JT-SL-2000C Fully Automatic Paper Core Cutting Machine

No Need Dedicated Operator
  • All the parameters are displayed on the touch screen
  • 2 sets Yaskawa servo motor (Japan)
  • Fully automatic core feeding and gripping
  • Automatic rotation blades

Main Parameters

Parent Core Length


Parent Core Inner Diameter


Paper Core Thickness


Cutting Length


Cutting Speed

60 cuts/min

Turret Movement Speed

1.8 m/min

Working Pressure



380V, 3 Phase, 50Hz



Cutting Mode

Paper tube rotates, blades and mandrel keep static


Automatic Rotation


2 sets

Parent Core Preloading



Main Body: 3900mm*1000mm*2100mm

Core Feeder: 3600mm*900mm*1200mm




Extremely simple and intuitive operation.
Automatic core length measurement.
Programmable speed setting to suit core outside and insider diameter.
Programmable edge core trimming.
The core support height is adjustable.
Automatic rotation blade to extend service life.
Automatic core feeding and gripping.
Clean edge cut (without burr).
Minimal dust generation.
2 minutes of core size change.
High speed for large volume core production.
Minimize core wastage within the current program.
Single or multiple cut lengths within the same program.
High-resolution color touch screen.
Accurate cutting length with indexing accuracy of ±0.15mm.
Safety cover (optional).

Why Jota JT-SL-2000C Fully Automatic Paper Core Cutting Machine

In 2019, we Jota sold over 10 sets JT-SL-2000C fully automatic paper core cutting machine. Each client thumbs up for this machine after receiving and operating it.


Assembled JT-SL-2000C Automatic Paper Core Cutter

Iconic Thailand customer Mondi Group even send some feedback photos and videos to us, they also highly appreciate Jota JT-SL-2000C fully automatic paper tube cutting machine’s fantastic performance.



Iconic Client Mondi’s Feedback Photo

JT-SL-2000C could attract Mondi Group to place an order is mainly because it has many flashpoints. It not only looks high-end from outside, but also has many attractive internal features.

JT-SL-2000C fully automatic paper core cutter has a compact structure, its body is made of 1045 steel, and its surface is baking paint treated.


Visible Quality

As for performance, many points are worthy of your appreciation, from parent core feeding to kid core collecting.

For core feeding section, automatic core lifting switches are installed in Jota JT-SL-2000C fully automatic core pipe cutting machine.


Automatic Core Lifting Switch

After the last paper tube is cut, the automatic core lifting switch lifts a new paper tube upward, and the new paper tube then rolls down to the feeding trough, waiting for the pneumatic pushing rod to push it into mandrel and tube gripper.

You only need to manually preload the mother tube to the paper tube rack.


In terms of tube gripping, 4 pneumatically actuated mechanical grippers are applied, these grippers’ position could be adjusted, different diameter paper core could be cut by our Jota JT-SL-2000C cardboard tube cutter.


4 Pneumatically Actuated Mechanical Grippers

In order to let you get a better understanding of Jota JT-SL-2000C Automatic Paper Core Cutter, you could watch the following presentation video for reference first.

As you could see in the video, after mother core is gripped, it moves backward first, then moves forward. Such round trip is realized by the cooperation of lead screw and servo motor.


Lead Screw

Of course, several other important components are also involved, such as cable carrier, linear guideway, and limit switch.

All these components ensure that each time’s paper tube round trip is accurate, avoids deviations of tube cutting length, minimizes the waste of your mother core material.

In terms of tube cutting, three main points must be emphasized to you.

Firstly, pneumatically control automatic rotation blades, effectively extends blades’ service life;


Automatic Rotation Blades

Secondly, core support height is adjustable to suit different ID core;


Core Support

Thirdly, as diameter mold is introduced to this section, it is not only useful for adapting to different diameter paper tubes, but also helpful for extending blades and mandrel life.


White Color Diameter Mold

In terms of core trimming and collecting, the waste pipes at the beginning and the end could be automatically unloaded, ensure that the qualified paper tubes enter the core collecting trough, saves labor costs for manually sorting waste tubes.

In terms of control, JT-SL-2000C cardboard tube cutter machine uses delta PLC and touch screen, and Yaskawa frequency inverter, both of them are high-quality well-known brands, JT-SL-2000C paper core cutter machine’s quality is visible at your first glance.


Yaskawa AC Drive and Delta PLC

In addition, we have designed alternative safety covers in response to customer requirements. If you have strict requirements on production safety, you could choose an optional safety cover for your workers.

If you want to customize your own desired cardboard tube cutting machine, please feel free to send us a request, we will discuss and analyze with you like teammates, assist you to figure out the best solution at a competitive price.

JT-SL-2000C Fully Automatic Paper Core Cutting Machine FAQ Guide

1. What is paper core cutting machine?

For paper core cutting machine, its usage is mainly cutting long paper or plastic tube to many short ones. Short paper or plastic core will be further used for rolling paper, film, fabric, fiberglass, etc; or used for packaging tea, sugar.

2. Where is paper core cutting machine used?

Paper core cutting machine could be widely used in many industries, such as paper mill, aluminum foil factory, plastic film workshop, tea packaging box factory, etc.

3. What kind of core or tube could be processed by paper core cutting machine?

Currently, Jota paper core cutting machine is specially designed for paper or plastic tube cutting.

4. What are the advantages of JT-SL-2000C fully automatic paper core cutting machine?

As JT-SL-2000C paper core cutting machine is fully automatic machine, its biggest advantage is definitely fully automatic feature. No dedicated worker is needed.

The other big advantage is auto-rotating cutter blades, after finish 1 cut, cutter blade rotates a preset angle, effectively extends the cutter blade life cycle.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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