Water Activated Kraft Paper Tape Printing Slitting Machine

1400mm Width Surface Winding
  • 1400mm unwinding width
  • 55% more small roll output than 900mm width machine
  • Shaftless unwind stand
  • Hydraulic jumbo roll loading
  • Photoelectric sensor web guiding
  • Anti-overlapping banana roller

JT-SLT-1400C water activated kraft paper tape printing slitting machine

 Max. Rewinding Diameter


 Min. Slit Width


 Web Diameter


 Web Width


 Max. Speed


 Unwinding Shaft

3″ (76mm) air expanding shaft

 Rewinding Shaft Diameter

0.5″, 1″ (size customizable)

 Total Power





Water activated kraft paper gummed tape printing slitting machine JT-SLT-1400C is especially suitable for making gum tape rolls, gummed tape rolls, kraft paper tape rolls, cash register roll, ATM roll, ECG roll, POS roll, till roll, etc.

Unwinding Section

Shaftless hydraulic jumbo roll loading unit.
Fully automatic tension controller.
20kg/m2 electromagnetic brake from Taiwan.
Photoelectric sensor web guiding.
Direction adjustable balancing roller ensures roller itself always keep in tight touch with the whole web.

Printing Section

1-4 colors optional
Ceramic Anilox cylinder transferring the ink, long life, wear resistance, corrosion resistance
Dancer roll integrated buffer
Automatic web guiding system
Infrared drying units

Slitting Section

The upper circular knives are fixed by screws, and the lower circular knives are fixed by aluminum spacer, which ensures cutting precision.
The rotary encoder automatically metering slit length.

Rewinding Section

Automatic tucker tucks the tail, convenient for quickly trigger rewinding.
90° vertical lay-on roller, capable of moving up and down, ensures more balanced left and right pressure, wider rewinding diameter could be realized.
Overlapping problems could be avoided with banana roller.

Controlling Section

Siemens PLC module, touch screen, and graphic user interface (HMI).
Yaskawa AC drives for Siemens master motor.
Schneider low voltage electrical appliances.

Waste Removal

Edge waste blower through expulsion tube.

Optional Parts

Safety guard.
4 corners emergency switches.
Transmission belt.
Safety fence.

Why JT-SLT-1400C Water Activated Kraft Paper Tape Printing Slitting Machine

On 4 Sep 2020, a Serbian customer paid us an advance payment of 22965.5 Euros, he finally made up his mind to order our JT-SLT-1400C water activated kraft paper tape printing slitting machine, this machine has just been released this year.


The reason why we Jota can bag this Serbian customer’s order is because of some coincidence.

There happened to be a Korean customer who also wanted to purchase water activated kraft paper tape printing slitting machine, and this Korean client sent water activated gummed paper tape jumbo roll to us.

We can use the Korean client’s reinforced kraft tape jumbo roll for testing, then share the machine test video with the Serbian customer.

Due to such a coincidence, both Serbian and Korean customers intuitively feel the actual slitting and rewinding effect.

Because we Jota have our own factory, ready-made gummed tape printing slitting machines, ready-made kraft paper tape jumbo rolls, we can test machine according to customer requirements, and eliminate customers’ doubts in all aspects.

We can introduce the unique selling points of JT-SLT-1400C kraft paper tape printing slitting machine’s each division to this Serbian customer through a video call, from unwinding to waste discharging, one by one.

The unwinding section of JT-SLT-1400C introduces a shaftless unwind stand, it saves the process of threading the unwinding shaft into the jumbo roll, and finally saves startup time;

The unwinding division is also equipped with a hydraulic automatic jumbo roll loading system, just click the control button on the machine or remote control, then the jumbo roll’s loading and unloading can be finished by the machine itself automatically.


The printing department of JT-SLT-1400C creatively designed the buffer, also called accumulator, it is composed of servo motors, multiple functional rollers, lead screws, and other components.



When a rewinding is completed, the operator needs to replace the rewinding shaft, the slitting process has stopped working, but the printing process has been always running.

With the buffer, the material can run a period of time in the buffer, the running time in buffer makes up for the winding shaft replacement time.

In this way, printing and slitting can be seamlessly connected to realize continuous machine operation, improve the machine uptime, and improve production efficiency.

In addition, the printing department also introduces a web guiding system, such a system ensures that the pattern position of the printed jumbo roll accurately enters the slitting section, enhances the finished small roll’s uniformity, and beauty of the appearance.


Web Guiding System

The slitting part of JT-SLT-1400C adopts the design of upper and lower circular knife shear cutting, which can fully guarantee the precision of slitting.


Upper Circular Knives

Moreover, a banana roller is installed above the upper circular knife.

It can effectively separate the narrow strips of kraft paper tape after slitting, avoiding the problem of tape overlapping between neighbor narrowband, and ensuring that each small roll’s edges are neat and beautiful, making it easy to attract terminal consumers to purchase.


Eye-catching Banana Roller

The winding part of JT-SLT-1400C is equipped with an automatic tucker, it quickly trigger the winding;

The winding division also equips with an automatic tail-cutting gluing unit, it can automatically cut and glue the paper tail.

These designs can effectively shorten the time required for a single winding and effectively improve production efficiency.


Automatic Tail Cutting Gluing Unit

There are also many other small details about the design of JT-SLT-1400C, those detailed designs are finished by Jota designers’ hard work.

You are welcome to call or mail us for consultation.

If you are willing to open a water activated kraft paper tape slitting factory, our industry experience can help you avoid some detours and create your own profits in this industry as soon as possible.

In 2020, more and more customers have inquired about water activated kraft paper tape slitting machine.

This environmentally friendly and pollution-free material is bound to be popular all over the world.


Gum Tape Slit by JT-SLT-1400C Slitting Machine

Please learn more about the FAQ guide for kraft paper tape printing slitting machine, you will become more and more professional.

Water Activated Kraft Paper Tape Printing Slitting Machine Ultimate FAQ Guide


Nowadays there are a wide using purposes on various tapes, because of the convenience of packaging. I would recommend is the currently popular water base activated kraft paper gum tape (WAT), which is made of kraft paper base paper, uniformly coated to edible vegetable starch adhesive, pressure-sensitive adhesive, or a heat-sensitive adhesive then for drying in a high-temperature dry oven.

There are also some high-standard tapes, which are sandwiched with longitudinal glass fiber filaments or glass fiber mesh to improve the reinforcement of the water-based activated gum tape (WAT).

This kind of tape produces stickiness after being over water, is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, recyclable and renewable resources, anti-unpacking, high stickiness, no warping, long shelf life, and guarantees long-term stickiness without moisture. It has been widely used in many fields.

Because kraft paper itself has printing properties, it is possible to print various patterns or company logos on the surface of kraft paper to improve different market demands.

Kraft paper tape is classified into water-free kraft paper tape, high-temperature resistant kraft paper tape, wet water kraft paper tape, white kraft paper tape, layered kraft paper tape, etc.

Water Activated Tape

What Does Water Activated Tape Mean?

Water-activated kraft paper tape is a new type of environmentally friendly, non-polluting, recyclable tape.

It is made of kraft base paper and edible vegetable starch glue. This kind of glue will be sticky when it gets wet, the stickiness is high, no warping, and tear resistance can effectively prevent others from unpacking easily.


If the water activated kraft paper tape can be protected from moisture, its adhesiveness will be effective for a long time.

Based on these characteristics, the water activated packing tape is especially suitable for export carton sealing or covering carton writing.

How Does Water Activated Tape Work?

The water activated kraft paper tape is coated with a layer of glue, such glue is a kind of vegetable starch glue, has no added chemical components, and is soluble in water.


Potato Starch

Vegetable starch glue will produce stickiness after applying water, reinforced water activated tape is made based on this principle.

How To Use Water-Activated Tape

Water activated kraft paper tape can create a strong adhesiveness after being dipped in water, and it could seal the paper carton box firmly. It is an eco- environmentally tape adapted to the international development tape packaging trend.

It has the characteristics of high adhesion, high peeling strength, and strong tensile performance. Because of the use of pure wood pulp paper as the base material, instead of half wood pulp, the water activated kraft paper gum tape is environmentally friendly and the color of the base material is the same as the carton color, so it is uniform for a better appearance and the adhesive will not cause pollution to the environment and can be recycled and reused with the packaging. It is mainly used to replace some traditional tapes like  BOPP tape, electric tapes for sealing, binding, etc.

There are generally two types of water-activated gum paper tape.

One is the manual method: you need to prepare a spray bottle, rags, scissors, and packaging objects. Take a suitable length of tape, spray evenly with water, wipe off the excess water with a rag, and then seal it on the surface of the carton. If the sealing is uneven in some places, please check whether there are oil stains or the water is not sprayed evenly.

The other is automatic water activated tape machine because it is a professional machine, so it is relatively simple to use, just install the water activated paper tape, take the appropriate length, the water has been sprayed evenly, and the seal is attached to the surface of the carton.

When you need to use water activated kraft tape to seal the box, just click the kraft gummed paper tape dispenser’s length button, and the corresponding length water activated tape will be first dipped in the dispenser and then ejected.

And then, you can fetch kraft gum tape and paste it on the carton for sealing.


Water Activated Tape Dispenser

Is Water Activated Tape Recyclable

The glue composition of water activated kraft paper tape is mainly vegetable starch, and the base paper is kraft base paper.

Both vegetable starch and kraft base paper can be recycled, so water activated kraft paper tape can also be recycled.

Why Use Water-Activated Tape

  • 1. Water activated paper tape is an environmentally friendly material, which can be degraded.

When the carton is recycled, it does not need to be treated separately, it can be directly recycled and used by the manufacturer to make pulp, which reduces production costs.

  • 2. Water activated paper tape also has very good adhesion.

It will not be affected by temperature and humidity, no warping, degumming, etc. during use, and has a longer validity period.

  • 3. Water activated paper tape can also be used for writing and marking on the surface.

Using gummed tape can reduce costs.

Water Activated Tape Manufacturers

With the increasing popularity of water activated paper tape, the number of water activated paper tape manufacturers has also increased dramatically.

At present, the well-known water activated paper tape manufacturers include IPG, Uline, 3M, etc.

China’s water activated paper tape manufacturers are mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta region in southern China, especially in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.

Custom Water Activated Tape

Custom water activated tape refers to printing end customer slogans and logos on the non-adhesive surface of water activated tape, the kraft paper tape will be more beautiful with printing patterns, makes terminal customer’s brand promotion much easier.


We Jota also produce flexo printing machines, which can be used to print kraft paper.

You are welcome to call or mail us for consultation.

Reinforced Water Activated Tape

Water activated tape has 2 types, 1 is reinforced type, the other is non-reinforced kind.

There are strings in the reinforced water activated tape, which make such kind of tape much stronger and tear resistant.

Non Reinforced Water Activated Tape

Non-reinforced water activated tape is different from reinforced water activated tape (WAT), it has no fiber thread and is relatively easier to be ripped or cut through.

Gum Tape

What Is Gummed Tape?

Gummed tape is gum tape, also called water activated tape.

This type of tape is gradually popular around the world because of its widespread use by American retail giant Amazon.

It is made of kraft base paper coated with vegetable starch glue.

When exposed to water, it will be sticky, has high stickiness, does not warp edges, and can be 100% degraded.

It is an ideal substitute for plastic tape.

Today, when environmental protection is more and more important, water activated paper tape will definitely become more and more popular.

What Is Gummed Paper Tape Used For?

The main uses of gummed paper tape can be roughly divided into the following categories:

  • 1. Sealing and packing

The biggest use of kraft paper adhesive is box sealing and packaging, which can basically account for 40% the kraft paper tape use. This type of kraft paper tape includes common kraft paper tape and water activated kraft paper tape.


  • 2. Sticking lint

Some garment factories often use high-viscosity kraft paper tape to stick the lint on the garment. Everyone knows that there are often some lint on the clothing, which affects the appearance of the clothes, so you need to use tape to stick it, and this kind of kraft paper tape is the best.

  • 3. High-temperature heat resistant tape

In a high-temperature environment, textile factories often have a process that needs to be exposed to high temperatures, and kraft paper glue can also be used as high-temperature heat-resistant tape.

  • 4. Marking purpose

Since there are many colors of kraft paper tape, such as white, green, black, etc., different colors of kraft paper tape can be used for marking.

How Do You Use Gummed Tape?

  • 1. Prepare scissors, water, and cardboard boxes;
  • 2. Use scissors to cut the tape to an appropriate length, and pull the water-based kraft paper tape to a suitable position for cutting;
  • 3. Use the prepared water to apply to the tape;
  • 4. Spread the water-filled tape flat on the surface of the carton box.

If you think the above steps are too complex, you can also use a gummed tape dispenser.

Two Side Gum Tape

As far as I know, gum tape currently only has a single-sided adhesive type.

I searched for a long time on the two major search engine websites of Google and Baidu, but I did not find a manufacturer or supplier of double-sided gum tape.

If you have found anyone who can supply, please share their contacts with us.

Gum Tape Printing

One side of the gum tape is glued, this side cannot be printed, but there is another side without glue.

The side without glue is actually the surface of kraft paper, which can be printed by a flexo printing machine.


Custom Printed Gummed Paper Tape

Custom printed gummed paper tape is printed with patterns on the kraft paper surface without glue, using a flexo printing machine to print materials required by the end customer.

These materials include the end customer’s brand logo, brand slogan, brand concept, etc.

The flexo printing machine supports up to 8 colors printing, no matter how complicated the pattern is to be printed by the end customer, it can be printed by making a suitable printing plate.

Water Activated Tape Slitting Machine

Water activated tape printing slitting machine is mainly used for cutting gummed paper tape jumbo roll and then winding separated gummed tape strips to small finished gum tape roll.


With regard to Jota water activated tape printing slitting machine JT-SLT-1400C, it is initially designed for a Turkish client for cutting and winding thermal paper.

Later, when we used different slitting rewinding machines to process the kraft paper tape jumbo rolls sent by Korean customers, the winding effect was not very good.

Because the kraft paper tape is relatively hard, bouncy, and the small roll that comes out is loose, and someone needs to stick the tape head on the paper or plastic core at the beginning.

When we use JT-SLT-1400C to handle the kraft paper tape jumbo roll, the effect is very good.


Finished Water Activated Tape Roll

Please send us an inquiry on this website, you can know more about gum tape slitting machine, you can better understand why JT-SLT-1400C slitter rewinder can realize so fantastic gummed tape winding effect.


In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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