JT-1500C High Precision Paper Core Cutting Machine

Big Client Sonoco's Choice
  • Each cut just takes only 0.5s
  • PLC control system and touch screen HMI
  • Automatic tri-locker to clamp the paper core
  • 121 years history US company Sonoco’s choice
Tube Diameter


Tube Length


Tube Thickness


Blade Moving Speed


Cutting Precision


Mandrel Rotating Speed


Servo Motor


Working Pressure


Rotating Motor Power



380V, 3 phase, 50Hz

Total Weight


Overall Dimension



1. Each cut only takes 0.5s.
2. PLC control system and touch screen HMI, all the parameters could be preset and displayed on the monitor.
3. Automatic stop function, after each cut, the machine will stop automatically.
4. Automatic tri-locker to clamp the paper core.
5. Servo motor drives round knife, Yaskawa AC drive controls servo motor, high precision.
6. Auto-diagnosing function, all the errors could be displayed on the monitor, easy for repairing.
7. CNC processed high precision tungsten steel blades, cutting precision is around 0.1mm.

JT-1500C High Precision Paper Core Cutting Machine

With excellent performance and durable quality, JT-1500C precision paper core cutting machine is sold all over the world.


Fortunately, the US big customer Sonoco also purchased this precision paper core cutting machine, and let us customize 2500mm and 3700mm width machines according to their requirements.

Sonoco was founded in 1899. After 121 years of development, Sonoco has grown into the world’s largest manufacturer of composite cans, cores, tubes. Now, Sonoco has over 19,900 staffs working in 33 different countries.


Sonoco’s Mexican Factory

Before Sonoco got cooperated with we Jota, they have searched for paper tube cutting machine supplier in China for a long time, and selected several suppliers as candidates. We Jota is one of these candidates.

In order to compare the quality of each candidate supplier’s paper core cutter, Sonoco purchased prototypes from each alternative supplier for testing.

After testing, Sonoco believes that we Jota’s paper core pipe cutting machine is very in line with their requirements, and some special selling points are especially attractive to them.

1. Tube cutting accuracy: Servo motor for cutting width control, high-hardness tungsten steel knife for rapid cutting, tube cutting tolerance is within 0.1mm.



High-hardness Tungsten Steel Knife

2. 10 groups of different cutting widths could be preset, and the tube cutting width could be changed during the working process.

3. For core cutting, only paper tube rotates, the blade engages the rotating paper core, both blade and mandrel don’t rotate. By this way, it could effectively protect the cutting blade and mandrel, prolongs these 2 components’ service life.

4. Jota cardboard tube cutter machine comes with automatic diagnosis function. If the machine fails, errors will be displayed on the touch screen in real time.

With such function, Sonoco’s operator could determine the cause of failure, quickly find the problem and solve it, finally reduce the cardboard tube cutting machine downtime.

5. Safety cover is optional for Sonoco’s choice.


Due to the above outstanding selling points and stable operation of JT-1500C paper core cutter machine, we Jota won Sonoco’s initial trust.

Subsequently, our General Manager and Chief Engineer flew from China to Sonoco’s Mexican factory. We Jota not only just go there providing after-sales service, but also deeply understand Sonoco’s scenario.


After Sales Service in Sonoco’s Mexican Factory

This series of actions made Sonoco fully feel we Jota’s extreme service and cooperation sincerity.

As the paper tube cut by we Jota’s cardboard tube cutter machine is of good quality, looks beautiful, and has fewer burrs, Sonoco got the order of Fuji Seal, a major Japanese company.


Tube Cutting Samples

Fuji Seal purchased a large number of paper tubes from Sonoco for winding labels material, such as shrink sleeve labels, self-adhesive labels (pressure sensitive labels).


Joint Photo with Sonoco and Fuji Seal Workers

In order to meet Fuji Seal’s higher requirements for paper tubes, Sonoco customized 2500mm and 3700mm wide, 6-inch mandrel paper tube cutter from us, to further expand production capacity and enrich paper tube categories.

The customized 3700mm wide precision paper core cutting machine was just shipped to Mexico on May 25, 2020. When it reaches Sonoco’s factory, its paper core output will be increased by about 150% compared to the 1500mm wide machine.




Customized 3700mm Width High Precision Paper Tube Cutting Machine

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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