Paper Straw Making Machine With Online Cutter

Paper Drinking Straws Machine
  • Paper straw diameter (5mm-11mm)
  • Paper straw thickness 0.3mm-1mm
  • Numerical control servo cutter
  • PLC control, color touch screen HMI
Paper layers


Straw diameter


Straw thickness

0.3mm-1 mm

Cutting length


Winder head



(Main motor 3Kw; Servo motor 1Kw; frequency inverter 3.7Kw)


6 sets



Winding speed

0-45 m/min (around 12000 pcs/hour )

Speed control

Frequency inverter

Compressed air pressure


Power supply

380V/3 Phase/50Hz


5600mm x 1600mm x 1750mm


11000mm x 6000mm x 2000mm




JT-50D paper straw making machine is suitable for small diameter (5-11mm) paper straw production.

1. PLC control, all data can be displayed on the touch screen.

2. Numerical control servo cutter, high precision cutting.

3. Automatical straw cutting, automatical speed changing, and reverting.

4. Round knife cutting, smooth edge, more stable performance.

5. With online multi-knives, no need for secondary cutting, save labor, and time.

6. Stainless steel gluing box, with polyurethane scraper and high carbon steel plastic knife, durable in use.

7. Mandrel Fixing Flange.

8. Automatic lubricant supply.

9. Unwind stand running with tension control.

JT-50D Paper Straw Making Machine With Online Cutter

A South Korea client purchased 6 paper straw production lines from we Jota recently, these production lines include 6 sets of JT-50D paper straw making machine.


2 Sets For This Kind Of Paper Straw Production Line


4 Sets For This Type U-shape Paper Straw Production Line

As the most important machine in the paper straw production line, the quality and working effect of the JT-50D paper straw making machine directly affects the finished paper straws’ quality.

South Korean customers finally chose this machine, which is enough to explain the attractiveness of this machine.

JT-50D paper straw making machine’s 3 piles paper infeeder can be customized with automatic splicing function. With automatic splicing function, JT-50D paper straw making machine can make paper drinking straws constantly without break in 24h.

For JT-50D paper drinking straw machine’s precision gluing station, there are many selling points you should know.

  • Stainless steel and aluminum alloy frame structure, it’s durable for usage;
  • When the temperature is low, the customized glue heating function ensures glue performing well;
  • Extra motor lifts glue tray up or down automatically;
  • Lubrication wheel instead of oil dropper.



When it comes to paper straw winding and cutting process, JT-50D paper straw maker adopts PLC control, all the parameters can be set and displayed on the touch control screen.

To realize precision paper straw cutting length, servo motor driven cutter blades are introduced to this machine. Generally speaking, 150-300 pcs straw can be made by JT-50D in 1 minute.


Also, there are many types of packing for terminal paper straw, please feel free to send us an inquiry on our website, we will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible in 8h.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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