Thermal Paper Till Roll Making Machine JT-SLT-500B

2 Layers Synchronous Production
  • 2 ply carbonless paper rolls production
  • 2 independent material unwind stand
  • 2 self-reliant tension controller
Max. Unwinding Width500mm (600mm customizable)
Max. Unwinding Diameter900mm
Max. Rewinding Diameter160mm
Min. Slit Width25mm
Max. Speed150m/min

2 Layers Thermal Paper Till Roll Making Machine JT-SLT-500B

This 2 ply thermal paper till roll making machine is specially customized for making carbonless paper rolls, thermal paper rolls, or NCR paper rolls.

As for till roll, it is made from thermal paper, it is mainly applied in the point of sale machine, credit card machine, debit card machine, Visa card machine, adding machine/calculator, and cash register machines.


According to the number of layers, till roll mainly is 1ply,  2 ply thermal paper till roll can also be found in China market.

And when it comes to carbonless paper rolls, they are mostly used to print receipts on dot-matrix printers/impact printers.

Recently, a Kenya client bought 1 set 600mm width 2 ply carbonless copy paper slitting machine from us.



On 11 Jan 2021, we tested this dear Kenya client’s customized machine, the following video is the machine test video.

After testing, we shared this video with Kenya client together with the below finished carbonless paper roll’s photo for approval.


Compared with ordinary 1 ply thermal paper roll slitting machine, such carbonless paper roll slitting machine has some unique features.

The independent jumbo roll unwind stand’s quantity will be designed and installed according to the ply amount.


Corresponding amount independent tension control system will be also installed accordingly.

Kenya client’s 2 ply carbonless copy paper slitting machine requires 2 independent tension units, 1 tension control unit includes 1 tension controller and 2 sensors (hall switch), ensures sensitive and precise tension control.

More drive rollers are required for 2 ply machine, they are introduced to lead material feeding, take effect on avoiding till roll vibrations.

Compared with the thermal cash register paper roll slitting machine, carbonless paper roll making machine width is mainly 600mm or 500mm for better performance.

If you would like to make the 3 layers carbonless paper roll, we Jota suggest you consider about JT-SLT-500 till roll slitting machine.

The narrower the machine is, the smoother edge of the finished small roll.

3 ply carbonless paper roll slitting technology has a higher requirement on tension control.

500mm width machine is more suitable for qualified terminal small till roll products.

Jota Factory

During the running process, 2 paper jumbo rolls are unwound from 2 independent unwind stand respectively, passes through the drive rollers and nip rollers, go through the slitting section, the small roll is wound on rewinding shaft finally.


For more details about this thermal paper roll slitting machine, please feel free to contact us.

As your one-stop thermal paper machine supplier, Jota Machinery could supply the thermal paper machine for you to make POS paper roll, ATM paper roll, printer paper roll, cash register paper roll, till roll, etc.

Jota Professional Team

The roots create the fruits, quality is the cornerstone of Jota Machinery gaining trust from customers around the world.

Many clients suddenly contact us for small part replacement after 4-5 years of silence.

Each time we receive such mail, we could feel the client’s satisfaction overflowing from each word.

Saudi Arabia Client Thumbs Up for Jota Thermal Paper Slitter Rewinder

Recently, we Jota has just released fully automatic thermal paper roll slitting packing machine JT-SLT-1400FA, from core feeding to finished roll packing, no need dedicated operator, inline printing function can also be integrated, please send us an inquiry on this website to get more details.


Thermal Paper Till Roll Making Machine Ultimate FAQ Guide

Thermal Paper

What Is Thermal Paper Used For?

The so-called thermal paper refers to the information recording paper coated with color-forming materials, which is generated by thermal signals to develop colors.

In other words, thermal paper is a specially coated paper, once gives energy (thermal energy) to the thermal paper surface, the physical or chemical properties of the substance (color developer) are changed to obtain an image.


Thermal paper can be used as a communication carrier for text and graphics on fax machines, that is, as fax paper;

Used as recording materials in medical and measurement systems, such as ECG drawings, thermal instrument recording paper, etc.;

Printing paper used in Internet terminals;

The commonly used lottery tickets are also made of thermal paper;

In commercial activities, it is used to make trademarks, POS, etc.


The production principle of thermal paper is to coat fine particle powder on an ordinary paper base. The particle powder is composed of leuco dye, phenols, or other acidic substances, separated by a film.

Under heated conditions, the film melts and the powder mixes to cause a color reaction.

The handwriting developed by the ordinary thermal paper is unstable and easy to fade, which makes the document content illegible and not suitable for long-term storage.

But good thermal paper can be stored for 30 years or even longer.

What Is The Thermal Paper Price?

Thermal paper is usually sold per ton.

Because the thermal paper is divided into many different specifications according to the paperweight, the price of different specifications is different, the common specifications are 48gsm, 55gsm, 65gsm.

Moreover, different manufacturer’s thermal paper mother roll quality is uneven, and the price will vary due to the difference in quality.

Take the APP brand 55gsm thermal paper as an example. The current price is USD$1,475.00/ton.


APP is the largest pulp and paper company in Asia and has already ranked among the top 10 paper companies in the world.

The APP thermal paper quality is relatively good. If you are more price-sensitive, we can also help you find more competitive price thermal paper mother rolls in China.

Thermal Paper Manufacturers

There are many domestic manufacturers of thermal paper here in China, among which the larger ones are Jianghe, Chenming, Guanhao, APP, and Xianhe;

Well-known thermal paper manufacturers abroad include Germany’s Koehler Paper, South Korea’s Hansol Paper, Japan’s Mitsubishi Paper, and Ricoh Paper.


How Can You Tell If Paper Is Thermal?

In daily life, we have the possibility of contacting thermal paper.

How to tell if you got the thermal paper?

In fact, the method is very simple. Use your fingernails, coins, keys, etc. to scratch the paper gently, because friction can generate heat, and the generated heat can cause the heat-sensitive substance to develop color.

Therefore, the paper that will leave traces (usually gray) after being scratched, it is thermal paper.

And most of the heat-sensitive paper that we come into contact with, the developer is bisphenol-A.

How Long Does Thermal Paper Last?

Generally, the shelf life of thermal paper is only 2-3 years or even a few months.

Long shelf life thermal paper is classified as long-lasting thermal paper.

At present, the thermal paper with better preservation can reach over 10 years in a normal storage environment (avoid high temperature, high humidity, direct sunlight, avoid contact with solvents, plasticizers, etc.).

Some thermal papers of particularly good quality can even be stored for 30 years.

Is Thermal Paper Bad?

The thermal paper produced by regular manufacturers is non-toxic when used under a normal environment and temperature, but temperature changes will make it toxic.

After touching the thermal paper receipt, if possible, please wash your hands immediately, but do not use alcohol-based cleaning fluids.

Do not directly touch the mouth after your hands contact the receipt, such as touching food or eating with your hands.

The thermal paper contains bisphenol-A. Although bisphenol A is not a hormone in the true sense, it has a hormone-like effect and belongs to environmental estrogen.

If it is taken in excess, it will interfere with the body’s normal hormone function and affect the development of the reproductive system. Destroy the balance of the endocrine system.

If there is not much exposure to bisphenol A, there is almost no harm.

Therefore, although the thermal paper produced by regular manufacturers is non-toxic, the quality of thermal paper currently on the market varies. There are many chemical components in thermal paper. If necessary, it should be purchased from regular channels.

Does All Thermal Paper Contain BPA?

Not all thermal paper contains BPA.

Now those thermal paper manufacturers will provide two thermal papers for customers to choose, one is thermal paper containing BPA; the other is thermal paper without BPA.

The price of thermal paper containing BPA is relatively cheaper, and the price of thermal paper without BPA is relatively higher.

You can choose the type you need according to your budget.

Does Thermal Paper Fade?

Thermal paper will fade slowly during storage, which is determined by the characteristics of thermal paper, and there is no way to overcome it.

For more important documents, take the thermal paper to copy and then save, so there are no worries.

If it has faded, it can be restored by some means, but there is a possibility of failure. The method is as follows.

How to restore faded thermal paper?

Although the handwriting on thermal paper has faded, the blank part that has not been colored still maintains its original properties.

Heating and temperature control can be used to develop the color of the blank part that has not been colored, so that the faded handwriting can be reproduced, forming a white text on a black background phenomenon.

Put the heat-sensitive paper sample with the handwriting into the incubator, control the temperature scale of the incubator, usually 75℃-100℃.

After the thermal paper is heated, the original handwriting will be white and the original blank will change to black, and then the handwriting is displayed.

If the handwriting is not clear, the color difference before and after color rendering can come in handy.

Shoot the faded thermal paper with the high-pixel digital camera and input the photo into the computer, or directly scan the faded thermal paper with a scanner, use Adobe Photoshop handle the input faded thermal paper photo to achieve enhanced flashing.

In addition, after the faded handwriting on the thermal paper is heated and displayed, it can be further inspected under the ultraviolet light, and the dark scene and bright text can be detected.

How Do You Keep Thermal Receipts From Fading?

Due to its stability and portability, thermal printers are now more and more widely used.

This kind of machine has stable quality, low price, and no need to add ink.

But the only drawback of thermal printing paper is the limited storage time.

Depending on the quality of thermal paper, the storage time varies from several months to several decades.

And remember to not use adhesive tape for the thermal printing paper. Since the adhesive tape easily reacts with the thermal paper, it not only cannot extend the storage time but also accelerates the disappearance of writing.

1. The thermal label paper should be protected from direct sunlight, moisture, sun, high temperature, and ultra-low temperature.

2. After the printed labels are packaged, they should be stacked in layers, and not too heavy to prevent glue penetration and adhesion.

3. It can be stored for 1 year at 23±2℃ and RH65±5% relative humidity.

4. When storing thermal label paper, it should be packed with moisture-proof paper or film and sealed.

Rolls should be stacked upright, flat sheets should be stored flat, and the height of each pallet should not exceed 1m, and the goods should be more than 10cm above the ground (wood board).

5. The label should have outer packaging. It is recommended that the plastic film be sealed and packaged, and the package should be sealed again after each use, which can also provide better storage conditions for the label.

Can Thermal Receipt Paper Be Recycled?

The waste thermal paper is useless, it is treated like ordinary waste paper, which is sold to waste collection stations.

It is best not to litter, after all, there is a layer of chemical raw materials on it, which will pollute the environment to a certain extent.

Waste paper recycling manufacturers must have a certain pulp process, and waste collection stations will know this aspect better than you, they can send waste thermal paper to suitable waste paper recycling manufacturers.

Thermal Roll

What Is A Thermal Till Roll?

Thermal paper rolls are commonly used consumables for cash registers, ATM machines, POS machines, fax machines, and electrocardiographs. They can be used as carriers to print text and graphics.


This kind of small roll is usually formed by slitting the thermal paper mother roll and then winding it, with a certain width and a certain diameter. The specific width and diameter can be customized according to the requirements of the end customer.

The most common small thermal paper rolls are 57mm x 50mm and 80 x 80mm.

What Is The Uses Of Thermal Paper Roll?

Thermal paper has developed rapidly with the popularity of fax machines all over the world.

However, due to the development of electronic communications, thermal paper is not only popular as fax paper in personal households, but also in businesses, supermarkets, banks, hospitals, airports, and other fields.

Its use is becoming more and more extensive, the variety is increasing day by day, the scope of application is getting wider and wider. At present, the main application areas are summarized as follows.

(1) Thermal paper for the fax machine

Mainly used for various types of thermal paper fax machines. There are commercial use, but also home use. At present, the thermal paper of this type accounts for almost half of the total output, which is the main direction of thermal paper from the late 1980s to the present.

The quality goal is to pursue high speed of fax recording, high density of lines (blackness), and preservation after recording.

For example, in terms of recording speed, it has developed from G2 type to G3 and even G4 type, which can reach high-speed fax of about 15S per A4 size paper sheet.

(2) Thermal paper for printing and terminal recording.

In order to meet the needs of various new terminal recording equipment, different varieties have been developed.

They can be widely used for printing records of many equipments.

These equipment include word processors, medical testing and industrial testing, and computer-aided design and production (may be referred to as CAD/CMA), counters, automatic cash payment machines (ATM/CD), and portable terminal printers, and receipt records for highways, taxis, etc.

(3) Thermal paper for labels and receipts

The new products of thermal paper in recent years have been extended to the label field, and the development is fast.

It is a combination of thermal paper and self-adhesive labels. Coat the back of the thermal paper with a sticker, and compound it on the release paper for labels to be printed.

Judging from the sales and supply situation in recent years, the general trend is: the first category is gradually decreasing, while the second and third categories are gradually increasing.

What Is The Difference Between Thermal And Non-Thermal Till Rolls?

1. The printed effect is different

The surface of the thermal paper sticker has a special coating, which will turn black when heated.

If it is used as a printing paper, the printed content will disappear quickly; if the ordinary copperplate sticker is used as printing paper, it will be printed. Things will not disappear, they will stay for a long time.

2. Different printing methods

One is thermal printing and the other is thermal transfer printing.

3. Different quality

The thermal printing paper used in cash registers is generally divided into three layers.

The bottom layer is a base paper, the second layer is a thermal coating, and the third layer is a protective layer. The primary influence on its quality is the thermal coating or protective layer. And the plain paper will not.

4. Different temperature effects

Coated paper labels are less affected by temperature, but thermal paper labels are greatly affected by temperature.

Therefore, if the labels attached to the product surface are affected by temperature, the printing factory generally is recommended to choose coated paper labels.

How Do You Measure Till Rolls?

How to calculate the length of a roll of thermal paper in meters?

Assuming that the length of the thermal paper is L (m), the outer diameter of the thermal paper is B (mm), the outer diameter of the paper core is C (mm), and the thickness of the thermal paper measured by a micrometer is T (μm).


L (length) = (B x B-C x C) x 0.7854/T

For example, 57 x 50 thermal paper, the outer diameter of the paper core = 24mm, the thickness is 78μm.

Then the length L=(2500-576)*0.7854/78=19.37 meters.

How Long Is A Roll Of Receipt Paper?

Generally speaking, the length of the thermal paper small roll is determined by the winding diameter.

The following table summarizes the lengths corresponding to some common diameters of thermal paper rolls:

Width x Diameter (mm)Length (m)
57 x 3010
57 x 4012
57 x 5020
80 x 5020
80 x 6030
80 x 8060


How Are Thermal Paper Rolls Produced?

Thermal paper small rolls are produced by a special thermal paper slitting and rewinding machine.

To produce small thermal paper rolls, in addition to a thermal paper slitting rewinder, an air compressor is also needed, because the thermal paper slitting rewinding machine is equipped with many pneumatic components and requires compressed air.

What’s more, the production of small thermal paper rolls also requires some necessary raw materials, such as thermal paper mother rolls and paper core or plastic core.

You only need to check the following video to understand better about small thermal paper rolls production.

Thermal Paper Rolls Manufacturers

There are many manufacturers of small thermal paper rolls in China, such as DELI, TANGO, KONYEE, GUANHUA, COMET, WITEASY, APP, etc. These brands are relatively well-known;

For foreign suppliers of thermal paper rolls, you can enter thermal paper roll in Amazon search bar. Many suppliers are listed.

Some of them are trading companies and some are original factories, which require you to spend some time and energy to filter or distinguish.

Thermal Roll Making Machine / Thermal Paper Manufacturing Machine

Thermal Paper Manufacturing Process

Thermal paper is also called thermal fax paper, thermal recording paper, thermal copy paper. Thermal paper is a kind of processed paper, and its manufacturing principle is to coat a layer of “heat-sensitive paint” (heat sensitive color change layer) on high-quality base paper.

Although there are more than a dozen chemicals used in this color-changing layer, there are at least the following compounds: leuco dyes.

The dye has a wide variety, the most commonly used are fluorescent compounds;

the developer accounts for about 20% or less, and the commonly used are bisphenol and p-hydroxybenzoic acid;

the sensitizer accounts for about 10% or less, which contains benzenesulfonamides compounds;

fillers account for less than 50%, commonly used calcium carbonate (fine particles);

adhesives account for less than 10%, such as polyvinyl acetate; stabilizers, such as dibenzoyl terephthalate; lubricants, etc.

Because of this, the process of thermal paper production is difficult and the technical requirements are high.

Thermal paper is a specially coated paper, its appearance is similar to the ordinary white paper.

The surface layer of thermal paper is smooth, and it is made of ordinary paper as the paper base, and a layer of the heat-sensitive chromophoric layer is coated on it, which is coated on one side of the ordinary paper surface.

The chromogenic layer is composed of the adhesive, developer, and leuco dye (or leuco dye). It is not separated by microcapsules, and the chemical reaction is in a “latent” state.

When the thermal paper encounters a hot print head, the color developer and the leuco dye within the print head area chemically react and change color, forming graphics and text.

When the thermal paper is placed in an environment above 70℃, the thermal coating begins to change color, and the reason for the color change should be discussed from its composition.

There are two main heat-sensitive components in the thermal paper coating: one is leuco dye or leuco dye; the other is color developer. This type of thermal paper is also called two-component chemical thermal recording paper.

Common leuco dyes mainly include crystal violet lactone (CVL) of tritylphthalide system, fluoran system, leuco benzoyl methylene blue (BLMB), or spiropyran system.

Common color reagents mainly include para-hydroxybenzoic acid and its esters (PHBB, PHB), salicylic acid, 2,4-dihydroxybenzoic acid, or aromatic sulfones.

After the thermal paper is heated, the leuco dye reacts with the developer to produce color, so when the thermal paper is used to receive the signal on the fax machine or print directly with the thermal printer, the graphics and text are displayed.

Since there are many kinds of leuco dyes, the color of the written handwriting will be different, including blue, purple, black, etc.

Thermal Paper Roll Manufacturing Process

The production of thermal paper small rolls is realized on the thermal paper slitting machine.

The specific process is to first unwind the thermal paper mother roll from the unwind stand, and then enter the slitting section after web-feeding through various functional rollers.

The slitting knife divides the thermal paper mother roll into multiple narrow paper ribbons with a specified width.

The narrow paper ribbon is wound around a plastic core or a paper core and then is rolled into a small by following the shaft rotating.

For a more intuitive understanding of the small thermal paper rolls production, please view the following demonstration video of our Jota thermal roll slitting machine.

Thermal Paper Roll Making Machine Manufacturer

Thermal paper slitting machine manufacturers are all over the world, and there is thermal paper slitting machine manufacturers in the United States, Spain, Italy, Mexico, India, Taiwan, and other countries and regions.

The more well-known brands are Jennerjahn in the United States, Lemu Group in Spain, and LA MECCANICA FUMAGALLI SRL in Italy.

As the original manufacturer of the thermal paper slitting machine, Jota welcomes you to contact us and make a WhatsApp video call with us. We can show you our factory and CNC machining center in real-time.



If you make an appointment, we can also live broadcast the thermal paper slitting machine operation in real-time through WhatsApp video call.

Recently, we have optimized our best-selling JT-SLT-900 thermal till roll making machine.


The wallboard is still as thick as 37mm, the structure is more compact, the tension control function is integrated into the PLC, and the tension control is simpler, more efficient, and stable.


37mm thickness wallboard


Tension control module connected to Siemens ST40 PLC

The optimized JT-SLT-900 thermal till roll making machine’s price is quite competitive now, please send us an inquiry on this website to get more info about this optimized JT-SLT-900 machine.

What Are The Machine Used To Make Thermal Paper Rolls

The machine used to produce thermal paper small rolls is thermal roll making machine, which is mainly composed of unwinding section, web-feeding section, slitting section, rewinding section, control system, etc.

Thermal Paper Roll Making Machine Price

For thermal paper slitting machine, its price mainly depends on the following aspects:

1. Unwinding width.

At present, the unwinding width of mainstream models on the market is 900mm, but the width of parent rolls in the U.S. and Canadian markets is more than 1300mm, so customers in these markets require the thermal paper slitter’s unwinding width to be at least 1400mm;

2. Automation degree.

The prices of semi-automated and automated machines are definitely different.

If your local labor price is relatively cheap, you can consider semi-automatic machines; if the labor cost is relatively high, it is recommended that you increase your budget to purchase fully automatic machines;

3. Whether it is necessary to bring online printing and packaging lines. If you want to make your thermal paper rolls look more beautiful, you can add the online printing function, and the price will increase accordingly;

If you want to save labor costs, you can add thermal paper rolls packaging line, and the price will be accordingly going up.

Thermal Paper Roll Business

The use of thermal paper rolls is very wide, and there are many merchants resell and wholesale thermal paper rolls all over the world.

Therefore, now the business of selling small thermal paper rolls alone is too competitive and the profit is too low. It is more profitable to set up factories on your own.

Although it is a good idea to set up a small thermal paper roll production factory, you also need to plan well and implement it step by step according to your own plan, then it is more likely to succeed.

Based on our rich experience in the thermal paper industry, it is recommended that you follow the steps below to engage in the thermal paper roll business.

Thermal Paper Roll Business Market Survey


For any business, market demand and competition are the two most important factors affecting success.

If the market demand is great and the degree of competition is low, the business is likely to succeed;

If the market demand is great and the competition is high, you have to work very hard and be good at using business thinking to succeed;

If the market demand is very small and the degree of competition is very low, the business will be easy to succeed, but the profit will be too little. It is a bit like tasteless chicken ribs;

If the market demand is small, the degree of competition is high, and a lot of time and energy is spent, the final output is very small, and the input-output ratio is too low, which is really boring.

For small thermal paper rolls, they are mainly used in POS machines, ATM machines, fax machines, electrocardiograph machines, etc.

These machines are closely related to clothing, food, accommodation, travel, entertainment, medical, office, and other industries, such as clothing stores, shops, restaurants, catering centers, hotels, shopping centers, supermarkets, banks, cinemas, etc.

If your city and even the entire country are very developed in these industries, there are many clothing stores, shops, restaurants, catering centers, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, cinemas, etc.

It means that your city and the entire country are very needed for thermal paper. Small rolls are in great demand.

The next step is to assess the competition degree in the thermal paper roll business of your city and even the entire country.

You can check the Yellow Pages website of your country to see how many companies produce thermal paper small rolls and select the factories among them;

You can also search for keywords such as thermal paper rolls and POS rolls on well-known B2C websites in your country. The search results will list many sellers and filter out the factories among these sellers;

Or you can enter site:your country’s international domain name abbreviation thermal paper roll manufacturer on Google. If the search results show up, it is usually the original production factory for small thermal paper rolls.

Even if you find that there are indeed many competitors in your country’s market, don’t worry, because there are usually two or three major suppliers in a market finally. You just need to work hard to be one of them.

In order to be successful, you need to use Google to search for more information about the thermal paper roll market in your city and country. The more information you know, the more likely you are to succeed.

Thermal Paper Roll Business Profit Evaluation


Profit = selling price-cost.

The selling price is calculated by checking the selling price on the local B2C and combining it with the profit rate you want.

As for the cost, it mainly includes the following aspects:

The cost of raw materials, including thermal paper mother rolls, paper or plastic cores, packaging carton boxes, packaging films, etc.;

Machine cost, thermal paper slitting machine, air compressor, conveyor belt, packaging line, etc.;

Import tariffs;

Factory operating costs (rent, electricity, water, broadband, telephone);

Labor costs.

After you calculate the profit and profit meet your psychological expectations, the thermal paper rolls business is worthy of your investment.

According to the experience gained from our past exchanges with old customers, the net profit of thermal paper small roll business can generally reach 10%, the investment recovery period is very short (between 1-2 years), and the return on investment is about 50%.

Select A Production Site For The Thermal Paper Roll Business


After confirming that you want to start your small thermal paper roll business, you need to determine the location of a factory.

1. The location of the factory is best with convenient transportation so that the thermal paper small rolls can be transported out;

2. The land price of the factory site is more suitable;

3. Try not to be close to residential areas around the factory site (causing environmental pollution and noise disturbance will make residents have opinions);

4. The infrastructure (water, electricity, communications, etc.) of the factory site must be complete. This is very important and must be considered;

5. Where the factory site is located, it is necessary to consider the development of the next few decades. In case, when the government says there is a major project, the factory needs to be relocated, and it is not easy to move the factory.

6. The place of the factory site should never be too remote. If it is too remote, it is difficult to recruit workers.

Thermal Paper Roll Production Equipment And Raw Material Procurement


After addressing the site, the next step is to purchase equipment and raw materials.

The purchase of equipment and raw materials needs to be determined according to your personal budget.

If your budget is limited, you can consider purchasing a thermal paper slitting machine, an air compressor, 3-5 tons thermal paper parent roll, 100,000 plastic or paper cores, and a certain number of packaging cartons;

If you plan to open a medium-scale thermal paper roll factory, you can purchase five thermal paper slitting machines, a flexo printing machine, 50 tons of thermal paper mother rolls, and 2 million plastic cores or paper cores, a certain number of packing boxes.

If you require a high degree of automation, you can consider purchasing thermal paper small roll conveyor belts and packaging lines, from parent roll unwinding to small roll packaging.

Now that the Internet is so developed, a large number of machines and raw materials suppliers are searched. As long as you are willing to spend the time and energy to communicate, you will surely be able to buy reasonable price machines and raw materials with good quality.

If you feel that your energy and time are limited, you can also contact us and we can recommend suitable machines and raw materials to you.

No matter what, you should buy some high-quality machines and raw materials because machines and raw materials that are not inferior will only hurt your business in the end.

Because the small thermal paper rolls produced by inferior machines and raw materials are of poor quality, even if they are sold, customers will not repeat purchases, which will affect the reputation of your brand;

The maintenance cost of inferior machines is too high, resulting in too long downtime, reduced productivity, and will also affect your business.

Customer’s word of mouth is very important. If your thermal paper rolls are of good quality, they will be introduced to their relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. It is getting louder and louder, and its popularity is getting higher and higher.

In order to ensure the quality of your thermal paper rolls, it is recommended that you carefully select the suitable machine and raw material suppliers, and spend more time communicating with more suppliers.

Thermal Paper Roll Production Operators Recruitment


The ultimate essence of business is always people. If you can better unite all kinds of talents, you can achieve greater success in your career.

For the thermal paper roll industry, this is no exception.

If you can find one or more excellent operators, he can help you start the machine quickly, and find ways to help you reduce material loss and machine downtime. No matter what the problem is with the machine, he can help you solve it quickly.

In addition, the thermal paper small rolls produced by excellent operators are beautiful and have neat edges. They can be used well on POS machines, ATM machines, cash registers, and other machines, which can help you more easily win the reputation of end customers.

In order to hire excellent operators, you can provide an attractive high salary, you can also provide a certain percentage of commission according to your small roll order.

Or you can directly give a small proportion of company shares so that he can share the dividends of company development, and make him feel working for himself.

If you really can’t find a good operator, you can find a novice who is ethical and able to learn first, promise him to be proficient, and then draw a commission according to the small roll order, stimulating his motivation for learning.

Thermal Paper Roll Business Marketing


For the marketing of thermal paper small rolls, one should walk on two legs: online and offline.

As for online:

I suggest you buildup an official website with your country’s international domain name abbreviation as the domain name suffix, so that customers in your country will feel cordial when they see your website.

In order to make the official website well, you need to design the layout and decoration of the website well.

After finishing it, fill the website with high-quality content that can benefit readers a lot. The better the content, the better your website can attract potential customers on Google Traffic, win the inquiries of these potential customers.

As for offline:

You can search for your local thermal paper small roll wholesalers and distributors, and provide them with small rolls for free at the beginning, and then pay after they sell;

You can print the leaflet or brochure and distribute it to the large shopping malls in your city;

Let the sales staff follow the central commercial street to sell to every merchant stores who use POS machines;

Contact your local POS machines, cash registers, ATM machines, inkless pocket printer distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers, and ask them to help you bundle small thermal paper rolls with the machine to customers;

Print end-customer advertisements on small thermal paper rolls, collect advertising fees and increase the unit price of products.

Thermal Paper Small Roll Business Maintenance And Expansion


For the maintenance and expansion of the thermal paper small roll business, the most important point is to stay focused.

Having been focusing on the business of small thermal paper rolls, you will understand this industry more thoroughly and accumulate more upstream and downstream resources in the thermal paper small roll industry.

In fact, doing business is like planting a tree. The deeper the root, the more prosperous the branches, the more luxuriant leaves, and the more abundant fruits;

It’s also like digging a well. You keep digging and digging. In the beginning, only a little water seeps out. When it reaches a certain point, the water will gush out.

In order to let you know more about we Jota Machinery, you could watch the following video for reference.

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  10. Flexo Printing Machine
  11. Cardboard Tube Cutting Machine
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