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What is Differential Shaft with Cooling Device?

Differential shaft width cooling device is a patented product developed by Jota Machinery.

This method can greatly reduce the damage to the internal parts, thereby increasing the service life of the differential shaft.

1600D slitting carbon prepreg tape



Visable Slitting Machine Quality

900D fiberglass slitting machine

Our machine adopts the famous brand of PLC, Electronic parts, cylinder, bearing etc. to ensure the machine running quality.

Not only have good configuration  but also machine wall is also thickness than others . 45 mm can let you run the machine at high speed.


  • Give You Best Rewinding Effect
  • Special Design
  • Patented Product By Jota’s Team
  • Improved  Differential Shaft Service Life

45mm Thickness Machine Wall To Ensure The Running Quality

Professional Installation Team

Precision Produced From CNC Center

There Are Tight Connections Between Each Component

What's the delivery time?

Around 30-45 days, mainly depends on machine type.

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Sure, it is our honor to work for you.

If the machine's spare parts are broken, where could I get?

We will offer you some parts as backup, in case any part is broken within one year, we will sent you for free.

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What is Differential Shaft with Cooling Device?

Last Update Time:18/07/2024

Differential shaft  with coooling device is is our patented products which loaded in our UD(uni-directional) slitting machine. Our cooling system will offer the cold water circulation to lower the temperature and improve the life-span of the shaft.

1600D slitting carbon prepreg tape

If you want to venture in or step up in the rewinding industry, all you need is guaranteed.

The mechanical engineering world has embraced the use of differential friction shafts in rewinders to assist in attaining uniformly cut rolls.

You may be wondering, “what does a differential shaft ought to have to satisfy my requirements?”


Differential Shaft

At Jota machinery, we have redesigned the shaft to suit all your needs.

The differential friction shaft from Jota Machinery ensures minimum power loss, maximum efficiency, and longevity. The firm is critical in creating the highest quality and most effective shafts for your needs.

shaft cooling machine

The differential shaft from Jota machinery ensures minimum power loss, maximum efficiency, and longevity. The firm is critical in creating the highest quality and most effective shafts for your needs.

Because of these ever-changing demands, Jota Machinery provides a variety of shafts to meet your specific requirements, for instance, open differentials, locking differentials, limited-slip differentials, and torque-vectoring differentials.

This article discusses the differential frictional shaft with cooling devices, its applications, and its functions.

Continue reading to discover more about Jota Machinery’s unique differential shaft.

What Is A Differential Shaft?

It’s essential to understand it before we go into the differential shaft with Jota Machinery cooling devices. It’s a three drive-shaft gear train with the characteristic that one shaft’s rotational speed is the average of the others’ speeds or a set multiple of that average.

What Is A Differential Friction Shaft?

The differential friction shaft is not just like any other shaft you may find out there.

It is a shaft for rewinding tension control that comprises the central axis, expandable rubber tube, and friction  rings. All these parts play significant roles that contribute to the running and effectiveness of the machine.

differential shaft rewinding

Differential friction shafts are the best option for multiple and independent rollers rewinding on the same shaft. It is normal to have significant thickness variances and, as a result, changes in web tension during the rewinding process of many rolls acquired following the cutting process of a plastic film, paper, continous fiber reinforced themoplastic prepreg tape, carbon fiber prepreg or any other material.

UD tape slitting
Carbon Fiber Reinforced PC Thermoplastic UD Prepreg Tape

The differential friction shafts guarantee that the rolls are managed differently by latching onto one or more friction rings at the heart of each registration to achieve exact rewinding and uniform  web tension.

Depending on the width, friction rings with balls are constructed of strong black anodized aluminum or steel.Even though the ring is composed of aluminum, an inner spherical bearing enhances the ring’s sturdiness and makes the sliding movement more fluid.

differential shaft ball

Preloaded positioners added to friction rings with widths beginning at 12,15 mm to strengthen the stability of  the reel cores before the gripping balls engage the core.

What Is A Differential Air-Shaft?

With our Differential Air Shaft, you can operate numerous rolls on a single shaft while keeping equal tension on all rolls. The inbuilt differential slip eliminates the need for cones, core stops, or spacers while operating rolls with various core sizes and kinds.

It will also not “wobble” or move from side to side. Our differential air shaft is simple to operate, safe, dependable, and effective. It can wrap numerous cores down to 12″ width with readily  controllable tensions as low as 0.15 PLI. It may also have face lengths of up to 100″ in diameters of 70mm – 10″.

The clutched rollers on the Differential Air Shaft auto-lock equalize tension on varied width cores that may be positioned anywhere on the shaft. It has an inbuilt bi-directional clutching mechanism  that actuates according to the position of each core on the shaft.

When the shaft starts to rotate, the rollers under each core lock and impart tension to each core separately, the gripped rollers self-adjust when the material is wound onto the cores to guarantee  proper pressure.

Cores glide on and off the shaft swiftly and effortlessly thanks to sliding bearings on each clutched roller. Heavy, completed rolls fly off the shaft quickly, reducing load time.

How Does the Differential Shaft Work?

The basic idea of a differential gear is described using equipment that consists of two gears, a pinion and a rack. Both racks are moved vertically as far as the weight rack, and the slip resistance is  lifted simultaneously. It is located between the teeth pinion rack and the pinion gear, and the braces move it.

When the same weight “W” is applied on each rack, the braces (Shackle) are pushed up, lifting the second rack

simultaneously, preventing the pinion gear from rotating. However, if a more considerable weight is placed on the left

rack and pinion buffer is dragged up along the gear rack as it turns, the load becomes heavier, which is linked to variations in inmates who are given the pinion gear burden is lifted smaller.

differential shaft structure

The number of rotations on the pinion gear is proportional to the increasing rack spacing. In other words, the custody of that rack will grow even more, while the convicts who received a lighter load will be moved. Differential gears are designed using this approach.

What Is A Differential Shaft With Cooling Devices?

Now that you’ve learned what a differential shaft is, let’s talk about its cooling devices. Cooling devices are mechanical devices used to reduce or control the temperature of the  differential shaft.

They aid in maintaining the proper operating temperature. Cooling systems protect both the surrounding environment and the shaft from the negative consequences that a high temperature might  have.

What Specs Does Differential Shaft With Cooling Devices Have?

As previously noted, clients have varying shaft requirements. Several factors are essential to consider when satisfying shaft criteria, including diameters, materials, lengths, and mounting options.

Non-woven slitting machine

When choosing a differential shaft, it’s critical to be aware of these factors. To that end, below are the dimensions of a standard  rewinding shaft:

  • Up to 1000mm rewinding diameter
  • Internal travel is limited to a maximum diameter.

Because of the use of seamless steel with a robust chrome-plated surface, Jota equipment is known for the long life of its shafts. To control the torque on the core and core slippage, the cylinder on  the shaft creates a force on the Bakelite friction ring. The web tension may be equalized, resulting in high-quality output.

Why Use Jota Differential Shaft With Cooling Devices?

Thanks to Jota Machinery in the Republic of China, which has developed a mature differential shaft with water cooling devices using a great deal of expertise and innovation. The thermal  conductivity of liquid cooling is greater than that of air cooling.

Water has an extremely high specific heat capacity at room temperature and atmospheric pressure among widely accessible liquids, allowing effective heat transfer over many revolutions with  modest mass transfer rates. Clients all over the globe select the differential shaft with cooling devices because of its excellent performance and unsurpassed longevity.

They assist in preventing component wear and ensure smooth operation and extended component life by lowering the temperature of the components inside the differential friction shaft.

  • Components’ Service Life
  • Automatic Diagnostic Function
  • Safety At Its Best

Components’ Service Life

The differential shaft with cooling devices should provide more than just accuracy and convenience. It should also be long-lasting. For optimum outputs and lifespans, the shaft is made of solid materials.

Ball Of Differential Shaft

As a result, the spinning core is adequately insulated from the cylinders and pistons. In this approach, the service life of the two components is extended.

Engineers at Jota Machinery put in many hours of scientific research and evelopment to create shafts that withstand the test of time. A one-year guarantee, a package of sensitive parts, and lifetime technical assistance are included with each shaft.

Automatic Diagnostic Function

Jota’s rewinding shaft with cooling devices enhances quality, efficiency, and precision. It has an automated diagnosis mechanism for tracking faults and fixing them quickly. The auto-diagnosing  function, for example, displays all problems on the touchscreen in real-time if the system fails.


This diagnostic tool should, in theory, determine the machine’s operating state and offer the user advice on any issues discovered during the operation. It’s simple to find the source of the problem  and fix it with this function, which analyzes the symptom values. In the end, the shaft’s downtime is reduced, and production is increased.

Safety At Its Best

The differential shaft with cooling devices is a high-quality friction shaft designed to increase manufacturing efficiency.

Moving components, sharp edges, and hot surfaces, on the other hand,  might result in significant injuries such as crushed fingers or hands, amputations, or burns.

label rewinding

An optional safety cover is included with the machine to reduce the risk of these issues. This safety shield protects you from moving gears and blades while working. In addition, this differential air  shaft has an automatic stop feature.

After each revolution, the machine is programmed to halt automatically. The halt removes the risk of crushed fingersor hands, assuring complete safety from beginning to end. Furthermore, the  differential shaft satisfies the most demanding health and safety criteria and all current European CE regulations.

What are the Components of the Typical Cooling System?

Jota machinery had to consider merging various components to create a capable differential shaft with water cooling devices. The following features make up a typical differential friction shaft  cooling system:

  • A set of channels carved into the shaft circulates water or other coolants around the shaft rods to remove excess heat.
  • A radiator, which receives and cools hot liquid from the differential friction shaft, comprises several tiny tubes with a honeycomb of fins to dissipate heat quickly.

How Do Water Cooling Devices Work?

To improvise water cooling devices, you must first understand how they operate, as with Jota Machinery. Water jackets, circulating pump, fan, thermostat, connecting pipes and hoses, radiator,  and radiator cap are all parts of the water-cooling system.

fiberglass in client's side

Cooling water is sent upward from the shaft to the radiator’s top tank, then downward via the radiator core to the bottom tank. It travels from the bottom tank to the differential shaft water jackets  through the lower radiator line and then to the water pump, which circulates the water.

Water enters the friction shaft through the center of the pump’s input side. A belt from the shaft drives the circulating pump. Coolant flow rises as the machine’s rolling speed increases, and this  way, cooling is achieved.

Main Features of a Jota Made Differential Shaft?

  1. Taiwanese materials and technologies
  2. Direct supply from the factory
  3. A wide range of applications and a high level of accuracy
  4. Easy to put together
  5. Durable
  6. All specifications are adaptable.
  7. CE certification

How Does Water-Cooling System on a Differential Shaft Work?

To understand how cooling devices function, you must first know what they do. It’s simple: the shaft’s cooling systems keep it cool. However, given how much heat this shaft creates when working,  cooling it may appear to be an impossible undertaking. Consider that for a moment.

A lot of heat has to be focused in one location, and without an adequate cooling system, the shaft will heat up and stop working in minutes. At an ambient temperature of 115 degrees, a modern  cooling system should keep the propelling shaft cool during summer and warm in the winter.

Will Differential Shaft Meet My Needs?

As the leading provider of professional slitter rewinder machines, we’ve learned that shaft demand differs from one customer to the next. You must tell us the specs of the shaft you wish to make before we can propose a shaft for you.

The shaft length, shaft thickness, inner shaft diameter, and other parameters are what we’re looking for.

Sonoco, a major American corporation, chose the shaft because it is designed to be quick, precise, and dust-free. It can accommodate almost any customer’s needs. You may also ask for the shaft to be customized to your specifications.

Why Should You Choose Jota Machinery

At Jota, we have over 1200 satisfied customers from all around the world. We have a fantastic staff of trained and enthusiastic engineers. Once a task is assigned, our engineers go above and  beyond to guarantee that the final product is exceptional.

We discuss and assess your particular demands, one-of-a-kind applications, and procedures with you as a partner. We then develop a solution and design a bespoke differential shaft with cooling  devices to fit our clients’ needs, ensuring that they are delighted.

JT-SLT-1600D-Fiber Glass-Slitting-Rewinding-Machine-Friction-Shaft

Our knowledge and skills will undoubtedly be beneficial in assisting you in selecting appropriate machinery and solutions.

We also provide pre-sale advising to aid our valued clients in identifying  their heart pain spots. Engineers provide after-sale services, such as troubleshooting and maintenance instructions, at clients’ request.

Whatever your requirements are, we’re ready to take on the task and build your equipment to your specifications. We ask that you contact us so that we may discuss your requirements in further  detail.

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