JT-SHT-1100 A3 A4 A5 Paper Sheet Cutter

1100mm Unwinding Width
  • Weinview PLC and Touch Screen
  • Frequency inverter motor
  • Yaskawa frequency inverter
  • Automatic tension control system
 ItemJT-SHT-1100 A3 A4 A5 Paper Sheet Cutter
 Max. Unwinding width 1050mm
 Max. Unwinding Diameter 1200mm
 Sheeting Length 0-999mm
 Sheeting Width 50-1050mm
 Max. Speed 100cuts/min
 Precision ±0.15mm
 Rated Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
 Rated Voltage Three-phase, four-wire, 380V/220V
 Unwinding/Rewinding Shaft 3” (76mm) air expanding shaft (size customizable)
 Dimension 3000mm x 2000mm x 1300mm
 Weight 4000Kg


 JT-SHT-1100 A3 A4 A5 paper sheet cutter is suitable for cutting different size paper, such as burger paper, A4 paper, regular papers, glass paper, plastic film (PVC, OPP, PET, CPP).
 1. Adopts Weinview PLC and Touch Screen and meter counter. All the working parameters can be displayed on the control monitor. Only need to set up the material thickness and initial tension data, the Micro-computer will calculate the accord data, and keep the machine working automatically until the end.
 2. Adopts with frequency inverter motor which is used to control the sheeting cutter movement, solid stable.
 3. Adopts with Servo motor from Yaskawa for the material feeding. The precision can be highly controlled by 0.2mm.
 4. Adopts with automatic braking device: 20kg/ m2 * 1PC to control the material feeding tension.
 5. Adopts with specially treated alloy sheeting cutter, which has merit for long working life and endurance.
 6. Adopts automatic tension control system which is used to keep constant tension for material working.
 7. Equipped with an auto counting system.
 8. All the electric circuit is in conformity with the CE certification.
 9. Equipped with an emergency stop switch to realize the emergency stop at any point of the machine.
 10. Adopts air blower to blow waste material off. (It’s for thinner materials)

JT-SHT-1100 A3 A4 A5 Paper Sheet Cutter

JT-SHT-1100 paper sheet cutter is a machine used to cross-cut A3, A4, A5, film, aluminum foil sheet, it is generally used in the industrial production of the flexible packaging industry and paper industry.


This JT-SHT-1100 reel to sheet cutting machine has won the favor of customers in many countries such as the United States, Bangladesh, and other countries due to its compact and practical advantages.

For example, the following photo is taken by our CTO Jimmy, when US customers were standing next to our JT-SHT-1100 paper reel to sheet cutting machine.


The ability to export to the US market and win the trust of US customers, it is enough to show the excellent quality of JT-SHT-1100 A4 sheet cutting machine.

In addition, Bangladesh’s customer Res Group also purchased the JT-SHT-1100 ream paper cutter from we Jota.

Res Group has a very close relationship with us Jota. Before buying an automatic A4 paper cutting machine from our Jota, Res Group had already purchased a slitter rewinder from our Jota for slitting adhesive labels.


So far, this veteran slitter reminder has worked diligently at the Res Group’s factory for 15 years.


Before producing its own small adhesive label rolls, Res Group has been engaged in the trade of adhesive labels.

Later, in order to develop bigger and transform into manufacturing, they contacted we Jota to purchase a slitter, and our connection was established.

Res Group has a thorough understanding of the Jota paper reel cutting machine.

In the process of using our Jota paper ream cutter machine, in order to improve the efficiency of cutting large sheets of stickers, they themselves modified the paper sheet cutter.

The modified sheeter can cut two rolls at the same time, one roll on the left and one roll on the right.

Such modification even exceeds our engineers’ expectations.

Res Group also has suppliers in the Shandong province of China. Shandong suppliers visited them in Bangladesh and saw Res Group’s self-reformed A4 A3 paper cutting machine.

The Shandong supplier felt it was very useful. So Shandong suppliers contacted we Jota and bought two from us, use our Jota A4 sheet cutter machine as same as they saw at Res Group.

Res group started as a trader and has been focusing on the Bangladesh market for decades. Now it is already the leading adhesive label supplier all over the Bangladesh market.

Generally speaking, the A3 ream cutter is composed of the following parts:

Unwinding section;

Transmission section;

Slitting department;

Sheeting section;

Control section;

Waste disposal section.

Each section has some unique advantages and selling points. You are welcome to send an inquiry on our company’s website. Our company’s sales will reply to you in time, and guide you to know more secrets about the JT-SHT-1100 paper roll sheeter machine.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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