JT-ADC-320G Rotary Die Cutting Machine

Rotary Type With Slitting Function
  • Max. Unwinding Width 320mm
  • Max. Unwinding Diameter 500mm
  • Max. Rewinding Diameter 480mm
  • Die-cutting repeat length 177mm-476mm

JT-ADC-320G rotary die cutting machine

Max. Unwinding Width


Max. Unwinding Diameter


Max. Rewinding Diameter


Die-cutting Repeat Length


Max. Slitting Speed


Unwinding/Rewinding Shafts

3” air expanding shafts

Total Weight


Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)

1600mm x 1300mm x 1500mm


JT-ADC-320G rotary die cutting machine is suitable for handling blank adhesive labels. Die-cutting, laminating (optional), slitting can be finished in one process.
High accuracy rotary die-cutting system.
Automatic meter counting, automatic stop, web guiding by photocell.
Compact structure, fast speed, high efficiency, easy operation, accurate slitting and steady running, etc.


Main motor


Brand of Shanghai

1 station

Inverter for adjusting the speed


Kewo China

1 station



Brand of Shanghai

1 station

Web-guiding photoelectronic sensor

DC 12-30V



Web-guiding controller



1 set

Air shaft



3 sets

Synchronous motor



1 station
Other equipment



JT-ADC-320G Rotary Die Cutting Machine

320G Rotary die cutting and slitting machine is generally used to produce large quantities of price tags or labels.


Blank stickers, after die-cutting and slitting, directly rewind to roll-by-roll price tags, which is widely used in supermarkets and warehouses.

If your die-cutting needs are not great and there are many categories, we recommend you to consider our JT-ADC-320 flatbed die cut sticker machine.

Because each die-cutting size requires a die-cutting die, the cost of a flatbed die-cutting die will be cheaper.

If your die-cutting needs are relatively large (more than 1 million pcs), and the size is relatively single, you can consider our 320G rotary die cutting slitting machine.

Although the cost of the die-cutting magnetic cylinder is relatively high (USD1200/pc), the speed is fast and the output is high.


Die Cutting Magnetic Cylinder

We have many customers from the Middle East bought rotary die cutting machines, they used it to produce self-adhesive price tags.

Pladent D.o.o. is our old customer. Starting from a JT-SLT-1300 slitting machine in 2008, we have had close cooperation in the past 12 years.

They mainly produce foam-type self-adhesive products, and the product sales network is spread throughout Europe.

Because of the particularity of the product, Pladent once asked us to help design a variety of die-cutting machines, involving flatbed, rotary, and multi-station die-cutting, rewinding, and laminating processes.


Each of their die-cutting machines is specially customized for them by us.


Die Cutting Machine Design Diagram For Pladent


Cutting Die Design For Pladent

Rotary die-cutting uses a circular magnetic cylinder, die-cutting dies are attached to it to perform high-speed die-cutting. The depth of die-cutting is determined by pressure, which can realize the kiss cut and full die-cutting.


If the length of the die-cutting is the same, there is no need to change the magnetic cylinder, just change the die-cutting dies according to the pattern, which is very convenient.

Originally, Pladent used to cooperate with an Italian supplier.

As we have a professional understanding of the machine itself, and we are willing to cooperate with him to design and optimize the machine according to his requirements.


Now all the machines in his workshop are ours after working with us.

At the same time, they are also our live advertisements in Europe. If you are interested in our equipment or want to find a customer reference, you can contact Pladent.

If you are in Europe, especially Eastern Europe, and are interested in our equipment, welcome to contact us and visit Pladent D.o.o. in beautiful Slovenia.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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