JT-SLT-1600C Kraft Labels Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine

Kraft Labels Paper Roll Cutting Slitting Machine
  • Ideal Cutting Slitting Machine for Paper Tube Machine
  • Famous brand AC Drive and Siemens inverter motor
  • Youdao ultrasonic EPC (Edge Position Control)
  • Taiwan Pneumatic brake (40Kg/m2) for unwinding tension control
  • Banana roller to avoid overlapping problems
ModelJT-SLT-1600C Kraft Labels Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine
Max. Unwinding Width1600mm
Max. Unwinding Diameter1500mm
Max. Rewinding Diameter1500mm
Min. Slit Width80mm
Paper Thickness Range50gsm-800gsm
Max. Speed200m/min
Unwinding/Rewinding Shaft3” Air Expanding Shaft


JT-SLT-1600C kraft paper slitting rewinding machine is able to convert paper, stickers, non-woven fabric jumbo rolls to narrower small roll.
1. Microcomputer control, dashboard panel.
2. Famous brand AC drive and Siemens inverter motor, ensure machine working smoothly, furtherly save electricity cost.
3. Youdao ultrasonic web guiding system, ensures the accuracy of material position.
4.  Hydraulic mother roll loading system, it is convenient jumbo roll loading, operator’s labor consumption could be saved.
5.  Pneumatic brake (40Kg/m2) 1pc from Taiwan, strong braking force for unwinding tension control.
6. Banana roller to avoid overlapping problems.
7. High precision regulator controls the pressure of rewinding shaft, furtherly improves the accuracy.
8. Surface rewinding, makes finished roll flat and level.
9. Equips with automatic meter counter, emergency switch.
10. Round blade score cutting, driven by proactive motor.
11. The blade material is 9CrSi.
12. CNC processed high quality parts.
13. Fully automatic tension control system for keeping constant in whole machine running process.
14. Edge waste discharging tray.

JT-SLT-1600C Kraft Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine

Mexico dear client Mr. Omar bought our JT-SLT-1600C kraft labels paper roll slitting rewinding machine in 2016.

JT-SLT-1600C is able to convert kraft paper jumbo roll to narrower craft paper ribbons, narrower craft paper reels could be furtherly used for winding the paper tube according to Mr. Omar’s requirements on the paper tube winding machine.


JT-SLT-1600C Kraft Paper Slitter Rewinder

Speaking of Mr. Omar’s story, there is a slightly longer history.

Prior to moving the factory to Kunshan, We Jotamachinery was located in Rui’an, Zhejiang Province. When Jota machinery was still in Rui’an, Mr. Omar had already established contact with us. But then, for some reason, the connection between us was broken.

In 2015, we Jota machinery has moved to Kunshan city, Jota overseas sales manager rebuild the connection with Mr. Omar. Luckily, Mr. Omar was coming to China for a trade show in April of that year, so we have invited him to visit the factory.

During Mr. Omar’s stay in we Jota Machinery factory, Jota managing director and sales manager warmly welcomed Mr. Omar and his beautiful wife.


Joint Photo with Mr. Omar and His Beautiful Wife

Through this visit, Mr. Omar got a comprehensive understanding of the paper core production process, understood more about Jota kraft paper slitting machine, paper core making machine, paper tube cutting machine. Such 3 machines were both Mr. Omar’s target machines.

What’s more, Mr. Omar saw Jota’s factory and CNC center with his own eyes, and Mr. Omar confirmed that Jota was the source factory he was looking for.


Jota Current Workshop


Jota CNC Machine

Of course, Mr. Omar chose to purchase Jota machinery’s JT-SLT-1600C kraft paper slitting machine, it was mainly because JT-SLT-1600C’s features could meet his requirements for the cutting and slitting machine in his mind.

JT-SLT-1600C kraft paper slitting and rewinding machine adopts shaftless pneumatic jumbo roll loading, then Mr. Omar’s operator could load kraft paper jumbo roll easily without less time and labor consumption.

Furtherly, JT-SLT-1600C craft paper slitter’s circular slitting knives could be customized to motor-driven. Once the circular cutting and slitting knives are proactive, the cutting and slitting effect could be improved. Exit rolls’ edges are relatively neat enough.

As for JT-SLT-1600C kraft paper slitter rewinder machine’s rewinding section, due to the presence of 2 drum support and nip rollers, on one hand, the finished roll diameter on the cutting and slitting machine could be rewound to the same as mother roll;

On the other hand, the rewinding effect could be highly improved with the existence of two drum support and nip rollers.


With so many attractive and useful features, the JT-SLT-1600C kraft paper roll slitting slitter machine now plays an important role in Mr. Omar’s paper core production, provides a continuous raw materials source for Mr. Omar factory’s paper tube production.

Output paper tubes could be furtherly used for rolling stretch film, adhesive labels in Mr. Omar’s factory. With we Jota’s JT-SLT-1600C kraft paper cutting and slitting machine, paper core making machine, and cardboard tube cutting machine, Mr. Omar’s business definitely gets better, his factory gets bigger.


Corner of Mr. Omar’s factory

Mr. Omar’s products now win the ‘Logramos la certificacion MEXICAN SOURGING QUALITY‘.

Welcome you to contact us for more details about we Jota’s JT-SLT-1600C kraft paper roll slitting machine, maybe you just send us an inquiry currently, reward the same achievement as Mr. Omar’s success. We Jota is definitely your right choice.

Slitting Rewinding Machine Complete FAQ Guide

Slitting machines are an important part of various industries. This includes paper,kraft label, aluminum foil, non-woven fabric, and plastic film operations.

If you’re researching the best cutting and slitting machine solution for your business, check our guide. We have answers to the most frequently asked questions about these machines.

Keep on reading to understand more.

What is Slitting? What Does Slitter Mean?

Some materials, especially in the paper industry, are produced in large formats. To use and sell as end products, they need to be converted into smaller rolls.

This process for final production is called slitting. This cuts the main kraft label roll into your product’s needs and specific roll widths and sizes.

A slitter is the same as a slitting machine. Other names for the same cutting and slitting machine include slitter rewinder. The terms can be used interchangeably.

What is a Cutting and Slitting Machine?

The Cutting and Slitting Machine is very popular in the world for printing and packaging field. Which is used to slit all the materials into the small strip and rewinding them.

Jumbo Roll Cutting and Slitting machine is a kind of basic packaging and printing equipment. It is a machine that cutting and slitting the mother roll into small rolls by round disc shearing knife.

There are generally two types of slitting rewinding machines. One is to use a large saw knife to directly cut the roll into small ribbons. This is called log slitter.

The other is by unwinding the mother roll, unwinding the material like kraft labels, cutting it with a round disc knife, and then rewinding it into small rolls. In order to control the tension, a magnetic powder brake is installed on the unwinding stand, and a synchronized servo motor is installed on the rewinding device to control the tension.

This cutting slitting machine is universal for many fields: printing and packaging, electronics, new energy, automobiles, and aerospace carbon materials. However, according to the different characteristics of the material and the different surface requirements of the material, various types of cutting slitting machines have blossomed.

Center Rewinding Slitting Machine: The air expandable shaft or differential friction shaft is driven by a motor. This is the most universal roll slitting machine and is generally used in the field of printing and packaging, like paper, paperboard, kraft labels, adhesive label, aluminum foil, plastic film sheets, etc.

Surface Friction Rewinding Slitting Machine: It is suitable for relatively thin paper or sensitive materials, and consists of two bottom rollers and a pressure roller. Driven by the bottom roller, the material in the middle is rewinded under the use of friction

Center Surface Rewinding and Slitting Machine: integrates the priority of center rewinding machine and surface rewinding machine, suitable for more advanced materials, such as aerospace carbon materials, lithium battery films, and new energy vehicles or sports materials.

As a professional roll cutting slitting machine manufacturer, we can provide various types of slitting machines.

A slitting machine slices a large roll of material into smaller rolls. They usually come in two styles: log slitting and rewind slitting.

Which is Better: a Log Slitting Machine or Slitter Rewinder Machine?


These two types of slitting machines have similar technology. However, they are different due to the end-product they produce.

A log slitting machine is a type of slitting machine that makes simple cuts. A single circular blade is used to cut through the roll of material. This reaches down to the core of the roll.

It is a very simple machine compared to the rewinder. They can come in manual and automatic variants.


Log Slitting

A slitter rewinder machine is a type of slitting machine that does rewind slitting. In this machine, the material is unwound and fed into the machine for the cutting process.

Once it’s processed, the finished product is wound again into smaller or narrower rolls. This is a stable machine that is known to handle very long lengths.

The type of slitting machine you need depends on the complexity of your end product. Getting a customized slitting machine could be the best solution for your business.

What are the Different Styles of Slitting?

There are three common styles: Razor slitting, score slitting, and shear slitting. They have various complexities, set-ups, and uses.

Razor slitting uses a simple single razor blade set-up. The razor could be stationary above the roll or cut along a grooved roll.

This is commonly used for light and smooth materials like thin plastic films.

Score slitting is also known as crush slitting. It is the first-ever form of cutting used by slitter machines. The process “crushes” the material with an anvil to cut it into separate pieces. It uses a dull edge to make the scores on the material.

This is commonly used for adhesives as it creates dry edges and foams.

Shear slitting uses two rotary blades to cut material. It replicates the way a pair of scissors cuts through the material. The blades are positioned precisely and they stay sharp for a long time.

This is commonly used for various materials including paper. But, it is the most ideal for heavier materials like films, sheets, foils, and laminates.

The thermal paper slitter rewinder is a shear slitting machine. It is used for POS, ATM, cash register, NCR, ECG, plotter, and other paper rolls.

When you receive a receipt, know that the paper was rolled using a slitter machine. They start out as very big master rolls. Then, they are cut and wound into small rolls.

How does a Slitter Rewinder Machine Work?

The slitting machine has several parts to its shear cutting process. It has the basic steps of unwinding, slitting, and rewinding.

First is the unwinding section. A jumbo roll of material is unwound in a neat manner, unrolled using functional rollers.

Next is the transmission section. Functional and print rollers deliver the unwound material into the machine. The material is kept flat for good and precise cuts in the next step.

Next is the slitting section. Of course, the setup depends on the slitting style of the machine. The system works on the required cuts and sizes of the master roll. The waste trimmings will be ejected from the machine.

Last is the rewinding section. The newly cut materials are going to be wound in their individual rolls. These are set on narrower cores to complete various sizes.

Different settings can be adjusted through the control terminal. This includes the tightness and sizes of your finished rolls. Speed settings and tension control are also controlled at the terminal.

What is Tension Control?

Tension control is the process of maintaining stress across the entire material. In slitting machines, tension is controlled using brakes or motors in the unwinding phase. This helps stretch the surface flat to cut the material well.

It’s an important part of slitting machines because the quality of the output is affected. These settings depend on the material that you want to cut.

What is the Slitting Machine HS Code?

The HS Code for slitting machines begins with 8441.

What Industries use Slitting Machines?

Many industries use the following materials: Paper, film, fiberglass, non-woven fabric, wire mesh, CFRT, CFRTP, aluminum foil, adhesive labels, etc.

Basically, aside from industrial settings, the slitting machine is multifunctional equipment.

How to you do the Maintenance of a Slitting Machine?

Like most machinery, it is good to do the periodic maintenance of your product. To make sure you reduce all possibilities of damage, it is good to hold a daily inspection of the machine.

Shear slitting machines are very precise machinery. Its performance is dependent on how well-calibrated the machine is.

You also need to make sure the cutting blades and knives remain sharp. It is good to check on the dust collection and component position twice a month.

How Does a High Speed Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine Work?

A high speed paper slitting rewinding machine’s functioning mechanism is not complex at all.

JOTA paper rewinders have been intended to be as simple as possible

The unwind, slitter, and rewind are the three primary components of a paper rewinder slitter.

The three components function together in a straightforward manner.

When you feed the jumbo paper roll into the paper slitter, three things happen. The paper will be unwound first. Second, depending on your slitter rewinder machine settings, it will be slitted into various widths. Finally, it will be rewound to match the cut widths.

The Unwinder

Unwinding the giant paper roll is the first step of a paper slitter’s working.

The jumbo paper roll is fed into the unwinder drum for the purpose of unwinding.

A hydraulic shaftless jumbo roll loading system is installed on the drum rewinders.

JOTA paper slitter rewinder machines have a large capacity for loading. You can also get Paper rewinders with a capacity of more than 2500mm in width.

On the other hand, the capacity of the jumbo paper roll diameter is 1500mm.

A guiding roller is also equipped in the paper rewinder slitter.

The guiding roller ensures that the jumbo paper roll is inserted into the slitter at the proper angle.

It also works to guarantee that the slitting process runs smoothly.

The guiding roller also reduces paper waste and the downtime ratio of the paper slitter which is quite a profitable thing for your business.

JOTA’s high speed paper slitting rewinding machines pull web paper out of the longitudinal slit portion automatically.

This eliminates the need to thread the web through the bottoms of two drums.

You will save time, labour, and debugging time as a result of this. To enhance efficiency, the paper rewinder slitters at JOTA are fully automated.

The Slitter

The most significant section of a paper slitter rewinder machine is the slitter portion.

The quality of your paper processing is affected by this component of a splitter machine.

The web of paper is spread to straighten it before it reaches the splitter head. Straightening guarantees that the cuts are of good quality.

Slitter round disc cutters come in a variety of styles and applications. They can be programmed to cut and trim giant paper rolls into various widths. The back and front edges of the paper roll are also sliced with round slitter disc cutters.

Configuration of the Slitter Blades

Slitter blades come in a variety of configurations.

Depending on your needs, JOTA high speed paper slitting rewinding machine can provide you with four to twenty blades.

JOTA makes sure that your paper rewinders have knives with the least amount of cutting resistance. The wear resistance is at its highest level.

Moreover, your paper slitters use round disc cutters that can reach microscopic levels. A crossbeam, cylinder, knife holder, round knife, and linear guide make up the pneumatic cutters.

You must make certain that your disc cutters are configured correctly.

Consider the paper’s size, shape, and thickness. Tangent slitting or wrap slitting are two options for slitting.

For clean and quality cuts, make sure the web tension is maintained throughout.

Your paper slitter’s slitter portion must be placed in an area with enough room to operate. It can be installed in the basement or in an overhead layout. Spreader rolls can be installed before or after the slitters, giving the installation flexibility.

The Rewinder

In your high speed paper slitting rewinding machine, the rewinding part of the machine is also highly significant.

In the rewinding stage of our paper slitting machine, there are two drum surface slitter rewinders.

The rewinding shaft is supported and driven by the drum surface slitter rewinders, which reduce roll vibration.

There is a distinction to be made between two drum winders and single drum winders. A two-drum winder is found on the majority of slitter machines on the market. For the rolls to wind on a single axis, two-drum winders are preferred.


Why Shall I Buy High Speed Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine from JOTA?

There are numerous reasons to invest at JOTA’s paper slitting machine for your paper mill. These are some of the reasons:

  • Efficiency
  • Automation
  • Customization
  • Cost saving
  • Latest thermal technology
  • Easy to operate
  • Variety of machinery
  • Installation


High speed paper slitting rewinding machine will help you run your paper mill more efficiently.

JOTA slitter rewinder machines are quick and efficient, reducing order lead times. You’ll be able to fulfil your customers’ orders with ease.


You’ll find high-quality automated slitter rewinder machines at Jota Machinery.

It ensures that the machines you use are of the greatest quality and that they will reduce your operating costs.

JOTA machines have a control panel on the dashboard. This makes it simple and straightforward for you to utilise.

The dashboard panel lacks a touch screen, which reduces the chances of a malfunction. You can also get a completely automated control panel with a touch screen to meet your needs.


When it comes to slitter paper designs, Jota Machinery is adaptable.

It can construct a two-blade paper rewinder to your exact specifications if you need one. It can also make custom designs on your demand.

Jota ensures the success of your company. You can easily contact to arrange your customized order.

Cost -Saving

JOTA’s high speed paper slitting rewinding machine will help you save money on operational expenditures. The paper slitters are automated and it will only require a few operators.

Latest Thermal Technology

At Jota Machinery, we make sure that our paper splitters are made with the most up-to-date technology.

We ensure that technology is used throughout the process, from unwinding to slitting to rewinding.

Easy to Operate

All of Jota’s high speed paper slitting rewinding machines are designed to be simple to operate.

It will take you a few hours to learn how to use our slitter machines.

You may learn how to operate our paper rewinders by going to our YouTube channel.

Variety of Machinery

Having a slitter machine in your business will allow you to expand your workshop’s machinery. JOTA provides you a wide range of machinery to choose from, including


Your paper rewinder slitter machines are designed to be simple to set up.

The professionals at JOTA are also on hand to assist you with the installation.

You may discover more about our client after-sale support on our website, as well as our installation techniques on our YouTube channel.

Why Use a Kraft Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine?

Papers slitting rewinding machines come in a variety of sizes.

One of the most common is the kraft paper slitter rewinder.

Kraft paper is the primary feedstock for kraft paper slitters. The kraft paper slitter machine can be used to make a variety of kraft paper goods.

JOTA’s high speed paper slitting rewinding machines can be used for a variety of tasks and with various types of paper. Kraft paper is one of the most often used types of paper.

Kraft paper is popular because it is utilised in a variety of items that necessitate its use. These goods include the following:

  • Envelopes
  • Multiwall shipping sacks
  • Asphalt- and resin-saturating base stocks
  • Various industrial converting and packaging applications
  • Protective packaging applications
  • Quick-serve carryout bags
  • Grocery and shopping bags
  • Butcher wrap and freezer paper base stock

Kraft paper is noted for its resilience and long-term durability. That is why it is used in heavy-duty applications. Packaging, wrapping, and feeling voids are only a few of the many applications.


Kraft paper is versatile and may be cut into a variety of forms.

Pallet Uses

To manufacture pre-cut sheets, a Kraft paper slitter rewinder can be utilised.

Pre-cut sheets are essential for preventing breakage and preserving items in transit.

Paint Masking

When painting an area, kraft paper can be used to hide gaps.

Aside from kraft paper, there are a variety of other materials that can be employed, such as

  • Micro tape
  • Non-woven fabric
  • Slitting of laminates
  • LDPE film
  • PVC
  • Nylon fabrics
  • Aluminum foil
  • Stretch film.
  • Telex and fax rolls
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Coated paper
  • Paper board
  • Textile cloth
  • Cling film


What Type of Drive Does Your High Speed Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine Have?

Paper slitting machines are an essential part of every paper milling operation.

It is due to the fact that they are the line’s finishing machinery.

To maximise efficiency, you should make sure that all of the slitter machines’ components are working properly. The drives are one of the most critical components to keep an eye on.

You can count on high-quality rolls when your drives are running at their best.

The drives make sure the rewinder is in sync. The coordination is done by controlling the speed and torque of the motors in a series of cycles. Drivers ensure that the speed of your high speed paper slitting rewinding machine is consistent from stop to full speed and back down to zero speed.

However, you must have the following information about your drives.

High-Speed Production

To accomplish high-speed manufacturing, make sure your slitting rewinding machine has the most up-to-date drives.

Improved drives based on cutting-edge technology will ensure better roll quality and faster speeds.

Keeping your drives in good working order reduces the number of times you’ll have to shut down due to a drive failure.

Reduction of Inefficiency and Maintenance Costs

Maintain that your drives are replaced according to the manufacturer’s timetable to ensure efficiency and low maintenance expenses.

Before the drives become obsolete, the supporting components should be changed as well. Repairing obsolete drive components is costly.

Insulation breakdowns due to cracked wiring are among the most typical issues connected with worn-out drives.

Another issue is the need for ongoing attention as a result of troublesome drift.

At Jota Machinery, your paper slitting machine drives are made with the most up-to-date technology. This is accomplished by upgrading the drives with high-performance digital endpoints.


At JOTA, the high speed paper slitting rewinding machines have a drive attached to manage the unwind motor for efficiency.

The jumbo paper roll’s tension is controlled and maintained by the unwind motor.

The lead in the paper roll that leads the paper to the slitter is controlled by a second drive.

The front drums are controlled by a third drive, while the rear drums are controlled by a fourth drive.

The speed of the paper slitter rewinder machine is controlled by both the rear and front drums.

Moreover, the drives are heavy-duty and take into account the size of the paper rewinders’ rolls and motors. The motors’ acceleration and deceleration are made easier as a result of this.

Tension Control

Your JOTA high speed paper slitting rewinding machines aren’t complete without drives.

The unwind portion has drives that help to maintain the maximum tension required for clean slits.

It guarantees that the slitted rolls are of good quality.

Master Control

The master control integrates all of the drives in your JOTA paper slitters.

This provides you complete control over the paper slitter machine’s speed, torque, and tension.

The following are some of the other advantages of having a master control:

  • Optimizing the roll profile is simple.
  • Configurations for automatic start and stop.
  • Product receipt capabilities contribute to improved order setup efficiency and product consistency.
  • Setpoints in both graphical and numerical form
  • Modules for simple diagnostics.
  • The drive hardware and the control equipment are being combined.
  • Flexible and simple to use solution that boosts performance.


What Are the Parameters of High Speed Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine?

Jota Machinery makes every effort to ensure that our paper slitting rewinding machines are of the best possible quality. They must adhere to your requirements.

You can also have customised paper slitter machines to your exact specifications at JOTAs.

The following are the basic specifications of our slitter rewinder machine:

  • 3500 mm maximum unwinding width
  • 1800mm maximum unwinding diameter
  • Our paper slitting machines can handle paper thicknesses ranging from 40gsm to 450gsm.
  • With a maximum speed of 800 metres per minute, Jota Machinery manufactures paper slitters.
  • The unwinding and rewinding shafts can be customised to your specifications. The most common air expanding shaft is 3”. (76mm).
  • The paper rewinder slitter machines which JOTA manufactures, have a rated power of 37Kw.
  • It endeavours to make paper slitter rewinder machines that are energy efficient. You will save money on your power bill as a result of this.


What Is the Configuration of the High Speed Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine?

The high speed paper slitting rewinding machine’s settings and features are largely determined by your needs.

The configurations of your machine are also determined by the size of the parent jumbo roll.

Your paper slitters come in a variety of basic configurations.

  • High Speed
  • Centralized Control System
  • Guiding Roller
  • Slit Section
  • Two Drum Support Rollers
  • Lay-on Roller Unit
  • Active Banana Roller Device
  • Finished Roll Ejecting Unit
  • Rewinding Roll Lock Core
  • Lowering Platform
  • Web Threading Device
  • Machine Frame
  • Transmission System


Does JOTA Assist in the Installation of High Speed Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine?

Yes, Jota Machinery will assist you with the high speed paper slitting rewinding machine installation.

It double-checks that the paper slitting rewinder is working properly.

However, you should also have the information of the installing process.

From making the base to the finished discharging machine, a slitter rewinder machine installation comprises a succession of processes.

The experienced Jota Machinery engineers will walk you through the process step by step.

JOTA helps your engineers on the ground until they understand everything.


The following are some of the main components of the slitter rewinder machine that Jota Machinery may deliver to you:

  • Threading a web of paper
  • Rolls that provide support
  • The bearing’s construction
  • Rolling under pressure
  • Section for slitting
  • Table that tilts
  • Mandrels for clamping the core
  • Rolls of spreader
  • Stand for unwinding
  • Pneumatic circuit for a paper slitter rewinder machine
  • Hydrostatic drive for a paper slitting machine
  • Electric parts for paper rewinders include cabling, control boards, and switchboard boxes.
  • Machine guards for slitter rewinders

It’s a good idea to double-check that your high speed paper slitting rewinding machine is in good operating order.

In the event of a breakdown, make sure the rewinder machine is turned off first. If the problem persists, you can contact JOTA for assistance.


What Should I Consider before Buying a High Speed Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine?

Papers slitting rewinding machines are large manufacturing machinery that cost a lot of money to purchase.

As a result, it’s critical to conduct extensive study in order to select the greatest paper slitter for your needs.

We can provide you with high-quality high speed paper slitting rewinding machines at Jota Machinery.

Before you buy a paper slitter rewinder, there are a few things to think about.

Examine Your Manufacturing Requirements

Take your time to figure out what kind of high speed paper slitting rewinding machine you need and what features you need for the best return on your investment.

JOTA’s paper slitter has a maximum rewinding speed of 800 metres per minute.

The unwinding diameter of the Jota paper slitter rewinder is 1800mm, and the maximum unwinding width is 3500mm.

As a result, our paper slitter rewinder machine’s loading capacity is increased.


Edge gilding and tension control are the most important factors in determining the efficiency of a paper slitter rewinder machine.

It’s important to make sure the paper slitter has a strong handle on the material’s tension.

You should also check that the slitter rewinder machine precisely aligns materials throughout the rewinding process.

The finished rolls will be determined by the new core of the kraft paper slitter rewinder machine.

The Most Recent Technology

The paper slitter rewinder machine you choose must have the most up-to-date technological characteristics.

Features such as the twin shaft technology must be included.

It will assure high-speed operation during downtime.

We, at JOTA, have a slitter rewinder machine with the newest technological characteristics. Our 2500mm kraft paper roll sitting machine is an example of such an updated unit.

Because it has more design features, it may substantially assist you enhance your manufacturing capacity.

The various components of a high speed paper slitting rewinding machine are all designed to be efficient. They are entirely automated to ensure product quality and delivery timeliness.

After-Sales Service

It’s crucial to buy a recognised brand like Jota Machinery when buying a paper slitter rewinder machine. Such brands will be able to provide you with technical assistance during the installation process.

You should also be able to acquire help training your personnel on how to use the paper slitter.

As a result, it’s critical to confirm that the manufacturer will provide you with the necessary support.

It is because technical support is critical to the paper slitting rewinding machine’s efficient operation.


Is There Any Specific Maintenance Process for the High Speed Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine?

Maintaining a paper splitting machine is a critical process because it runs at high speeds of about 2000 feet per minute.

The paper slitter machine is available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Maintenance procedures for paper slitting machines must be carried out on a daily basis.

Always make sure the paper slitter’s criterion is clean, smooth, and free of dust and debris.

You should also check that the paper slitter’s sliding parts are in good working order.

Your high speed paper slitting rewinding machine will need to be halted on a regular basis for inspections.

To keep track of wear and tear, you should follow our maintenance programme. Maintain regular change, adjustment, and commutator records to assist the paper slitter last longer.

JOTA recommends following maintenance routine.


It’s critical to maintain your slitter machine lubricated.

Many moving parts of a paper slitter need to be lubricated.

It guarantees that your high speed paper slitting rewinding machine performs to its full potential.

When exposed to dirt particles over an extended period of time, the oil becomes dangerous.

If you don’t oil the bearings on moving elements like the rollers as needed, you risk harming them.

This could cause valves, seals, and joints to become clogged. The performance of your paper rewinders will be ensured if you change your oil on a regular basis.

When oiling the sections that require it, make sure to use clean oil. This is to guarantee that the slitter rewinder machine is in excellent working order.

Electric Motors

High speed paper slitting rewinding machines’ electric motors require routine maintenance.

It’s critical to make sure there’s enough clean air flowing through the motor.

This is due to the fact that as the temperature of the electric motor rises, so does its performance.

The main shaft bearings can also be lubricated to improve the life of the electric motor.

After around 2000 hours of use, be sure you lubricate the shaft bearing.

Make sure there is no dirt inside the electric motor. If any seals are damaged, they should be replaced. Make sure all of your power is turned off before starting the maintenance procedure.


Is It Possible to Have Automatic Roll Removal in High Speed Paper Slitting Rewinding Operations?

Yes, in a high speed paper slitting rewinding machine, you can get an automatic roll removal.

The master roll’s width or length will be shortened using the paper slitting machine.

Normally, the master roll and wide in a way that is unsuitable for your needs.

As a result, a paper slitter rewinder machine comes in handy to help with automatic roll disintegration.

Jota Machineries has a wide variety of high speed paper slitting rewinding machines to satisfy your needs. Our paper slitting machines can slit and rewind any flexible material automatically.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

We Jota could also supply following related machines, if you are also interested in any type, please feel free to send us an inquiry:

  1. Hot Melt Thermoplastic CFRP CFRTP Prepreg Manufacturing Machine
  2. Fully Automatic Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Packing Machine
  3. Fully Automatic Toilet Paper Maker
  4. Automatic Facial Tissue Making Machine
  5. Paper Sheeter
  6. Paper Tube Making Machine
  7. CFRP CFRTP FRP Prepreg Slitter
  8. Paper Drinking Straws Machine
  9. Label Die Cutting Machine
  10. Flexo Printing Machine
  11. Cardboard Tube Cutting Machine
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