for nearly 2 months, he was very impressed by our professionalism and enthusiasm.


Jota Factory


CNC Machine

Subsequently, we started the first order of our cooperation, a 4+1 flexo printing machine, 2 sets die cut sticker machines, and 2 sets of 320mm width mini slitting rewinding machines.

We assembled all the machines with some raw materials, put them in a large container, and sent them to Mr. Nico’s city together.

In shipping, we also have our own professional suppliers. Goods sent to Bulawayo are sent to Durban, South Africa first, then are transferred to Bulawayo by rail.

After 90 anxiously waiting, Mr. Nico received his first batch of machines from China.

With these machines, as if a soldier had a weapon, Mr. Nico quickly started his label printing business in full swing.


Die Cut Sticker Machine


Big Slitting Rewinding Machine


320mm Width Mini Slitting Rewinding Machine

Subsequently, Mr. Nico’s wonderful life and prosperous business officially began.

Because Africa is very poor and lacks a lot of light industry equipment, Mr. Nico has purchased more than 30 sets of various equipment from our company.

Those machines include slitting machines, cut-size sheeter machines, paper cutters (guillotine), shrink film packaging machines, book cutting machines, bookbinding machines, thermal roll slitting machines, etc.

Anyway, if any equipment is required, Mr. Nico will contact we Jota, listen to our suggestions, and let us help him purchase.

With professional equipment, Mr. Nico quickly developed into Zimbabwe’s premier printing house.

At the same time, Mr. Nico shared with us that doing business in the local area is very profitable. He has also invited us to Zimbabwe to travel and start business many times.

Now Mr. Nico travels to China every year, and our relationship with him is like our own relatives. We often visit the great rivers and mountains of China together.


Mr. Nico and his wife came to visit charming China

We hope that the relationship with all customers can be based on business, and eventually surpass business partnerships and become an intimate relationship. We share each other’s stories and witness each other’s growth.

Jota Machinery has been waiting for you in China, maybe you give us a phone call or send us an email, you can have a real good friend in faraway China.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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