JT-SLT-2500C Two Drum Slitting Rewinding Machine

Big Roll Kraft Paper Slitting Rewinding
  • Max. Unwinding Width 2500mm
  • Max. Unwinding Diameter 1500mm
  • Max. Rewinding Diameter 1500mm
  • Max. Speed 500m/min


Max. Unwinding Width2500mm
Max. Unwinding Diameter1500mm
Max. Rewinding Diameter1500mm
Paper Thickness Range40gsm-450gsm
Max. Speed500m/min
Unwinding/Rewinding Shaft3’’ (76mm) air expanding shaft (Size Customizable)
Upper Rotary Blade9SiCr, φ200mmxφ170mmxφ40mm
Lower Rotary Blade9SiCr, φ190mmxφ90mmxφ2mm
Rated Power37Kw
Total Weight7000Kg
Overall Dimensions2530mm*6700mm*3700mm


Configurations and Features
JT-SLT-2500C high-speed kraft paper two drum slitting rewinding machine suits to the cutting of various ultra-large jumbo roll paper materials, such as special paper, coated paper, cardboard paper, kraft paper, etc.
1. PLC control system and touch screen HMI, all the parameters are shown on the touch screen. You just need to set up jumbo roll diameter, paper thickness and original tension, etc, the machine could work automatically.
2. Hydraulic jumbo roll loading, it consists of unwinding rack, air brake, shaftless thimble, longitudinal adjustment device, hydraulic station, etc. Good stability and large carrying capacity.
3. Paper guiding roller, ensures the parent web enters the slitting device at a constant angle.
4. Longitudinal slit section, upper round knife unit (Crossbeam, cylinder, knife holder, round knife, linear guide) and lower round knife unit (knife shaft, round knife, bearing base, inverter motor).
5. Two drum support rollers, support and drive the finished paper roll to rotate.
6. Lay-on roller unit (lay-on roller, cylinder, sprocket, slide base, crossbeam).
7. Active banana roller device, its direction could be adjusted according to paper thickness, flatten the paper in the best direction according to operational requirements.
8. Finished roll ejecting unit (ejecting roller, swing arm, air cylinder).
9. Rewinding roll lock core, it is composed of a hand wheel, a lead screw, an inner sleeve, a ratchet, and a bolt, its usage is locking and releasing rewinding shaft.
10. Lowering platform, discharge the finished roll from two drum support roller to the ground.
11. Web threading device, it consists of a pneumatic tire and paper guide frame, its function is automatically drawing web paper out between two drums.
12. Machine frame, it contains bottom rails, front uprights, back uprights, and crossbeams, reasonable shape, good rigidity and high strength, and works safely at high machine speeds.
13. Transmission system, it is composed of a motor, gearbox, brake, base, etc., it drives the front drum support roller to rotate. The coupling between the reducer and the motor has a brake wheel, when the paper breaks or machine stops suddenly, brake wheel cooperates with the brake to act as an emergency brake.


JT-SLT-2500C High-Speed Kraft Paper Two Drum Slitting Rewinding Machine

One of we Jota’s Chile clients purchased 2 sets JT-SLT-2500C high-speed kraft paper two drum slitting rewinding machine, and they sent back a feedback video to us.

In order to assist this client successfully running these 2 machines, we Jota’s engineers flew from China to Chile and spent a month in Chile.

From ground base construction to finished roll discharging, we Jota’s engineers guided customers carefully, until the customer side’s engineers fully grasp.

This Chile client was quite satisfied with we Jota’s attentive service during we Jota engineers’ 1-month stay in Chile.

Customer satisfaction is always we Jota’s relentless pursuit. Before this Chile client purchasing JT-SLT-2500C two drum slitter rewinder machines from us, they have bought 1 set Jota old version 2100mm width kraft paper slitting machine.



Old Version 2100mm Width Kraft Paper Slitting Machine

This old version kraft paper slitter rewinder served many years for Chile client, Chile client’s business got much bigger and better. They grew up to Chile’s top paper converting supplier. Their factory is filled with many machines, include some European ones.

Their factory converts kraft paper, whiteboard paper, specialty paper, photocopy paper, etc.

Because the business of this Chilean customer continues to expand, they want to expand production capacity, so they chose to purchase 2500mm width kraft paper roll slitting machine from us.


JT-SLT-2500C Two Drum Slitter Winder Machine

With 2 sets JT-SLT-2500C two drum slitting and rewinding machine, Chile client’s production capacity could be definitely upgraded to a higher level. Because JT-SLT-2500C’s initial design has many beneficial features.

For JT-SLT-2500C two drum craft paper winder machine, it includes several important sections, such as unwinding, web guiding and threading, longitudinal slit, rewinding, finished roll ejecting and discharging, control system, etc.

Regarding the unwinding section, JT-SLT-2500C two drum winder equips with hydraulic shaftless jumbo roll loading system.

With such system, Chile client’s operator doesn’t need to put unwinding shaft through kraft paper jumbo roll, operation is much simpler, jumbo roll loading time could be effectively saved.

What’s more, hydraulic system’s loading capacity is stronger. That means, JT-SLT-2500C roll cutter slitter is able to load and bear 2500mm width, 1500mm diameter kraft paper or whiteboard paper jumbo roll.

With respect to web guiding and threading section, web guiding roller ensures the parent web enters the slitting device at a constant angle, avoids material deviation, decrease material waste and machine downtime ratio;

Web threading device automatically drawing web paper out between two drums, then Chile client’s operator doesn’t need to lie on the ground, then put web through the bottom of two drums, operator’s labor and time are saved, this part’s debugging time will also be shortened.

With regard to longitudinal slit section, it adopts shear cutting.

The upper pneumatic circular knife unit consists of crossbeam, cylinder, knife holder, round knife, linear guide, it is imported from Taiwan, cutting resistance is minimum and the wear resistance is maximum, slitting accuracy could reach the micron level.


And lower round knife unit is composed of knife shaft, round knife, bearing base, inverter motor.

For JT-SLT-2500C two drum surface slitter rewinder’s rewinding section, as the machine equips with two drums, these two drums not only support and drive rewinding shaft rotating but also reduce roll vibration.

Besides, there is a lay-on roller riding on rewinding roll during machine running, ensures the final rewinding effect is great.


After rewinding finished, it comes to finished roll discharging. Rewinding shaft with finished rolls will be ejected out by ejecting unit first, rolls down to lowering platform, then lowering platform turns down a certain angle, these finished rolls are unloaded to the ground.



Of course, we couldn’t ignore the most important control system, it is the brain of Chile client’s JT-SL-2500C two drum high speed slitting machine.

This Chile client bought 2 sets JT-SLT-2500C from we Jota, the first one is dashboard panel control without touch screen. The customer still think it is more convenient to control with touch screen, so we Jota customized touch screen control as Chile client’s request.


Now, Chile client’s 2nd JT-SLT-2500C rotary shear slitting rewinding machine is quite convenient for use with touch screen.


So, if you also want to customize your own dreamy jumbo roll kraft paper slitting rewinding machine, we Jota is definitely worthy of your trust.

You could also enjoy the same service as Chile client. What you need to do now, is just simply submit your request to us, we are always ready to offer one-on-one service to you.

JT-SLT-2500C High-Speed Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine FAQ Guide

1. What’s paper slitting rewinding machine?

Paper slitting rewinding machine has a close relationship with all kinds of paper, such as thermal paper, office copy paper, substration paper, craft paper, white paper, etc.

With paper slitting rewinding machine, many kinds of paper parent web or paper jumbo roll could be converted to small rolls for further use.

2. Where is paper slitting rewinding machine used?

Speaking of paper slitting rewinding machine application scenario, it is mainly related to the printing press, material converting workshop. Of course, there are many special type papers, their application scenario is in bank, hospital, ATM, POS, Fax.

3. What materials could be handled by paper slitting rewinding machine?

Except for the previously mentioned paper, aluminum foil, non-woven fabric, plastic film, fiberglass, CFRP, CFRPT are both supported.

4. What are the advantages of JT-SLT-2500C high-speed paper slitting rewinding machine?

As JT-SLT-2500C paper slitting rewinding machine is big machine, it supports max. 2500mm width material web, big unwinding width is the most obvious advantage.

What’s more, the unwinding width could be customized to support 3200mm, if you have such a requirement, please feel free to contact us.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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