Mr. Papi Visited Our Factory To Check Thermal Paper Slitter Rewinder

Date: 2019-05-07

Mr. Papi booked our thermal paper slitter rewinder. Now machine is ready to ship. Papi came to visit and check this machine.

Coming from Senegal, Papi is a successful young man, and very humorous. We enjoyed the time during his staying.

We showed Papi our CNC processing workshop, our offices. He checked not only our thermal paper slitting machine,

but also other machines such as multi-functional slitting rewinding machine, paper sheeter machine, paper straw making machine.

He affirmed the top quality of our machines.

Our engineer Jimmy ran thermal paper slitter for Papi. Everything went on well. We got small rolls in 80 x 80mm with extremely smooth edge.

Papi was very pleased. He stayed in our workshop to learn some knowledge about this machine, and about how to operate.

We also help supply thermal jumbo rolls to Papi. It is our obligation to offer perfect business solution to customers.

This thermal paper slitter and several jumbo rolls will be loaded together onto container tomorrow.

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