JT-120A Paper Tube Making Machine

Winding Medium Size Paper Core
  • Paper Layer 3-16
  • Paper Core Thickness 1mm-10mm
  • Paper Core Diameter 20mm-200mm
  • Paper Core Length 500mm-5000mm
ItemJT-120A paper tube making machine
Paper Layers3-16
Paper Core Thickness1mm-10mm
Paper Core Diameter20mm-200mm
Paper Core Length500mm-5000mm
Max. Machine Speed0-20m/min


Raw Material
Kraft Paper
Delta PLC control and automatic meter counter, all the parameters can be set up on the control panel.
HIGHTECH touch screen from Taiwan, all the parameters can be displayed on the HMI interface, easy operation.
Imported frequency inverter drives the AC motor, the machine working is more stable.
Independent electrical control box equips with input plug, the after-sale troubleshooting and repairing will be much easier.
Dialogue monitor, automatic operation memory and store, automatic fault display.
Multi cutter for cutting the paper core, high precision, and more bearable.
Extreme quiet design transmission parts after special treatment, with high efficiency and low maintenance.
Double side glue coating devices, the paper core is more sticky and stronger.
2 photocells for the paper core length tracking, after reaching the preset length, the paper core will be cut off.
Circuit system with remote control function, if circuit or machine fail, the engineer can assist you in solving problems via machine communications tools and software.

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JT-120A Paper Tube Making Machine

Mr. Omar is engaged in glue and stretch film business in Leon, Mexico. He has many factories under his name and has made his business very successful at a young age.

His stretch film is very popular in the local Mexican market.


Mr. Omar’s Stretch Film

In the past, he used to purchase paper tubes from Sonoco, a well-known local American company. Later, as the business volume increased, he decided to make paper tubes himself.

Most of his paper tubes are used to wind stretch film, the thickness is no more than 8mm, and the length is about 450mm, so we recommended Jota’s JT-120A paper tube making machine to him.

In 2016, Mr. Omar took his beautiful wife to Shanghai for a trip and visited our company by the way (our factory is only 60km away from downtown Shanghai and 90km away from Pudong Airport).


Mr. Omar and His Beautiful Wife

Mr. Omar and his wife visited our factory and CNC center and were very satisfied with our equipment demonstration.


Jota Factory


CNC Machine

They decided on the spot to order a complete set of paper tube production lines, including kraft paper slitting machine, paper core making machine and paper core cutting machine.

Subsequently, our Jota CEO Bruce and CTO Jimmy went to Leon City to assist Mr. Omar in installing this equipment.

When we arrived at Leon, we were treated warmly by Mr. Omar. Jota CTO Jimmy was especially loved by Omar’s big pet dogs.


Mr. Omar prepared a variety of delicious Mexican food for us, such as Tacos and Tequilla. He also took us to the home stadium of the Leon team to watch a football match and experience the atmosphere of Mexican football.

This makes us feel the strong atmosphere of Central and North American football, which we admire as Chinese.


Club Leon’s Home Match

Because Omar had paper tube orders that needed to be purchased from outside, when the machine started to run normally, he could finally make these orders by himself.





Everything is running smoothly, and now he is supplying paper tubes to outside customers.

In the days to come, we have maintained close contact with Mr. Omar.

He has also visited China many times and purchased other models of automatic paper core cutting machines.

Mexico to China, Leon to Kunshan, although the distance is 12000Km, but our hearts are always together.

As a professional paper tube machine supplier, Jota Machinery not only provides stable quality equipment, but also provides various business consulting and global market trends.

If you are interested in tube winding machine or paper tube business, you are welcome to send inquiries on our website, and we will definitely reply you in time.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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