Who will be the Jota Machinery sales champions in 2021?

Jota Machinery held its 2021 year Annual Gala & Meeting on the 20th of Jan, and there was an important award at the party: 2021 Sales Champion.

Tina has been working in Jota Machinery for more than a year. During her first job, she started as a foreign trade sales assistant. After getting familiar with the products, she successfully became the sales champion of Jota Machinery in 2021 with her solid professional knowledge and hard-working spirit.

2021 sales champion

The 2021 year foreign trade sales champion

In 2021, she sold nearly 10 sets of fully automatic thermal paper slitting rewinding machines. Although after-sales service is to be done, with the support of the technical team and our guidance, she has assisted all customers to operate fully automatic thermal paper slitting machines. fully automatic slitter


Let’s congratulate Tina.

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