Slitter Rewinder Control System


-All You Need to Know About the Advanced Slitter Rewinder Control System

What do you consider first when you want to buy a slitter rewinder machine?

Mostly, you will look at its working mechanism, if it can start and switch off.

You will probably look at its slitting process, unwinding and rewinding speeds, and such like functionalities.

Rarely will you consider its control system, and if you consider, it usually comes at the end of your review.


Control system as a nerve center

The control system is a very important element that you should consider just like the other components?

The control system of the slitter rewinder is basically a combination of the heart and brain of the slitter rewinder.

All the working mechanism of the slitter rewinder revolves around it.

The funny thing is that you will probably read through it in passing, maybe in consideration of the big brand names dropped here and there.

What about you taking some minutes and trying to actually understand the nitty-gritty of how the control system works.

You will be amazed by what goes into creating cutthroat technology, the software upgrades, and the design ingenuity put in place. All these are aimed at giving you a slitter rewinder that works efficiently, automatically, and requires minimal human interference and interaction.

Control systems, just like other parts and components of the slitter rewinder, are available in different types and modules. You will actually be spoilt for choice in choosing what you want for your slitter rewinder. This makes it essential for you to understand the basics of control systems. Let’s forget about the big names in the market such as Yaskawa AC drives and Siemens PLC modules and concentrate on the working mechanisms of the specific control systems.


                                                        Yaskawa AC Drives Asynchronized Servo Motor

Three of the most commonly used control systems, sometimes also referred to as graphic user interface (HMI) includes the pushbutton replacer, the data handler, and the overseer.

Before going into details of the HMI, it is important that you understand where we have come from when it comes to controlling systems.

You will appreciate how new technology has revolutionized the slitter rewinder capabilities especially when it comes to efficiency and reducing downtime.


How does the new slitter rewinder control system differ from the Old one?

Before the HMI, the prevalent slitter rewinder control system technology used was the time relay and solid relay control systems. This type of control system had two major disadvantages that included:

  • It was generally time-consuming with minimal accuracy rates. This means that the quality of slitted paper rolls or other materials was below per.
  • It needed close supervision and an extra pair of hands in controlling the slitter machine. This is because the time relay and solid relay control systems were not fully automated control systems.

This necessitated the need to develop a more superior and efficient control system. Through continuous research and development, HMI was born and continues to revolutionize how the slitter rewinder machine works.

The new HMIs have been developed with the customer in mind. Imagine being able to control all the operations of your slitter rewinder from a single touch screen display. Starting from switching the machine on, setting up the rewind stand, lifting and positioning the jumbo paper roll, setting the right tension, slitting, to packaging. All these functions you can control from a single touch screen display that serves as your control system.


Slitter Rewinder Control System

The best part is that with the advancement in technology, you can choose the type of HMI that you want to be integrated into your control system. As earlier stated, the three basic types of HMI include:

  • The pushbutton replacer
  • The data handler
  • The overseer.

The pushbutton replacer

The pushbutton replacer HMI has streamlined the manufacturing processes by centralizing all the functions of each button into one location.

The data handler

The data handler is perfect for applications requiring constant feedback from the system, or printouts of production reports.

The overseer

With the overseer, you must ensure the HMI screen is big enough for such things as graphs, visual representations, and production summaries.

With such varied technology to use and choose from, you literally have your slitter rewinder machine controls on your hand. You have the power to choose the best software, technology, and control system design that is compatible with your slitter rewinder.

Best Suppliers of Quality Slitter Rewinder Control System

Slitter rewinder control systems come in different brands and configurations. It is important that you take time to understand what you need, the configurations, and the software used. Truthfully, sometimes you can find it a little bit hard to understand exactly what you want because the control system is just one component among many others of a slitter rewinder machine.

Interrogate your supplier and try finding out more about the control system that comes with the slitter rewinder machine. You will note that most of the suppliers in the market outsource their control systems. It is recommendable to choose a manufacturer who has a level of control of the technology and software used for the control system.

Some of the popular control system brands in the market

As long as you understand the working mechanisms of the slitter rewinder control system, you can also consider the big brands in the industry. Companies such as Siemens, Schneider, and Yaskawa are industry leaders when it comes to slitter rewinder control systems production. These industry leaders are also known for their AC motors, PLCs, industrial AC drives, and low voltage electrical appliances. It is important when you buy the slitter rewinder machine to confirm the brand of the control system.


Price Considerations

The control system of the slitter rewinder machine is one of the many components of a slitter rewinder machine. The type of the control system, design, software used, and most importantly, quality will determine the overall price of the slitter rewinder machine. The more sophisticated the control system, the higher the price you will have to spend on it.

If you go for the lowest prices, most probably you will end up with a low-quality control system. So, it is recommended that you see beyond the brand name and focus on how the software of the control system integrates with the working mechanism of the slitter rewind. Ask yourself questions such as, can I control the web tension, can I adjust the round disc cutters using the control system, can I carry out machine diagnosis? And such questions. This will guide you in spending on the right control system for your slitter rewinder machine.

The All-New Improved and Highly Efficient Control System for Centered Operation

Jota Machinery is one of the leading industry players when it comes to in-house control system software development. They develop, design, and upgrade their control system software in-house. This means that they get to design software that is configured to work with the slitter rewinder machine harmoniously. For instance, when you buy a Jota Machinery slitter rewinder machine, you get a machine that has software that is integrated into all the functionalities of the machine. These functionalities may include:

  • The data index configurations
  • Tension control curve and web guiding
  • Slitting
  • Unwinding and rewinding the jumbo paper roll
  • Packaging and stacking

The control system software is specifically developed for the specific slitter rewinder machine.

Centered Operation

By centered operation, we mean a slitter rewinder with a control system that controls all the functions of the machine. Improved technology and efficiency are some of the guarantees you are assured of. Most of the slitter rewinder machines in the market will need you to employ extra hands in loading the parent jumbo paper roll, set it up manually, roll the web into the slitter head before you start the slitter machine.

Now, with the all-new improved and highly efficient control system, you will be able to control all these functions automatically. A centered operation control system also comes with benefits that include:

  1. Reduced labor costs
  2. Minimal downtime
  3. Improved production lead time
  4. Low costs of operation
  5. An overallincrease in profit

High Value and Efficient Slitter Rewinder Control System for Your Business

With efficiency and superior functionality being the center of control systems innovation. You are guaranteed a highly optimized slitter rewinder control system that meets your business needs. It has been made to cut down downtime, improve on production speeds, be proactive when it comes to pinpointing mechanical issues, and easy and simple to use interface.

Benefits of using a high value and efficient slitter control system for your business

  • You will cut down on costs such as labor and maintenance costs associated with using outdatedcontrol systems.
  • Be assured of increased business for your paper mill business. This is a direct result ofthe improved production speeds and a reduction in downtime.
  • Continuous quality monitoring is a reality with the all-new control systems. You will be able to monitor the entire slitting process and arrest any deviation before it compromises on quality.
  • Increased profits are a direct result of efficiency, increased production, and low operation costs. All these are necessitated by an effective, highly optimized control system.

Learn more about the High-Tech Jota Slitter Rewinder Machine

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With the basic information on slitter rewinder control systems, you are now ready to upgrade your slitter rewinder machine. Take time to understand the various components. Remember, they are all important in guaranteeing you efficiency and quality. You can also follow this link to learn more about the various slitter rewinder machines in the market and the control systems they use.

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