Single Paper Straw Wrapping Machine

Paper Straw Packaging
  • 300-400 pcs/minute
  • Max. straw length 240mm (can be customized)
  • Straw diameter ranges from 5mm-10mm
  • Single/double color printing is optional

JT-P300 single paper straw wrapping machine

Machine Speed

300-400 pcs/min

Straw Length

Max. 240mm (can be customized)

Straw Diameter


Packing Length

Fixed, can’t be adjusted

Packing Width

It can be adjusted according to the straw diameter

Sealing size



1900mm x 600mm x 1200mm





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JT-P300 Single Paper Straw Wrapping Machine

The JT-P300 single paper straw wrapping machine can be applied to packing different diameter, length drinking straws. Automatic packing paper feeding, optional packing paper printing, straw packing, sealing, cutting are realized on 1 machine.

In a word, The JT-P300 single paper straw wrapping machine has a high degree of automation and packing speed. You can feel the automation grade by watching the following presentation video of JT-p300.

A South Korea client purchased two 6-7mm diameter single paper straw production line from Jota recently. These 2 production lines include 2 sets of JT-P300 single straw packing machine.



3 Piles Paper Infeeder


Paper Straw Making Machine


Conveyor and Collector


Paper Straw Bending Machine




JT-P300 Single Straw Packing Machine

If you are also interested in the 6-7mm diameter single independent packaging paper straw production line, please send an inquiry on our website, and we will customize the production line for you according to your requirements.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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