Reinforced Water Activated Gummed Tape Slitting Machine

An Innovative Paper Tape Converting Scheme
  • 1400mm water activated packaging tape
  • 55% more small roll output than 900mm width machine
  • Shaftless unwind stand
  • Hydraulic jumbo roll loading
  • Photoelectric sensor web guiding
  • Anti-overlapping banana roller
 ItemReinforced Water Activated Gummed Tape Slitting Machine
 Max. Rewinding Diameter


 Min. Slit Width


 Web Diameter


 Web Width


 Max. Speed


 Unwinding Shaft

3″ (76mm) air expanding shaft

 Rewinding Shaft Diameter

0.5″, 1″ (size customizable)

 Total Power




Water activated gum tape slitting machine is especially suitable for making gum tape rolls, gummed tape rolls, kraft paper tape rolls, cash register rolls, ATM rolls, ECG rolls, POS rolls, till rolls, etc.
Unwinding SectionShaftless hydraulic jumbo roll loading unit.
Fully automatic tension controller.
20kg/m2 electromagnetic brake from Taiwan.
Photoelectric sensor web guiding.
Direction adjustable balancing roller ensures the roller itself always keep in tight touch with the whole web.
Printing Section1-4 colors optional
Ceramic Anilox cylinder transferring the ink, long life, wear resistance, corrosion resistance
Dancer roll integrated buffer
Automatic web guiding system
Infrared drying units
Slitting SectionThe upper circular knives are fixed by screws, and the lower circular knives are fixed by an aluminum spacer, which ensures cutting precision.
The rotary encoder automatically metering slit length.
Rewinding SectionAutomatic tucker tucks the tail, convenient for quick trigger rewinding.
90° vertical lay-on roller, capable of moving up and down, ensures more balanced left and right pressure, wider rewinding diameter could be realized.
Overlapping problems could be avoided with a banana roller.
Controlling SectionSiemens PLC module, touch screen, and graphic user interface (HMI).
Yaskawa AC drives for Siemens master motor.
Schneider low voltage electrical appliances.

Waste Removal

Edge waste blower through expulsion tube.
Optional PartsSafety guard.
4 corners emergency switches.
Transmission belt.
Safety fence.

Reinforced Water Activated Gummed Tape Slitting Machine

Prior to the widespread adoption of reinforced water-activated gummed tape, the conventional choice for sealing within the flexible packaging industry predominantly encompassed BOPP tape.

cutted tape

BOPP tape, originating from an OPP film substrate, undergoes an adhesive coating process before reaching its finalized state.

Curious about the rationale underpinning the displacement of BOPP tape with water-activated tape (WAT)?

This article endeavors to provide a comprehensive elucidation on this matter.

Jota Machinery has been a stalwart presence in the packaging industry for over a decade, steadfastly committing to its role as a frontrunner.

Our astute observations have been attuned to the evolving global shift against plastic consumption, a phenomenon that has spurred us to delve deeper into the dynamics of this transition.

Specifically, our discernment has led us to identify six distinctive disadvantages inherent to BOPP tape.

BOPP slitting machine

Allow us to expound comprehensively upon each of these 6 reasons, shedding light on the intricate details that underline this pressing issue.

Unyielding Adhesive Integrity

Enlisting the functionality of water-activated tape (WAT) in the form of paper tape brings forth an adhesive prowess that establishes an unwavering bond upon activation.

This bond transcends mere functional efficacy, evolving into a tamper-evident seal.

This dual function of fortifying security during transit while potentially surpassing the tenacity of BOPP tape’s adhesive bond underscores paper tape’s undeniable superiority.

Embracing Environmental Responsibility

In the era of heightened environmental awareness, the strategic shift towards paper tape emerges as a conscientious choice.

Crafted from renewable resources and characterized by its biodegradability, paper tape distinctly outshines its petroleum-based counterpart, the BOPP tape.

With sustainability taking center stage in consumer priorities, the adoption of paper tape seamlessly aligns with the prevailing eco-conscious ethos.

Facilitating Seamless Recycling

A hallmark of paper tape’s superiority lies in its effortless compatibility with cardboard packaging materials, streamlining the recycling process.

This diverges markedly from the cumbersome nature of BOPP tape, which, due to its non-biodegradable composition, hampers the efficient recycling of packaging components.

Enforcing Impenetrable Security and Indicative Assurance

Activated to its full potential, paper tape’s fortified bond constitutes a formidable deterrent against tampering.

reinforced tape

Its intrinsic tamper-evident feature serves as a visible testament to the integrity of the packaged contents, augmenting the security of transported goods.

Whispering Efficiency in Application

Diverging from the audible application of BOPP tape, the unobtrusive adhesion of water-activated paper tape generates minimal noise during affixation.

This attribute is particularly advantageous in environments where noise mitigation is paramount.

Enduring Resilience Across Temperature Extremes

The adhesive tenacity of water-activated tape remains unfazed even by the extremities of temperature variation.

This reliability in maintaining package integrity, regardless of transportation or storage conditions, underscores its utility and versatility.

The story about reinforced water activated gummed tape slitting machine

After the successful launch of our innovative reinforced water activated gummed tape slitting machine, its exceptional capabilities have garnered significant attention and interest from clients across the globe.

water activated paper tape

Notably, countries such as India, Austria, Mexico, and Germany have shown remarkable enthusiasm in adopting this cutting-edge slitter rewinder technology.

In contrast to the conventional method employed in the previous year, which involved the use of a log slitter tool, our newly introduced machine revolutionizes the tape cutting process.

The log slitter operated akin to an iron cutting machine, utilizing a large cutter blade to swiftly slice the tape into desired dimensions.

Despite its proficiency in size customization, this approach suffered from limited output capacity and an inability to process substantial jumbo rolls.

It was these limitations that prompted the need for an advanced solution, leading to the creation of our water-activated tape slitting rewinding machine.

Allow us to present a scenario for your consideration: Imagine possessing a 1400mm gummed paper tape jumbo roll from which you require smaller, 70mm width sealing tape sections.

In the traditional method employing a log slitter, a single 70mm tape is acquired from each cutting instance.

In contrast, through the utilization of our advanced slitting rewinding technology, a remarkable 20 pcs of 70mm tape can be derived in a single slitting operation.

The impressive efficiency of our technology is derived from its incorporation of 21 meticulously arranged circular slitter blades.

slitting blade

As the paper tape navigates through this precision assembly, the 1400mm-wide paper material undergoes a seamless transformation into 20 uniformly sized segments.

For a comprehensive assessment of productivity over time, it’s pertinent to analyze the output on an hourly basis.

In this regard, our slitting machine decidedly surpasses the conventional log slitter.

The optimized mechanism, coupled with the integration of multiple circular slitter blades, ensures that the rate of tape production and the resulting yield per hour far exceeds what can be achieved using the log slitter method.

In essence, our slitting rewinding solution not only offers unparalleled precision in tape dimensions but also showcases a profound elevation in operational output.

This calculated enhancement in efficiency positions our technology as a clear frontrunner in the realm of tape cutting and slitting, effectively catering to the heightened demands of contemporary manufacturing and packaging sectors.

WAT tape printing slitting machine

One of the most compelling reasons behind the adoption of our slitting machine is its ability to seamlessly replace the outdated log slitter.

By leveraging state-of-the-art technology, our machine not only excels in delivering high production output but also efficiently processes even the largest jumbo rolls, overcoming the shortcomings of its predecessor.

Furthermore, the advantages extend beyond sheer productivity.

A significant driving factor for the widespread adoption of our slitter rewinder is its multifunctionality.

Specifically, the machine offers a unique printing function during the slitting process, particularly valuable when working with gummed kraft paper tape.

This additional feature not only enhances customization possibilities but also streamlines the packaging and branding aspects for businesses, making the machine an indispensable asset in modern packaging and production environments.

In conclusion, the reinforced water activated gummed tape slitting machine has emerged as a game-changer in the industry, drawing global attention due to its unparalleled capabilities, capacity to replace traditional methods, and its innovative integration of printing functions.

As we move forward, we anticipate that this cutting-edge technology will continue to reshape how tape slitting and rewinding processes are approached and executed on a global scale.

Gummed paper tape has significantly streamlined operations within the delivery and packaging industry, presenting a marked improvement over traditional cutting methods.

Whether your focus lies solely in acquiring a slitter rewinder tailored for Water Activated Tape (WAT), or if your specifications encompass a comprehensive printing and slitting solution, Jota Machinery stands ready to meet your exacting needs.

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Our commitment to precision engineering and tailored solutions ensures that your expectations will be met with the highest level of professionalism and expertise.

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