Economic JT-SLT-900 Thermal Cash Register Till Roll Slitting Machine

The Most Popular Model Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine
  • Most Popular Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine all over the world
  • Siemens PLC and HMI for intelligent control
  • Company Structure with Convenient Operations
  • 7 x 24 hours online service and fluent English communication ability
ItemEconomic JT-SLT-900 Thermal Cash Register Till Roll Slitting Machine
Max. Parent Web Width900mm
Max. Parent Web Diameter1000mm
Max. Rewinding Diameter160mm
Min. Slit Width25mm
Max. Speed150m/min
Unwinding Shaft3” air expanding shaft
Rewinding Shaft0.5”, 1” are available (or as your request)
Voltage3 phase, 4 wire, 380V/220V
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H)1900mm x 1900mm x 1500mm

Economic JT-SLT-900 Thermal Cash Register Till Roll Slitting Machine

There’s no doubt the use cash register thermal papers are wide. And so, if you’re a whole supplier of the rolls, you’ll find a slitter machine to be very effective.

thermal paper slitting machine

Therefore, if you’re looking for an affordable thermal paper slitter machine, Jota Machinery offers the economic JT-SLT-900 thermal cash register till roll slitting machine. Let’s go ahead and look at common FAQs on this machine.

1.) Why Should I Purchase Jota’s Cash Register Slitter Machine?

The thermal paper roll-making business is at its peak currently. All the ATMs, POS, FAX, and other industries are moving towards this business because of its outstanding demands.

The thermal paper roll company is a high-return-on-investment venture. You’ll need a economic JT-SLT-900 thermal cash register till roll slitting machine as well as high-quality thermal paper jumbo rolls and paper/plastic cores to get started.

At JOTA, we can also assist you in making your business a profit. Our thermal paper parent rolls are supplied by substantial state-owned paper,, ensuring that the quality of the thermal paper parent rolls is assured.

Jota Machinery can assess your current condition and provide a customized thermal paper roll business strategy for you.

In addition, the economic JT-SLT-900 thermal cash register till roll slitting machine is certified. All the appliances at JOTA as technically tested and verified. These machines are supplied worldwide due to their certification, which helps attract more clients to your industry.

2.)  What Sizes Can the 900mm Slitter Rewinder Cut? 

A standard POS (Point of Sale) width is 57mm, while an ATM’s width is 80mm. The slitter creates these different sizes by combining the spacer and the lower blade.

It’s also possible to make some unusual sizes, such as 44mm, 75mm, 110mm, and 210mm. In general, there are two steps to set the paper size on a thermal printer:

The first is the browser settings (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and so on); the second is the printer margin settings (XP, Win7, Win8, Win10, etc..). Each printer comes with its manual, which you can study carefully and follow step by step to complete the setup.

In terms of standard industry sizes, here’s what to expect as a cash register supplier:

  1. The 80mm (3.15′′) thermal paper roll is mainly used in ATMs and some types of cash registers, with a reasonably high utilization rate in banks and cafes.
  2. The diameter of such small thermal paper rolls is usually 50mm or 80mm. Many clients may print ads on the back of this type of thermal roll paper to increase its appeal and earnings.

3.)  How Unique Is the JT-SLT 900mm Slitter Machine? What Makes this Thermal Paper Slitter Machine Different from Others?

Your economic JT-SLT-900 thermal cash register till roll slitting machine is available in more than 50 countries after ten years on the market.

Composed of an assembly department and a CNC center, we canture 20-30 sets machine without any pressure. While due to its existence ensuring the quality of Jota machines, ensure that your delivery time is met.

For over 20 years, the economic JT-SLT-900 thermal cash register till roll slitting machine has been the core machine for Jota Machinery. To assist you in the choice of suitable machines and proper solutions, our experience and expertise will definitely be helpful.

To make sure your material can be processed by our slitter rewinder, you can send some material to use for the initial test.

Better yet, the economic JT-SLT-900 thermal cash register till roll slitting machine is certified. All the machines at JOTA as technically tested and verified. These machines are supplied worldwide due to their certification. You can check out some of our certifications.

Features of the JT-SLT 900mm

The 900 mm thermal paper roll slitting machine has the following features.

  • Parent web width is 900mm
  • Parent web diameter is 1000mm
  • Rewinding diameter is160mm
  • The slit width is 25mm
  • Speed is 150m/min
  • Unwinding shaft is a 3” air expanding shaft
  • Rewinding shaft is 0.5”, 1” are available (or as your request)
  • Voltage 3 phase, four-wire, 380V/220V
  • Power is 2.95Kw
  • Weight is 1200Kg
  • Overall dimensions (L*W*H) are 1900mm x 1900mm x 1

Also, here’s a video introducing Jota’s semi-automatic slitter. The video explains the machine’s many features.

4.) Is the 900mm a Fully or Semi-Automatic Machine?

Economic JT-SLT-900 thermal cash register till roll slitting machine is semi-automatic, meaning that some of its operations are automatic while some steps require a human presence. However, it only requires one operator.

It means that the machine reduces labor costs by 60 percent, thus a profitable machine.

Because labor costs are low in some developing nations, thermal paper roll manufacturers mostly use semi-automated thermal paper roll slitting machines.

Even though it is a semi-automated economic JT-SLT-900 thermal cash register till roll slitting machine, it nevertheless has very high specifications, with Siemens AC motors, Yaskawa inverters, Siemens PLC and HMI, and an auto tension control device.

900mm Slitter parts

5.) Is It Possible to Print Using the 900mm Slitter Machine Or Do I Have to Buy a Separate Printer?

Yes, you can print with your thermal paper slitting machine.

JOTA equips its thermal paper slitting machines with flexo printers so that you don’t have to buy an extra machine for printing.

Printing Slitting Machine

With the help of your thermal paper slitting machine, it’s possible to convert the thermal rolls and print them.

This feature not only reduces time but also helps you to grow your business by saving your cost.

Thermal printers are frequently intended for a specified paper size range; your printer’s thermal paper size setting will vary.

6.)  How Many Till Pieces Can the JT-SLT 900mm Machine Produce in a Day?

economic JT-SLT-900 thermal cash register till roll slitting machine can manufacture 10,000pcs of 57mm wide bill paper roll every 8 hours on average, attracting the attention of many customers.

This comes in handy if you’re a wholesale supplier of thermal paper rolls in your country.

Basically, the efficiency that comes with an economic JT-SLT-900 thermal cash register till roll slitting machine is the main reason why clients prefer our services. Instead of buying huge jumbo rolls of thermal paper from overseas, our clients prefer instead to have their own slitter machine. This helps further supply the cash register paper rolls locally.

Slitting Unit

That is, with a slitter rewinder machine like the economic JT-SLT-900 thermal cash register till roll slitting machine, you solve the issue of late deliveries due to long distances. You also don’t lose the quality of the thermal papers. And you don’t have to worry if there’s an emergency order on specific roll size. The economic JT-SLT-900 thermal cash register till roll slitting machine is here to save the day.

7.)  What’s the Step-by-Step Process on How the 900mm Slitter Machine Works?

The process is simple and straightforward. But let’s have the videos do the talking.

8.)  Can the 900mm Slitter Produce Coreless Rolls?

Yes, you can make both coreless and core rolls using a single thermal paper slitting machine.

The buyer only needs to buy one machine, but it can produce two types of rolls, making it very cost-effective.

First, the shaft must be changed, which means that after creating the coreless rolls, the shaft must be changed and then utilized to manufacture the cores rolls.

However, the equipment may now be utilized to create core rolls by slightly altering the tucker on top of the thermal paper slitting machine.

Why is a coreless role so important? Is it profitable?

The answer to this is yes. Businesses can actually save production costs by producing thermal paper rolls that are coreless. It’s a new trend more companies are adopting, and that’s not only because of the cost-saving benefits but also because of other advantages, including:

  • Thermal paper rolls with no core are simple to install and maintain.
  • You may import more paper rolls in fewer containers with a smaller diameter, saving space.
  • Even the length necessitates some mathematical calculations in relation to the core size.
  • If you order the same diameter of paper roll, you’ll get a larger length of paper because the core is replaced with paper. This allows you to use every inch of it for receipt printing.
  • The majority of the cores are composed of plastic, not recyclable. On the other coreless rolls er hand, the coreless rolls are made of paper and are environmentally friendly.

9.)  Which Brands Do You Recommend for Thermal Paper Jumbo Rolls?

We recommend you choose some long-established and well-known thermal paper roll suppliers, such as Mitsubishi, Koehler, Hansol, APP, Chenming, Guanhao, etc.

These brands’ thermal paper jumbo rolls maybe a little more expensive, but the quality is more guaranteed.

Because of good level paper, the quality of the pulp used is different, the purity is higher, and the wood fiber content is denser. This response will be smoother in the thermal paper roll slitting machine, the tension control is easy, and the slitting and rewinding effects will be better. Tidier. Because of the high purity of the pulp, the life of the slitting knife will be more lasting.

If your client is a mid-to-high-end client, I suggest you choose a famous brand paper from a well-known manufacturer. Apart from being expensive, it is really workable and affordable.

10.)Who Are Your Main Clients? What’s Your Target Market When It Comes to the 900mm Slitter Rewinder?

As an economic JT-SLT-900 thermal cash register till roll slitting machine manufacturer, we found that many of our customers are printing factories.

They are generally engaged in the business of self-adhesive sticker label printing or die-cutting, and also invest in the production of thermal paper rolls.

In the beginning, they may have some water base flexo printing machines die cutting machines for the label sticker printing, die-cutting, and some other related business, they have run the sticker business deeply, so their sales network is comprehensive with strong cooperative relationships.

Due to the same sales network sharing, the customer also has some thermal cash register paper rolls demand, then some smart enterprises will decide to invest in new thermal cash register roll slitting machines to expand their business.

So the self-adhesive sticker business is a neighbor to the thermal paper roll manufacturing fields. If you are in one of these fields, please think about invest another one.

This way, they can share the same sales networks to maximize their business profits.

11.)How Much Does the Jota’s 900mm Cash Register Slitter Rewinder Cost?

The price of your thermal paper roll slitting machine depends greatly on its features and from where you are buying it.

Different countries offer you various prices for the thermal paper roll slitting machine.

The price is also dependent on the size of the machine. For example, if you are to buy a jumbo thermal paper roll slitting machine, the cost of its tiny till roll will be determined by the cost of a jumbo thermal paper roll.

Moreover, the cost will change depending on market conditions.

To get a quote for a jumbo thermal paper roll, you can either contact us directly or contact well-known thermal paper jumbo roll providers from your nearest location or the suppliers around the world.

12.) Do You Offer Second Hand Paper Slitting Machines at Subsidized Prices?

Yes, you can buy a used thermal paper roll machine for your business convenience. You’ll find various used paper-slitting machines for sale on the market. This is due to two key factors:

First, new technology machines are replacing old ones as a result of technological advancements; some businesses are struggling and are forced to sell paper-slitting equipment.

Secondly, the used economic JT-SLT-900 thermal cash register till roll slitting machine will be less expensive, but it will come with some dangers. Therefore, you must learn how to manage the risk of purchasing used equipment.

You can still consider it if there are some good qualities of second-hand paper roll slitting machines, but you should learn how to recognize the quality of a paper roll slitting machine.

You should also think about after-sales services, such as if you can find an appropriate accessory supplier in your local market.

13.)  How Fast Do You Deliver? Do You Ship the 900mm Cash Register Machine to the U.S.?

Deliveries and shipping depend on the distance to the country. For those in Asia receive their machines faster compared to those in Europe or the United States.

However, our goal at Jota Machinery is 3-4 weeks even though some may go up to a few months.

For those in the United States, we don’t have agents we can send there. But we can still ship the economic JT-SLT-900 thermal cash register till roll slitting machine via DHL or TNT in the fast express.

Also, whenever you need technical support, we’re always available to connect via Zoom or any other video call app.

We Jota could also manufacture the following related machines, if you are also interested in any type, please feel free to send us an inquiry.

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