ATM Thermal Paper Roll Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine

Fully Automatic Easy Operation Packing Plan
  • Europe Standard Material
  • Nice Layout
  • Easy Operation
  • Famous Brand Spare Parts
  • Professional Packing Manufacturer In Paper Field
Sealing System
Heating sourceUsing stainless steel heating tube, long service life

Seal knife

Adopting anti-sticking and high temperature resistant alloy sealing knife, the outside of the knife is coated with DuPont Teflon non-stick film

Sealing knife temperature control

Adopting Japanese “OMRON” digital display temperature controller and imported heat sensitive response control, air temperature -300`C adjustable

Sealing knife size

The width is adjustable by manual wheel, the height is 5-125mm.

Sealing knife size; L550×W450mm

Knife protectionAdopt Korean Autonics. Effectively prevent mis-sealing of packaging objects
CylinderAdopt Korean Autonics. Effectively prevent mis-sealing of packaging objects
Conveyor System
BeltGermany Sieglin PU conveyor belt
MotorTaiwan “Li Ming” guarantees smooth transportation
DetectAdopt American “Bonner” photoelectric sensor to accurately and sensitively detect the stop of product conveying
Recycling System
MotorTaiwan “Li Ming” guarantees accurate and uniform recycling of waste
Sensory switchAdopt Taiwan FATEK to accurately control the waste recycling time
Film Feeding System
MotorTaiwan “Li Ming” Guarantees Accurate And Uniform Recycling Of Waste
Sensory SwitchTaiwan FATEK, Accurate Control Of Film Length

ATM Thermal Paper Roll Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine

Looking back at 2021 our best selling device is the semi-automatic thermal paper slitter but why is that? Is it just because this slitter has a wrapping machine?

Let us simply look at what devices this slitting machine has?

  • One set  thermal paper slitting machine
  • Automatic tail cutter and gluer
  • Auto core loading machine
  • Thermal paper conveyor line
  • Thermal paper roll cut off device
  • Hammer device
  • ATM Thermal Paper Roll Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine

Auto tail cutter type

Cash register till roll core hopper machine

packing machine

You only need to buy this economical semi-automatic thermal paper slitter at a cheap price. Today I will focus on the shrink film packaging machine.

In order for you to understand the packaging machine more conveniently, we have marked the outline of this article. You only need to click the text below to jump to the corresponding problem point.

What is a packaging machine?

To give a close-to-life example, when you want to pack a lot of beverages together with stretch wrap. Beverages are placed on a conveyor and enter a device, and come out the package. This equipment is the so-called packaging machine.

What can the packaging machine pack?

small roll

In theory, the packaging machine can pack any fixed things, but there are many kinds of packaging machines. The packaging machine we introduced is mainly used to pack small rolls of thermal paper.

How to operate the packaging machine?

If you have purchased a packaging machine from us but will not use it, please contact your sales manager. We will provide you with an operation manual.

Does the packaging machine need to be connected to air?

The packaging machine needs to be connected to the air. If you look closely, you can see that there are some cylinders on the packaging machine, which require air to control the rise and fall of the cylinders.

Can the packaging machine be used alone?

The packaging machine is generally recommended to be combined into a production line, otherwise you need to manually put the material into the packaging machine.

What materials are used in the packaging machine?

Let’s think about it from another angle. Put the materials that need to be packaged into the stretch film to package. Then what you need is a double-layer POF stretch film.

Can Jota Machinery provide raw materials?

What Jota Machinery advocates are to provide process services, so we can also provide POF stretch film. Just like you buy a thermal paper slitter we provide you with master rolls, plastic tubes. We will provide you with all the raw materials you need.

What are the packaging specifications for this machine?

The effective packing dimension of the oven is 800*400*200mm

Min packing dimension is 80*50*10mm

Can this packaging machine fit the thermal paper slitter I am currently using?

This problem is similar to that of using the wrapper alone. If you don’t have a conveyor line, you need to manually place the small rolls of thermal paper in the packaging machine. In order to save the cost of your manual operation, we recommend you to purchase a semi-automatic thermal paper slitting machine. You can watch the video below to learn about our semi-automatic production line.

Can a novice learn to use this packaging machine?

packing machine operation manual

Generally speaking, our shipping slitters, packaging machines, air compressors, etc. will provide operation manuals. If you still cannot operate after reading the operation manual, please contact your sales manager. We will assist you in operating the slitter.
<h2id=”FAQ10″>I bought a packaging machine but why did I receive two machines?

packing line

The operation of the packaging machine requires an oven.

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