JT-SHT-1600 High Speed Paper Roll To Sheeting Machine

1600mm Unwinding Width
  • All parameters can be displayed on the touch screen
  • Frequency inverter motor
  • Automatic braking device
  • Automatic sheet counting system
 ItemJT-SHT-1600 High Speed Paper Roll To Sheeting Machine
 Max. Unwinding width 1550mm
 Max. Unwinding Diameter 1200mm
 Sheeting Length 0-999mm
 Sheeting Width 50mm-1250mm
 Max. Speed 100cuts/min
 Precision ±0.15mm
 Rated Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
 Rated Voltage Three-phase, four-wire, 380V/220V
 Unwinding/Rewinding Shaft 3” (76mm) air expanding shaft (size customizable)
 Dimension 3000mm x 2000mm x 1300mm
 Weight 4000Kg


JT-SHT-1600 high speed paper roll to sheeting machine is suitable for cutting different size paper, such as burger paper, A4 paper, regular papers, glass paper, plastic film (PVC, OPP, PET, CPP), aluminum foil.
 1. Adopts Weinview PLC and Touch Screen and meter counter. All the working parameters can be displayed on the control monitor. Only need to set up the material thickness and initial tension data, the Micro-computer will calculate the accord data, and keep the machine working automatically until the end.
 2. Adopts with frequency inverter motor which is used to control the sheeting cutter movement, solid stable.
 3. Adopts with Servo motor from Yaskawa for the material feeding. The precision can be highly controlled by 0.2mm.
 4. Adopts with automatic braking device: 20kg/ m2 * 1PC to control the material feeding tension.
 5. Adopts with specially treated alloy sheeting cutter, which has merit for long working life and endurance.
 6. Adopts automatic tension control system which is used to keep constant tension for material working.
 7. Equipped with an auto counting system.
 8. All the electric circuit is in conformity with the CE certification.
 9. Equipped with an emergency stop switch to realize the emergency stop at any point of the machine.
 10. Adopts air blower to blow waste material off. (It’s for thinner materials)

JT-SHT-1600 High Speed Paper Roll To Sheeting Machine

JT-SHT-1600 high speed paper roll to sheeting machine is an extended width version of Jota JT-SHT-1100 model. As JT-SHT-1600 paper sheet cutter’s max. unwinding width is up to 1550mm, A4 paper size is 210mm x 297mm, 7 sheets A4 paper output per 1 cut could be realized.



From the perspective of output, A4 paper sheets produced by the JT-SHT-1600 paper roll to sheet cutting machine per unit time, is definitely more than that of the JT-SHT-1100, there is no doubt about it.

Some customers also purchase JT-SHT-1600 roll to sheet cutting machine for cutting quarto paper.

Because the print size of quarto paper is larger, the requirements for the cross-cutting size of the paper roll to A4 sheet cutting machine are also greater.

The maximum printing size of the Komori four-color offset printing machine in Japan is 1320mm x 960mm, and the Jota JT-SHT-1600 paper reel to sheet cutting machine can meet this size requirement.

Some quarto sheets have a size of 376mm*265mm, a slitting station can be added to JT-SHT-1600 roll to sheet cutter, slit the mother roll material into 4 pieces, 1 mother material equals 4 finished sheets, to increase the output.

An Indian customer has purchased two 1600mm wide roll to sheet paper cutting machine for cross-cutting medical X-Ray PET plastic film materials.


For JT-SHT-1600, a machine with extended width, its body, unwinding shaft, drive roller, cross-cutting knife, etc., must be lengthened, and the number of slitting knives should also be increased, but the performance of the machine is as prominent as JT-SHT-1100.

JT-SHT-1600 has the same selling points and advantages as JT-SHT-1100.

From the control system, JT-SHT-1600 is controlled by Mitsubishi PLC microcomputer. The high-quality PLC can accurately control the operation of each part of the machine, ensures the smooth and orderly operation of the machine.


In addition, the JT-SHT-1600 paper roll sheeter machine is also equipped with a color image touch screen. The operator can set various parameters directly on the touch screen, which is convenient and fast.

The control system is like the brain of the machine. The brain of the machine also needs the cooperation of the machine’s other parts, to realize the normal operation of the machine.

The other parts of the JT-SHT-1600 A4 paper cutting machine include unwinding part, conveying part, slitting part, cross-cutting part, and so on.

JT-SHT-1600 A3 paper cutter’s unwinding part is mainly used for loading jumbo roll, adopts automatic pneumatic loading, which can effectively save the operator’s time and energy spent on the material loading process.


The material feeding is driven by a special servo motor to ensure that the length of each feed is in line with the cross-cut length required by the customer.

In order to protect flexible materials such as paper and film, the two NIP rollers are made of rubber.


When the material is fed to the slitting blades, it will be slit into ribbons of different widths. Different numbers of slitting blades can be customized according to your size requirements.


After slitting, it enters the cross-cutting section. A large cross-cutting knife is introduced into the cross-cutting section. The cross-cutting knife is controlled by a special motor to ensure that the cross-cutting force is large enough, and the cross-cutting is fast and without burrs.


Moreover, the up and down movement of the cross-cutting knife is realized by the bilateral linear guideway and slide block imported from Japan, which ensures the smooth and unobstructed cross-cutting process.


If you want to know more about the JT-SHT-1600 ream cutter, please send an inquiry on our company’s website, our company’s sales will provide you with professional and detailed answers as soon as possible.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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