JT-SLT-900C Thermal Receipt Paper Roll Slitting Machine

Hot Selling Paper Roll Slitting Machine Till Now
  • 10000 rolls/8h, 300m/min
  • CNC processed 37mm thickness frame
  • Siemens PLC and Yaskawa AC drive
  • Max. rewinding diameter 300mm
  • High capacity, easy operation, simple maintenance
ItemJT-SLT-900C Thermal Receipt Paper Roll Slitting Machine
Max. Unwinding Width900mm
Max. Unwinding Diameter1000mm
Max. Rewinding Diameter300mm
Min. Slit Width25mm
Max. Speed300m/min
Thermal Paper Thickness35gsm-120gsm
Voltage/Power380V/50Hz, 7.5Kw (Voltage is customizable)
Dimension2000mm x 2000mm x 1500mm
JT-SLT-900C Thermal Receipt Paper Roll Slitting Machine is able to make fax roll, cash register roll, ATM roll, ECG roll, till roll, POS roll, etc.

Unwinding Section

Shaftless hydraulic jumbo roll loading unit.
Fully automatic tension controller.
20kg/m2 electromagnetic brake from Taiwan.
Web guiding photoelectric senor.
Direction adjustable balancing roller ensures the roller itself always keeps in tight touch with the web surface.

Slitting Section

The upper circular knives are fixed by screws, and the lower circular knives are fixed by the aluminum spacer, cutting precision can be guaranteed.
The rotary encoder automatically metering slit length.

Rewinding Section

Automatic tucker tucks the tail, convenient for quick trigger rewinding.
90° vertical lay-on roller, capable of moving up and down, ensures more balanced left and right pressure, wider rewinding diameter could be realized.
The overlapping problem could be avoided with a banana roller.

Controlling Section

Siemens PLC module, touch control screen, and graphic user interface (HMI).
Yaskawa AC drives for Siemens master motor.
Schneider low voltage electrical appliances.

Waste Removing

Edge waste blower through expulsion tube.

Optional Parts

Safety guard.
4 corners emergency switches.
Automatic core loader.
Blower and shredder.
Automatic tail cutting and gluing unit.

JT-SLT-900C Thermal Receipt Paper Roll Slitting Machine

JT-SLT-900C thermal receipt paper roll slitting machine is one set slitter rewinder can accomodate max 900mm width jumbo roll.The unwinding stand adopts hydralic shaftless design with the oil power the max weight can bear is 1000.00-1200.00kgs.

C type slitter rewinder 2024

As a wholesale supplier of thermal paper rolls, you may find it cheaper and more profitable if you get your thermal receipt paper roll slitting machine. That’s because you don’t want a client making a huge order for a 57mm thermal paper, yet you can’t deliver. That’s because your next jumbo rolls haven’t arrived from your manufacturer.

Or perhaps one of your clients needs cash register receipts with specific, unique sizes. They don’t want the common industry sizes 80mm by 80mm, or something like that.

thermal rolls

They’d like a unique cash register size. But unfortunately, you can’t deliver. So they decide to go with your competitor, who can fulfill the client’s request. And that’s simply because the competitor has a thermal receipt paper roll slitting machine.

Well, to stay ahead of the game, why don’t you get yourself the 900C cash register slitter by Jota Machinery. We’ve delivered lots of thermal paper slitter machines to various wholesale suppliers. Our slitter can cut the jumbo rolls into smaller, narrower till rolls that can produce the following receipts:

  • ATM receipts
  • Fax paper rolls
  • Medical ECP paper reports
  • Parking tickets
  • POS rolls etc.

If you’re looking to expand your wholesale thermal paper supplier business, or maybe you’re a POS business and would like to cut the middleman and have your own cash register slitter, then you need to accustom yourself to the JT-SLT 900C machine. Here are eight (8) frequently asked questions to let you fully understand the machine and how it works.

1.) How Different is the 900C Compared to the 900mm Slitter?

Well, as you’d expect, the “C” in JT-SLT 900C says that the slitter is an advanced version of the JT-SLT-900 thermal receipt paper roll slitting machine. It has advanced features, most of which are automated parts and features that offer solutions to drawbacks the 900mm may have.

The main and most notable difference between the 900mm and the 900C is the speed. The 900C offers a maximum speed of 300m/min while the 900mm has a max speed of 150m/min. It means the 900C slitter has double the speed of 900mm.

The speed also means that the 900C has a corresponding max rewinding diameter speed of 300mm. The same applies to the 900mm, whose max rewinding diameter speed is 160mm. Because of the speed, the T-SLT-900 thermal receipt paper roll slitting machine can make up to 10,000 rolls every 8hrs, hence an improvement in productivity.

Still, this doesn’t mean the 900mm isn’t as productive as the 900C. The only difference is the speed, which is double for the 900C; however, the 900mm is just as productive but much more economical because it costs cheaper.

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Whether to pick the T-SLT-900 thermal receipt paper roll slitting machine or the 900mm boils down to your preference and budget. For instance, if your production is less than 10,000 rolls a day, then the 900mm comes in handy. But if you prefer the more advanced features (Siemens PLC, Yaskawa AC drive, etc.) then you’d find the 900C a better option for your cash register business.

2.)  What Makes the 900C Different from Other Slitter Machines?

First off, you have to understand that at Jota Machinery, we are doing our best to stay ahead of the game. This is why we have a team of highly qualified, reputable engineers who make sure our machines feature the latest technology.

During our machine’s conceptualization and design, we usually put ourselves in our customers’ shoes to better understand your perspective. We have the CNC department where we test our machines just to see where things might go wrong. This helps us identify potential mistakes and breakdowns that may occur on the machines.

CNC center 2024

Because of such, the 900C boasts of amazing features such as the Siemens PLC module, graphics user interface, and touchscreen control.

This technological upgrade means the thermal paper roll slitter is more efficient than the likes of 900m and 900A, especially in terms of speed. The JT-SLT-900C thermal receipt paper roll slitting machine offers a max speed of 300m/min and a max diameter unwinding speed of 300mm.

Apart from the high speed, Jota’s T-SLT-900 thermal receipt paper roll slitting machine is different from its competitors because of a 37mm mechanical wall. This means the slitter machine has its walls thicker by 37mm to guarantee stability when the machine is operating at a high speed.

When the thermal paper slitting machine is less than 37mm thick, then it’s likely to produce distorted paper rolls. The rolls’ accuracy will be affected.

Our engineers at Jota discovered this after experimenting using the CNC center. We realized that the machine needs to have all its six walls thick enough to handle the vibrations as the rolls are cut.

3.)  Who Should Buy Jota’s 900C Slitting Machine? And Why? 

Basically, anyone in the cash register business can get the JT-SLT-900C thermal receipt paper roll slitting machine. That’s because it saves you money in ordering thermal paper rolls that are as per your specific requirements.

Our main target customers for the cash register slitting machines are wholesalers. Instead of making orders for thermal paper jumbo rolls, it’s better and much cheaper to simply get your own JT-SLT-900C thermal receipt paper roll slitting machine . This way, as a wholesaler, you’ll have ready-made paper rolls to distribute to your clients.

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Best of all, whenever retail clients ask for a change in size and design for their cash register receipts, you’ll be able to deliver. This puts you ahead of your competitors as you win their clients over to subscribing to your services.

With a slitting machine like the 900C, you get to minimize shipping costs, which lets you reduce your prices for the cash register rolls. And this will eventually attract more clients, thus increasing profits.

Therefore, as a wholesaler, getting your own slitter machine is the best way to increase profits and increase your clientele base. If you’ve been supplying a niche market of cash register POS clients, the JT-SLT-900C thermal receipt paper roll slitting machine will help you cast a wider net and thus win more clients.

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For example, if a client makes an order to have their receipts change from 57mm receipts to 25mm sizes, then you can instantly offer them what they need. Rather than wait to order the paper rolls from thermal paper manufacturers, your 900C will come to the rescue and slit the jumbo rolls into the specific sizes that your client needs.

4.) Is Having a Thermal Paper Slitter Profitable?

Yes. There’s no doubt that adding the JT-SLT-900C thermal receipt paper roll slitting machine to your wholesale business is very profitable.

One cash register slitter machine can actually save you up to USD 10,000 every month! This is huge. And you should jump into it and invest in one. You’ll notice the profits right away.

The thermal paper roll business normally has relatively high returns. Therefore, if you throw in the slitter rewinder machine for the cash registers, then you’ll be improving on the profits.

At Jota Machinery, we have so many success stories on how small-time POS businesses moved from selling 30,000 rolls a month to finally supplying loads of paper rolls to fellow POS businesses.

Yes, some of our clients came from simple POS businesses to being wholesalers and finally being sole and major suppliers of thermal papers in their countries and states. Therefore, it’s obvious that the thermal paper slitter rewinder is a profitable addition to your cash register paper roll supply business.

The good thing is you don’t have to do this alone. At Jota Machinery, we don’t sell you the slitter rewinder and leave you to do the rest. Nop. Instead, we prefer working along with you as the business grows from its baby stages to finally blooming into thousands of profits.

As manufacturers who have been in this business for more than 20 years, we have strong networking of the best businesses in the thermal paper industry. We can advise you on the best way forward, as well as recommend a few tips on what to do and what to avoid.

Remember, Jota Machinery also has its own CNC center where we test the slitting machines basing the experiences of our customers. It’s easier to put ourselves in your shoes and think of potential problems you may incur, then come up with solutions. So, we truly understand our customers thereby helping you in every step to become as profitable as possible.

CNC Processing

5.)  Does the Slitter Come with An Automatic Metering System?

Yes. The rotary encoder for the JT-SLT-900C thermal receipt paper roll slitting machine automatically meters the slit length. The upper circular knives are fixed by screws, and the lower circular knives are fixed by the aluminum spacer, cutting precision can be guaranteed.

As for the slitting section, Jota thermal cash register paper roll slitting machine usually equips with a dual knives system, proactive lower circular knives, and slave upper circular knives, accurate slit widths could be guaranteed with such shear cutting.

We also supply a fully automatic knife positioning system to simplify your slitting size adjustment, if you are interested in it, please let us know.

The automatic knife positioning tech can get high accuracy slitting width and saving change time. This technology can add to your slitter rewinder machine or sheeter.

6.)  Do You Offer Customization?

The level of customization of your cash register paper roll slitting machine will also affect its final price. Customized paper roll cutting machines are slightly expensive. This is because we must install them with more features and halt our product line.

Manufacturing customized paper roll cutting machines means reconfiguring our production line. Our customization services are pocket-friendly. Feel free to contact us for clarifications on customizations. Also, contact us for customization requests.

The older models are slightly cheaper compared to the new ones. We can also upgrade your cash register slitter machine to the latest configurations. At Jota Machinery, we also deal with spare parts for your paper roll slitting machine.

7.)  What Safety Measure Features Does the 900C Have? 

At Jota Machinery, we make sure that the machines are designed to guarantee safety and minimize workplace accidents. For example, the JT-SLT-900C thermal receipt paper roll slitting machine is a semi-automatic thermal paper slitter rewinder whose switch has been designed to easily go off and in the safest way possible.

You can also ask for additional customization to add emergency switches at the four corners. This is a great addition because it enables the operator to switch off the slitter machine at any point without having to go round to that one switch.

In essence, unlike regular switches, the emergency stop switch is not dependent on the springs to go off. Instead, the emergency switch generates electrical signals, which latch the actuator.  We’ll also install the safety guard feature, but it’s optional.

safety alarm light

Also, by adhering to the set standards, we ensure that you get the best machines in the market. We have certifications to prove that the machines have gone through tests and trials to guarantee safety. Some of the standards include:

  • CE Approvals for Slitting Machine
  • ROHS certificate for Europe Union market
  • GB/T 13328-2005
  • China’s Compulsory Certification (CCC)
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  • Robotics Industry of America (RIA)
  • Instrument Society of America (ISA)
  • National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA)
  • Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL)

8.)  Do You Ship to the United States?

We ship internationally following strict international shipping guidelines. At Jota Machinery, we will also assist you in getting the best shipping agents in the market. This will save you valuable time and money. We will also assist you in the payment of the required duties and licenses.

It is important to also be proactive in your shipping processes to avoid certain charges. These charges may include warehousing fees and extra taxes associated with storage. We ensure that we help you avoid extra charges on your thermal paper roll machine.

You can also do more research from your end on the best shipping agents between your country and China.

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Also, ensure that you insure your cargo against unforeseen circumstances. This might include storms, shipwrecks, typhoons, earthquakes, or fires. Ensuring your cash register paper roll slitter machine is important. You will get compensated in case of the events.

At Jota Machinery, we offer tracking of your machine, and we will give you periodic updates on the whereabouts of your paper roll slitting machine.

Any damages that are factory related we will take responsibility. You can either ship the machine back to us or request for our technician to come to your shop. Call us for any clarifications on replacements and returns.

We Jota could also manufacture the following related machines, if you are also interested in any type, please feel free to send us an inquiry.

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