Thermal Roll Slitting Machine

Best Selling Economical Model
  • 10000 rolls per 8h on average
  • Siemens PLC control system
  • Automatic motor-driven chain lifts jumbo roll up or down
  • Redline marking system



JT-SLT-900 Thermal Roll Slitting Machine

 Max. Unwinding Width


 Max. Unwinding Diameter


 Max. Rewinding Diameter


 Min. Slit Width


 Max. Speed


 Unwinding Shaft

3” Air Expanding Shaft

 Rewinding Shaft

0.5”, 1” are available (or as your request)


3 phase, 380V, 50Hz





 Overall Dimensions(L*W*H)



Jota thermal roll slitting machine is used for slitting and winding all kinds of thermal paper, including fax paper, ATM paper, ECG paper, medical record paper, self-adhesive trade marks, non-woven cloth, films etc.
Siemens PLC and touch control screen, all the parameters are displayed on the monitor, and it will automatically work.
Master motor is Siemens inverter motor, Inovance AC drive control.
Motor-driven chain lifts jumbo roll up or down automatically.
Dynamic or static balancing transmission roller.
Redline marking system, printing red line on finished roll tail.
Round blades for slitting, automatic waste removal by air blower through tube.
Automatic tucker, quickly triggers rewinding.
2 sets load cell sensor and fully automatic tension controller to keep constant tension.
Auto meter counter, when it reaches the preset length, the machine stops automatically.
The overlapping problem could be avoided with lay-on roller.
Emergency switch.

JT-SLT-900 Thermal Roll Slitting Machine

JT-SLT-900 thermal roll slitting machine is always Jota Machinery’s best selling product, not only because it is an economical model, but its quality is also high, the price is competitive. So, Egypt’s big customer K.M.S Group also purchased this machine.

Egypt big client K.M.S group

K.M.S Group’s choice fully proves that Jota Machinery is a reliable automatic thermal paper roll slitting machine supplier, you could trust us without any fear. K.M.S Group chose JT-SLT-900 mainly because this model has some attractive selling points.

In the unwinding section, JT-SLT-900 POS paper slitting rewinding machine applies a motor-driven chain, it is able to lift up and down thermal paper jumbo roll automatically, ensures jumbo roll loading and exchanging is much easier, greatly saves operator labor.

3″ Air Expanding Shaft

As parent roll decreases in size, unwinding shaft’s driving torque decreases at a linear ratio. With electromagnetic brake installed on both sides of unwinding shaft, it is useful for torque compensation, makes sure thermal paper slitter rewinder keeps constant tension while working.

Electromagnetic Brake

Constant tension is the most important factor for thermal paper slitting rewinder. In order to detect real-time web tension, JT-SLT-900 cash register paper slitters machine equips with 2 closed-loop load cell sensors.

Tension data feeds back to the tension controller for processing, then reports to Siemens PLC, PLC sends the command to electromagnetic brake for execution.

Tension Controller

Siemens PLC

In the slitting section, JT-SLT-900 thermal roll slitting machine introduces shear cutting, proactive lower circular knife, and slave upper circular knife, leads to the minimum or no kerf, effectively minimizes waste.

Proactive Lower Circular Knife and Slave Upper Circular Knife

In the rewinding section, JT-SLT-900 cash register paper slitting machine utilizes an automatic tail tucking system for a quick start, significantly reduces the time gaps from startup to winding beginning, effectively improves production efficiency.

Automatic Tucker

In order to avoid overlapping problems during the rewinding process, the lay-on roller is installed in the JT-SLT-900 cash register paper slitting rewinding machine. Without any overlapping problems for small roll, material waste also could be avoided.

Lay-on Roller

During communication with our previous clients, some of them request us to develop rewinding tightness adjustment function, so our engineers creatively add a precision regulator to JT-SLT-900 POS paper slitting rewinding machine, these clients are really satisfied with a shiny smile now.

Precision Regulator

There are still many secrets about JOTA best-selling thermal paper slit rewind machine semi-automatic JT-SLT-900, please speed up your action to send us an inquiry, one-on-one service is waiting for your call in China.

Recently, we Jota has just released fully automatic thermal paper roll slitting packing machine JT-SLT-1400FA, from core feeding to finished roll packing, no need dedicated operator, inline printing function can also be integrated, please send us an inquiry on this website to get more details.


Thermal Roll Slitting Machine Ultimate FAQ Guide

How to start thermal paper rolls business?

The business of thermal paper rolls is a low-input, high-profit business, and the requirement for the workshop is not too large. The factory area requirement is just 100 square meters, you can even use your backyard as a factory.

To start make small roll of thermal paper or rolls lottery or POS paper rolls, you need a thermal paper roll slitter, paper or plastic core, thermal paper jumbo roll, and some packaging films, bags, or a shrink film packaging machine.

As a professional supplier, we Jota can provide you with a full set of solutions.

How much investment, space, manpower and electricity do I need to start the business of thermal paper rolls?

At the beginning, you need about 100 square meters of ground to start. The manpower is about 1-2 people. The voltage requires 3 phase 380V or 3 phase 220V industrial power.

The overall investment is around USD 25000, including a fully automatic thermal paper roll slitter rewinder machine, large thermal paper parent rolls, etc.

Is the return on investment of the thermal paper small roll business high?

The return on investment of thermal paper rolls, POS paper rolls should be divided into products and your own positioning.

If your product is ATM paper rolls, the width is 80mm, and there are printed patterns, the profit is still very high, which can reach more than 30%.

I am a newcomer, what should I do if I don’t understand mechanical operation?

As a professional supplier of thermal paper slitting machine, we provide a full range of services. We have a professional sales service team, understand English and serve you 7×24.

The machine will be debugged before leaving the factory. You only need to plug in the electricity and gas source to work in your factory.

Please refer to the following video:

In addition, if you have any questions, we can contact you online to solve the problem on-site.

If it still doesn’t work, we can send our engineers to your site for commissioning, but you need to pay round-trip airfare, hotel fee and daily salary USD100.

Who is the terminal customer of the thermal paper roll?

Thermal paper rolls are widely used, mainly in major shopping malls, supermarkets, street convenience stores, and ATMs and POS machines in banking systems.

What are the common specifications of thermal paper rolls?

56mm, 79mm. 56mm is used on POS machines and 79mm is used on ATM machines.

What is the inner core of the thermal paper roll? What is the size?

The inner core can be a paper core, a plastic core, or a PP plastic honeycomb core, depending on the needs of your local market.

The inner diameter size is 0.5″ (13mm), 1″ (25.4mm), other specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

What is the thickness of the thermal paper?

The thickness of thermal paper is generally 44gsm, 55gsm, 65gsm, the most commonly used are 55gsm and 65gsm.

The color of thermal paper is black. Is there any blue color?

Depending on the chemical raw materials, the color of thermal paper is black or blue. Blue is more used in till roll.

The color rendering durability of black is generally within 3 years. If there are higher requirements, it can be achieved within 10 years.

While doing thermal paper rolls, what other business can I do to share sales channels?

Many of our customers are engaged in the business of self-adhesive label printing, and they are also making small rolls of thermal paper, thereby reducing operating costs and sharing customer sales channels.

Can I cut different widths on the same thermal roll slitting machine?

Yes, it can be achieved by replacing or rearranging the spacers. You can also purchase an additional lower blade shaft to easily change the slitting width.

Can red line marking be printed on the thermal roll slitting machine?

Yes, we have this function on our machine, set the length of time to print directly in the PLC.

How to count length in thermal roll slitting machine?

The number of cutting length is preset in the machine’s PLC. When the specified number is reached, the machine will automatically stop.

What are the specifications of the rewinding shaft for the thermal roll slitting machine?

According to the specifications of the paper tube or plastic tube, the outer diameter of the rewinding shaft is also 12mm or 24.5mm, and we have 2 rewinding shafts as standard for each specification.

What are the unwinding widths of the thermal roll slitting machine?

We offer 500mm, 900mm and 1400mm unwinding width thermal paper roll slitting machine, 900mm is the most basic model, practical and efficient.

Why does the thermal paper roll overlap during the winding process?

2 aspects:

On the one hand, there are some thermal paper slitting machines whose design is not reasonable enough, so the paper rolls will bite each other, wasting materials and increasing costs;

On the other hand: the operator does not know enough about the machine itself, and is not familiar with the control of tension and pressure, which causes paper biting during the winding process. These problems can be solved after familiar with machine operation.

In the past years, many customers have this problem, we have conducted in-depth research and optimization, Jota machine does not have this problem.

Does the thermal roll slitting machine need an automatic tension control system?

The automatic tension control system is very important for the thermal paper rolls slittin machine, because the machine often needs to accelerate and decelerate at high speed during the operation, and the tension must be consistent at all times.

The automatic tension control system ensures that the material tension is always consistent in the process of the machine running.

Does the thermal roll slitting machine need PLC and touch screen?

Many years ago, our slitting machine did not have PLC and touch screen, so it needs to install a lot of time relay and solid-state relay. With PLC and touch screen, the operation is simpler and the machine failure rate is also reduced.

Can the efficiency of producing small rolls thermal paper be improved?

The standard working speed of our machine is 110m/min, the maximum speed is 160m/min. The length of a small roll of thermal paper is only 15m, which limits the maximum speed performance.

When producing some 80×80 rolls, the speed can be increased to 160m/min.

But once the speed of the machine is fast, and the wear of the accessories is also fast, which affects the life cycle of the machine.

Is the thermal roll slitting machine safe during production? Is there noise?

Our machine has CE certification, and many transmission parts and cutters have protective measures, which is very safe.

The machine adopts synchronous belt drive, the noise is not more than 80 decibels.

What is the size of the thermal roll slitting machine? How much weight?

Our roll slitting machine thermal uses 37mm thick wallboard to ensure the stability of the machine at high speed.

The size of the machine is approximately 1800mm x 1750mm x 1500mm, and the weight is 1200Kg.

The machine can work in the space above the second floor.

What if the thermal roll slitting machine expires warranty period?

The warranty period of our machine is 1 year, but the technical support is whole life. No matter where you are in the world, we can solve the problem through the network, e-mail, and video call; any accessories can be sent by DHL, TNT, FEDEX express delivery.

How can I know the production cost of thermal paper rolls?

As your most professional thermal paper business solution provider, we can provide this service, please contact our sales, we will make a business plan for you.

Can the thermal roll slitting machine be used to cut ordinary materials?

No. Generally, the core of printed roll paper is 3″, and the roll of thermal paper is 0.5″ and 1″. However, some special materials can be cut, and we have experience. Please consult our sales for details.

I have a thermal roll slitting machine, do I need a printing machine?

If you can add a flexo printing machine, it helps you make greater profits. The printing machine is mainly used to help your end customers print back LOGO or advertisement.

I have a thermal roll slitting machine, do I still need an automatic packaging line?

Sure! In fact, the thermal paper slitting rewinding machine only needs one person to operate, and the most wasteful manpower and time-consuming is the back packaging.

Jota’s automatic packaging line can be equipped with 2-3 slitting machines at the same time, helping you reduce labor costs, improve efficiency, and earn greater profits.

What are the packaging methods for small rolls of thermal paper?

There are many ways of packaging thermal paper till rolls, the simplest is heat shrinkable film packaging, as well as golden film wrapping, silver film wrapping, paper packaging, and bag type packaging (pillow type packing machine).

Jota can provide all the above solutions, please submit your inquiry to us then wait for we Jota’s prompt reply.

Do thermal paper rolls need to be placed in a dark place?

Considering the special nature of the thermal paper material, do not place it in direct sunlight, otherwise it will easily fade. But it doesn’t need to be placed in a dark place deliberately, just indoors.

Is the thermal paper roll environmentally friendly? Is it carcinogenic?

The thermal paper we provide comes from world-class manufacturers, does not contain BPA, no harm to the environment, no harm to the human body, non-carcinogenic.

Do I need to wash my hands when I touch the thermal paper?

There are color-developing substances on the thermal surface. It is best to wash your hands after touching the thermal paper.

Will thermal paper be replaced by other materials?

So far, no material has been found to replace thermal paper.

However, with the rise of mobile payments, the thermal paper market will be affected, but will not be replaced in the short term.

What is the output of the thermal roll slitting machine?

In 8 hours, 10,000 rolls of 57×50 rolls are produced by Jota rolls cash register, POS rolls ATM, slitting and rewinding roll slitter rewinder, which is almost 100 cases (100 rolls/case).

How long is the service life of the thermal roll slitting machine?

The machine needs to be maintained once a month, lubricate the oil, keep such normal maintenance, 10 years of service life is possible.

We have many customers with Jota slitting machine thermal POS paper for 15 years.

How often does the blade of the thermal roll slitting machine need to be changed?

Depending on your production time, it is generally necessary to replace the blade in 6-12 months.

We provide slitting upper blades of high specification materials, please contact our sales.

My thermal roll slitting machine is not from Jota, can you serve me?

Yes, we can provide you with thermal paper information service, as well as some accessories, such as upper blades and cylinders.

We also provide automatic packaging lines, which are independent and can be used in conjunction with your current paper cutting machine cash register.

I have Jota’s thermal roll slitting machine. What other value-added services can you provide?

We provide consulting services, including global thermal paper market and price comparison, and provide packaging solutions, such as automatic packaging lines, packaging machines, and packaging consumables, POF film or golden film.

We also provide mechanical parts service, no matter you have any problems in the operation process, you can always contact us, we use a variety of channels to provide you with services.

Can you provide thermal paper jumbo roll?

We have good contact with various world-class manufacturers in China, and we can provide the most real-time thermal paper prices.

We have very good channel advantages. Many large domestic thermal paper mills are our customers. We have very close cooperation, and their prices are better than the prices you asked outside.

Please believe in professional power!

I am a machinery foreign trade company, can I distribute your machine?

Yes, we have better services for middlemen, not just price. The win-win business is sustainable.

Can I apply for Jota’s mechanical agent?

Welcome! So far, our machines have been sold in 50+ countries around the world on 5 continents.

If you have certain industry knowledge and service capabilities, we can communicate in detail.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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