Thermal Paper Roll Manufacturing Machines JT-SLT-700

Coreless Rewinding Model
  • 1st coreless rewinding thermal paper slitter
  • Small and exquisite
  • Space-saving
  • No core cost
  • Coreless till roll for mobile POS, mPOS
Max. Unwinding Width700mm
Max. Unwinding Diameter1000mm
Max. Rewinding Diameter160mm
Min. Slitting Width25mm
Max. Machine Speed110m / min

JT-SLT-700 Coreless Thermal Paper Roll Manufacturing Machines

JT-SLT-700 coreless thermal paper roll manufacturing machines is the 1st coreless rewinding type thermal paper slitter, it is mainly used for making coreless thermal roll, POS roll, coreless thermal roll or POS roll is widely used in mobile POS or mPOS system.

Mobile POS could be a dedicated wireless device, such as a mobile, tablet, it could play the role of an actual cash register or point of sale terminal. Generally speaking, these little stores, retailers are main users.


Credit Card Payment Terminal

Mobile POS not only permits you to make payments on your smartphone, but also allows you to receive payments from your clients’ mobiles. Mobile payments now is becoming more and more popular in the world, it is also called NFC payment, contactless payment, or mobile wallets.

For example, Apple Pay and Google Pay are popular in USA, Alipay and Wechat pay are widely applied in every corner of China.


Popular Apple Pay in USA


Alipay and WeChat Pay in China

The following points could prove that we Jota Machinery is capable of supplying high quality thermal roll slitting machine.

In working, you may find a problem, thermal paper small rolls are not tight, and their edge are not smooth, it influences the next step’s working process, reduces customer satisfaction, and qualified products ratio.

If yes, it is time to consider a new small thermal roll unwinder rewinder machine.

Jota machinery as a professional thermal paper roll slitting machine supplier in China, we have rich experiences in this industry. There are two factors influences roll tightness and smoothness, one is the tension control system, and the other one is the machine running speed.

tension controller

Automatic Tension Controller

We integrated inverter motor to simultaneously ensure material tension and strength while working. It keeps your material in safety status, never stress and wrinkle.

The faster the machine is, the smoother your material is. Our thermal paper roll manufacturing machines has a Max. speed 110m/min. Under the use of high precision rollers and dynamic disc cutters, the rolls could be rewound in fast and safe way to ensure your finished roll quality.


Proactive Lower Circular Knives and Slave Upper Circular Knives

Our thermal paper roll manufacturing machines integrated compact structure and optimized frame, it could save working dimensions in your workshop.

We have a professional after-sale service team with fluent English ability and field background, any inquiry or consulting, you could get our positive feedback within 8 hours.

Our deep industry knowledge will never let you down. So just get an instant quote for the thermal paper slitting rewinding machine.

Jota-Machinery-FactoryJota Factory


Recently, we Jota has just released fully automatic thermal paper roll slitting packing machine JT-SLT-1400FA, from core feeding to finished roll packing, no need dedicated operator, inline printing function can also be integrated, please send us an inquiry on this website to get more details.


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