JT-SLT-320 Mini Slitting Rewinding Machine

Mainly for Label Slitting
  • Photocell for web guiding
  • Mini style
  • Rotary blades
  • Rotary encoder counts slitting length



JT-SLT-320 mini slitting rewinding machine

Max. Parent Web Width (Big Roll)


Max. Parent Web Diameter


Max. Rewinding Diameter (Finished Roll)


Min Slitting Width


Max. Slitting Speed


Unwinding and rewinding shafts

3” air expanding shafts(as your request)

Machine Weight


Overall Dimensions (LxWxH)


JT-SLT-320 Mini Slitting Rewinding Machine


Last Update time:21/03/2022

JT-SLT-320 mini slitting rewinding machine is specially designed for cutting and winding adhesive labels or sticky labels.


Terminal Adhesive Label Roll

Although JT-SLT-320 is a mini slitter rewinder machine, the mini sparrow also has all the important organs.

The small body of JT-SLT-320 also includes an unwinding section, slitting section, rewinding section, dashboard panel control, and waste edge removal blower, all these sections are essential for the slitter rewinder machine.


Mini sparrow also has all the important organs

What’s more, JT-SLT-320 mini slitting rewinding machine also equipped with a photocell sensor for web guiding, makes sure label web entering slitting section precisely, slitting accuracy could be guaranteed, minimize the waste of label materials.


2 pcs photocell sensor

The following video demonstrates JT-SLT-320 mini slitting rewinding machine’s actual working effect, please watch it for reference. As you could see from the video, if you are familiar with such machine’s operation, the production efficiency is also very high.

Maybe you are very interested in the customization of such machines, as we Jota has our own research and development team, we are very willing to customize your own dreamy machine together with you, please feel free to submit your request on we Jota’s website.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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