JT-SLT-1300F Multi-Functional Slitter Rewinder

Economical and Practical Model
  • PLC control and HMI interface
  • Yaskawa frequency inverter
  • Double Siemens inverter motors
  • Hydraulic jumbo roll loading
Max. Unwinding Width1300mm
Max. Unwinding Diameter800mm
Max. Rewinding Diameter800mm
Slit Width30mm-1300mm
Acceptable Thickness Range50gsm-800gsm
Max. Machine Speed300m/min
Unwinding/Rewinding Shaft3’’ (76mm) air expanding shaft
Rated Power18Kw
Wall Thickness50mm
Unwinding StandAir expanding shaft or shaftless
Rewinding ShaftsDifferential friction shaft is optional
Rewinding Roll Maximum Weight1000Kg
Machine Voltage380V, 50Hz, 3 Phase
Machine Weight3500Kg
Overall Dimensions3600mm*4700mm*2000mm


Applicable Materials and Specifications
JT-SLT-1300F multi-functional slitter rewinder machine suits to the slitting and rewinding of various ultra-large type coiled material, such as plastic film (PVC, OPP, PET, CPP), paper, glass paper, aluminum foil, adhesive sticker, non-woven fabrics, etc.
PLC control system and color interface HMI, all the parameters are shown on the screen. You only need to setup roll diameter, material thickness and original tension etc, the machine could work automatically.
Frequency inverter, 3 asynchronous servomotor, one motor for material feeding, the other 2 motor controls the tension.
Hydraulic loading system, this part controlled by separate motor.
EPC (edge position controller), ultrasonic edge sensor, linear guideway, precision linear actuator), enables accurate slitting precision for printed material.
Balance roller for controlling material tension, especially for thin materials.
Dynamic / static balancing transmission shafts.
Automatic meter counter, When reaches preset length, machine stops automatically.
Emergency switch.
Machine parts and wall processed by CNC, the wall is much stronger than other supplier’s, it’s thickness up to 45mm. And the painting adopts baking painting.
Electrostatic eliminator and razor blades for thin film material (optional).

JT-SLT-1300F Multi-Functional Slitter Rewinder

JT-SLT-1300F multi-functional slitter rewinder machine is economical and practical, it could not only handle many kinds of material, such as paper, plastic film, household aluminum foil, non-woven fabric, adhesive labels, but its price is really quite competitive and attractive for you.


JT-SLT-1300F Slitter Rewinder Machine

During Print China 2019 exhibition in Apr 2019, we took this JT-SLT-1300F roll slitting machine to the exhibition site at that time.

Many clients were very very interested in this machine, some customers sat down and talked with our company’s professional and beautiful sales managers, such as following Eastern European client and South Asia customer.


South Aisa Customer Left His Contact No. for Further Communication


Eastern European Client Watch JT-SLT-1300F Presentation Video

Overall, JT-SLT-1300F paper roll slitter did show its own style at Print China 2019, you can also feel this in the demo video below, the video was taken during exhibition period.

If you are now looking for a duplex slitter rewinder, please pay special attention to the following advantages or selling points of JT-SLT-1300F slitting equipment.

Firstly, JT-SLT-1300F plastic slitting machine is able to convert many types of material. You could switch between plastic film, kinds of paper, aluminum foil, adhesive label if you have JT-SLT-1300F in your hand.

2nd, JT-SLT-1300F aluminum foil slitter equips with automatic hydraulic jumbo roll loading rack, its loading capacity is up to 3 tons, you could load jumbo roll easily, save your labor and time consumption.


Separate Motor Driven Hydraulic Jumbo Roll Loading Rack

So as to guide the web material to the slitting part neatly, JT-SLT-1300F high speed slitting machine’s EPC (edge position controller) plays an important role. Once any deviation is detected, the precision linear actuator swings the machine wall panel left or right alongside linear guideway.

When it comes to the slitting part, circular knives and razor blades are optional for you to cut different materials. Circular knives shear cutting is mainly introduced to handle paper-related materials, while razor blades score cutting is usually applied for thin plastic film processing.

After material passes through the slitting section, then it reaches the winding part. For the winding part, there are 2 types of rewinding shaft for your choice.

Ordinary type is air expanding shaft, it is suitable for winding materials with even and smooth surface in all parts;

Special type is differential friction shaft, such shaft is specially designed for uneven and not smooth surface materials.


Differential Friction Shaft

As you may use JT-SLT-1300F paper slitting and rewinding machine transfer PVC, OPP, PET, CPP film jumbo roll to small terminal rolls, electrostatic eliminator could be installed in JT-SLT-1300F machine to eliminate static electricity.

Static electricity is generated by friction between the material and the air during web feeding process. Only by eliminating static electricity, dust couldn’t contaminate the film, the future sealing effect of the film will not be affected.

There are many other facts, features about we Jota’s JT-SLT-1300F fabric roll cutter slitting machine, please submit an inquiry to us, we will get back to you with a professional solution.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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