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3 Basic Raw Materials For Thermal Paper Roll Business


Last Update Time:27/03/2022

If your dream is to step in or step up in the highly lucrative thermal paper roll business, then your future is not only bright but guaranteed.

receipt paper

Thermal paper and thermal paper slitting machines are becoming increasingly used for printing receipts and other documents.

“What do I need for a successful thermal paper roll business?” you may wonder.

Don’t fret!

We’ve got you. At Jota machines, we cater to your individual consumer needs and budget.

Whatever your level of expertise in thermal roll capabilities, we are your one-stop-shop for all your needs.

This article explains the three essential raw materials required for your thermal paper roll investments, as well as other needs for successful production and shipping.

Read on to maximize today’s edition.

What are the basic raw materials for thermal paper roll business?

These are the primary requirements for your production line, without which you cannot produce rolls. They include the following:

  • Thermal paper jumbo paper rolls
  • Plastics cores
  • Thermal paper slitting machine

Thermal paper jumbo paper roll

A Jumbo paper roll is a large 10 – 12 or more inches in diameter roll paper useful in transfiguring operations. From this large roll, you slit thinner rolls for use as POS paper or till rolls.

You also rewind the rolls into various lengths and sizes.

You can determine how many small rolls you can acquire from a given Jumbo roll based on your desired dimensionsFor example, a jumbo roll can be 558mm wide and 6000m long. The 80mm x 80mm thermal till rolls are approximately 60m long. A slice of 80mm roll from the jumbo roll can therefore give you 100 small rolls of 80mm x 80mm. In total, you can get 700 rolls from one jumbo roll.

We know that a jumbo roll weighs approximately 200kgs. So your 80mm x 80mm POS thermal paper will weigh about 0.28kgs. This information will be helpful for your packaging and pricing operations.

small roll

On the other hand, your machine operator should be privy to the dimensions of the jumbo roll in adjusting the slitting knives on the slitting machine to avoid wastage.

Our slitting machines are automatic and easily configure the desired adjustments for optimal production.

Plastic Cores

For all your converting and winding applications, you must have plastic cores. These cores are ideal for larger rolls since they are stable, dust-free, and clean.

For smaller cores needed for smaller POS thermal paper, you can consider using paperboard cores. You, however, should know that paperboard cores are not reusable and can quickly spoil, leading to losses.

Inner plastics core

At Jota machinery, we manufacture plastic cores for all your films, fabrics, labels, tapes, ribbon, and other continuous sheet products.

We are specialists in making your cores have solid dimensional tolerance and precise length.

You need plastic cores for receipt rolls and related products which boast of the following qualities:

  • Cores that remain moisture-free and are waterproof
  • Cores that are superior in crush resistance
  • Cores with the ability to maintain excellent smoothness on their surfaces
  • Seats that are environmentally friendly since you will reuse them over and over.

your cores should be made of these common materials:

  • HIPS ( High Impact Polystyrene)
  • PP ( Polypropylene)
  • HDPE (High-Density Polythene)
  • Rigid PVC

Allow us to customize your plastic cores and help you meet your packaging and production needs. Our personalized and flexible manufacturing service will meet your bulk or unique customer requirements.

Thermal Paper Slitting Machine

You can acquire a fully automatic slitting machine for maximum speed and efficiency if you are financially able.

A semi-automatic machine is equally suitable for a beginner with a smaller budget. However, the bottom line is you need to equip yourself with a thermal paper slitting machine from a trusted and reliable source.

Your thermal paper slitting machine should be able to work on but not be limited to cash register paper rolls, an ATM paper roll, a receipt paper roll, and a POS paper roll. We are your trusted partner and market leader in all types of slitting machines suitable for your needs.

The capabilities of your slitting machine will be vital in determining your specific plastic core requirements, the size of your applicable jumbo paper, rate of production, and overall efficiency rating. Keeping your slitting machine in a spacious environment for easy and safe operations is vital.

To make the most from your slitting machine, here is a short list of things that you may need to appreciate:

  • Its composition and structure: a slitting machine comprises the positioning, slitting, and unwinding components.
  • Its character: usually, it’s easy to operate, has high material utilization, cuts with precision, and has a speedy step-less speed regime.
  • Its need for regular maintenance: to make the most out of your slitting machine, it is essential to have a predictable care and inspection regime.

 Your operator should always put on protective gear and maintain a safe distance from the slitter when in operation. You can turn it on after checking its physical integrity. The machine can guarantee its safety.

Other requirements for thermal paper roll business

Besides the three basic needs for the paper roll business, additional tools are needed to enhance progress and success. They include:

  • Air compressor
  • Packing material
  • Customized Cartons

Air compressor

This material is your essential requirement when operating a cash register paper roll slitter. Your machine should be accompanied by a pneumatic system to compress air. This system works using a PLC control board. This technology makes them automatic.

Packing Material

You will require packing material to conveniently package your receipt paper rolls or products to ensure their integrity and security during the shipment process. Your material should be water-resistant and spacious enough to arrange them in dozens or any other figure for easy accounting.

  • Customized Cartons

It would be proper if you acquired cartons for your packages that bear your brand name. This measure is strategic in promoting and advertising your brand to potential customers. A carton is ideal in branding both the origin and the destination of your consignment.

This branding will curb losses and costs that would occur during shipment due to misplacement for lack of proper labeling. Cartons are good for a green environment.

Tips for thermal roll business

Based on our expertise opinion and experience, our sure bet is that the future is in the thermal rolls business. Therefore, we can share with you 8 tips that will revolutionize your business interests in this industry.

Conduct a market research

Your success as a business owner will depend on market volume and completion. First, conduct a thorough evaluation of the need for paper roll products in the region you intend to serve.

market research

Find out how many banks, cinemas, cash registers, shopping malls, supermarkets, and related businesses there are in your country or city to evaluate the need for thermal rolls. The more there are, the larger the market.

Secondly, find out if competitors are around, determine their capabilities, identify potential market gaps that need your attention, and plan and execute a strategy to enter the market.

If there are competitors, make sure your prices, product quality, and customer service are top-notch.

Google may be helpful in your research and find out who your competitors are.

 Do a return on investments research

The ROI is also called profit research. At this stage, you take stock of the cost of your investment visa vis your projected profit margins. Every investor is motivated by the possibility of attractive profits.

Ask yourself relevant questions like:

  • What is the cost of operational infrastructure?
  • What is the industries’ growth rate?
  • What are the market size and possible turnover?
  • For how long will the business opportunity remain relevant?
  • What is the projected ROI?

Our take would be if you make at least a 10% profit margin with a pay-back duration of 1-2 years of your original investments, go for the business. You will after that enjoy an ROI of about 50%, which is impressive.

Find a strategic location

Find a location that is easily accessible, secure, and in a non-residential area to avoid an unnecessary clash with the law and disturb your neighbors’ peace.

Other factors to bear in mind would include; parking space, demographics, economic policy, availability of labor, and basic infrastructure.

You would do good to be informed by the ease of access to the market as facilitated by road and rail networks air and marine transport.

Equip your business

Your next concern would be to equip your business with applicable machinery. Some of the machines necessary for a medium business are as follows:

  • 5 machines to rewind and slit the paper rolls.
  • 2 machines for packaging.
  • 1 printing machine
  • Jumbo rolls
  • Plastic cores
  • Packing equipment

Depending on your budget, you can get second-hand or brand-new equipment from our sales team at Jota Machinery at very affordable prices. You can also start with less equipment like one machine for each category of devices and graduate with time to the medium level. Allow us to hold your hand in equipping your business

Get reliable suppliers

We discussed the materials you require to start your thermal roll production. At this point, you need to find dependable suppliers to keep your business running.

The supplier’s reliability should be seen in the light of quality supplies, affordability, delivery time, accurate measurements, and a steady flow of materials.


We advise that you consider having more than one supplier for commonly used materials like the jumbo roll. This measure will safeguard your productivity in the event that one of your suppliers runs out of supplies or closes down due to mechanical hitches.

You will also enjoy continued profitability and loyalty from your customers.

Get workers with experience

The success of your business or its failure is highly dependent on your human resource. In other words, your business is as good or as bad as its people. Human capital is more valuable than your machines; they are priceless.

Create a happy and productive environment by hiring experienced operators, managers, and staff. Keep them motivated and educated about the emerging market needs. Keep growing your labor force with skills for quality products and marketing strategies.

The other most important person in your business is your customer. Keep open tabs with them and make use of their feedback to improve your services and product quality. Remember, a happy customer keeps coming back and gives positive product reviews that help to bring more buyers.

Come up with a marketing strategy

You may do a vigorous marketing plan like giving out special rates for first-time customers, giving out commissions for referral buyers, and visiting potential buyers with discounted rates.

In a digital world, getting your products online is cheap but also introduces your brand to unlimited opportunities. Having a website for your business is a necessity that gets your brand to reach the market.

Making brochures, stickers, business cards, and billboards is an effective strategy for concentrating your marketing in a specific city or location. The bottom line is to do whatever it takes to make your product known and sell in the market.

Manage and expand your business

Now that you have systematically followed our tips to get started on your thermal roll business, your next important step is to ensure the sustainability of the industry through management. How well you manage your business will determine the rate and extent of its expansion.

type of our slitting machine

Two factors are critical in management; best practices and focus. Endeavor to engage the best practices on your financial, marketing, human resource, and other management faculties. Secondly, be focused on quality and product development to emerge the best in the market.


If you are a greenhorn in the thermal paper business and aspiring to venture more into the industry, Jota Machinery is your choice partner. You now know your basic requirements for the company and how you can start one. Contact us for more information on the subject and visit our website for more topics on the related subject.

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