JT-SLT-2500C Two Drum Slitting Rewinding Machine

Big Roll Kraft Paper Slitting Rewinding
  • Max. Unwinding Width 2500mm
  • Max. Unwinding Diameter 1500mm
  • Max. Rewinding Diameter 1500mm
  • Max. Speed 500m/min


Max. Unwinding Width2500mm
Max. Unwinding Diameter1500mm
Max. Rewinding Diameter1500mm
Paper Thickness Range40gsm-450gsm
Max. Speed500m/min
Unwinding/Rewinding Shaft3’’ (76mm) air expanding shaft (Size Customizable)
Upper Rotary Blade9SiCr, φ200mmxφ170mmxφ40mm
Lower Rotary Blade9SiCr, φ190mmxφ90mmxφ2mm
Rated Power37Kw
Total Weight7000Kg
Overall Dimensions2530mm*6700mm*3700mm
Configurations and Features
JT-SLT-2500C high-speed kraft paper two drum slitting rewinding machine suits to the cutting of various ultra-large jumbo roll paper materials, such as special paper, coated paper, cardboard paper, kraft paper, etc.
1. PLC control system and touch screen HMI, all the parameters are shown on the touch screen. You just need to set up jumbo roll diameter, paper thickness and original tension, etc, the machine could work automatically.
2. Hydraulic jumbo roll loading, it consists of unwinding rack, air brake, shaftless thimble, longitudinal adjustment device, hydraulic station, etc. Good stability and large carrying capacity.
3. Paper guiding roller, ensures the parent web enters the slitting device at a constant angle.
4. Longitudinal slit section, upper round knife unit (Crossbeam, cylinder, knife holder, round knife, linear guide) and lower round knife unit (knife shaft, round knife, bearing base, inverter motor).
5. Two drum support rollers, support and drive the finished paper roll to rotate.
6. Lay-on roller unit (lay-on roller, cylinder, sprocket, slide base, crossbeam).
7. Active banana roller device, its direction could be adjusted according to paper thickness, flatten the paper in the best direction according to operational requirements.
8. Finished roll ejecting unit (ejecting roller, swing arm, air cylinder).
9. Rewinding roll lock core, it is composed of a hand wheel, a lead screw, an inner sleeve, a ratchet, and a bolt, its usage is locking and releasing rewinding shaft.
10. Lowering platform, discharge the finished roll from two drum support roller to the ground.
11. Web threading device, it consists of a pneumatic tire and paper guide frame, its function is automatically drawing web paper out between two drums.
12. Machine frame, it contains bottom rails, front uprights, back uprights, and crossbeams, reasonable shape, good rigidity and high strength, and works safely at high machine speeds.
13. Transmission system, it is composed of a motor, gearbox, brake, base, etc., it drives the front drum support roller to rotate. The coupling between the reducer and the motor has a brake wheel, when the paper breaks or machine stops suddenly, brake wheel cooperates with the brake to act as an emergency brake.


JT-SLT-2500C High-Speed Kraft Paper Two Drum Slitting Rewinding Machine

One of we Jota’s Chile clients purchased 2 sets JT-SLT-2500C high-speed kraft paper two drum slitting rewinding machine, and they sent back a feedback video to us.

In order to assist this client successfully running these 2 machines, we Jota’s engineers flew from China to Chile and spent a month in Chile.

From ground base construction to finished roll discharging, we Jota’s engineers guided customers carefully, until the customer side’s engineers fully grasp.

This Chile client was quite satisfied with we Jota’s attentive service during we Jota engineers’ 1-month stay in Chile.

Customer satisfaction is always we Jota’s relentless pursuit. Before this Chile client purchasing JT-SLT-2500C two drum slitter rewinder machines from us, they have bought 1 set Jota old version 2100mm width kraft paper slitting machine.



Old Version 2100mm Width Kraft Paper Slitting Machine

This old version kraft paper slitter rewinder served many years for Chile client, Chile client’s business got much bigger and better. They grew up to Chile’s top paper converting supplier. Their factory is filled with many machines, include some European ones.

Their factory converts kraft paper, whiteboard paper, specialty paper, photocopy paper, etc.

Because the business of this Chilean customer continues to expand, they want to expand production capacity, so they chose to purchase 2500mm width kraft paper roll slitting machine from us.


JT-SLT-2500C Two Drum Slitter Winder Machine

With 2 sets JT-SLT-2500C two drum slitting and rewinding machine, Chile client’s production capacity could be definitely upgraded to a higher level. Because JT-SLT-2500C’s initial design has many beneficial features.

For JT-SLT-2500C two drum craft paper winder machine, it includes several important sections, such as unwinding, web guiding and threading, longitudinal slit, rewinding, finished roll ejecting and discharging, control system, etc.

Regarding the unwinding section, JT-SLT-2500C two drum winder equips with hydraulic shaftless jumbo roll loading system.

With such system, Chile client’s operator doesn’t need to put unwinding shaft through kraft paper jumbo roll, operation is much simpler, jumbo roll loading time could be effectively saved.

What’s more, hydraulic system’s loading capacity is stronger. That means, JT-SLT-2500C roll cutter slitter is able to load and bear 2500mm width, 1500mm diameter kraft paper or whiteboard paper jumbo roll.

With respect to web guiding and threading section, web guiding roller ensures the parent web enters the slitting device at a constant angle, avoids material deviation, decrease material waste and machine downtime ratio;

Web threading device automatically drawing web paper out between two drums, then Chile client’s operator doesn’t need to lie on the ground, then put web through the bottom of two drums, operator’s labor and time are saved, this part’s debugging time will also be shortened.

With regard to the longitudinal slit section, it adopts shear cutting.


The upper pneumatic circular knife unit consists of a crossbeam, cylinder, knife holder, round knife, linear guide, it is imported from Taiwan, cutting resistance is minimum and the wear resistance is maximum, slitting accuracy could reach the micron level.

What’s more, we also could supply the automatic knife positioning system to realize the slitting width adjustment freely, which will helps the time saving, and labor risk reductions.


And lower round knife unit is composed of knife shaft, round knife, bearing base, inverter motor.

For JT-SLT-2500C two drum surface slitter rewinder’s rewinding section, as the machine equips with two drums, these two drums not only support and drive rewinding shaft rotating but also reduce roll vibration.

Besides, there is a lay-on roller riding on rewinding roll during machine running, ensures the final rewinding effect is great.


After rewinding finished, it comes to finished roll discharging. Rewinding shaft with finished rolls will be ejected out by ejecting unit first, rolls down to lowering platform, then lowering platform turns down a certain angle, these finished rolls are unloaded to the ground.



Of course, we couldn’t ignore the most important control system, it is the brain of Chile client’s JT-SL-2500C two drum high speed slitting machine.

This Chile client bought 2 sets JT-SLT-2500C from we Jota, the first one is dashboard panel control without touch screen. The customer still think it is more convenient to control with touch screen, so we Jota customized touch screen control as Chile client’s request.


Now, Chile client’s 2nd JT-SLT-2500C rotary shear slitting rewinding machine is quite convenient for use with touch screen.


So, if you also want to customize your own dreamy jumbo roll kraft paper slitting rewinding machine, we Jota is definitely worthy of your trust.

You could also enjoy the same service as Chile client. What you need to do now, is just simply submit your request to us, we are always ready to offer one-on-one service to you.

JT-SLT-2500C High-Speed Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine FAQ Guide


Paper slitter rewinder has become a famous machine in the industry of paper.  People in the paper industries are greatly moving towards buying this machine.

If you are looking for a machine that can reduce your paper rolls into smaller reels then you are at the right place.

JOTA provides high speed paper slitting rewinding machine which is the best match for your need.

It manufactures a variety of narrow rolls in a short amount of time and it is a fully automatic slitting rewinding machine for your paper.

Moreover, its high productivity surely boosts up your business and you gain much profit.

Let’s unravel the qualities and details of the specific machine.

1. What’s paper slitting rewinding machine?

Paper slitting rewinding machine has a close relationship with all kinds of paper, such as thermal paper, office copy paper, substration paper, craft paper, white paper, etc.

With paper slitting rewinding machine, many kinds of paper parent web or paper jumbo roll could be converted to small rolls for further use.

A slitting machine is a kind of basic flexible packaging equipment, usually composed of the steps of unwinding, slitting cutting, and rewinding to complete the special processing for slitting large rolls of materials into small rolls of materials.

The slitting rewinding machine is a kind of intelligent equipment. One frequency inverter is often used to control the rotation of the main feeding system(NIP roller) and the slitting round disc knife, and the other two frequency inverters respectively control the speed and tension of the rewinding.

The slitting rewinding machine adopts a round disc knife or a straight razor blade for slitting. After unwinding, the mother large rolls must be unwinded, and then a single layer of paper material enters the slitting cutting station, cuts into pre-set data, and then rewinds to different lengths and different widths.

According to the different characteristics and usage of the paper material, we generally divide the slitting machine into many sub-categories such as film slitting rewinding machine, paper slitter rewinder machine, thermal paper roll slitting machine, and adhesive sticky paper roll slitting machine, etc.

Each material is different, there will be corresponding functional differences. Today we will talk about the paper slitting rewinding machine.

As the name suggests, the paper slitting machine is a slitting machine that is professionally used to slit paper or paper cardboard. Of course, there are some special slitting machines such as toilet paper slitting machines and paper tape slitting machines. But in the market, the paper slitting rewinding machine is the majority.

Due to the wide variety of paper mother rolls, we only base on coated paper and white cardboard with gray paper cardboard, which is more common in the printing and packaging field.

Coated paper is a high-quality printing paper made of base paper coated with white paint. It is mainly used for printing the covers and illustrations of high-end books and periodicals. Coated paper is used for landscape photos or photos with rich colors and complex patterns.

Coated paper is a relatively advanced paper, so the substrate of coated paper is high in wood pulp content, wood fiber length is relatively long, paper quality is good, and the thickness is around 70gsm to 320gsm.

Coated paper is a relatively high-level paper, coupled with the characteristics of strong and thick, generally uses active circular knife slitting to cut. This kind of active round cutting method can cut the paper quickly through the high speed of the knife, and create less dust, and the cutting edges are neat.

A paper slitting rewinding machine is a slitting machine specially used for slitting paper and paper board. The width range is from 800mm to 350mm, the unwinding diameter is from 1000mm to 1500mm, and the winding diameter is from 800mm to 1500mm. The speed range is from 200m/min to 500m/min.

Paper slitting rewinding machines are mainly used in printing and packaging plants and paper mills. The slitting rewinding machines used in paper mills are heavy-duty single-shaft slitting and rewinding machines. The winding mechanism adopts two bottom rollers and one upper pressure roller. The single shaft of the rewinding is stuck in it, and the paper enters through the rewinding lower pressure roller, which protects the strength tension of the paper surface very well, so the speed of this machine can be driven from 500m/min to 1000m/min. The high efficiency of the single-shaft slitting machine is of great help to the operation of changing rolls and greatly saves time and labor.

Due to the high speed and efficiency of this slitting method, it is generally adopted by large paper mills. After the paper is calendering out from the coating machine, the width of the large roll of paper will be between 3000mm and 5000mm. Large rolls of paper directly enter the wide-width slitting machine to be slit / converted into various sizes and for resell. The largest paper roll diameter will reach D1800mm.

In conjunction with the work of high-speed slitting machines, pneumatic round

disc knives are generally adopted. A pneumatic round disc knife is a kind of disc knife controlled by pneumatic pressure. It is popular in Europe or Taiwan, and it has been spread to the Chinese market in the past 10 years. Due to its small runout, high precision, and wear resistance, pneumatic knives have been used by high-end equipment. The current size of the air knife is D150 x D80mm, and the hardness HRC is 62-64 degrees.

Due to its simple adjustment and convenient pneumatic closure, the pneumatic round disc knife is very convenient for the adjustment of multiple specifications in paper mills. The most important thing is that due to the advantages of the structure, the pneumatic round disc knife has a relatively small jump during high-speed rotation, and the maximum cutting speed can exceed 1000m/min. . Because of the excellent performance, it is accepted by the majority of the market.

If you are a large printing plant or paper mill, please consider using high-end level pneumatic round disc knives on your paper slitting machine. Although a knife will be costly, it will greatly improve quality and speed control.

In the market, there is another kind of papers, such as white cardboard kraft paper and gray card board paper. Due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness, it is widely used in the packaging field. Compared with coated paper, the wood pulp fiber registration of cardboard is much worse, and more straw pulp is adopted. Because the tensile properties of cardboard are relatively weak.

However, the rollers used in the paper slitting rewinding machine are all steel rollers above D250mm, which have great wrapping properties, so jammed paper is also suitable for this slitting method. Each drive roller is ingeniously designed by mechanical engineers to form a good angle to protect the stretchability of the paper reels.

After entering the rewinding station, the D450mm bottom roller binds the paper cardboard well, ensuring the high tension requirements are maintained during high-speed rewinding and slitting.

When the paper cardboard is cut, a small amount of dust will be generated. If the dust falls on the surface of the paper, it will be carried into the offset press or die cutting machine in the next process. Our engineers specially optimized a pneumatic circular cutter with a dust suction device. It is composed of a closed knife cover and a dust suction fan. When cutting, the dust is automatically collected, which is very efficient and safe.

If you are always troubled by the dust during slitting, please contact our sales team, we will give you great support for the automatic dust collector.

Jota machinery has accumulated considerable experience in paper slitting machines. We have a deep understanding of the characteristics of various papers, especially for the control system of large paper slitting machines. We have our own electrical engineers who can control all the system has its own understanding.

An excellent control system, for a paper slitting machine, is like installing a smart brain, and the control of every small action of the slitter rewinder machine can be precisely controlled by the soft program. All mechanical actions, pneumatic systems, and electrical circuit systems are coordinated with each other, which is efficient and clean.

So when you buy this type of paper slitting machine, you must also consider the optimization of the control system. Both hardware and software are an essential part of the paper slitting machine.

A slitting machine is a type of basic flexible packaging equipment that consists of unwinding, slit cutting, and rewinding operations to complete the unique procedure. It is used for slitting larger rolls of materials into smaller ones.

All types of paper, such as thermal paper, office copy paper, substration paper, craft paper, white paper, and so on, have a tight link with the high speed paper slitting rewinding machine.

Many types of paper parent web or paper jumbo roll can be converted to small rolls for future usage with a paper slitting rewinding machine.


For slitting, the slitting rewinding machine uses a circular disc knife or a straight razor blade.

After unwinding, the mother large rolls are un-wind, and a single layer of paper material is entered through the slitting cutting station.

Here, it is sliced into pre-set data and then re-wind to various lengths and widths.

A paper slitting machine is a slitting machine that is used to slit paper or paper cardboard in a professional setting.

Special slitting machines, such as toilet paper slitting machines and paper tape slitting machines, are available.

However, the paper slitting rewinding machine is the most common on the market.

Jota only uses coated paper and white cardboard with grey paper cardboard, which is more widespread in the printing and packaging industry, due to the vast choice of paper mother rolls.

High speed paper slitting rewinding machine
High speed paper slitting rewinding machine


The rollers used in the high speed paper slitting rewinding machine are all steel rollers with a diameter greater than D250mm.

These rollers have an excellent wrapping capability, so stuck paper can be slit using this approach.

JOTA’s Mechanical engineers cleverly built each driving roller to produce a proper angle to protect the stretchability of the paper reels.

The D450mm bottom roller binds the paper cardboard well after it enters the rewinding station.

It guarantees that the high-tension requirements are met during high-speed rewinding and slitting.

A minor amount of dust will be formed when the paper cardboard is sliced.

If dust settles on the paper’s surface, it will be taken into the offset press or die cutting machine during the next step.

A pneumatic circular cutter with a dust suction system was carefully tuned by our engineers. It’s made up of a dust suction fan and a closed knife cover.

Dust is automatically collected when cutting, which is both efficient and safe.


A high speed paper slitting rewinding machine has the unwinding diameter of 1000mm to 1500mm. While the winding diameter is 800mm to 1500mm.

The width is from 800mm to 350mm. The pace ranges from 200 to 500 meters per minute.

Control System

At JOTA, we have our own electrical engineers who can control and understand the entire system.

An excellent control system for a paper slitting machine is equivalent to installing a clever brain.

The soft program can perfectly control every minor activity of the slitter rewinder machine.

All mechanical operations, pneumatic systems, and electrical circuit systems are synchronized with one another.

It results in a clean and efficient system.

If you have any questions or thoughts on the paper slitting rewinding machine, just send us us an inquiry.


kraft paper board slitter with Max. speed of 500m/min.

2. Where is paper slitting rewinding machine used?

Speaking of paper slitting rewinding machine application scenario, it is mainly related to the printing press, material converting workshop. Of course, there are many special type papers, their application scenario is in bank, hospital, ATM, POS, Fax.

The paper slitting rewinding machine is used by various industries. These industries are as follows:

  • Printing and packaging
  • Large paper mills
  • Printing industries

Printing and Packaging Industries

Printing and packaging plants, as well as paper mills, use high speed paper slitting rewinding machines.

Heavy-duty single-shaft slitting and rewinding machines are used in paper mills for slitting and rewinding purposes.

Two bottom rollers and one higher pressure roller make up the winding mechanism in the machine. The rewinding single shaft is fixed in it, and the paper enters through the rewinding lower pressure roller.

This maintains the strength tension of the paper surface extremely well. Which allows the machine to run at speeds ranging from 500 to 1000 metres per minute.

The single-shaft slitting machine’s excellent efficiency makes the process of changing rolls a lot easier and saves a lot of time and effort.

Large Paper Mills

Large paper mills commonly use this slitting technology because of its great speed and efficiency.

The breadth of the enormous roll of paper when it comes out of the coating machine is between 3000mm and 5000mm.

Large rolls of paper are fed straight into a wide-width slitting machine, where they are slit or converted into various sizes and then resold.

D1800mm is the largest paper roll diameter.

Printing Industries

You should consider employing high-end level pneumatic round disc knives on your paper slitting machine if you are a large printing plant or paper mill.

Although a knife is expensive, it will enhance quality and speed control significantly.

The pneumatic round disc knife is ideal for adjusting several specifications in paper mills due to its simple adjustment and convenient pneumatic closing.

The most essential feature is that the pneumatic round disc knife has a very small leap during high-speed rotation.

Due to the advantages of the structure, the maximum cutting speed can reach 1000m/min.

The majority of the market accepts it due to its exceptional performance.

Moreover, these machines are used in the banks, ATM, hospitals, and POS.

3. What materials could be handled by paper slitting rewinding machine?

The high speed paper slitting rewinding machine handles a vast variety of material. Except for the previously mentioned paper, aluminum foil, non-woven fabric, plastic film, fiberglass, CFRP, CFRPT are both supported.

Buying this machine can benefit you in your business because of its various capabilities.

Let’s move towards the type of material is uses.

Coated Papers

Coated paper is a high-quality printing paper made of base paper coated with white paint.

It is mainly used for printing the covers and illustrations of high-end books and periodicals.

Coated paper is used for landscape photos or photos with rich colors and complex patterns.

Coated paper is a relatively advanced paper. The substrate of coated paper is high in wood pulp content, wood fiber length is relatively long, paper quality is good, and the thickness is around 70gsm to 320gsm.

Coated paper is a relatively high-level paper, which is strong and thick.

Generally, it uses active circular knife slitting to cut.

This kind of active round cutting method can cut the paper quickly through the high speed of the knife, and create less dust, and the cutting edges are neat.

Other Material

Other types of papers, such as white cardboard, kraft paper, and grey card board paper, are available on JOTA.

These papers are commonly utilized in the packaging industry due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness.

The wood pulp fiber registration of cardboard is substantially worse than that of coated paper, and more straw pulp is used. It is because the cardboard’s tensile characteristics are quite poor.

Moreover, it also uses aluminum foil, non-woven fabric, plastic film, fiberglass, CFRP, CFRPT as a paper material.

4. What are the advantages of JT-SLT-2500C high-speed paper slitting rewinding machine?

As JT-SLT-2500C paper slitting rewinding machine is big machine, it supports max. 2500mm width material web, big unwinding width is the most obvious advantage.

What’s more, the unwinding width could be customized to support 3200mm, if you have such a requirement, please feel free to contact us.

Its advantages include:

  • It ensures the best possible slit edge quality.
  • The material can be rewind onto different core sizes or slit from a master roll.
  • It can do multiple cuts can be done at simultaneously.
  • The slitting machine’s primary function is to unwind a large mother roll, cut and slit it using a knife (round disc knife or razor blade knife).  Then it rewinds the narrow-finished rolls or small diameter rolls.
  • The level of productivity is really high and it works with great speed.
  • 20 ATM or POS rolls are created on average per minute which results in a monthly output of 20*60*8*22=211,200 small rolls. This is highly profitable for your business.
  • It has Siemens PLC with touch control screen and visible quality.
  • You can optionally add the parts in the high speed paper slitting rewinding machine, and production efficiency could undoubtedly be improved.
  • Furthermore, the unwinding width can be adjusted to support 3200mm webs. You can contact JOTA for your required paper rewinding machine.

What is a Paper Slitter Rewinder?

A paper slitter is a machine that is used at the end of a paper rolling mill. A paper slitter rewinder machine cuts huge chunks of large reels of paper into smaller widths. At the same time, it rewinds the paper into smaller rolls. During rewinding, the slitters cut the paper into smaller rolls.

  • A slitting rewinding machine can be used in several ways. It can be used for unwinding, slitting cutting, and rewinding. The slitting is achieved by large slitting round disc knives that are set to your specification. Two frequent inverters are fitted to control the speed and tension of the rewinding.
  • You can use a paper slitter rewinder in a couple of ways that include but not limited to:
    Converting kraft paper jumbo roll, whiteboard paper, specialty paper among others into smaller rolls.
  • Slitting paper into smaller papers such as ATM receipts, POS receipts, ticket receipts, and bank printer rolls.
  • You can also use it in slitting film and foil materials into narrower rolls.
  • You can use the paper slitter rewinder machine in cutting large paper jumbo rolls into manageable sizes for repackaging.

At Jota machinery, we produce high-quality and durable paper slitters with a guarantee of efficiency. Visit our website to view more of our paper slitters. You can also contact us in case of any clarifications.

How Does a Paper Slitter Rewinder Machine work?

The working mechanism of a slitter rewinder machine is not as complicated as you may think. We have designed our paper rewinders to be as simple as possible. We have also factored in efficiency and ease of use.

Paper rewinder slitters have three main components that include the unwind, the slitter, and the rewind. The three parts work simply. Three processes occur when you feed the jumbo paper roll into the paper slitter. First, the paper will be unwound. Secondly, it will be slit into different widths according to your slitter rewinder machine setting. And lastly, it will be rewound according to the cut widths.


The unwinding sections of a paper slitter work by unwinding the jumbo paper roll. This is done by feeding the jumbo paper roll into the unwinder drum. We manufacture both the two-drum winder slitter machines and four drum rewinder paper slitter machines. The drum rewinders are equipped with a hydraulic shaftless jumbo roll loading system.

Our paper slitter rewinder machines have a significant loading capacity. You can get paper rewinders with a capacity of more than 2500mm in width. The jumbo paper roll diameter capacity 1500mm is.

The paper rewinder slitter is also equipped with a guiding roller. The guiding roller ensures that the jumbo paper roll enters the slitter at the set angle. It also works to ensure that there is no deviation in the slitting process. The guiding roller also minimizes paper wastage and the paper slitter downtime ratio.

Our paper slitter rewinder machines automatically draw web paper out into the longitudinal slit section. This means that you will not have to put the web through the bottom of two drums. This will save you time, labor, and shorten the debugging time. Our paper rewinder slitters are fully automated to ensure efficiency.

The Slitter

The slitter section of a paper slitter rewinder machine is the most important section of the machine. This section of a splitter machine impacts the quality of your paper processing. This is where the actual separation of the web into smaller slits occurs. The jumbo paper roll is passed through a series of rollers through the slitter head. The slitter head is a mage of a series of rotating round disc cutters. The round disc cutters are usually adjusted electronically to required widths depending on the type of paper being cut. The pneumatic cutter can also be interchanged depending on the type of paper being cut.

Before the web of paper reaches the splitter head, it is spread to straighten it. Straightening ensures ensure that you get good quality cuts.

The slitter round disc cutters are of various types and use. They can be set to cut the jumbo paper rolls into various widths and trim them. Round slitter disc cutters are also used in cutting the back and front edges of the paper roll.

Most of our paper slitter rewinder machines have several configurations of slitter blades. Our paper slitters can have 4 to more than 20 blades depending on your specification.

We ensure that we equip our paper rewinders with knives with minimum cutting resistance. The wear resistance is at the maximum. The round disc cutters installed on our paper slitters can also reach micron levels. The pneumatic cutters consist of a crossbeam, cylinder, knife holder, round knife, and linear guide.

You must ensure that your disc cutters are set accordingly. Factor in the size, shape, and thickness of the paper. The slitting method can be either tangent slitting or wrap slitting. The type of slipping depends on the path the web follows and where the knives are located. Ensure that the web tension is maintained throughout for clean and quality cuts.

The slitter section of your paper slitter must be located in an area with sufficient space for operation. You can either install it with an overhead configuration or in the basement. The installation is flexible because you can have spreader rolls before or after the slitters.

The Rewinder

The rewinder section of a slitter machine is also very important in a slitter rewinder machine. Our paper slitting machine is equipped with two drum surface slitter rewinders in the rewinding section. The drum surface slitter rewinders serve to support and drive the rewinding shaft and reduce roll vibration.

You should note that there is a differentiation between two drum winders and single drum winders. Most of the available slitter machines have a two-drum winder. The two-drum winders are preferred because they wind the rolls on a single axis.

Some of the common paper you can rewind on a two-drum winder include:

  • Fine paper
  • Tissues
  • Newsprint
  • Board grades
  • Paper towels.
  • Receipt paper

We have also fitted a lay-on roller that lays on the web of paper that has been slit. The lay-on paper ensures stability in the rewinding effect. After the slitted web is rewound, it then joins the finished roll discharging.

Finished rolls are held by the rewinding shaft that is then ejected out by the ejecting unit. It is then lowered down by the lowering platform. The finished rolls are then rolled out of the paper slitter machine.

To have high-quality slitted paper, ensure that:

  • The parent rolls are free from defects and folds.
  • You should also ensure that the slitters or blades are well set to your standards and specifications.
  • Ensure the parent rolls have straight-edged end faces.
  • The rewinding hardness should be slightly decreasing from inside to outside or as constant as possible.
  • Ensure that the jumbo paper and the slitted web of paper show a good winding structure.

For more information on how our paper slitter machines work visit our YouTube channel on



Why You Should Buy Your Paper Slitter Machines from us

There are many reasons why you should have a paper slitting machine in your paper mill business. Some of these reasons include:


Paper slitter rewinder machines will ensure efficiency in your paper mill business. Our slitter rewinder machines are efficient and reduce lead times on your orders. You will be able to meet your customer’s orders without many hurdles.


At Jota Machinery, we produce high-quality automated slitter rewinder machines. Be sure of the highest quality machines that will save you on your operations cost. Our machines are equipped with a dashboard panel control. This makes is easy and simple for you to use.
The dashboard panel does not have a touch screen thus minimizing the chances of a breakdown. If you need a fully automated control panel that has a touch screen, we can customize it for you. Check out our automatic slitter rewinder machine in operation at https://youtu.be/zSy3rvKhIZ0.


At Jota Machinery, we are flexible when it comes to your slitter paper designs. We will accept your customized designs and integrate them with our ideas. If you need a two-blade paper rewinder, we will make it to your exact specifications.
We believe we are an integral part of your business. The success of your business is our business. Feel free to contact us for the placement of your customized order.


Our paper splitter rewinder will help you save on costs associated with operations. Because our paper slitters are automated, you will require few operators for the machine.

Latest Thermal Paper Slitter Technology

At Jota Machinery, we ensure that we use the latest technology in the manufacture of paper splitters. From the unwinding, the slitting, and through the rewinding processes, we ensure technology is applied throughout.

Easy To Operate Slitter Rewinder Machines

At Jota Machinery, we ensure that all our slitter machines are easy to operate. You will need a few hours to understand the operation of our slitter machines. You can visit our YouTube channel to learn some easy steps of operating our paper rewinders. Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-tAKEuRuSU

Wide range of machinery

Having a slitter machine in your business will open opportunities for more machinery for your workshop. We offer several types of machinery including:

You can visit our website to view more of our product portfolio. Also, visit our YouTube channel to understand the working of the various machinery.


We ensure that our paper rewinder slitter machines are easy to install. Our technicians are also available to help you out in the installation process. You can visit our website to review our customer after-sale service and also visit our YouTube channel to learn about our installation processes.

co-operative staff at Jota Machinery

Why use a kraft Paper Slitter Rewinder?

We have a variety of paper slitter rewinders. Kraft paper slitter rewinder being one of the popular ones. Kraft paper slitters use kraft paper as their main feed. You can use the kraft paper slitter machine to produce various kraft paper products.

You can use our paper slitter rewinder machines for many purposes using different types of paper. One of the most popular types of paper used is kraft paper.

Kraft paper is popular because it is used in making various products that required the usage of kraft paper. Some of these products include:

  • Envelopes.
  • multiwall shipping sacks.
  • asphalt- and resin-saturating base stocks.
  • various industrial converting and packaging applications.
  • protective packaging applications.
  • quick-serve carryout bags.
  • grocery and shopping bags.
  • butcher wrap and freezer paper base stock.
  • other specialty Kraft paper products including wet strength and red rosin.

Kraft paper is preferred because of its numerous advantages compared to other types of papers. Some of these advantages include:

  Strength: Kraft paper is known for its strength and durability. That is why it is applied in heavy-duty uses. Some of the heavy uses include packaging, wrapping, and feeling voids.

  Flexible: Kraft paper is flexible to use and cut into different shapes.

  Pallet Uses: A Kraft paper slitter rewinder can be used to make precut sheets. Pre-cut sheets are important components in reducing breakages and protecting packages being shipped.

  Paint Masking: Kraft paper can be used to cover spaces when an area is being painted.
Other types of materials that can be used besides Kraft paper include:

  • Micro tape
  • Non-woven fabric
  • Slitting of laminates
  • LDPE film
  • PVC
  • BOPP film
  • PET film
  • Laminated film
  • Nylon fabrics
  • Aluminum foil
  • Stretch film.
  • Telex and fax rolls
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Coated paper
  • Paper board
  • Textile cloth
  • Cling film

Check out our YouTube video on how our automatic kraft paper slitter rewinder works

What Type of Drive Does Your Paper Slitter Rewinder Machine Have?


Paper slitting machines are an important fixture in any paper milling factory. This because they are the finishing machines in the production line. For efficiency, you should ensure that all the components of the slitter machines reworking perfectly and in synch. One of the most important components you should keep an eye on are the drives.

When drives are performing optimally, be assured of high-quality rolls. The drives ensure that the rewinder is coordinated. The coordination is achieved through control of speed and torqued through continual cycles. Drivers ensure that your slitter rewinder speed from stop-to-full-speed and back-down-to-zero-speed is consistent.

Inaccuracies in the performance of drives can lead to such problems as:

  • Rough edges on your final rewound rolls
  • Sheet breaks
  • Offsets and tie-ups
  • Telescoping
  • Wastages leading to lost profit.
  • Downtime affecting production lead times.

Important information you should have on slitter rewinder drives include:

Continuous High-speed Production

To achieve high-speed production, ensure that you are your slitter rewinder incorporates the latest drives. Improved drives build from the latest technology will ensure roll quality and improved speeds. Ensuring that your drives are in good conditions leads to less shutdown due to drive malfunctions.
Slitter rewinder machines should integrate numerical set points, graphical set points, diagnostics, TNT controls, recipes, and permissive. All these aspects will ensure efficient continuous high-speed production.

Jumbo Paper Rolls

Reduction of inefficiency and maintenance costs

In ensuring efficiency and low maintenance costs, ensure that your drives are replaced per the manufacturing schedule. Components supporting the drives should also be replaced before they become obsolete. Obsolete parts of the drives are expensive to repair.

Some common problems associated with worn-out drives include insulation breakdowns due to fractured wiring. Another problem is constant attention due to problematic drift. Breakdown of thyristor assemblies and fuses is another problem due to faulty drives.

At Jota Machinery we ensure that the latest technology is used in the manufacturing of our paper slitting machines drives. This is achieved through retrofitting the drives with digital, high performance from ends.


We ensure that our slitter rewinder machines drives are equipped with the latest technology. Our drives integrate both the DC and AC modules. DC drives are durable and require minimal maintenance while making it easy to integrate communication and software tools.

For efficiency purposes, our slitter rewinder machines have driven installed to control the unwind motor. The unwind motor regulates and ensures tension for the jumbo paper roll. A second drive controls the lead in the paper roll that directs the paper to the slitter. A third drive is installed to control the front drums while the fourth one controls the rear drums. Both the rear and front drums control the paper slitter rewinder machine speed.

Our drives are heavy-duty and factor in the size of rolls and motors on the paper rewinders. This eases the acceleration and deceleration of the motors.

Tension Control

Drives are an integral part of our slitter machines. The unwind section is fitted with drives that assist in ensuring maximum tension that is required for clean slits. It ensures that the quality of slitted rolls is of good quality.

Master Control

All the drives in our paper slitters are integrated with the master control. This gives you freedom on adjusting the speed, torque, and tension of the paper slitter machine. Other advantages of having a master control include:

  • Easy roll profile optimization
  • Automatic start and stop configurations.
  • Product receipt capabilities leading to efficiency in setting up orders and product consistency.
  • Graphical and numeric set points
  • Easy diagnostic modules.
  • Merging of the drive hardware with the control equipment
  • Flexible and easy to use system providing increased performance.

What Are the Parameters of Slitter Rewinder Machine?

At Jota Machinery we strive to ensure that our paper slitter machines are of the highest quality. They must meet your specifications. We also have room for customization of slitter machines to your exact specifications.

The basic parameters of our slitter rewinder machine include:

  • A maximum unwinding width of 3500 mm
  • A maximum unwinding diameter of 1800mm
  • Our paper slitting machines also come with paper thickness ranges of between 40gsm and 450gsm.
  • Jota Machinery produces paper slitters with a maximum speed of 800m/min.
  • You can customize the unwinding or rewinding shafts to your specification. The commonly used air expanding shaft is 3” (76mm).
  • The parameters of the upper rotary blade are 9SiCr and φ200mmxφ170mmxφ40mm. While those of the lower rotary blade are 9SiCr and φ190mmxφ90mmxφ2mm.
  • the rated power of the paper rewinder slitter machines that we produce is 37Kw. We strive to produce energy-efficient paper slitter rewinder machines. This ensures that you save costs on your power consumption.

What Are the Configuration and Features of The Paper Slitter Rewinder Machine?

The configurations and features of the paper slitter rewinder machine will largely depend on your specifications. The size of the parent jumbo roll will also determine the configurations of your slitter rewinder machine.

The type of paper used, and the end slitted roles are very important. They also determine the configurations and features of your slitter rewinder machine.

Some of the basic configurations of our paper slitters include:

High Speed

Our kraft paper two drum slitting machines are ideal for usage when dealing with large jumbo papers. The best thing is that it allows you to feed different types of roll papers. The roll papers range from kraft paper, coated paper, cardboard paper, and special papers.
The paper rewinders are flexible giving you room to fulfill different customers’ orders.

kraft paper board slitter with Max. speed of 500m/min.

Centralized Control System

Our paper rewinder slitter machines come installed with the latest technology. All the controls for the slitter rewinder machines are centralized. The control system can be either manual control through buttons. It can also be full touch screen HMI. The touch screen allows you to easily carry out commands such as:

  • Setting up the jumbo roll tension
  • Setting up the correct widths.
  • Blade set up
  • Paper thickness setup
  • Drives adjustments.
  • Un-winding speed.
  • Rewinding speed.
  • Automatic start and stop functions.

Guiding Roller

All our slitter rewinder machines come equipped with guiding rollers. The rollers ensure that your jumbo roll is cut to precise lengths. This is achieved by guiding the jumbo roll to the slitting device at a constant angle.

Slit Section

The slit section of the paper slitting machine consists of two sets of knives. These are the upper round disc cutter unit and the lower round disc cutter unit. The upper round disc cutter of the paper slitter comprises the cylinder, round knife, crossbeam, and linear guide. The lower round disc cutter of the paper rewinders comprises of bearing base, knife shaft, round knife, and inverter motor.

Two Drum Support Rollers

Two drum support rollers offer support in faster rotation of finished paper in a paper slitter.

Lay-on Roller Unit

Our lay-on roller unit comprises the cylinder, sprocket, crossbeam, slide base, and lay-on roller.

Active Banana Roller Device

The direction of this feature in our slitter rewinder machine can be adjusted to suit the thickness of your paper. You can also be able to flatten the paper in the paper sitter to suit the operational features and direction you need.

Finished Roll Ejecting Unit

The finished roll ejecting unit of our paper rewinder slitter includes an air cylinder, a swing arm, and ejecting rollers.

Rewinding Roll Lock Core

Rewinding the roll lock core in our paper slitting machine assist in locking and opening the releasing rewinding shaft. This feature of the paper slitter rewinder machine comprises of rachet, inner sleeve, bolt, lead screw, and handwheel.

Lowering Platform

The lowering platform of our paper slitter rewinder helps in discharging the finished roll. The finished roll is moved from two drums that support the rollers to the ground.

Web Threading Device

Web threading device in our paper slitter is made up of a frame for guiding paper and pneumatic tire. The main function of this configuration feature in a slitter rewinder machine is to draw the web paper in between two drums.

Machine Frame

Our machine frame of paper slitter rewinder machine functions very well when the slitter machine is at a very high speed. It comprises of front uprights, bottom rails, crossbeams, a reasonable shape, possesses high strength, and good rigidity.

Transmission System

The transmission system of the paper slitter machine contains features like a gearbox, brake, motor, and base. This feature in the paper slitting machine supports the roller to rotate by driving the front drum.

The bond between the motor and the reducer possesses a brake wheel. When the paper rewinder slitter machine stops abruptly of the paper breaks, an emergency brake will be applied. In this case, the emergency brake will be served by the brake wheel in conjunction with the brake.


Will You Assist In The Installation Of The Paper Slitter Rewinder Machine And Should I Be Aware Of The Installation Procedure

Yes, Jota Machinery will assist you in the installation procedure of the paper slitter rewinder machine. We will make sure that the paper slitting rewinder is running successfully.

It is important to be aware of the installation procedure as it is not a very complex process. The installation of a slitter rewinder machine entails a series of steps from making the base up to a completed discharging machine. Our professional Jota Machinery engineers will give you clear guidance on the steps entailed. We will elaborate the entire process until your engineers on the ground understand the entire process.

Jota Machinery always strives to make sure that our customer’s need is met efficiently. We ship the paper slitter rewinder machine as a whole set or as parts that you will need to assemble.

Some of the main parts of the slitter rewinder machine that Jota Machinery can ship to you include:

  • Paper web threading
  • Supporting rolls
  • The structure of the bearing
  • Pressure roll
  • Slitting section
  • Tilting table
  • Core clamping mandrels
  • Spreader rolls
  • Unwinding stand
  • Paper slitter rewinder machine pneumatic circuit
  • Paper slitting machine hydrostatic drive
  • Paper rewinders electric parts like cabling, control board, and switchboard boxes.
  • Slitter rewinder machine guards
  • Paper slitter rewinder machine drive

We can also deliver the paper slitter rewinder machine inclusive of complete electrical installation. This will be inclusive of an automatic paper web threading system, control system, and dust exhaustion system.

You can request us to assist you with the installation procedures. We also offer guidance on the installation process. Either way, our rewinder machine installation manual is comprehensive.
Once you have received the paper slitter rewinder machine, you will need to unload it. Inspect to ascertain that everything is in place establish if the appearance of the slitter rewinder machine is well. In case you see any mis-faults in the paper slitter rewinder machine, you should contact us for assistance.

You may then connect the electric wires of the paper rewinders and power on the slitter rewinder machine. Ascertain if the paper slitter rewinder machine is working at both high and low speeds.

It is advisable to ensure that your paper slitter rewinder machine is working correctly. In case of breakdown, ensure you first switch off the rewinder machine. Follow the standard diagnostic procedure as provided in our manual. You must ensure a qualified technician runs the diagnosis. Restart the machine to see if the problem has been resolved. In case of a persistent issue, contact us for repair directions.

Using our paper slitter possesses two drum slitting and rewinding machines which will ensure enhancement of your production capacity. The unwinding section of our paper slitter controls a hydraulic shaftless jumbo roll loading system. This system will enhance your operations as you will not need to add an unwinding shaft via kraft paper. The automated process ensures that the rewinder machine is simple and efficient. It will also save you time spent loading the jumbo roll paper.

Check out one of our installed paper slitter rewinder machines in use

What Are Some of The Considerations I Should Put In Mind Before Buying A Paper Slitter Rewinder?

Paper slitter rewinder machines are heavy manufacturing machines and thus you invest a lot in buying them. Therefore, it is important to do thorough research to find the best paper slitter suitable for your needs. At Jota machinery, we can supply you with very good quality paper slitter rewinder machines.

Here are some of the factors you should consider before purchasing a paper slitter rewinder:

Analyze your production needs

Take time and determine the type of paper rewinder slitter and the essential capabilities for perfect return on investments. Our paper slitter possesses a maximum speed of 800m per minute and maximum rewinding. Jota paper slitter rewinder has an unwinding diameter of 1800mm, and a maximum unwinding width of 3500mm. Therefore, the loading capacity of our paper slitter rewinder machine is stronger.


The efficiency of a paper slitter rewinder machine is mainly determined by edge gilding and tension control. It is good to ascertain that the paper slitter controls the tension of the material well. You should also evaluate that the slitter rewinder machine perfectly aligns materials in the process of rewinding. The new core of the kraft paper slitter rewinder machine will be the determinant of the finished rolls.

When a paper slitter rewinder machine is efficient, it will prevent registration issues and web breaks. You should avoid slitter machines that poorly align the rewinding of materials. This is because it can result in wavy edges in the finished product.

Web guiding roller of our paper sitter helps avoid deviation by ensuring it enters the sitting device at a given spot. This ensures efficiency in your production as there will be a decrease in the waste of material and downtime ratio.

Latest Technology

The paper slitter rewinder machine which you select must have the latest technology features This include features like the twin shaft technology. This will ensure downtime operation of very high speed. At Jota Machinery, we have a slitter rewinder machine which the latest technological features. An example of such an upgraded machine is our 2500mm kraft paper roll sitting machine.

This can help you to increase your production capacity greatly as it possesses more design features. Our kraft paper roll slitting machine possesses several parts like unwinding, web gilding, and threading. It is also composed of a longitudinal slit, finished roll ejecting, rewinding, control system, and discharging.

The different parts of a paper slitter machine are all made for efficiency. They are fully automated to ensure that quality and product lead times are met.

We have an advanced paper slitter rewinder machine in that the web threading device and draw paper out automatically. In this way, you do not need to insert the web through the bottom of the machine. This helps ensure you save a lot of time and labor.

After-sales Support

When purchasing a paper slitter rewinder machine, it is important to find a brand that is reputable like Jota Machinery. Such brands will be able to offer you technical support during the process of installation.

Also, you should be able to get support in training your employees on the usage of the paper slitter. Therefore, it is important to seek clarification that the manufacturer will offer you the required support. This is because technical support will be very important in the optimal functioning of the paper slitter rewinder machine.

We do deliver our paper sitter rewinder machines accompanied with manuals. These will give you a step-by-step guide on how to use the paper slitting machine. If you do not understand how to go about the installation and staff training, please contact us.

Are There Specific Maintenance Protocols for The Paper Splitter Rewinder Machine?

The maintenance of the paper slitter rewinder machine is very critical. This is because it runs at high speeds of about 2000 feet per minute. The paper slitter machine will help you 24 hours a day, all year long.

The main parts of a paper slitter rewinder machine require frequent inspection every two weeks. You should add lubrication and oil during this inspection process. The slitter needs to be cleaned thoroughly and a bi-weekly inspection carried out. All surfaces of the slitter rewinder machine must be wiped clean using. If the paper slitter is being stopped for like 3 months, you must store it well. Cover it with a coating with anti-rust oil and moisture-proof paper.

Daily maintenance procedures of paper slitting machines need to be conducted. Always ensure that the criterion of the paper slitter is clean, smooth, and free of dust and debris. You should also ensure that the sliding parts of the paper slitter are in perfect condition.

Your slitter rewinder machine will require to be stopped for inspections on schedules. You should do according to our maintenance schedule to monitor wear and tear. Ensure regular change, adjustment, and commutator records as they help extend the lifespan of the paper slitter.

Some of the recommended routine maintenance procedures for paper slitter rewinder parts include:


It is important to keep your slitter machine well oiled. A paper slitter has many moving parts that need to be oiled. This ensures that the paper slitter rewinder machine works optimally. When used for long, dirt particles convert the oil into risky agents. You risk damaging moving parts such as the rollers if you do not oil their bearings as needed.

This might lead to blockage of valves, seals, and joints. Frequent change of your oil will guarantee you the efficiency of your paper rewinders. Ensure that you use clean oil in oiling the areas needing oiling. This is to ensure that the slitter rewinder machine works perfectly.

Electric Motors

Electric motors of paper slitting machines need periodic maintenance. It is important to ensure clean air flows sufficiently through the motor. This is because if the temperature of the electric motor increases, its performance will decrease.

You can also extend the life of the electric motor by lubricating the bearings of the main shaft. Ensure that you grease the shaft bearing after about 2000 hours of usage. Ensure you eliminate all the dirt inside the electric motor. In case of any damaged seals, you should replace them. Before commencing the maintenance procedure, ensure all your power is switched off.

Paper slitting machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is a paper slitting machine?

A paper slitting machine is a machine used to cut jumbo paper rolls into smaller rolls. The smaller rolls are cut and then rewound into usable sizes that can be utilized in various applications. Paper slitting machines are quite versatile and offer different options and levels of automation.

You can hear about them being referred to as paper slitters, paper roll sitter, or paperboard slitting machines. Some call them kraft paper slitting machines, or sometimes even cardboard slitting machines. It all depends on who you are talking to in the industry, and what a particular machine is mainly used for.

Some of the final products that can be produced by paper slitters include:

  • Latex impregnated papers
  • Coated/treated papers – silicone, wax.
  • Release liner papers
  • Industrial papers – glassine, kraft, light weight black paper
  • Letterpress papers
  • Letterpress papers
  • Food grade papers
  • Blotter papers
  • Absorbent papers
  • Arts and crafts papers
  • Cover material
  • Stationary paper
  • Liquid processing papers
  • Handmade papers
  • Premium printing papers
  • Glassine kraft specialties
  • Absorbent specialties
  • Scented specialties
  • Lightweight and heavyweight specialties
  • Colored corrugated parchment—treated and untreated
  • Photo album stock
  • Filter papers

Paper slitter machines can be configured and be used in various capacities. Different paper slitter machines have different usages depending on your preferences. The usage ranges from cutting premium soft paper to slitting items such as aluminum foil, paper boards, and kraft paper. The machine is essential in any paper rolling mill. You can use it in various ways including:

  • As a paper slitting machine
  • Plastic fil slitting machine
  • Non-woven fabric slitting machine
  • Aluminum foil slitting machine
  • thermal paper slitting machine
  • As a kraft paper slitting machine
  • paper roll slitter machine
  • paperboard slitting machine
  • cardboard slitting machine

The range of material that can be slit using a paper slitting machine is broad. The type of material solely depends on your customers’ need. Most of our paper slitter Paper slitting machines can be used to slit various materials that include but not limited to:

  • Fax roll
  • Paper board
  • Adhesive tape
  • Stretch film.
  • Aluminum foil
  • Plastics
  • Ice cream cup paper
  • Pet film
  • Textile cloth
  • Laminated film
  • Duct tape
  • Mask tape
  • Rubber
  • Coated paper
  • Flexible packaging

The type of material you want to slit with your paper slitting machine will determine its configuration. Paper slitting machines can be configured to meet your usage. At Jota machinery, we strive to produce the highest quality of paper roll slitters.

What are the major sections of a paper slitting machine?

At Jota machinery, we ensure the highest standards in the manufacturing of the paper slitter machines. Our paper slitting machines come equipped with various features that are salient to its functioning. Paper slitting machines have three distinct sections that are important components in any paper slitting machine. four components include:

The Unwinder sections

The unwinding section of a paper slitting machine is where the jumbo paper roll is winded. The reason of the unwinding is to ready the paper roll for slitting. Before any operation in these sections, there are several items that you are supposed to check. Some of the things you must check are as follow:

  • First, check the controls and all the switches of the machine. Ensure that you make a test run to check that all the components are working. If the paper slitting machine has a touch screen, ensure it responds to commands.
  • Make a 360-degree check on your paper slitting machine to ensure every component is intact. This is vital in ensuring that the machine works properly. It also serves to avoid accidents. Be sure to remove any unwanted items or tools on the paper slitter.
  • You must check the pneumatic cutters and adjust them accordingly. These must be positioned in a way that corresponds to the angle and size of the jumbo paper role. The round dis cutters should also corresponds to the final paper sizes.
  • Ensure that the tension of the parent roll is adjusted accordingly. The parent roll should have the required tension to avowing poor slitting. Poorly slitted paper leads to poor quality of the slitted paper.
  • Ensure that the round disc cutters sharpness is ideal for the material to be slitted. Blunt round disc cutters will damage your paper rolls.
  • Check the whole paper slitter machine line to ensure there is no paper left from previous tasks. Set the paper roll slitter machines to your exact specifications.

After going through the above steps, you can then insert the jumbo paper roll. This is achieved by feeding the jumbo paper roll into the paper slitting machine. The unwinding stage consists of an unwind stand onto which the parent roll of paper is loaded and secured. The unwinding section is equipped with spreading rollers. These rollers hold the paper roll into place. The paper roll is held into place by the unwind stand. The unwind stand allows the paper roll to rotate by holding it into its central axis.

Our paper roll slitters have clamping mechanisms to hold the jumbo paper roll into place. We also have paper slitter rewinder machines equipped with shafts on both ends of the roll. These shafts clamp the parent roll into place directing it into the slitter section. Other features in the unwinding section are unwind breaks that ensure that tension is controlled. When tension is too high, the paper roll can break or deform. The unwind breaks are usually manual to give the operator more control. The results of an accurate tension of the paper are quality slitted paper rolls.

The slitter section.

The slitter stage or section of the paper roll slitter I s very important. It largely determines the size, shape, and quality of the paper rolls. Here, the actual separation of the web into multiple smaller slits occurs. This is achieved by setting the blades to the required specifications.

Our thermal paper slitting machines come equipped with multiple round disc cutters. The number of the round disc cutters depends on multiple factors. These factors may include but not limited to:

  • The size of the final rolling paper you require.
  • The texture of the rolling paper being slitted.
  • The designs of the final rolls the customer required.
  • The type of paper or material being slitted with the paper slitter machine.
  • The size of the parent paper roll (jumbo paper roll).
  • The tension of the jumbo paper roll.
  • The speed of the paper slitting machine.

It is important to note that most of our paper slitting machines come with two sets of round disk cutters. The first set is placed at the top of the paper slitter machine. The second set is placed at the bottom to cut the paper roll from the bottom.

The slitter head is the main component in the slitting section. This holds the round disc cutters into place. The round disc cutters can be either rotating discs or static. The type of the pneumatic cutters depends on your specifications.  The series of round disk cutters cut the web of paper into desirable sizes.

Our paper slitting machines round disc cutter also can be configured to be either automatic or manual. Automatic disc cutters are controlled automatically through a central control unit. Manual round disc cutters are usually adjusted by the operator. The operator must adjust the disc cutters by hand whenever they require a certain size of slitted paper roll.

Always ensure that the parent paper is stretched and straightened to ensure good quality cuts.

The rewinder section

At this section, the silted paper roll is rewound into smaller cores on the rewinder stand. This is done to the recommended or desired length. The rewinder machine has different configurations that depend on the desired hardness of the final role. This can be adjusted as you produce different types of paper.

The paper slitting machines that we produce are equipped with rollers which keep the slit sections separately. The rollers are mostly just after the slitter head. This is important especially in avoiding the slitted sections form inter weaving. The interweaving will affect the quality.

In the rewinder zone, the tension must decrease as the rolls get larger so as not to crush cores or break the web. As roll diameters increase, the rewind motor is made to slow down a certain percentage to correspond to the required output.  This is known as the taper tension. Taper tension ensures rolls with natural tension progression that reduces to fewer, or no paper roll defects. Some of the defects that can result from poor tension include:

  • Telescoping rolls
  • Roll blocking
  • Crushed cores
  • Material wrinkles
  • Web stretching
  • Material tears

Some of the ways you can control tension of the web of paper involves three solutions. These include a closed-loop tension controller. You can also use a load cell. Another method is applying a pneumatic break. A magnetic particle break, clutch, or motor drive system can also be utilized. All these solutions will ensure a well-maintained tension.

The control

Jota Machinery is among the leading paper slitting machine manufacturers. As a leading paper slitting machine manufacturer, we ensure quality. All our paper slitting machines are manufactured using the latest technology.

Our paper slitters have the latest controls that integrate the latest technology. The paper roll slitters can either be manual or automatic. We also offer paper slitters with a touch screen control panel. All functionalities are withing the press of a button.

One major upgrade to our control system is the tension control. This comes fully automated. You can also place an order for a manual tension control with us.  The tension control can control different aspects of your paper slitting machine such as:

  • The torque of the paper roll.
  • The unwinding speeds.
  • The rewinder speed
  • Angle of the paper roll
  • The zero-speed tension
  • Tightness of the slitted paper roll.

At Jota Machinery, we are flexible and can configure the controls of your paper slitting machine to your exact specifications. Contact us for your order placement and for your customization inquiries.

What is the importance of an air shaft in a paperboard slitting machine?

Air shafts are important components in any paper slitting machines. Air shafts are used in the manufacturing processes for fitting into a core. The core is where materials such as paper, card and plastic film are wound. Our air shafts are made in such a way that they are adjustable. This makes It easy for the air shaft to be expanded to fit into a core. An expanded air shaft achieves a quick and firm attachment.

Our air shafts are also easily deflectable for easy withdrawal of the shaft. Their efficient design makes them ideal for mounting onto bearing housings. This enables the winding or unwinding of rolls of stock material with the minimum of equipment down time.

The main advantage of the air shaft is its ability to grip the core without damage. It also allows for the control of the web via motors and brakes. Our air shafts are either lug type or strip type. Air shafts work perfectly on paper slitting machines to ensure that the web tension is controlled.

The advantages of the air shaft in a paperboard slitting machine as summarized include:

  • Capability of compensating speed variation dur to gauge variations with multi cores.
  • Reel holding is possible at any position across the width.
  • Minimum 20 mm core width is possible.
  • Shafts achieve high speeds.
  • Minimize down time.
  • Suitable for most core materials.

At Jota Machinery, we produce both mechanical and automatic air shafts. The choice of the air shaft will depend solely on your specifications. Operation of your paperboard slitting machines’ mechanical shaft is initiated mechanically. Mechanical shafts consist of slotted piper, ratchet, brass, cam, steel plugs etc.

Some of the different types of shafts that come with our paperboard slitting machines include:

  • Quick look shaft
  • Leaf type air expandable shaft
  • Mechanical shaft
  • Multi tube shaft
  • Lug shaft
  • Ball shaft
  • Bottom knife holding shaft.
  • Clutch shaft
  • Spare parts of air shaft
  • Mechanical expanding shaft
  • Multi bladder shaft
  • Differential shaft.

For your air shaft to work efficiently, it needs constant maintenance. It is also vital that you be knowledge of the various spare parts for your air shafts. Paperboard sitting machines will work optimally when fitted with the correct airshafts. Because the air shafts are constantly moving, they need constant attention.

Some of the spare parts of paperboard splitting machine air shaft include:

  • Continuous Rubber
  • Lug
  • Standard Inflator Stem
  • Split Clamp
  • Inflator Gun
  • Brass Inflator End
  • Inflator Chuck
  • Hose Assemblies
  • Protection Strip
  • Rubber Nozzle End
  • Inflator Chuck
  • Valve

What slitting methods are used in a paper roll slitter machine?

Different paper roll slitter machines use different slitting methods. The slitting method used depends on several things including:

  • The size of the final paper rolls you want.
  • The width of core in case of core slitting machines
  • The tension of the web needed.
  • The material used for the jumbo roll paper.
  • The location of the round disc cutters.

Sheer slitting method

This type of slitting method involves two round disc cutters. They are usually placed at the bottom and top of the slitter machine. Thee tow disc cutters work to give a cut just like how a pair of scissors works. In slitting machine jargon the top disc cutter is known as the male knife. The bottom one is known as the female or anvil.

Sheer slitting method is preferable when working with relatively thick materials. Thick sheets, cardboards, kraft aper, and laminates are examples of thicker materials. To produce consistent quality cuts, proper tension must be maintained.

Razor slitting

Razor slitting is a type of slitting that utilizes very sharp round disc cutters that are razor like. It is the most suitable slitting methods because it provides very clean cuts. Most of our paper slitter machines are equipped with these type of round disc cutters. They are useful especially in cutting of clean edges.

Some of the most used materials for razor slitting include:

  • Solid Tungsten Carbide for remaking products such as Paper, Polyester, Cellophane, and Nonwovens
  • Solid Ceramic for applied in materials such as Films, Copper Foil, magnetic Tapes, and Nylon LLDPE.
  • Ceramic Coated and TiNI coated applied in Aluminum Foil, Label Stock, PVC, OPP, Stretch Film

Razor slitting is also widely used for paper slitter rewinder machines with unsupported web. An unsupported web set-up requires an entry and exit idler roll. This serves to minimize material fluctuation as it passes through the slitting section. It also stabilizes the web, creating a defined tension allowing for it to be slit properly. At Jota Machinery, we can customize your slitter machine’s web-set up according to your specifications.

Score slitting

Core slitting is a type of slitting whereby a hole is made using paper or other materials. To make cores, you need a specialized core cutting machine. Core slipping machines are used in making a variety of products. Some of the products you can make using a paper tube core making machine include:

  • Paper tube
  • Paper can production
  • Paper tins
  • Tea caddy
  • Food paper cans
  • Wine cans
  • Calendar tubes
  • Tissue paper rolls.
  • Jumbo paper rolls with tubes.
  • Any type of paper tube according to your specifications.

Who are the best Paper slitting machine manufacturers?

Jota Machinery is your go to place for all your paper slitting machine needs. We deal with a wide range of slitter machines.  We are known for our superior customer services when it comes to matters paper slitting machines. Compared to other paper slitting manufacturers, we aim at creating a long-term relationship with you.

We will be readily available to assist you from the placing an order phase o the installation phase. We are also readily available to ensure that you utilize your paper slitting machine effectively.

As a leading paper slitting machine manufacturer, we are:

  • An industry and trade integrated company
  • We have a diligent and professional team ready for your service.
  • We use the latest technology in all our paper slitter machines.
  • Be assured of the highest quality product.
  • We offer one of the best industry leading services.

At Jota Machinery, we boast of years of experience as top paper slitting manufacturers. Our paper slitter designers and engineers are flexible. You can always share and integrate your machine specifications with them. This ensures that the final paper slitting machine is made to your exact specifications. All in all, we offer tailor made solutions that exceed your expectations.

For your ultimate satisfaction, we will handle your paper slitting machine needs from design to production. You can also ask for a prototype to understand how your final paper slitting machine will work. Expect the best services from design to prototype to production and beyond.

As a leading paper slitting machine manufacturer, Jota Machinery offers excellent after sale services. We will assist you in the shipping of your paper slitting machine. Our customer care agents will guide you on the best way of handling customs and related costs. This is besides directing you to the best and cost-efficient couriers for your paper shipping machine.  Our after-sale service footprint is across the world. We will come where you are and ensure your utmost satisfaction.

Being a leading paper slitting manufacturer means that we have a wide portfolio of machines to choose from.  At Jota machinery, we strive to expand our product portfolio to meet your needs. Our slitter machines can be used in different aspects in the paper milling industry. Some of the products that we offer include:

  • Thermal paper slitter rewinder
  • Slitting rewinder machine
  • Paper sheeter
  • Paper tube making machine.
  • Cardboard tube cutting machine.
  • Paper drinking straws machine
  • Label die cutting machine.
  • Flexo printing machine
  • CFRP CFRTP FRP Prepreg slitter
  • Jumbo wrapping paper rolls sheeter machine.
  • Fully automatic toilet tissue paper rolling machine.
  • Automatic facial tissue making machine.
  • Kraft paper tube making machine.
  • Paper drinking straws machine
  • Label die cutting machine.
  • Flexo printing machine

You can also contact us when in need of paper slitting machine materials and components. We offer the highest quality of components for your paper slitting machines. Most of our components are produced with the industries leaders in small parts manufacturing. Be assured that our paper slitting machine is manufactured, assembled, and tested in-house in our factory.

Our team is always on stand-by in case of any issues with your paper slitting machine. In case of any break down or emergency, feel free to call us.


How can I maintain my paper slitting machine after purchase?

Buying and Installation

After purchasing your paper slitting machine from us, it is important that you inspect it first. Inspection will allow you to identify any missing components, parts, and connections. It will also help you understand your machines’ configuration.

Before switching on the paper slitting machines, ensure that it is installed correctly. Install in a flat surface with plenty of room for operation. The area should also be well ventilated for the machine to cool off easily. Check that all the power connections have been installed correctly. Any loose cables should be accounted for.

We highly recommend that the paper slitting machine be operated with a trained operator. Our sales team is always on hand to help you in training operators. We will train them on how to operate and do minor repairs and maintenance on the paper slitting machine. For a full diagnosis of the paper slitting machine, a qualified technician should be engaged.

It is only after going through a comprehensive check list should you start your paper slitting machine. This is advantageous in increasing the lifespan of the slitter machine.

At Jota machinery, we are always available for you. If need be, our technicians will accompany the paper slitting machine for installation purposes. Some of the installation services we offer include:

  • All our paper slitting machines have an installation and operation user manual.
  • We also offer a wire connection diagram. This will guide you in the wiring and cabling of the paper roll slitter.
  • The tension controller guide also accompanies the paper slitting machine.
  • Our YouTube and websiteplatforms have installation and operation video tutorials. All are free requiring no subscriptions.
  • Our customer agents are available 24/7. You can opt for one-on-one remote video assistance.
  • You can also request us for onsite installation and operation guidance.

Most of our slitter machines come with some extra parts as back up. Depending on your purchase, you can get extra round disc cutters for your paper slitting machine.


Maintenance is an important aspect when it comes to paper slitting machines. We strive to produce quality paper slitting machines. This ensures that you need minimal maintenance on our machines. It also means that our paper slitting machines experience minimum breakdowns.

Every machine that we sell at Jota Machinery comes with a maintenance manual. The maintenance manual indicates the procedures that you should follow. It is important that you adhere to them to the latter. This will ensure that you minimize injuries as result of not following safety protocols.

Before starting the maintenance procedure on the paper slitting machine, ensure that:

  • You read and understand the maintenance manual accompanying your paper slitting machine. The manual has all the details on how to go through the maintenance procedure. It also guides you on the tolls to use.
  • Ensure that no paper is on the slitter rewinder machine before start of the maintenance procedure.
  • Put the correct safety signage where they are visible for other operators to see. This will communicate that the machine is under maintenance.
  • Clear the area from debris and other unwanted material before start of maintenance.
  • Use the recommended tools in opening up the paper slitting machine.
  • Ensure that you wear personal protective equipment such as gloves and hard hat. This will help you in avoiding injuries from pinch points and falling objects.
  • Ensure all the replacement parts are approved by Jota Machinery. This will ensure that the parts align with the specific machine. Inserting faulty replacement parts will lead to breakdown of your paper slitting machine.
  • Only qualified personnel should work on the paper slitting machine maintenance.

After ensuring that you have followed all the safety and maintenance regulations, you can then start the maintenance procedure. The maintenance procedure varies from one paper slitting machine to another. The basic maintenance procedure should involve:

  1. First, you should switch off the paper slitting machine. Put a safety lock on the power source. This will ensure that no one can switch on the machine when it is under maintenance.
  2. Inspect all the parts of the paper slitting machine. Look for any loose or broken parts. For the moving parts such as the rollers and the round disc cutters, check the levels of lubrications.
  3. Check off all the issues following the Jota Machinery paper slitting maintenance manual.
  4. Clean the rollers and all the parts that can be dusted. Use the recommended cleaning agents and avoid bleach.
  5. Clean out all the bright surfaces. Coat the surface with rustproof oil for durability. If the paper slitting machine has not being in use for sometimes, use anti rust oil.
  6. Oil all the moving parts. Use recommended oil and check its quality. Using substandard oil will lead to wear and tear of the moving parts.
  7. Check the wiring of all the electrical parts. Check that no cables are loose or out of their terminals. Replace any worn out cables and note down the diagnostics. One in a while, you can use a blower to remove dust particles on the wiring. Never use a wet cloth on the electrical wirings of the paper slitting machine.
  8. Check the round disc cutters. Check out for wear and tear and replace them accordingly. Be sure to wear protective groves to avoid cuts from the round disc cutters. Some round disc cutters need sharpening regularly. Ensure you sharpen them following our provided maintenance manual.
  9. Follow the maintenance schedule. Do not carry out unauthorized maintenance on your paper slitting machine.
  10. Any component that needs adjustments or replacement should be flagged off early. If you are not sure of how to go about the replacement, kindly contact us.
  11. Record all the major maintenance undertaking such as parts replacements, electrical parts issues. This will enable subsequent slitter machine maintenance protocols. It is also helpful in understanding the root cause of an issue.
  12. The personnel and operator of the paper slitting machine should undertake regular training. This is important in keeping up with paper slitting machine technology.

If you are not sure of how to undertake certain maintenance issues, kindly contact us for directions. It is highly recommended not to dismantle your paper slitting machine. Only professional technicians are allowed to undertake such maintenance procedures.


How affordable are thermal paper slitting machines?

Thermal paper slitting machines are types of slitting machines mainly used to slit coated paper. At Jota Machinery, we produce thermal paper slitting machines that are cost effective. Our thermal paper slitting machines vary in prices. To get the exact price listings, contact us.

The price of the thermal paper slitting machine ids determined by several factors such as:

  • The number of thermal paper slitting machines you want to order.
  • The size of the thermal paper slitting machine you need.
  • The custom duties to be paid.
  • The after-sale services that you require. For instance, sending our installation team.
  • The levels of the thermal paper slitting machine customization.
  • The parameters of the thermal paper slitting machine.
  • The configurations that come with the thermal paper slitting machine.
  • The number of the round disc cutters on your thermal paper slitting machine.

Putting the above factors in mind, reach out for the best prices. Our customer agents can be reached anytime. Visit our Jota Machinery website to get our contacts. Talk to our customer agents on the procedures on how to make an order. Our payments are also flexible. We accept different payment options including:

  • PayPal
  • Direct bank credits.
  • Credit cards- both Visa and MasterCard.
  • You can also use online payment platforms such as Alipay.
  • You can use local bank to bank payments.

At Jota Machinery, we ensure that all our machineries have a not less than a year product warranty. Every order and purchase you make with us comes with a warranty. The warranty we offer will not affect the price of your thermal paper slitting machine.

It is important that you take note additional indirect fees that you might incur. These are beyond our control. But we will ensure that you get the best deals and minimize your costs. Some of these costs include:

  • Shipping fees by the shipping couriers.
  • Agent fees if you utilize a broker.
  • Freight forwarders charges.
  • Custom duties.
  • Warehouse charges.
  • Cargo insurance
  • Home country inland transportation charges.

Jota Machinery being a leading thermal paper slitting machine manufacturer, are in partnerships with leading shipping companies. This will ensure that you get the best deals in the market when it comes to shipping. We will also guide you in custom payments and related costs.

Our customer care line is open for any inquiries regarding shipping, price, and general inquiries on thermal paper slitting machines.


How is precision slitting attained in a Cash register paper roll slitting machine?

If you have been in the paperboard slitting industry, you have severally encountered some conversion terms. Examples of the terms include sheeting, slitting, and rewinding.

What you mostly obtain from organizations is a list showing the following:

  • Listing of maximum roll widths
  • Measurements of the roll
  • Capabilities for slitting, sheeting, and rewinding

However, it is unlikely for you to find an outline of what these services entail. If you are wondering the differences that are there between each service, we have outlined it below:


Sheeting paper refers to conversion of the large paper rolls into sheets of paper. This process uses a paper slitting machine to convert the roll into papers of specific size.


At Jota Machinery, slitting entails cutting of long stock roll into thinner segments sing a paper slitter. We can use slitting paper which is as thin as 3/8 inch or wide as 110 inches.

This will be dependent on the specifications that you require.


Once the paper slitting machine has slit the paper, new segments that are thinner are rewound. We can rewind the thinner segments into any size core to the diameter or footage.

In relation to all the aspects of paper conversion, the most important factor is precision. At Jota Machinery, we strive to ensure that every measurement of each customer is perfect.

Every cut on our customer’s orders must always be spot on. In some other cases the rewound rolls which come off a paper slitting machine may be used for other purposes.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that the paper slitting machine winds it perfectly. This will also help in avoidance of wasting time and money or causing a jam.

Use of exact measurements, updated paper slitting machine and technology manufacturing is enhanced. Paper slitting machine manufactures provide product which are very precise.

It is important to establish the specifications, price and capabilities when looking for paper converting services. In addition, ensure that the paper products are very precise. You can contact us at Jota Machinery to find out more about precision slitting and other techniques.


What is the importance of web guides and how does it relate to web tension?

A web guide is essential in most unwound stands thus as it keeps the web centered on the machine. Normally, the web guide is fixed to suit a full range of widths for your products.

The adjustable side is attached onto the frame of the paper roll sitter. The web guide requires to be manually set for every product according to the width you want.

Currently, we have several edge sensors in the market which do not need manual adjustment. In the case of different web widths within certain ranges, web guides reduce the changeover time.

You will be required to go to new web widths, and this reduces waste by elimination of operator error in web guide setting.

Web tension is easier and stable to sense before the wind-up position than after the payoff position. This is because the roll for winding possesses less eccentricity as compared to the unwind roll.

The roll on the payoff is larger in diameter as compared to the rewind roll. It is mounted on a bladder mandrel and has been lagged for some period.

It is for this reason that a load cell roll offers more benefits over dancer rolls as a web tension sensor before rewind. This is because there is need for less space and it is less expensive to operate and purchase.


Is it possible to have automatic roll removal in paper slitter rewinder operations?

Yes, we can provide automatic roll removal in paper slitter rewinder operations. The paper slitting machine will ensure that the width or length of the master roll is reduced.

Normally, the master roll and wide in a way not suited to your specifications. Therefore, a paper slitter rewinder machine comes in handy to aid in automatic disintegration of the roll.

Jota Machineries offers a wide range of paper slitter rewinder machine to meet each specific requirement. Our paper slitting machines can slit a rewound automatically any material that is flexible.


What are the things to avoid on a paper slitting machine?

Some of the things to avoid on a paper slitting machine include:


  • Risks: avoid being hit by a roll during the process of pushing or conveying.
  • Controls: use protection devices like interlocked access gates to reduce the risks in the paper sitting machine.

Reel splitting

  • Risks: serious injury to paper slitter operators attempting to split rolls which have run together in production.

Being struck by tools used during reel splitting.

Being struck by a roll when falling from the reel.

  • Controls: Train paper slitting machine operators of the causes of rolls running together so that the frequency of such issues can be avoided.

Use the following measurements when rolls need to be split apart:

  • Return to pulpier.
  • Set aside and slab-off when time is less pressing.
  • Wedge apart

Provide and use appropriate personal protective equipment when manually separating rolls in the paper sitter. Never drop rolls that are bound to split them.

Working on the paper slitting machine when still in motion

  • Wherever possible, the paper slitter must be stopped first before tasks are carried out.
  • All paper slitting machines need to have means of isolating and locking off power in accessible position. Avoid location the power switch for paper slitting machine in a location which is not accessible.
  • Ensure that the safeguards function correctly. The paper slitter should also be stopped by safety controls, isolators, and emergency stop.

Using hand knives

  • Eliminate the use of hand knives on the paper slitting machine where possible. In case you cannot avoid this, consider the following steps for every task involving hand knives:
    • Elimination: use a cutting tool that is safer.
    • Provide specification of the appropriate knife.
    • Have spare knives and blades.
    • Provide safe storage for knives and blades.
    • Specify and provide the appropriate PPE.
    • Consider the working environment.
    • Develop and deliver training.

Manual handling

Some of the risks to manual handling of paper roll slitter include:

  • Broke handling
  • Core handling
  • Clearing jams
  • Moving finished reels by hand


In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

We Jota could also supply following related machines, if you are also interested in any type, please feel free to send us an inquiry:

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