Cash Register Paper Roll Slitter with Auto Tail Cutter and Gluer

Easy Operation And Economic Type Cash Register Paper Roll Slitter Rewinder
  • Hot Selling and Economic Type Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine
  • All Famous Brand, Siemens PLC and HMI, Schneider Electric Switch
  • Easy Operation and Only Occupy 3.6㎡ Space
  • Automatic Tail Cutter and Gluer Device
ItemCash Register Paper Roll Slitter with Auto Tail Cutter and Gluer
Max. Parent Web Width900mm
Max. Parent Web Diameter1000mm
Max. Rewinding Diameter160mm
Min. Slit Width25mm
Max. Speed150m/min
Unwinding Shaft3” air expanding shaft
Rewinding Shaft0.5”, 1” are available (or as your request)
Voltage3 phase, 4 wire, 380V/220V
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H)1900mm x 1900mm x 2100mm

JT-SLT-900 Cash Register Paper Roll Slitter with Tail Cutter and Gluer

If you are struggling with choosing the manufacturing business with a little investment then thermal paper slitting machine business is absolutely for you!

ATM receipts and thermal cash register papers are widely in the business over the past couple of years. This trend had enhanced the value and demand of the thermal paper slitting rewinding machines.

With the introduction of tailer cutting and gluing system, thermal paper slitting machines are catching the eyes of the customers.

Auto tail cutter type

You just need to buy a 900mm Thermal paper slitter machine and you’ll ace your business even in the low budget.

Let’s dig in to the further details of thermal paper slitting machine with tailer cutting and gluer.

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FAQ guide for JT-SLT-900 Cash Register Paper Roll Slitter with Tail Cutter and Gluer

What is thermal paper slitting machine with Cutting and gluer?

Starting with the introduction of Jota’s thermal paper slitting machine that turns paper rolls into ATM rolls, POS rolls, and so on.

Cutting and gluing are the essential parts of making any kind of rolls and Jota provides you this service in the form of one machine.

You don’t need to invest money on different machines for cutting ad gluing of your rolls. Instead, you can use thermal paper slitting machine with tailer cutting and gluer.

Automatic cutting system

This machine has an automatic cutting system that converts the mass rolls into the rolls of desired form.

For instance, you want to make rolls for Debit card receipts, this machine will help you cut the paper rolls into the desired shape.

Wall thickness

Thermal paper slitting rewinding machine with automatic cutting and gluing has the wall thickness of 37mm.

Work rate

It can work 24 hours a day with mass production of 10,000 pcs of billing papers in 8 hours. This feature is a huge want of the customers as it saves both cost and time.

The thermal paper slitting machine can make paper rolls of about 57mm thickness.

However, the wall thickness of the machine is 37mm which is ideal for maintaining the balance. Otherwise, the working of the machine may disrupt and the whole process will be affected.

With the aid of tail cutting and automatic gluing, the process of making cash register paper rolls has become easier.

CNC System

Moreover, a CNC system monitors the small functions of the machine to let you know of the tiniest possible error.



Figure 1: Fully Automatic Thermal Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine with Tailer Cutting And Gluer

Figure 1: Fully Automatic Thermal Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine


How does a thermal paper slitting machine with cutting and gluer works?

The working of a thermal paper slitting machine with cutting and gluer is same like any other slitting rewinding machine but with more ease.

First of all, the machine automatically adjusts the paper rolls into the suitable position to process.

If you are using jumbo rolls, it converts them into smaller rolls by slitting and rewinding.

The machine has an automatic gluing tank filled with the glue that aids in packaging of the paper rolls.

The paper rolls mounted on the shaft are moved forward to the cutting area.

Here the paper roll is cut into the required size and continues to roll.

The cutters are sharp and perform their job correctly. They trim the rolls into the suitable thickness.

The machine uses stainless steel air-blower pipe for the disposal of the waste material.

After cutting, the papers are marked with automatic ink system to make billing receipts or to write on cash register paper rolls. The machine has 10 sets of ink system.

With the help of advanced PLC system, every activity is successfully monitored. The machine gives the red mark if the paper roll is running low.

ink wheel
Ink Wheel Device

Its automatic CNC control features balance the tension and automatic collector collects the billing paper rolls.

In this way, the machine reduces a lot of manual assistance thus reducing the cost and labour.

Auto Tail Cutter and Gluer

Figure 2: Automatic Cutting

For better understanding, you can watch the following video.

What are the features and specifications of a thermal paper slitting machine with automatic cutting and gluer?

The machine has a specification of working in the paper industry to make ATM rolls, cash register paper roll, adding machine roll, and many others.

Further specifications include,

Slitting section

A Slitting section that has adjustable lower blade shaft. Disc blades can be adjusted with screws and are easy to operate.

Rewinding Section

Rewinding section of 0.5 to 1 inch. It has auto tucker and performs surface winding.

Unwinding section

The unwinding section has the edge position controller exported from Taiwan. It has pneumatic control automatic jumbo roll loading. With the help of spreader roller, it helps to reduces the overlapping problem.

Control Section

The controlling section contains Schneider low voltage electrical appliance.

It has graphic screen HMI and PLC control system. You can see all the parameters of the machine in the monitoring screen.

Waste disposal

Th air-bowler that disposes the waste material uses 1.5kw of energy.

Automatic tailer cutting and gluing system for precise paper billing rolls.

Can I cut and glue my thermal papers with thermal paper slitting machine with cutting and gluer?

Yes, you can cut and glue your thermal papers with thermal paper slitting rewinding machine.

All you need to do is to place you paper rolls on to the shaft.

The pneumatic rolls with auto-adjust the rolls and cutting starts. You can adjust the cutting to any size of your requirement.

The machine trims the unrequired part of the paper rolls and disposes them through the air bowel pipes.

After the thickness is set, you paper rolls are further cut with the help of cutters and blades to convert them into the billing receipts.

Gluing is used in the packaging of your rolls. However, if you want to use the double of triple layer of the paper for your cash register or billing paper rolls, the automatic gluing tank will assist you.

The gluer in the machine uses appropriate amount of the glue to give your desired results.

Slitting Blade
Slitting Blade

What is the auxiliary equipment used in the thermal paper slitting machine?

Jota also uses auxiliary equipment in its machine because they convert a single machine into multi-purpose.

This removes the aid of you buying separate machines for different working. For example, you can make ATM or Cash register bill rolls with thermal paper slitting machine.

Not only that, you can also print with the same machine. This is because Jota install Inline printers for the purpose of printing the paper rolls.

You can use different colors for printing. Either print your rolls before slitting or after slitting, it is totally up to your choice.

Jota has separate production line for each machine and it takes 3.61m square area for placing one unit of thermal paper slitting machine.

Is thermal paper roll slitting machine within tail cutting and gluer automatic?

Yes, your thermal roll slitting machine with tailer cutting and gluer is automatic.

Jota installs the thermal slitting machine with automatic CNC and PLC system.

These systems have touch screen layout and monitor the complete process of paper roll slitting, cutting, and gluing.

You can set the size, frequency, and time at the machine and you’ll det the desired outcome according the given instructions.

Furthermore, it automatically packs, counts, and collets the paper rolls.

Siemens PLC

Can I print with my thermal paper roll slitting machine with tail cutting and gluer?

Yes, you can use your thermal paper slitting machine to print.

You can covert the thermal papers as well as print them with the help of your thermal paper slitting machine.

This feature not only saves time but also money, allowing you to expand your business.

JOTA includes flexo printers with their thermal paper slitting machines, eliminating the need to purchase a separate printing machine.

Thermal Paper Slitter With One Color Printer
Figure 3:Thermal Paper Slitter With One Color Printer

Thermal printers are typically designed for a specific paper size range; the thermal paper size setting on your printer will differ.

A normal POS (Point of Sale) is 57mm wide, while an ATM is 80mm wide.

By combining the spacer and the lower blade on the slitter, these two sizes can be made.

44mm, 75mm, 110mm, and 210mm are just a few of the uncommon sizes that can be manufactured using thermal paper slitting machine with cutting and gluer.

Setting the paper size on a thermal printer generally involves two steps.

The first are the browser preferences (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and so on) the second are the printer margin preferences (XP, Win7, Win8, Win10, etc).

Each printer has its own manual, which you should read thoroughly and follow step by step to complete the setup.

Figure 4: Flexo Printers

What is the cost of thermal paper slitting machine?

The cost is also determined by the machine’s size. For example, if you want to buy a jumbo thermal paper slitting machine, the price of a jumbo thermal paper roll will affect the price of its little till roll.

Furthermore, the price will fluctuate based on market conditions.

The price of a thermal paper roll slitting machine varies depending on the country.

The cost of thermal paper varies depending on market conditions. It is currently $15,000 worth cost.

You should also think about the thermal paper roll’s quality. More end consumers would be attracted by consistent quality.

The cost of your thermal paper slitting machine is mostly determined by its characteristics and the region from which you purchase it.

You can acquire an estimate for a thermal paper roll by contacting us directly or contacting well-known thermal paper jumbo roll vendors in your area or from around the world.

What is the market demand of thermal paper slitting machine with cutting and gluer?

The market demand of the thermal paper slitting machine with cutting and gluing is excessively increasing.

We at Jota delivered two sets of 900mm cash register roll slitting machine to Angola. We also exported 5 sets of thermal paper slitting machine to overseas.

This shows that thermal paper rolls and thermal paper slitting machines are high-in-demand nowadays.

The increasing demand is due to the digitalization of the economic world.

Does thermal paper slitting machine use thermal paper rolls or sheets?

Thermal paper slitting machine at Jota can process both with paper rolls and paper sheets.

If your business is new and don’t want to invest in buying high-quality paper rolls. You can use paper sheets.

However, if you use paper rolls, the machine cuts the rolls according the set size and makes the best ATM or Billing paper rolls for you.

Working with sheets however takes manual effort before you’ll have to mount the sheets quite often.

While in case of the rolls, one jumbo paper roll can save a lot of effort and time.

Till Roll
Figure 5: Thermal Paper Rolls

Who is the best manufacturer of thermal paper slitting machine with cutting and gluer in China?

After ten years on the market, Jota’s 900mm Thermal paper slitting machines are accessible in more than 50 countries.

All of the electric appliances on the ATM paper slitting machines are well-known brands such as NSK bearing, schneider electric switcher, Taiwan AirTac cylinder, and many more.

Jota Machinery provides all essential services and technical support in the event of any issues.

It’s also a great thermal paper roll converter if you have a lot of ATM thermal paper money rolls to convert.

You might be able to find a solution locally, but we are always there for your help. We double-check that you’re covered for all of your services.

You may also find several industrial districts on the outskirts of a city, at least one manufacturer of thermal paper rolls can be found there.


Is thermal paper slitting machine Certified?

Yes, thermal paper slitting machine is fully certified to be launches as a new machine in your business.

It has all the legal rights to operate both at national and international levels.

All the machines at Jota have a legal business certificate along with CE certificate which ensures the high-end working of our team.

You can freely ask for any machine as it’ll not cause any problem for you in any way.

Jota Machinery Certificates

Figure 6: CE Certificate

Is thermal paper slitting machine with tail cutting and gluer suitable for high-speeds?

Your thermal paper slitting rewinding machine is designed specially to provide high-speed working.

The automatic system helps a lot in boosting the work per day of the machine. Further, aid of no manual labour also adds to the high-speed working of the machine.

This is because no hinderance comes in the way of the machine and it runs smoothy.

Machines if remained un-disturbed work more efficiently and save your time.

How can I start my new business of thermal paper slitting machine?

JOTA’s thermal paper parent rolls are provided by a large state-owned paper company, assuring that the thermal paper parent rolls are of high quality.


Figure 6: Profitable Thermal Paper Slitting Machine Business

The production of thermal paper rolls is currently at an all-time high. Because of the high demand, all ATMs, POS, FAX, and other similar businesses are heading towards thermal paper slitting machines.

To get started, you’ll need a thermal paper slitter, as well as high-quality thermal jumbo rolls and paper or plastic cores.

You can also find various types of slitters such as,

  • Slitter width online printer
  • Slitter rewinder with auto-core hooper
  • Slitter with tail trimmer and gluer
JT-SLT-900C in Factory
JT-SLT-900C in Factory





Coreless Thermal Roll Slitting Machine

JOTA can also help you make money in your business.

Jota Machinery can examine your existing situation and give you with a tailored thermal paper roll business strategy.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, a professional CFRP CFRTP prepreg slitter manufacturer, please watch the following video for reference.

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